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European NRHA Futurity / Derby Foal Nominations
Foal Year: 2021    Count: 1411

Horse Sire Dam Foal Date Nominator North American Option
A Cielo Player Whiz Cielo Bay City Wrangler 04/07/2021 Markus Zweverink No
A Cromed Mobster HF Mobster Custom Katie 07/12/2021 Matthias Gruber No
A Fancy Chic Gunners Chic Magnet Boons Walk Of Fame 03/31/2021 Lisa Grabl No
A Final Smoke A Vintage Smoke Hollys Final Spark 04/10/2021 TP-RANCH No
A Lucky N Shining St Colonels Shining Gun Wimpys Surprise Chex 05/28/2021 Ambrosini Quarter Horses ASD No
A Nite Whiz Walla Walla Whiz Crome Two Timin At Midnite 03/02/2021 Vanessa Kalle No
A Sailing Revolution Start A Revolution LV Sailing Pepolena 03/29/2021 Siegfried Steiner No
A Shade Of Black Best Spook Miss Melody Whiz 03/11/2021 Jelle Wielsma No
A Sharp Gun Sharp Dressed Shiner LM Ebony Gun 03/04/2021 La Mesa Performance Horses No
A Shining Crome Crome Dont Corrode Shezasmokingricochet 03/30/2021 Angelique Ferdinandus No
A Shining Swann Colonels Shining Gun CDS Caribbean Swann 04/08/2021 Ambrosini Quarter Horses ASD No
A Smart Flaming Gun A Smart Snap HH So Pale Lady Gun 05/11/2021 Matthias Borrack No
A Sparkling Dreamer A Sparkling Vintage Jessies Lil Dreamer 03/01/2021 Vittorio Rabboni No
A Spinning Walla Walla Walla Whiz Spinderellstory 05/06/2021 Alexandra Schmitz No
A Step To Spook You Wimpys Little Step Spooks O Lena 06/14/2021 Ambrosini Quarter Horses ASD No
A Vinchy Chex A Vintage Smoke CT Bueno Candy Nic 05/12/2021 Ursa Kepa No
A Vintage Gun Smoke A Vintage Smoke Smaq Lil Gun 04/28/2021 Derk Wuyster No
AB Katie Frost Gun Sure As A Gun AB Happynewyear 05/01/2021 Ilaria Mazzocchi No
Abigstarforyou PC ARC Gunnabeabigstar PC Great For Me 06/19/2021 Soc Agr Pietracavalla SRL No
AC LIKE FLINN OUT In Like Flinn Not Ruf Me Out 04/26/2021 Alessandro Cazzaniga No
Aceface Pale Face Dunnit Smart Whizzy 03/31/2021 Pavel Slabik No
After The Storm 66 Inferno Sixty Six Ice Crazy Candy 05/14/2021 MORMILE QUARTER HORSES USA LLC No
AG Dun It N Whiz Gunner Dun It Again TR Topsail Flip 05/02/2021 Alexander Giangregorio No
AG Master Gun Gunner Dun It Again LG Master Dolly 05/04/2021 Alexander Giangregorio No
AK Miss Golden Walla Walla Walla Whiz RX Dodsons Lil Step 05/02/2021 AK Quarterhorses No
Alhiz In Wonderland Spooks Gotta Whiz What Elze 04/16/2021 Claudia Hahn No
Aliceinhollywood BB Shiners Voodoo Dr Hollywood Diva BB 03/26/2021 Eifel Gold Ranch Baeck Yes
All Eyz On Me Colonels Shining Gun Wikker Me Luck 05/13/2021 Yessie Van Der Zwan No
All Time Tangy Nu Tangy Chex SSL Golden Mercury 05/02/2021 Selina Pernsteiner No
Allreadygun Modern Gun Ready To Spook 04/12/2021 Alessia Simoncini No
Am Itsakindofmagic Gunner Rev Wallys Chic 03/10/2021 Margot Van Doorne No
Am Itsavoodooinuendo Shiners Voodoo Wallys Chic 04/06/2021 Margot Van Doorne No
Am Myladyshotmedown Guns R For Shootin Doctor Smart Lass 05/15/2021 Marina Bettarini No
Am Smokingbreakthru Gunner Rev Par Dee Bar Smoke 06/03/2021 Margot Van Doorne No
ANNY GET YOUR GUN Gunner Dun It Again JP Georgina Whiz 05/04/2021 Eva Hiebl No
Apollo Icegunya 76 SG Frozen Enterprize PL Gunna Chex 04/22/2021 Alfredo Di Caro Yes
April Gunna Olena ARC Gunna Sparkya Miss Miffy Rum Olena 04/02/2021 Fabio Bervini No
AR Colonel Sassy Gun Colonels Shining Gun Whiz N Sassy 04/24/2021 AR Breeding Horses No
AR Fat Bottomed Gun Colonels Shining Gun Remin Victory 04/18/2021 ALBERTO ROSSI No
AR Jacs Sweet Dream Jacs Electric Spark Sweet Candy Dream 04/19/2021 AR Breeding Horses No
AR Millenium Gun Lil Smokeing Gun Ts Bonita Mif O Lena 04/14/2021 Anna Ruggeri No
ar pala face way Pale Face Dunnit Er My Way 03/21/2021 AR Breeding Horses No
AR Shootin For Chex Guns R For Shootin Busy Bouncin Chex 03/30/2021 AR Breeding Horses No
AR Spooksgottableach Spooks Gotta Whiz Snappy Bleach 05/01/2021 AR Breeding Horses No
AR Zanannatinseltown Gunners Tinseltown Zananna Revolution 05/29/2021 AR Breeding Horses No
Ares Voodoo Child 76 Shiners Voodoo Dr RS Leonardo Lena 04/12/2021 Alfredo Di Caro No
ARH Code Of Success Electric Code ARC Lena Surprise 04/08/2021 Sandra Tourret No
ARH Like One Aristo One Gun ARH Diamonds Addict 05/01/2021 Sandra Tourret No
ARH Platinum Maestro Platinum Vintage Sliding N Booging 03/09/2021 Sandra Tourret No
ARH Sweet N Shiney Uncle Sparky Sweet N Stein 02/22/2021 JEAN LUC TIQUET No
Arnelswallywhizcrome Walla Whiz Crome RS Arnels Feo Jac 01/31/2021 Sabrina Adam No
Artemide Spatwhiz 76 Spooks Gotta Whiz RS Countach Olena 06/19/2021 Alfredo Di Caro No
At All Spook VB Not Ruf At All Spook a Tonic 05/01/2021 Barbonetti Valerio No
At Rose Wood At Ale Wood Roxanne Surprise 04/14/2021 Alessandro Tropepe No
AT Spooks Gotta Wish Spooks Gotta Whiz Select A Star 06/17/2021 Anne Tournay No
At Spooks Greta Whiz Spooks Gotta Whiz AT Greatawood isback 04/03/2021 Alessandro Tropepe No
At Spooky Whoopy Gun Colonels Shining Gun Spook Light 02/28/2021 Anne Tournay No
At Wimpys Bluesecret Colonels Shining Gun Stepnstars 04/02/2021 Anne Tournay No
Atallglassofwhizkey Dun It For Whizkey Major Snapper 04/26/2021 Sabine Lisec No
Badgers First Step Steppin On Sparks Badger Me Red 03/04/2021 Gestut LQH No
Bandit Of Paques Dont Miss My Guns Whiz Doll Pine 04/04/2021 David Roux No
Banjos Magnetic Gun Gunners Chic Magnet Banjo Baby 05/13/2021 Mara Hampel No
Bella Bella Spook Colonels Shining Gun Stop Spookin 05/08/2021 Patricia Escoda No
BHB Heaven Sixty Six Inferno Sixty Six BHB Katberry Stargun 05/28/2021 Valérie Fontaine No
Big Bubble Style Whiz Shining Style Cnsweet Mifi Bambina 04/18/2021 Emanuele Varale No
Big Bubble Whiz Whiz Shining Style Miss Quixote Tucker 04/10/2021 Luca Mauri No
Black Century Jewels Del Cielo Jacs Little Columbia 05/10/2021 David Roux No
Black Snow Electric Snow Kiss My Sass 03/14/2021 Sabine Hörterer No
Blacklectric Snow Electric Snow LM Ebony Sugar Chic 04/14/2021 Susanne Duiker No
Blond Smoking Glory Chicks Smokingun Sailor Glo 04/17/2021 Sabine Schmid No
Blue Eyed Rico HH Rico and Sparky Jacs Bionda O Rima 06/20/2021 Karin Stoll No
BMS Allynator Hollywood Gun It Ally Mcgun 05/13/2021 Barbara Seibold No
