NRHA Certified Show Secretary Program

NRHA works hard to keep approved competitions consistent and fair for all NRHA exhibitors. Competitors should travel from show to show with confidence that a certain level of professionalism and knowledge exists in the show office. NRHA Certified Show Secretaries are instrumental in achieving this goal.

Entries are taken, draws are posted, payouts are cut, results are submitted and many other responsibilities of an NRHA show are handled by the show secretary. The NRHA certification program establishes an industry standard for these tasks by providing secretaries with consistent procedures and timelines to be used at every NRHA show. This not only helps them provide better service to exhibitors, but creates consistency from show to show.

One of NRHA's main objectives is to record and preserve records for riders, horses and owners. Since show secretaries are the ones that report those earnings to the NRHA, it is vital that the reports are accurate and complete. The NRHA Show Secretary Seminar gives secretaries the tools and resources to transfer that information smoothly and correctly to the NRHA office.

Become An NRHA Certified Secretary

You can become an NRHA Certified Secretary by attending an NRHA Show Secretary Seminar. Once certified, the certification is good for 2 years. For dates and locations visit the seminar schedule!

Find A Certified Secretary

Currently there are over 200 NRHA certified secretaries. You can find a listing of available certified NRHA Show Secretaries here!

For information on attending an NRHA Show Secretary Seminar contact Lauren Waymire at 405-946-7400 x115 or

Secretary Resources

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