NRHA Hall Of Fame

The NRHA Hall of Fame is the sport’s most prestigious honor. Induction is awarded to individuals and horses who have had a profound impact on the association and sport through lasting accomplishments and significant contributions.

The Hall of Fame is an official project of the Reining Horse Foundation and honorees are recognized each year at Sliders’ Night Out presented by Toyon Ranch.

Honorees are presented with a gold Lawson Trophy and medallion as they are recognized with their esteemed NRHA Hall of Fame class.

NRHA members are encouraged to nominate deserving individuals and horses that meet the criteria for induction. Read more about the criteria and the nomination process here.

Visit the
forms page for nomination forms or contact Liz Kelsey at for more information!

* Awarded in previous year

Hall Of Fame - People

Year Person
1986 Dale Wilkinson
1987 No Inductees
1988 R. D. Baker, Stretch Bradley, Mickie Glenn, Paul Horn, Bill Garvey
1989 C.T. Fuller, Kaye Potts
1990 Paul Schuh, Guy Gauthier, Clayton Woosley
1991 No Inductees
1992 Jim Willoughby, Bob Loomis, Bill Horn, Bob Anthony
1993 Dick Pieper
1994 Clark Bradley, John Snobelen
1995 No Inductees
1996 No Inductees
1997 No Inductees
1998 No Inductees
1999 No Inductees
2000 Richie Greenberg, Tim McQuay, Tim Bartlett
2001 Frank Costantini
2002 No Inductees
2003 Linda Matthews
2004 Eleuterio Arcese, Pat Feuerstein, Charles Smith, Dick & Barb Waltenberry
2005 Clint Haverty
2006 Doug Milholland, Rocky Dare
2007 Keith Bradley
2008 American Quarter Horse Association, Dr. Jim Morgan, DVM
2009 Roger Brazeau, Mike Flarida
2010 Jack Brainard, John Hoyt
2011 Shawn Flarida, Bob Kiser, Mandy McCutcheon, Ronnie Sharpe
2012 No Inductees
2013 Rick Weaver, Carol Trimmer
2014 Colleen McQuay
2015 Terry Thompson
2016 Don Motsenbocker
2017 Carol Rose, Rosanne Sternberg
2018 Bill Bradley, Vaughn Zimmerman*
2019 Roberto Cuoghi, Claudio Risso
2020 Sally Brown, Jerry Kimmel
2021 Doug Carpenter, Jose Vazquez
2022 Dutch Chapman, Jim & Pat Warren
2023 Dell Hendricks, Bob Mac (Bob McDonnell)

Hall Of Fame - Horses

Year Horse
1986 No Inductees
1987 No Inductees
1988 Continental King
1989 Joe Cody
1990 Enterprise Lady, Glenda Echols
1991 High Proof
1992 Hollywood Smoke, Banker Bar Leo, Mr Doin Good
1993 Miss White Trash, Hollywood Jac 86, Cee Leo Step
1994 No Inductees
1995 Cee Blair Sailor, Great Pine
1996 Diamonds Sparkle, Topsail Cody, Trashadeous
1997 Be Aech Enterprise, Nifty Jodieann
1998 Great Simon Sez, Mr Feelin Good
1999 No Inductees
2000 Hollywood Dun It
2001 No Inductees
2002 Miss Cee Blair
2003 Dodsons Little Star, Gunner, Topsail Whiz
2004 Smart Chic Olena
2008 Mr Gun Smoke, Taris Little Vintage, Miss Okie Too
2009 Custom Crome, Mega Ditto
2010 Rest Stop, Nu Chex To Cash
2011 Boomernic, Collena Chic Olena, Shining Spark, Wimpys Little Step
2012 Wimpys Little Chic
2013 No Inductees
2014 No Inductees
2015 Miss Tinseltown, Smart Spook
2016 Princess In Diamonds, Ebony Shines, Magnum Chic Dream
2017 Smart Like Juice
2018 Dun It For Chex
2019 Snip O Gun
2020 No Inductees
2021 No Inductees
2022 Spooks Gotta Whiz
2023 Gunnatrashya

NRHA Dale Wilkinson Lifetime Achievement Award

Year Person
2008 Sally Brown
2009 Don Burt
2009 Don Hotz
2010 CR Morrison
2012 Tracy Lynch
2014 Jerry Kimmel, Pat Warren
2015 Ken Eppers, Bob Stinner
2016 Sharon Barr, Mehl Lawson
2017 Tim Katona
2018 Lyle Lovett*, William Shatner
2019 David Silva
2020 Michael Carrier
2021 Charles Vaughan
2022 Dwight Sanders
2023 Dave Belson, Jenifer Reynolds & Chris Cook