BMS Cocolina Hollywood Gun It BMS Spookin Coco 06/26/2021 Barbara Seibold No
BMS Grandpas Memory Hollywood Gun It BMS Whirlys Memory 04/22/2021 Barbara Seibold No
BMS My Gangster Hollywood Gun It BMS My Oak Starlet 06/05/2021 Barbara Seibold No
BMS Mygolden Eclipse Eclipsolena My Golden Oak 04/15/2021 Barbara Seibold No
BMS Whizalot Of Fun Hollywood Gun It Vr Whizalotofpep 04/23/2021 Barbara Seibold No
BMSSmokedHotChestnut Hollywood Gun It BMS Tarielita 03/25/2021 Barbara Seibold No
Boom Boom Cataboom Boomernic Kat Abra 05/07/2021 Christoph Seiler Yes
Boomerjack Steppin On Sparks SS Pistols N Pearls 05/02/2021 Bjoern Buerig No
Boons Ruby Wildcat Redwhiteandblue Boon QP Peptos Catwoman 06/03/2021 Jenny Zapf No
Bunny Gym Pale Face Dunnit Isa Honey N Whiz 04/05/2021 Karin Machalek No
Bunny Surprise Again Gunner Dun It Again GB New Spaty Cat 04/05/2021 Manon Sergent No
CA Jack Tinseltown Tinseltown Fly Guy Just Genolena 04/21/2021 David Roux No
CA Walla Magic Wish Walla Walla Whiz My Magic Jaba 04/18/2021 CA Ranch No
Call Me Misses Tary Tarysmart Smart Leota 04/06/2021 Fabi Cestari No
Candy Candy Gun Hollywood Gun Dunnit Zag Candy Sailor 03/17/2021 Caracciolo/Lukacs No
Cant Top This Smoke A Vintage Smoke Wimpys Top Step 03/08/2021 Ariane-Simone Aschitsch No
Cant Wait Forever Whiz For Ever Spaty Frecles JL 04/23/2021 Jeffrey Touroute-Thomas No
Captain Whiz The Gun Maytheforcebewhizyou Juliette Has a Gun 05/26/2021 Stefania Miramonti No
CARAMELPOPCORN Tarysmart RR Rising Star 05/27/2021 Pavel Orel No
Casanova At Night Late Night Stopper Wimpys Lil Doll 03/30/2021 Yonathan Baruch Yes
Catalino PC Lil Smokeing Gun Assets Catalena 06/04/2021 Soc Agr Pietracavalla SRL No
CC Ruf On Step Steppin On Sparks Sailin Little Par 04/15/2021 Cecini Cristian No
CD Hey Joe Lilyspook Lil Joe Cash Sweet Oak Spook 05/10/2021 Società Agricola CD Horses SRL No
CD Honey Marlena Gun Honey First Gunny Arlena Chex 04/12/2021 Società Agricola CD Horses SRL No
CD Ruffy Chex Aa All Not Ruf At All Mistis Chex Olena 02/03/2021 Società Agricola CD Horses SRL Yes
CDC Just Sweet Custom Del Cielo A Sweet Broad 04/28/2021 Dieter Buerger No
Cdcccovermeinsunshine Custom Del Cielo Arcletic Covergirl 05/03/2021 Dieter Buerger No
Cee A Dream Come True Magnum Chic Dream Miss Wimpy Hollywood 02/23/2021 Paulus Beurskens No
Ceeme Do The Walla Walla Walla Whiz Cee U In Tinseltown 05/17/2021 Paulus Beurskens No
Cg Trashandcrome Gunnatrashya ARC Pleasealena 06/01/2021 Christelle Graffeuil No
Cg Whoneedswhite Piccolo Spanish Smart Chexy Nic 05/09/2021 Christelle Graffeuil No
Chanel Frozen Lee FC SG Frozen Enterprize Nikita Lee 02/22/2021 Francesco Chiaverini No
Chant For Smoke Chicks Smokingun Chant For Chics 05/21/2021 Sabine Schmid No
Cherry Gun Whiz Shining Style Shining Ginger Gun 04/05/2021 Matteo Paracchini No
Chex Gunna Rock Chexolution Gunna B A Rockstar 03/26/2021 Eyal Carmon No
Chex Gunna Shine Chexolution Xtra Gunna Shine 04/11/2021 Eyal Carmon No
Chex Whiz Sixtysix Inferno Sixty Six Surely Chexi 04/01/2021 Vittorio Rabboni No
Chic Ebony Vintage A Vintage Smoke Miss Tiffany Chic 05/29/2021 Ulrike Johade No
Chic N Melody Gunners Chic Magnet Roosters Melodymaker 05/30/2021 Schlager Nestelberger Partnership No
Chic Nicd The Jewel Gun Chic Nic West Coast Jewel 05/21/2021 Jerry Lowe No
Chic Valentina Chic Magnetic Star Flower 02/09/2021 VINCENZO DI GRIGOLI No
Chic Voodoos Daisy Shiners Voodoo Dr Darlene Enterprize 03/16/2021 Irmgard Brendgens No
Chicks Special Gun Chicks Smokingun JK Sweet Wimpy Magic 05/21/2021 Linda Missuwe No
Chocolate Inthe Nite Gunners Special Nite Chocolate Enterprise 06/13/2021 Marco Filimberti No
Chocowhiz In Like Flinn CMP Pittina Jersey 06/06/2021 Ambrosini QH ASD/ Davide Rossi No
CN Whiz Dunnit Style Whiz Shining Style Smart Style Dunnit 03/10/2021 Carolina Nardi No
Coco Whiz Crome Walla Whiz Crome Smart Collen 05/25/2021 Christian Weidlich No
Cocodile Dundee Colonels Shining Gun Glory Be Whiz 04/04/2021 Lien Van Cauwenbergh No
Coderina Electric Code Gunnebee 04/21/2021 Saar Lenaerts No
Coffees Coco Chanel Pale Face Dunnit Coffee Whiz Milk Tb 03/10/2021 Irmgard Brendgens No
Colonel Batman JD Colonel Whiz GB Lady Cat 03/06/2021 David Roux No
Colonel Spat Spatatino Cols Great Sequel 05/15/2021 Mario Di Ciommo No
Colonels Boggie Gun Colonels Shining Gun Ro Ladylikestoboggie 05/11/2021 Gino Bonneure No
Colonels Candy MR Colonels Shining Gun RS Candy O Lena 02/12/2021 Matese Ranch No
Colonels Peachics Colonels Shining Gun Chicy Smart Jac 03/19/2021 Annie Mouton No
Colonels Spat FC Colonels Shining Gun Mifilinda Spat 06/18/2021 Francesco Chiaverini No
Colonelsdiamondnwhiz Especial Diamond Gunnerina Special 04/20/2021 Bruna Balduzzi No
Colonelshiningpearl Colonels Shining Gun Conquistadors Pearl 05/12/2021 Barbara Fugger No
Copyshine Colonels Shining Gun Finest Copyshot 01/23/2021 Schlager Nestelberger Partnership No
Cover Me In Sunshine Custom Made Gun Miss Dizzy Whiz 03/11/2021 Schlager Nestelberger Partnership No
Coverme Inspookshine Sharp Dressed Shiner Classy Gotta Whiz 02/21/2021 Susanne Duiker No
Cowgirlz Dream Big Cromeds Cowboy Big Mistys Chex 04/09/2021 Susanne Goettlich No
CR Magnum Dun Gun Lil Magnum Nicita Gotta Gun 03/30/2021 Christine Rippel No
Cromatica Nic Chic Magnetic Sailicromednic 04/30/2021 Tiffany Gal No
Cromed Like Juice Smart Like Juice Custom Surely 05/13/2021 Sabrina Fritz No
Cromed Starlight Walla Whiz Crome BMS Steady Starlight 03/08/2021 Conni Kuttenreich No
Cromeds Snowboy Cromeds Cowboy Rock Me Graygun 04/24/2021 Susanne Goettlich No
CS Snip O Joker Snip O Lution BQH Chex Out Wimpys 03/19/2021 CS Ranch Management SA Yes
CSG Ankara Colonels Shining Gun Frozen Slide 04/21/2021 Katarzyna Roleska Yes
CSG Berlin Colonels Shining Gun Dream N Nicki 02/26/2021 Katarzyna Roleska Yes
CSG Bogota Colonels Shining Gun Roosters Hot Piq 05/01/2021 Katarzyna Roleska No
CSG Dakar Colonels Shining Gun Sweet Lil Diamond BB 05/22/2021 Katarzyna Roleska No
CSG Denver Colonels Shining Gun Shiney Tinseltown 02/02/2021 Katarzyna Roleska Yes
