NRHA Nomination Program

Nominations must be RECEIVED in the office by January 10th to avoid late fees.

Nominations can be mailed to NRHA or completed online through ReinerSuite. Faxed or emailed nominations will NOT be accepted.


To be eligible to enter and show in the NRHA North American and European Futurity and Derby, a horse must be nominated and/or optioned into the applicable NRHA Program.

There is the North American Nomination Program, designed for horses intending to enter the North American Futurity and/or Derby, and the European Nomination Program designed for horses intending to enter the European Futurity and/or Derby.

There is an “option” fee available for horses when nominating so that horses can be entered into both the North American and European Programs.

The nomination DOES NOT enter them into the Futurity and/or Derby; it makes them eligible to enter.

When entering and competing at the Futurity and Derby if the horse wins money in those Futurity or Derby classes, the nominator will receive 5% of the winnings, even if they no longer own the horse.

Only one member ID can be used as the nominator, and that number can belong to anyone. It does not necessarily have to be the owner. The nominator cannot be changed or transferred.


  • A current NRHA General, Non-Pro, Professional, or Youth membership
  • Foal information – foaling date, sex, and pedigree (registration papers are not required at the time of nomination)
  • If you are mailing in your nomination, the form MUST be fully completed for each horse being nominated
  • Nomination and competition license fees (Valid credit card, check, cash, or wire transfer with a certificate of success)
A $10 handling fee will be applied to any nomination not completed online. This fee will be applied to each nomination.

Faxed or emailed nominations will NOT be accepted. Forms can be mailed to NRHA or completed online through ReinerSuite.

Any nomination received from January 11th through January 31st will be charged a late fee of $300 for weanlings or $2,000 for yearlings (older-age horses do not have a late fee). Ex. a 2024 weanling received on January 11, 2025, will cost $875 ($500 nom fee, $300 late fee, $65 license fee, $10 processing fee).

Competition Licensing:
The competition license must be paid along with the nomination and will provide proof of nomination. A horse can still be nominated without the registration papers; they will just appear as pending in the system until a copy is received.
  • If registered: A copy of the registration papers is required to obtain the license. Ownership is determined by the owner listed on the registration papers. If you are currently not listed additional transfer documents showing that a transfer is in progress must be submitted to receive the license.
  • If grade: Four-color photos (one of each side of the horse) plus a completed competition license application must accompany the nomination form or be sent in to obtain the license.
It is important that each nominator reviews the nomination conditions before signing the form.
2.15.23: NRHA 4-Year-Old Nomination Program Approved

NOTE: $10 Handling Fee PER NOMINATION if form is submitted, NO FEE WITH ONLINE PORTAL

Lists of NRHA Nominated Horses

Click on the links below to view nominated foals. The lists are organized by the year the horse was foaled, not by the year the horse was nominated. If your horse still shows to have a pending name, please submit a copy of the breed papers with the correct owner listed to or mailed to 3021 W Reno Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73107.

Note: If horse is optioned then it will appear in the original programs list with a “yes” in the option section. It will not appear on both lists.