NRHA Eligibility

Attention Show Management and Exhibitors: The following information is subject to change throughout the year due to Non Pro status relinquishments. To avoid possible disqualification, please contact the NRHA office if you have any questions on a member's or horse's current eligibility.

The NRHA will be not responsible for any mistakes made by show management.

Eligibility questions or comments? Email us at! We will make your thoughts known to the committee or answer your questions directly. Please be sure to include your name and specific question so we can better serve you!

Check your eligibility by logging into ReinerSuite and using the Eligibility Tool on your dashboard. Not familiar with the Eligibility Tool? Learn how to use it here.

2023 Rider Ranking

It is the owner’s and rider’s responsibility to be aware of official NRHA horse and rider earnings and eligibility. When eligibility limits are surpassed during the show year, the exhibitor can complete the year in that specific class or division.

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