CSG I Am Joleen Colonels Shining Gun Custom Prize 03/20/2021 Tanya Schnabel No
CSG Lisbon Colonels Shining Gun Shiner Brimolena 03/18/2021 Katarzyna Roleska Yes
CSG Macho Man Colonels Shining Gun Miss Dual Train 03/22/2021 Marion Hoffmann No
CSG Moscow Colonels Shining Gun Custom Made Dunit 02/28/2021 Katarzyna Roleska Yes
CSG Nairobi Colonels Shining Gun Miss Brim Star 03/06/2021 Katarzyna Roleska Yes
CSG Paris Colonels Shining Gun Wimpys All Jacked Up 04/21/2021 Katarzyna Roleska Yes
CSG Rio Colonels Shining Gun What A Sunrise 01/01/2021 Katarzyna Roleska Yes
CSG Stockholm Colonels Shining Gun Ebony Spook 04/15/2021 Katarzyna Roleska Yes
CSG Vegas Colonels Shining Gun ARC I Am Double Chic 05/15/2021 Katarzyna Roleska Yes
CTC Love Potion Gunnatrashya Dun It Doll 03/07/2021 Franz Josef Braidt No
Custom Made Seven Smart N Sparkin Dun It Cash Advance 05/07/2021 7 Heaven Reining Horses No
Custom Made Trash Smart Like Custom Trashy Desert Rose 04/01/2021 Florian Koehler No
Custom Papita Custom Blackberry Pepto Feeling Good 04/11/2021 Riccardo Abati No
Custom Sweet Charm Custom Ryan Boogie Charm 04/21/2021 Sara Rovinalti No
Custom Whiz Stones Custom Made Gun Shine Like A Whiz 02/23/2021 Quarter Dream SRL Yes
CV Midnite Sky Gunners Special Nite All Sweetness Dun 04/20/2021 Cristian Vegro No
CZ Magnetic Sultan Chic Magnetic Lady Frost Sultan 04/07/2021 Az. Agr. Ca' Zanoli QH No
CZ Miss Little Chica Chic Magnetic Miss Little Bonnie 04/19/2021 Az. Agr. Ca' Zanoli QH No
DA Dunnit Sailor Gun Hollywood Gun Dunnit Ts Frozolena 05/03/2021 Marco Antonio Dell'Atti No
DA Iam Sailorsnap Iam Sailors Brother Miss Tori Snap 04/02/2021 Marco Antonio Dell'Atti No
Dali Painted Gun One Gun RS Dali Olena 04/27/2021 Alice Marinoni No
Dance Sugar Rose Sugar Little Step Dance Little Spook 03/01/2021 Quarter Dream SRL Yes
Dance Whiz A Dream Whizkey N Diamonds Dasy Hollywood Dream 09/09/2021 Anthony Cianci Yes
Dance Without Mask Gunner Dance Little Spook 03/08/2021 Quarter Dream SRL Yes
DB Rio Whiz Gun Bright Like Adiamond Whiz Skine On Skine 05/23/2021 Peter Dobes No
DC Easterwood Hollywood Gun Dunnit DC Easter Lady 03/31/2021 Martina Cibrario No
DC Hell Bells Whiz For Ever DC Chica Spark Olena 03/31/2021 Jean-Yves Granottier No
DE Electrician Electric Code Frosted Wimped Cream 03/15/2021 Riccardo Abati No
DE Gunnaoutshineya Gunnatrashya Shinin N Hollywood 05/27/2021 Caroline Olsson No
Demetra Play Jac 76 Not Ruf At All RS Lusy Miss Jack 05/09/2021 Alfredo Di Caro No
DEP Electric Rose Electric Snow Rosy Gunner Pride 03/08/2021 Laura Voirol No
DG Shining Sweet Gun Colonels Shining Gun Smart Twist N Nic 05/16/2021 Daniele Godfroid No
Diavel Inferno Sixty Six Shine Like A Babe 05/03/2021 Quarter Dream SRL Yes
Dolly Face Whiz Pale Face Dunnit Smart Baby Whiz 04/15/2021 Rodolfo Marchetti No
Don Spark N Gun Spark N Whiz Lady Oscars Gun 05/05/2021 Filippo Donadeo No
Dontmissmyluckyjo Dont Miss My Guns Roxy Whiz Pine 03/25/2021 David Roux No
Dpwelcometothejungle Dun It For Whizkey Shiney Little Pistol 02/13/2021 Daniela Pettinger No
Dr Cocktail Shine Shiners Voodoo Dr Xtra Ruby Cocktail 03/24/2021 Sabine Schmid Yes
DR Just A Romance SDP Justice Is Comin My Last Romance 03/29/2021 Silvio Delle Donne No
Dr Justice Of Jekle SDP Justice Is Comin Dr Miracle Of Jekie 05/15/2021 Silvio Delle Donne No
Dr Justin Justice SDP Justice Is Comin Just Lady Quixote 05/09/2021 Silvio Delle Donne No
Dr Lee Casper Dr Lee Hook Ms Rietta Lady 04/19/2021 Harald Gassler No
Dr Lee Martino Dr Lee Hook Nu Rum To Smoke 05/20/2021 Glis Ranch No
DR Prides Voodoo Shiners Voodoo Dr GP Pride Of CJ 05/29/2021 Lynn De Ras No
DR Spataquix Spatatino Dr Little Quixote 05/05/2021 Silvio Delle Donne No
Dreamin To Spook Magnum Chic Dream Spooks O Lena 06/04/2021 Ambrosini Quarter Horses ASD No
Dreaming Gun 246 Magnum Chic Dream Gunna Sing 01/13/2021 Piero Priori No
Dreamy Chics Guns Dont Miss My Guns Poco Chic Dream 06/14/2021 Jeffrey Touroute-Thomas No
Dresss Code Electric Code Dual Spirit 04/26/2021 Emma Villa No
Dual Gun Tari Modern Gun Ps Lola Chick Tari 04/12/2021 Veronika Empl No
Dun It For Melody Dun It For Whizkey Red Pine Melody 05/06/2021 Michael Kneier No
Duntastic Twist Duntastic QT BMS Tarisplash 04/05/2021 Conni Kuttenreich No
Duntastic Wimpy Duntastic QT Shady Step 03/29/2021 Conni Kuttenreich No
Easy Dressed Sharp Dressed Shiner Goodlooken Texana 03/28/2021 La Mesa Performance Horses No
Einsteinice SG Frozen Enterprize Red Pie Solution 05/19/2021 Christian Baldelli No
Electric Ancestry Electric Snow Gloo Dry Lena 05/04/2021 Susa Sauer No
Electric Maca Electric Snow Pretty Little Steps 03/24/2021 Jana Flokova No
Electric Play Steppin On Sparks Elans Beauty 03/31/2021 Marion Lang No
Electric Rhythm Hollys Electricspark Delta Sailor 04/02/2021 Claudia Eggl No
Electric Simply code Electric Code Simply Pepi Lena 05/21/2021 Gaetano Cipriani No
Electric Snowflake Electric Snow Magnums Chiclet 04/25/2021 Maike Wangemann No
Electric Wave What A Wave Electric Glo 03/22/2021 Maarten Verduyckt No
Electricforfuture PC Spooks Gotta Whiz Electric Rush 04/02/2021 Soc Agr Pietracavalla SRL No
Electricity Electric Snow My Diamond Dunnit 04/23/2021 Fabienne Schadt No
Enterprizingnicci Little Nic Enterprizingfootwork 04/13/2021 Louise Parker Yes
Every Chics Dream MH Magnum Chic Dream KR Ima Shiner 04/08/2021 Martina Hable No
EYESPOT Colonels Shining Gun Spat Gun Showtime 05/16/2021 Alessandro Frassa Yes
Facetuned Gun Pale Face Gunnit Miss Scooten Badger 04/26/2021 Lara Weiss No
Faithtrustnpixiedust Colonels Shining Gun Shyaning Electric 01/13/2021 Costanza Biagini No
Fancy Walla Walla Whiz A Dun It Fancy Dun In Peppy 05/22/2021 Louise Parker Yes
FB Gunpowder RS Polyphemus Jac Db Olena Day 05/01/2021 Jeffrey Touroute-Thomas No
FB Mad Max RS Polyphemus Jac Max Chic RM 04/30/2021 Luigi Pastore No
FB Polypocket RS Polyphemus Jac Cee Cee Smart 04/28/2021 Luigi Pastore No
FB Snow Princess Electric Snow FB Ginger Wheel 04/01/2021 Carina Machacek No
Fbtheforcebewheelyou Maytheforcebewhizyou Lowelnic Wheel 03/21/2021 Krystyna Kozlowska-Wojtaszek Yes
Felixs Gun Sugar Little Step Harrys Gun 04/28/2021 Quarter Dream SRL Yes
