Thanks for Sliding In – Get to Know the Sport Behind The Last Cowboy

Thanks for Sliding In – Get to Know the Sport Behind The Last Cowboy

The Last Cowboy puts reining center-stage to bring you all the excitement these elite professionals experience as they prepare horses for major events—including the Run for a Million. We're excited you've found NRHA, the National Reining Horse Association, and hope you'll join our reining family!
Welcome to the Slide of Your Life
Get introduced to our extensive network of reining professionals, read their stories of triumph, learn more about reining horses and why you should sign up for the Slide of Your Life, as well as be entered to win a Futurity Prize Package.

Meet the Riders

Andrea Fappani
Casey Deary
Craig Schmersal
Duane Latimer
Franco Bertolani
Jason Vanlandingham
Jordan Larson
Tom McCutcheon and Family
Shawn Flarida

Wildcard Riders

Abby Lengel
Cade McCutcheon
Matt Mills
Before You Show
We’ve got all you need to know about the reining world.
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Your Guiding Light
Getting involved in the sport of reining is an exhilarating experience but it can be intimidating if you’re unfamiliar with the sport or the equestrian world in general. Having a working relationship with an NRHA Professional gives you the ultimate resource on all things reining as you start your journey.
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Care of Our Reining Athletes
Reining horses are athletes, not unlike professional basketball and football players. Owners and riders of reining horses carefully consider every element of their horses’ health, from what they feed their animals to physical therapy after competition to healing injuries.
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Learn to Speak Reiner
Reining has its own vocabulary that’s essential to understanding the sport. Here’s a handful of common words and phrases you’ll hear around the barn and in the show arena.
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Where They Started
Reiners come from all kinds of backgrounds. Some start with other riding disciplines, such as barrel racing or trail riding, while others have never ridden before they first take a reiner for a spin. Here, you’ll read how a few NRHA members found their way to the reining family.
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