Ferry Undercover Footworks Finest YMC Sheza Major Tari 03/29/2021 Wendy Patist No
Fine Sail And Shine Hangten Shiner Ndmilliondollarsbaby 05/14/2021 Fien De Ronde Bresser No
Fine Walla Tinseljac Walla Whiz Crome ARH Lucy Tinselprise 05/12/2021 Fien De Ronde Bresser No
Flame Faced Voodoo Shiners Voodoo Dr MS Emely Rietta 04/29/2021 Diana Edelhäuser No
FM Whiz Me A Chic Chic Surprise Angel W Whiz 05/15/2021 Roy Willemse No
Footworks Greatest Footworks Finest Virginia Nic 04/20/2021 Hannah Reinz No
French Connexion Ruff Gun ARC Power Rocket BH 05/17/2021 Mickael Moreau No
Frozen Pearl BB SG Frozen Enterprize Wimpys Pearl 05/19/2021 Eifel Gold Ranch Baeck No
Frozen Steps MH SG Frozen Enterprize Miss Rosey Step 05/23/2021 Martina Hable No
Frozenmia Colonels Shining Gun TD Frozenchips Time 02/02/2021 Claudia Rizzola No
FRQ Spook Your Life Smart Spook Sparkin Your Fancy 03/06/2021 Franziska Kaltenegger No
Funwithwhizkeynguns Dun It For Whizkey Fun With A Gun 05/09/2021 Elena Koelbl No
FV Poco Lady Wood At Ale Wood Carja Poco Bar Doc 04/08/2021 Vincenzo Florio No
FV Whiz Gotta Gun Spooks Gotta Whiz Miss Cocked Gun 05/16/2021 FRANCESCO VASANELLA No
GAM Houston Crome Lil Ruf Conquistador Custom Sally 01/04/2021 Az Agr Codazzi Enrica E Maroni SS No
Gam Luis Whiz Lil Ruf Conquistador DC TARIS OKIE 03/15/2021 Az Agr Codazzi Enrica E Maroni SS No
GAM LYON RED Lil Ruf Conquistador Okie Topsail Too 02/08/2021 Az Agr Codazzi Enrica E Maroni SS No
GC Face Fanny Doll Pale Face Dunnit Emily Peppys Doll 04/07/2021 Gina Cipolat No
GC Ruf Harry Chex Not Ruf At All Hollywood Cali Chex 05/22/2021 Gina Cipolat No
GD A Shining Dream Colonels Shining Gun Candid Dream 04/27/2021 Azienda Agricola Dalla Piccola Giuliano No
GD Colonel Olena Gun Gunner RS Iron Maiden Olena 02/03/2021 Domenico Giannitti Yes
GD Elettric Holiday Jacs Electric Spark Cutter Holiday Jacs 01/27/2021 Domenico Giannitti Yes
Gd Magnum To Cash Magnum Chic Dream Sugar Judy Chex 04/10/2021 Domenico Giannitti No
GD Markita Voodoo Gun Shiners Voodoo Dr La Marka De Gunner 01/25/2021 Domenico Giannitti Yes
GD Spark Cody Whiz Spark N Whiz Lullaby Of Melody 05/29/2021 Domenico Giannitti No
GD Spook Whiz Dun It Maytheforcebewhizyou Spookie Nite 03/14/2021 Domenico Giannitti Yes
GD Starjac Dunnit Pale Face Dunnit Miss Peptos Jacky 05/26/2021 Domenico Giannitti Yes
GD Trashya Whiz Gun Gunnatrashya Thelma Whiz 03/17/2021 Domenico Giannitti Yes
GD Wimpy Gotta Whiz Spooks Gotta Whiz GD Wimpy Taris Step 03/24/2021 Domenico Giannitti Yes
Gemmastown VVS Hollywoodstinseltown Gun Start Whiz 05/18/2021 Timothee Pley No
Genuine Shining Rose Colonels Shining Gun Genuine Peppys Rose 03/30/2021 Fritz Mittmannsgruber No
GF Lil Gotta Gun Lil Smokeing Gun OT Jacs Gotta Star 04/28/2021 GIORGIA FERRARI No
GF Shine Of Broadway PS Mega Shine Chic Miss Ciot O Broadway 04/28/2021 GIORGIA FERRARI No
GG Waity Mobsty Cash HF Mobster Jacksons Snowin Cash 04/28/2021 Aurélie ROUQUET - CHALARD No
GH Gunnacatalizya Gunnatrashya Foxy Lil Catalyst 03/16/2021 Quarter Dream SRL Yes
GI Dream Gun Colonels Shining Gun Golden Dream Chic 03/27/2021 Caroline Channing No
GI Hot Money Money Trail Girlz Gotta Gun 04/12/2021 Caroline Channing No
GI Not A Ruf Mobster Not Ruf At All Genuine Mobster 04/08/2021 Caroline Channing No
GI Real Shiney Money Money Trail Really Gotta Shine 06/21/2021 Caroline Channing No
Ginger Chocolate Chocolate Chic Olena Chex Your Sail 03/21/2021 Claudia Eggl No
Ginger Spat Lena Nu Sailor Lena Cricket Jacolena 05/24/2021 Catherine Dupret No
Give Me More Sugar Sugar Little Step Surprise Me Gamble 02/09/2021 Davide Brighenti No
GM Sparkling Gun Colonels Shining Gun Snappin At Stars 05/07/2021 Giliam Van Der Straaten No
Goshortyitsyourbday Hollywoodstinseltown Snap A Lady 03/27/2021 June Gobert No
Gotta Lime You Spooks Gotta Whiz Jac N Lime 06/06/2021 Ambrosini Quarter Horses ASD No
Gotta Play With Guns Chicks Smokingun Ses Chic Playgirl 04/10/2021 Lucy Adams No
GP Shining Surprise Smart N Sparkin Cp Surprise 06/11/2021 Golden Paint Ranch No
Grayflower Wizlildun Dun It For Whizkey Gray Moon By Wimpys 04/09/2021 Francoise Kirch No
Great Fire Of Rome Inferno Sixty Six Whattamoor 03/02/2021 Pamela Sartoni No
Great Sunny Roost Great Sun Burst PC Lady Custom 04/16/2021 Ilaria Manfrini No
GS Frozen Gunna SG Frozen Enterprize Gun Flashy Whiz 05/24/2021 Sabatino QH Srl No
GSR Dance Guna Shine Colonels Shining Gun Dance Gotta Gun 03/09/2021 Grey Stone Ranch Gmbh No
GSR Electric Nite Gunners Special Nite Jacs Electric Girl 04/24/2021 Grey Stone Ranch Gmbh No
GSR Magnums Showman Magnum Chic Dream Showgirl Shining Gun 03/26/2021 Grey Stone Ranch Gmbh Yes
Gun For A Million Custom Made Gun Starshine Whiz 03/22/2021 Heidi Wallner No
Gun For Chex Chexolution Gunheidi Sailor 03/10/2021 Eyal Carmon No
Gunna Be A Smartgirl ARC Gunna Sparkya Marilyn Monwhoa 03/23/2021 Vittorio Rabboni No
Gunna play me again Gunner Dun It Again Play me jac 04/06/2021 Matus Kuzma No
Gunna Spark Again Gunner Dun It Again Dudes Shinalena 05/26/2021 Gerhard Froech No
Gunna Top Prise ARC Gunna Sparkya ARC Honey Chick 03/21/2021 Vittorio Rabboni No
Gunnabelegendary Xo Walla Walla Whiz Gunners Doll 03/06/2021 Fabien Boiron No
Gunnashineandwhizper Colonels Shining Gun Whizinator Jamie 02/12/2021 Martina Zelena No
Gunnasparkya RD Gunnatrashya Whizasparkywalla BB 04/13/2021 Ruediger Diedenhofen Yes
Gunner Pistol Again Gunner Dun It Again Great Dun Pistol 04/24/2021 Christian Baldelli No
Gunnerita White Face Pale Face Dunnit Wear The Fox Hat 05/10/2021 Sergio Iannetta No
Gunners Chic Shine Gunners Chic Magnet Magnum Chic N Shine 03/08/2021 Sandra Friesenbiller No
Gunners Sparks Blue Gunners Chic Magnet Shiney Top Lena 04/30/2021 Michaela Habringer No
Gunners Special Bun Gunners Special Nite The Bun Is Dun 04/27/2021 Sabine Ehrenreich Yes
Gunners Spookelina Best Spook Gunners Fancy Face 05/30/2021 Ursula Kurtz No
Gunners Voodoo Girl Shiners Voodoo Dr Gunners Smokin Girl 04/20/2021 Janina Tachkov No
Gunnerspecialspark Smart N Sparkin SG Gunnerspecialwhiz 07/09/2021 Marie Verschueren No
Guns And Bubbles Gunnatrashya Bright Barlight 04/11/2021 Joke Overbeek Fennema No
Guns N Waves What A Wave NW Gungirl N White 04/11/2021 Anna Dombrowska No
Guns N Whizzards Walla Walla Whiz Gunners Hollywood Dol 04/20/2021 CS Ranch Management SA Yes
Guns R Ruf Hesa Hollywood Gun Lil Ruf Prissy 04/12/2021 Bjoern Buerig No
Gunstar Bonnie Wimpys Smoking Gun DC Kitas Star 04/07/2021 Maxime Vermaelen No
GZ Be Like Steady In Like Flinn San Olena Broc 07/26/2021 Giovanni Zucchi No
GZ Electric Button Electric Code Moorbuttons 04/30/2021 Giovanni Zucchi No
H Baby Jo Colonels Shining Gun Hollywood Baby Dunit 05/12/2021 Wolfgang Hammer No
H Bumbu Gun Smart N Sparkin Shine N Gun 05/02/2021 Wolfgang Hammer No
H Button Whiz Crome Walla Whiz Crome Lv Smart Peponita 03/13/2021 Wolfgang Hammer No
HA Call Me Ramiro Call Me Merada AJ Smart Leolita 05/07/2021 Daniel Straumann No
Happy Day Of Sun Jupiter Of Sun Vanessa Bo Sun 02/27/2021 Franco Rosso No
Harlakin Skywalker Maytheforcebewhizyou RS Athena Jac 04/30/2021 Caracciolo/Lukacs No
Harley N Elvis Elvis Peppys Taco Doll Sheza Whiz 03/24/2021 Christian Baldelli No
Havabrake Havakitkat Walla Whiz Crome ND Kit Kat Spark 01/12/2021 Tina Wilk No
Hell Ooo Inferno Sixty Six Jac Golden Faith 05/14/2021 Claudia Hahn Yes
HH Face Millionnic HH Face Me Withcrome Ms Montana Chic 05/24/2021 Pernilla Witteborn No
HH Face My Gun HH Face Me Withcrome Shine N Angelina 06/28/2021 Catherine Aspdahl Yes
HH Guns N Crome Spooks Painted Gun Miss Custom Crome 05/09/2021 Christer Jansson No
HH Pretty Tinzeltown Spooks Painted Gun Alvmelodytinseltown 06/01/2021 Pernilla Witteborn No
HH Whiz Me Snow Electric Snow Whiz Me Mercedes 03/11/2021 Uta Moll No
Hollywood Chic Rocks Smart N Sparkin KS Hollywood Twhize 06/19/2021 Denise Lutgens No
Hollywood Nightlife Hollywoodstinseltown Nightlife Revolution 03/12/2021 Saskia Ritter No
Hollywood on Rocks Dun It For Whizkey Queenelisabetrooster 05/01/2021 Denise Lutgens No
Hollywood Trick Xo Tricked Out Spook Smart Lil Dunlady 04/22/2021 Fabien Boiron No
Hollywood Trixie Gun Lean With Hollywood HH Gun Shining Laura 06/16/2021 Anna Polinceusz No
Hollywoodwhizintown Hollywoodstinseltown JM Gun Walla Gun 04/07/2021 Anne-Catherine Thorel No
HR Spark N Roses Birdy Chic Olena HR Roselys Sparkle 04/28/2021 Robert Josef Hoedl No
HR Sugarcube Birdy Chic Olena Smartin Sugarpie 04/16/2021 Robert Josef Hoedl No
HSG Aint It The Gun HH Shining Gun Tina Pokahontas 05/16/2021 Tamara Kroselj No
HSG Custommygun HH Shining Gun AC Customblack Pearl 09/25/2021 Tamara Kroselj No
HSG Gun Happens HH Shining Gun Brighteyes Babe 04/29/2021 Tamara Kroselj No
HSG Gunner By Choice HH Shining Gun Little Spanish Devil 04/28/2021 Tamara Kroselj No
HSG Shootinginstars HH Shining Gun Sonitas Lena Chic 03/17/2021 Tamara Kroselj No
I Am Gunner Gunner Spinderellas Dream 02/18/2021 Isabeau Rohde No
I Am King Bob Eclipsolena Dunits Batwoman 04/16/2021 Sabrina Ludwig No
I Am The Sheriff Cromeds Cowboy Payalotta 04/25/2021 Susanne Goettlich No
I Am Voodoo Shiners Voodoo Olenas Kathy 01/10/2021 Isabeau Rohde No
Ice For Whiskey Dun It For Whizkey HH Snapper Sailor 04/13/2021 PAOLO VITALI No
Iceme SG Frozen Enterprize Sheezasunnywhiz BB 03/21/2021 CS Ranch Management SA Yes
Im A Topsail Whizkey Dun It For Whizkey Little Alpen Star 03/16/2021 Christian Weichert No
Im Gunna Win It All Gunners Chic Magnet PS Hollywood Smartie 03/22/2021 Dr. Tanja Wallner No
Im Sogun Again Gunner Dun It Again Missing The Boogie 06/08/2021 Jan Van Der Auwera No
Ima Frozentinselbabe SG Frozen Enterprize Anewchicintinseltown 06/16/2021 Vittorio Rabboni No
Ima Golden Chic Chic Magnetic Sailor Golda 06/09/2021 Dario Carmignani No
In Like Matisse In Like Flinn Miffi Star 01/15/2021 Marco Galiazzo No
Interceptor Eclipsolena Boomernics Command 04/17/2021 Isabeau Rohde No
Italiano Yankee Yankee Gun Teos Flashy Melody 06/05/2021 Lucio Colafrancesco No
Jacs Sugar Girl Pale Face Dunnit Sparkling For Me 04/28/2021 Igor Rozman No
Jag Gunna Dun It Gunnatrashya Fancy Lil Dun It 04/17/2021 Aude Gruber No
Jag Spat Pale Face Pale Face Dunnit Nd Montenisa Spat 03/26/2021 Aude Gruber No
Jag Walla Chic Walla Walla Whiz PM Jazz Olena 05/18/2021 Aude Gruber No
JAS Lil Sierra Slide Lil Joe Cash Minnie Slide 03/21/2021 Jas Horses No
JAS Wala Whiz Dun It Walla Whiz A Dun It AR Boneta Jacson Sun 05/18/2021 Jas Horses No
JAS Walla Wanda Walla Whiz A Dun It GFC Okie Doc 05/26/2021 Jas Horses No
JB Hakuna Matata Sweet Big Gun A Vintage Dream 05/18/2021 Julia Staedele No
JJ Shine On Ruffles Colonels Shining Gun Spook N Ruffles 01/04/2021 J&J Comm V No
JJ Wallawalla Hoorah Walla Walla Whiz Chic Chic Hoorah 05/20/2021 J&J Comm V No
JJ Whiziwasanunicorn Whiz N Tag Chex Tinseltown Wheel FB 05/18/2021 J&J Comm V No
JM Small Whizkey Dun It For Whizkey Guess Im A Gunner 01/08/2021 Janusz Milek No
JM What A Berry What A Wave Twisters Hot N Spicy 02/26/2021 Janusz Milek No
Joe Whiza Pale Face Pale Face Dunnit Lil Joe Whizaway 04/08/2021 Susanne Duiker No
JP Definitely Maybe Heza Sure Whiz Justa Twisted Gun 04/07/2021 Jac Point QH No
JP Sailor Moon Colonels Shining Gun Sparkling Hollywood 03/26/2021 Jac Point QH No
JP Tonites Special Gunners Special Nite JP Skyfall Shine 05/11/2021 Jac Point QH No
JS Shes A Red Jac Duel Jac Reds Rocking Girl 04/14/2021 Sonja Nekula No
JT gigishappyhour Wimpyneedsacocktail Jt Charlie Shotgun 04/19/2021 Trudy Van Der Plas No
Julian Iceman Wimpy Crashed Ice West Coast Trouble 05/07/2021 Simon Bilger No
Just Bodhi Crome Dont Corrode Justchexshoneygirl 05/21/2021 Denise Lutgens No
Just In Hollywood Hollywood Gun Dunnit Just A Einstein 03/15/2021 Alessia Simoncini No
Justice Frozen Sparn SDP Justice Is Comin Frozen Sparn 06/14/2021 Allevamento Cisal Quarter Horses Srl No
KB Chasing Waves What A Wave Lil Ruf Wimpy 05/11/2021 Koen Brutsaert No
KB Queen Khaleesi Gunners Chic Magnet ND Sparkling Electra 05/11/2021 Koen Brutsaert No
KB Whiz Benefits CJ Whiz Pumpkin Rooster 04/09/2021 Koen Brutsaert No
KB Whizzard Of Oz CJ Whiz Smart Whizzin Jenny 05/26/2021 Koen Brutsaert No
KC Thunder Tricks Tricked Out Spook April Sun Burst 05/13/2021 Luca Cocola No
Kita Scar Kitas Spark Gipsy Snapper Bud 02/09/2021 Alberto Baroni No
Kitas Pride Mr Kitas Spark AB Billy Pride 03/30/2021 Caracciolo/Lukacs No
KS Whiz Ruf At All Not Ruf At All Jacs Breeze Whiz 02/25/2021 Kennel Quarter Horses No
Ladies Dream About Me Magnum With A Dream Lady Guntini 03/04/2021 Sharon De Groot No
lady dart fener Maytheforcebewhizyou Indian Taris Flash 04/25/2021 Valeria Graia No
Ladys Whizkey Shot Dun It For Whizkey GH Redskin Lady 02/06/2021 Hannes Kirchberger No
Larenn Chic Mobsgirl HF Mobster Bet Ya Im A Topgirl 04/03/2021 Laura Peultier No
Last Cash In Bank Lil Joe Cash Last Docky Oak 03/27/2021 Mattia Camisi No
LBS Bet On Magnetic Bet On A Step LBS Crystal Magnetic 05/21/2021 Tenuta Londi Soc Agricola Srl No
LBS Dancerlittlestep Bet On A Step Meredith Lady Dancer 04/06/2021 Tenuta Londi Soc Agricola Srl No
LC Berry Margarita Wimpy Margarita Blue Berry Giada 05/29/2021 Luca Chemolli No
Lenas Best Bourbon Best Spook HS Twistalena 03/21/2021 Joachim Meffle No
LG Frozen Sun Jupiter Of Sun Terrific Sailor 06/26/2021 Giada Alí No
LH Shes A Lee Hook Dr Lee Hook HQ Solem Lee Mine 04/28/2021 Kevin Quint No
LH Shotgun Lena Black Gotta Gun Chicolena Step 05/09/2021 Gustaf Jerenas Yes
Light Up The World A Sparkling Vintage Nu Sugar Pep 05/13/2021 Michaela Kogler No
Like A Cash Lil Joe Cash Miss Ruby Jane 04/21/2021 Piero Priori No
Lil Cashanova Lil Joe Cash Raise The Dealer 04/20/2021 Elena Gunter No
Lil Custom Melody Crome Dont Corrode Lil Rufs Melody 02/15/2021 Catharina Algera-Brands No
Lil Dunit Frost Lil Dunit Smart Georgia Red Peaches 03/05/2021 Gunther Klose No
Lil Greygun Whiz Lil Smokeing Gun Bellatrix Whiz 05/05/2021 Alessandro Milani No
Lil Joke For Ever Whiz For Ever Electra Stop Ruff 03/28/2021 David Roux No
Lil Kind Of Magic Lil Smokeing Gun Magica Lena 01/11/2021 Beate Doris Plueckhan No
Lil O Stylish Gun Lil Smokeing Gun My Hope Gun 05/05/2021 Verena Castrovillari No
Lil Oaking Gun Lil Smokeing Gun Nico Oak Orima 04/02/2021 Alessandro Milani No
Lil Sailingun Lil Smokeing Gun Sailing Heroine 03/28/2021 Alessandro Milani No
Lil Special Cash Lil Joe Cash GT Special Crystal 02/01/2021 Vittorio Rabboni No
Little Chexx Chexolution Xtra Black Fantasy 02/07/2021 Eyal Carmon No
Little Lunatrick Tricked Out Spook Revolution In Crome 02/27/2021 Natasha Moller No
Little Pep Surprise Mister Depep GK Shade Surprise 04/04/2021 Barbara Zwanzger No
Little Sail to Early Mister Little Uno BB Sailin Tornado 07/04/2021 Diana Ewald No
Little Smart Stitch Lil Dunit Smart Domino Moor 04/30/2021 Heidi Edl No
Little Sugar Olena Sugar Little Step Spooks O Lena 03/18/2021 Ambrosini Quarter Horses ASD Yes
LL Boldruler Colonels Shining Gun Magnum Chic N Chex 04/10/2021 Lara Lorengo Yes
LL Italiansdoitbtr Wimpys Little Step Magnum Chic N Chex 04/03/2021 Lara Lorengo No
LL Onceinablumoon Colonels Shining Gun Glamour Of Antinori 02/19/2021 Lara Lorengo No
LL Shiningoldencrome Colonels Shining Gun Wimpy Golden Crome 03/21/2021 Lenka Lukackova No
LM Electric Whiz Whizdom Shines Electric Cranberry 04/30/2021 Roberto Morosi No
LOV SPOOKS GHOSTFACE Spooks Gotta Sting Puro Dude 04/18/2021 Carlo Lovisetto No
Love Gun One Gun Benedicta Stylishlite 03/20/2021 Alice Gatti No
Lovspooks Penny Whiz Spooks Gotta Whiz Sau O Pea 01/31/2021 Carlo Lovisetto No
LS Dunit Coded Electric Code Hollywood Greatberry 05/06/2021 Impr Agr La Selvetta No
LS Yankee Ice Gun Yankee Gun SG Imacioccoice 03/18/2021 Lorenzo Speranzini No
Lucifer From Hell Inferno Sixty Six Boogie Woogie Time 05/21/2021 Società Agricola San Famiano SS Yes
LV Rich Tinker Tinker With Guns Kea Chex 04/04/2021 Petr Julina No
LV Rocky Voodoo Dr Shiners Voodoo Dr PL Where Is The Love 02/27/2021 Petr Julina No
LV Smart Little Gun Colonels Shining Gun RR Shine In Rome 06/05/2021 Petr Julina No
LV Snowstormfromtown Hollywoodstinseltown Nic Sailor 06/02/2021 Petr Julina No
LV Stan Chex Remedy LV Barny Remedys LV Bueno Chex 04/11/2021 Petr Julina No
LV Westcoast Starboy West Coast Whiz Peekalight 06/09/2021 Petr Julina No
LVR Colonel Bubbles Whiz Shining Style LVR Colonels Chic 05/10/2021 Linda Verstappen No
LVR Colonel Vintage A Vintage Smoke LVR Colonels Chic 03/29/2021 Linda Verstappen No
LVR Crush On You PS Mega Shine Chic LVR Ruf Chic 03/21/2021 Linda Verstappen No
LVR Icing Onthe Cake SG Frozen Enterprize Heirloome 06/01/2021 Linda Verstappen No
LVR Supreme Forces Maytheforcebewhizyou Shine N Supreme 04/13/2021 Linda Verstappen Yes
MA Spooks Superjac BA Superjac Spooks Gotta Sis 04/04/2021 Marc Verduyckt No
Madonna FC Pale Face Dunnit Molly Bluberry 03/19/2021 Francesco Chiaverini No
Magnetic Gun Gunners Chic Magnet Tinsel Whiz Dunit 05/22/2021 Gerhard Froech No
Magnetic Malou AV Dun It For Whizkey RZ Magnetic Rita 05/09/2021 Lisa-Maria Mitterer No
Magnetica Dun It Chic Magnetic MK Hollywood Diva 05/01/2021 Andrea Morawitz No
Magnum Destiny Magnum Chic Dream Harrys Gun 04/29/2021 Quarter Dream SRL Yes
Magnum Shining Dream Colonels Shining Gun GP Magnificent Dream 02/25/2021 Roberta Gianformaggio No
Majestic Conqueror Dont Miss My Guns Conquistador Girl 07/21/2021 David Roux No
Manntouchable Manngun The Ladys A Lil Ruf 03/14/2021 Florian Kainz No
Marvellous Starlight Gunners Last Oak MS Starlight Express 04/08/2021 Theresa Hofbauer No
Mary Dun It Again Gunner Dun It Again At Marywood 01/10/2021 Christian Baldelli No
Mayagunnadoochic RD Shiners Voodoo Dr Gunners Trash BB 04/25/2021 Ruediger Diedenhofen No
MB Whizzin Sparkle Badgers Shiningspark KB Jenny Whiz A Gun 05/05/2021 Melanie Bizet No
MBN Holly Honey SG Frozen Enterprize Holly Electric 04/28/2021 MBN SRL No
MBN Twospookly Socks Spooks Gotta Whiz ARC Who Do You Cee 04/09/2021 MBN SRL No
Mc Flash Cash Mc Oleaner Chexnicxtocash 05/16/2021 Barbara Huentelmann No
MC Smart N Powerfull Smart N Sparkin MC Jacs Tuff Girl 05/27/2021 Marina Coppes No
MD Boozoom Whizoom Mouseman Sugar Twist 05/10/2021 Marianne Drexler No
MD Smart Chic Reina Smart N Sparkin Rios Power Lena 05/26/2021 Marianne Drexler No
MD Stepupwhizme Steppin On Sparks Western Chica 05/09/2021 Marianne Drexler No
MDI Captain Especial AB Captain Badger Whizard Especial 05/11/2021 Matteo Di Iorio No
Mega Night Crush PS Mega Shine Chic ALV Jac Little Gun 03/31/2021 Valon Krasniqi No
Megas Sparkle Chic PS Mega Shine Chic Hope And Surprise 05/01/2021 Vittorio Rabboni No
MH Walla Charme Walla Walla Whiz Charmitaz 05/07/2021 Marcello Maritano No
Mifilleniumagnetico Chic Magnetic Mifioak 05/18/2021 Sergio Iannetta No
Miss Lee Hook Dr Lee Hook Revolution Chex 05/02/2021 Christina Gruber No
Miss Lighting Spark Kitas Spark FM Miss Valentina 05/05/2021 Paolo Arcangeli No
Miss Modern Jaba Modern Gun Late Little Jaba 04/27/2021 FRANCESCA MOROSINI No
Miss Queen Tinseltownsmokingun Rosita Cody 03/12/2021 Schlager Nestelberger Partnership No
Miss Ricochet Spook Ricochet Rooster Spook Enterprise 04/15/2021 Francesco Cribari No
Miss Sailorina Sailor Pepper Miss Smart Sultan 03/06/2021 Anna Pia Eletti No
Miss Spata Tina Spatatino AG Slide Cody 04/14/2021 Stefano Nisati No
Miss Tricked Whiz Tricked Out Spook Chocolate De Leche 05/29/2021 Sabine Ehrenreich Yes
Miss Whiz In Town Hollywoodstinseltown Super Prized Whiz 03/17/2021 Matthias Gruber No
Missy Lolita Gun Hollywood Gun Dunnit Shining Lolita 04/05/2021 Clara Crippa No
MM A Whizfull Wave What A Wave SG Whizful Thinking 03/02/2021 Marc Vercammen No
MM Gunna Be Dun Ya Gunnatrashya Twisted Diamonds 04/07/2021 Igor Rozman No
MM MISS YANKEE PRIDE Yankee Gun Miss del Maso 06/23/2021 MICHELE QUARELLA No
MM Sugarlicious Whiz Walla Walla Whiz Sugar Go To Chari 03/10/2021 Mateja Vesel No
MM White Face Gun Yankee Gun TH Fifty Fifty Flynt 04/01/2021 Marco Mastroianni No
Mobs Me HF Mobster Riettas Two Eyed Sun 02/22/2021 Gernot Kuttner No
Mobstein HF Mobster Dancelittleinstein 04/04/2021 Quarter Dream SRL Yes
Mobster Deluxe HF Mobster Diamonds Lil Queen 04/30/2021 Lien Van Cauwenbergh No
Mobster Electric Gun Hollys Electricspark Skeets Mobster Gun 05/20/2021 Jan Dirk Bodenstab No
Moonshine In D Snow Electric Snow Coeur With A Mission 03/28/2021 Pamela Taylor-Wezeman No
Moves Like Cheka Gunners Chic Magnet Chekaspook 06/26/2021 Schlager Nestelberger Partnership No
MP Ice Cream SG Frozen Enterprize Maryolyn Hancock 01/23/2021 Marta Paladini No
MQH Golden Gunnit Show Gunnit Ollies Smokingun 03/12/2021 Corinna Meffert No
MQH Great Mamba No3 Ref Black Mamba Einsteins Great Pine 04/08/2021 Corinna Meffert No
MQH Lil Gun Masked Gunman MQH Katielike 05/18/2021 Corinna Meffert No
Mr Walla Walla Whiz Crome Miss Electric Spark 05/11/2021 Janine Ketterer Yes
MT Jane Chic Dr Shiners Voodoo Dr GP Jacolena Jolie 04/02/2021 Imelda Maertens No
Mucho Cowboy Chex Mucho Chex To Cash Spring Arlena 04/24/2021 Lucio Ferrarini No
My Electric showbiz My Showbiz Whiz Jacs Sparklin Bay 05/21/2021 Dieter Buerger No
My Little Italy Little Sugar Speedy ER Baby Jane Surprise 03/02/2021 Andrea Iannetta Yes
N Ice Trasher Brand New Trash Sparklin Master 04/07/2021 Lars Nebel No
ND Charismatic Crome Walla Whiz Crome Lil Ruf Cee Blair 02/24/2021 Nathalie Derua No
ND Dunastepya Gunnatrashya Dun Step N Out 04/20/2021 Nathalie Derua No
ND Gun My Dream Magnum Chic Dream Queen Of Guns 04/06/2021 Nathalie Derua No
ND Hang On Whizkey Dun It For Whizkey Hang On Sugar 04/06/2021 Nathalie Derua No
ND Magnetic Gun Gunners Chic Magnet Resolve To Dance 05/26/2021 Nathalie Derua Yes
ND Tinseltown Boon Tinseltown Fly Guy Lil Juicy Fruit 04/14/2021 Nathalie Derua No
ND Tinseltownya Tinseltown Fly Guy Gunnatrashya Dunit 04/08/2021 Nathalie Derua No
ND Walla Crome Whiz Walla Whiz Crome Pop Tart 05/06/2021 Nathalie Derua No
ND Whizkey Ontherock Dun It For Whizkey ND Miss Sailor Jac 04/22/2021 Nathalie Derua No
NEVERMISSYOURDREAMS Magnum Chic Dream Just Miss Enterprise 07/07/2021 Betty Genieys-Montessuit No
NG Gotta Daisy Whiz Spooks Gotta Whiz Who Whiz Roani 04/27/2021 Jas Horses No
Nicaroo Whiz Gun Chic Nic MJ Kiss A Cowboy 05/08/2021 Annette Johannsen No
Nice Blue Cocoa CR Blue Chrome SK Cocoa Chex 03/30/2021 Anna Polinceusz No
Not Gunna Be A Wimp Gunnatrashya Wimpys Night Step 04/17/2021 Bernice Engel No
Not Splash At All Not Ruf At All Shining Top Gun 04/03/2021 Netty Kuhn-Grassi No
Not Surprised At All Not Ruf At All Just Miss Enterprise 03/07/2021 Lysbeth Abma-de Boer No
Nuts About You Horizons Big Step Remedy The Roan 06/09/2021 Charlotte Reynaud No
Oak Fashion Face Pale Face Dunnit PC Fashion Electrix 01/20/2021 Daniel Moro No
OD Whizolena Chic CJ Whiz Shesa Tuff Chic 03/24/2021 Olivier Duhot No
OL Gunshot Hollywood Gun Dunnit NZ Cal San 05/13/2021 Luca Ottaviani No
Oleanershollywoodman Mc Oleaner Hickory Of Hollywood 03/01/2021 Barbara Huentelmann No
Olena Hot Mtk Tex Ginger Magic Diamonds 03/29/2021 Andrea Vagnetti No
Olenas Spark Hollys Electricspark Smart Spook Olena 05/04/2021 Jan Dirk Bodenstab No
One And Only One Gun Diamond At The Bar 03/24/2021 Edith Zenouda No
One Hollywood Dream Hollywood Gun Dunnit Ascarina Dream 05/01/2021 Gerhard Froech No
One life Gallo Del Cielo Snappy My Magic 05/10/2021 Andrea Parolari No
Onemorefreakindollar Gunners Chic Magnet Big Coeur D Rella 03/17/2021 Daniela Pettinger No
Ooh My Gold Platinum Vintage Im A Classy Whiz 04/12/2021 Schlager Nestelberger Partnership No
Ops I Dun It Again Gunner Dun It Again Frozen Little Gold 04/02/2021 Esther Ariane Aschitsch No
Oro Cash Lil Joe Cash Sparked In The Shade 04/25/2021 Giulia Rossi No
Oslo C56 Colonels Shining Gun What A Sunrise 01/04/2021 Katarzyna Roleska Yes
Pale Face Attitude Pale Face Dunnit Tatonka Smart 05/27/2021 Claes Linner Yes
Panda Whiz Crome Walla Whiz Crome Spark N Silver 03/28/2021 Tina Wilk No
Pap Frozen Queen AB Captain Badger Tinsel Little Queen 04/23/2021 Giulio Trevisan No
Patantina Chips Spatatino Nikita Puro 05/20/2021 Antonino Cancellieri No
Paul Supergunnyolena Honey First Gunny Rum Olena Tabasco 05/01/2021 Marzia Spadaccini No
PC Big Bubble Gun Colonels Shining Gun Lil Matt Dun It 03/23/2021 Az Agr Cortesi Piero No
PC Cookie Dream PC Magnum Step Dream Lyrical Bar 05/05/2021 Az Agr Cortesi Piero No
PC Donutgottaglazed Colonels Shining Gun PC Wizerina Spook 03/29/2021 Az Agr Cortesi Piero No
PC Jelly Belly Dream PC Magnum Step Dream VB Walla Walla Tina 03/10/2021 Az Agr Cortesi Piero No
PC Smile For Me Colonels Shining Gun PC Sliderina For Me 01/05/2021 Az Agr Cortesi Piero No
PC Sprinkle Cake PC Magnum Step Dream Spanish Lira 03/10/2021 Az Agr Cortesi Piero No
PC Vanilla Cupcake SG Frozen Enterprize Sheza Smoken CD 01/14/2021 Az Agr Cortesi Piero No
PE Pepper Little Sun Jupiter Of Sun Nz Scooter San 05/25/2021 Andrea Perrone No
Pending 656057 Mr Onemore Max Sophie For Bo 04/07/2021 Leonardo Scarola No
Pending 656370 Echoes Of Whizdom UT Docs Selma 04/20/2021 Daniel Norff No
Pending 656375 Colonels Shining Gun Blue Eye Sailor 03/09/2021 Giovanna Marazzi No
Pending 656402 Hollywood Gun Dunnit Heavenly Who 04/10/2021 Appaloosa S R L No
Pending 656403 Spark N Whiz OT Taris Honey Bunny 04/26/2021 Appaloosa S R L No
Pending 656404 Walla Walla Whiz OT Tarisme 05/02/2021 Appaloosa S R L No
Pending 656405 Gunners Special Nite OT Taris Wish Miss 05/09/2021 Appaloosa S R L No
Pending 656406 Hollywoodstinseltown OT Spark To Fire 05/17/2021 Appaloosa S R L No
Pending 656536 Lil Smokeing Gun Shesa Yellow Girl 03/23/2021 Anna Pistoni No
Pending 656598 Lil Smokeing Gun Mystic Snapple 04/27/2021 Azienda Agricola Equiesse No
Pending 656601 Chicks Smokingun Chant For Chics 05/21/2021 Sabine Schmid No
Pending 656611 Colonels Shining Gun Spat A Diva 05/04/2021 Lena Alberti No
Pending 656648 PS Mega Shine Chic Melodys Boots 02/11/2021 Pier Luigi Sala No
Pending 656738 Cromeds Cowboy LENAS SMART CATALYST 04/16/2021 Dennis Czudzewitz No
Pending 656760 Remins Remedy Tuff Lil Gun 05/09/2021 Sommavilla Susan No
Pending 656774 Sugar Little Step Step In Your Skates 05/13/2021 Roy Van Der Hoeven Yes
Pending 656836 Spook A Little Rawhides Holly 03/06/2021 Società Agricola CD Horses SRL No
Pending 656839 Electric Code Roosterina 05/30/2021 Società Agricola CD Horses SRL No
Pending 656917 Colonels Shining Gun Hildas Smart Chic 05/15/2021 Els De Ceuster No
Pending 656921 Lil Smokeing Gun Sun Olenas Red Chicka 09/22/2021 BEATRICE CASTIGLIONI No
Pending 656958 Colonels Shining Gun Cadillachnina 01/13/2021 Viscusi Societa' Agricola SRLS No
Pending 657024 Tarysmart Look At The Sunrise 04/18/2021 Pavel Orel No
Pending 657113 Chic Magnetic She Is A Daisy 03/22/2021 Enrico Scarpulla No
Pending 657141 Shiners Voodoo Dr GP Pride Of CJ 05/28/2021 Lynn De Ras No
Pending 657156 SG Frozen Enterprize Rx Sugars Finest 04/21/2021 Anne Grether No
Pending 657164 Yankee Gun April Hollywood Yak 04/29/2021 Manuel Caumo No
Pending 657176 Spatatino Whiz Surprise 04/29/2021 Chiara Di Mugno No
Pending 657188 Spat Olena Bravajackieflash 05/12/2021 Claudio Risso No
Pending 657189 Spat Olena RS Hollywood Hglo 04/20/2021 Claudio Risso No
Pending 657190 Spat A Blue RS Linkwood Jac 02/06/2021 Claudio Risso No
Pending 657195 Who Whiz It Rooster Ata Party 05/28/2021 Werner Filler No
Pending 657198 Uncle Sparky Whizy Bondalie 05/21/2021 Yannick Pesek No
Pending 657199 Uncle Sparky Sandys Little Step 05/19/2021 Yannick Pesek No
Pending 657206 Uncle Sparky Miss Indipendent 04/07/2021 Yannick Pesek No
Pending 657228 Hollys Electricspark Ciquita Chic 05/04/2021 Susa Sauer No
Pending 657272 Whiz For Ever mtk windrose 06/21/2021 David Roux No
Pending 657350 Gunners Special Nite Lady Wimpy Whiz 05/23/2021 Quintessenza Sssa No
Pending 657359 Magnum With A Dream Saturdaynight Edge 05/13/2021 Federica Caimi No
Pending 657366 Gunner On Ice Walhalla Ruf 05/05/2021 Michaela Bachleitner No
Pending 657392 Spooks Gotta Whiz Ms Solano Whiz 05/06/2021 Giuseppe Basile No
Pending 657409 In Like Flinn Like A Fallingfeather 06/03/2021 Alessio Fraboschi No
Pending 657453 Spooks Gotta Sting Peppys Benny Solano 04/20/2021 Enrico Bedetti No
Pending 657512 In Like Flinn TD Bibi Jaba 04/20/2021 Renato Ferrari No
Pending 657529 Colonels Shining Gun TH Sailor Baby Oak 05/08/2021 Gianluca Teodoro No
Pending 657571 Guns R For Shootin Hot Smokin Lill 04/20/2021 Nikolaus Strolz No
Pending 657572 Lil Joe Cash KH Smokin Tari 05/13/2021 Nikolaus Strolz No
Pending 657577 In Like Flinn San Fracy Tory 04/27/2021 Giulia Pianini No
Pending 657632 Electric Snow Ruff And Tuff Wimpy 04/06/2021 Carlo Sala No
Pending 657664 Gunner Dun It Again VR Genuinely Snapper 04/03/2021 Riccardo Bolini No
Pending 657686 Magnum Chic Dream Shirleys Cashin In 01/05/2021 Ambrosini Quarter Horses ASD No
Pending 657690 Gunnatrashya Fm Step Olena 05/02/2021 Ambrosini Quarter Horses ASD No
Pending 657699 Not Ruf At All Customatic Sailor 04/17/2021 Francesco Pedretti No
Pending 657745 J Jac Olena RS Phantom Olena 03/23/2021 Fabio De Iulio No
Pending 657755 Hollywood Gun Dunnit Ima Late Doll 04/04/2021 Nicola Cordioli No
Pending 657758 Inferno Sixty Six AR LOOK WHOS SHINING 05/06/2021 Roberto Barbe No
Pending 657767 Maytheforcebewhizyou Miss Quixote Classic 04/25/2021 Umberto Degiovanni No
Pending 657772 CJ Whiz Wind Her Up Right 04/16/2021 Frederika Forbes No
Pending 657813 Colonels Shining Gun Eva Peppy Deck 03/06/2021 Fabio Merola No
Pending 657836 Whizdom Shines Spanish Eita 04/29/2021 Karl Pardeller No
Pending 657837 Whizdom Shines Dry Steps 02/28/2021 Karl Pardeller No
Pending 657838 Whizdom Shines Miss Jolie Jac 05/06/2021 Karl Pardeller No
Pending 657839 Whizdom Shines Aynils Honey Av 05/11/2021 Karl Pardeller No
Pending 657840 Dunnit Like A Master Zan Hickorina 03/24/2021 Fabrizio Ferretti No
Pending 657841 Colonels Shining Gun Smart Little Iron 05/04/2021 Fabrizio Ferretti No
Pending 657843 Whizdom Shines AC Ledy Star 05/08/2021 Karl Pardeller No
Pending 657845 Spark N Whiz Showbiz Enterprise 05/06/2021 Luca Licata No
Pending 657879 Bank That Shine Smart Kingolina 06/18/2021 Christian Vignoli No
Pending 657899 Ls Red Cody San Monica Whiz 05/30/2021 BRANDO LEONI No
Pending 657900 Ls Red Cody Miss Tinker Starlite 05/15/2021 BRANDO LEONI No
Pending 657901 Gunners Special Nite Spook Reyns 01/11/2021 Luigi Parise No
Pending 657911 ARC Gunnabeabigstar Walla Wanda Whiz 01/18/2021 Luigi Parise No
Pending 657912 Maytheforcebewhizyou Capitana Nic 01/26/2021 Luigi Parise No
Pending 657913 Spooks Gotta Whiz Spook Reyns 02/17/2021 Luigi Parise No
Pending 657914 Maytheforcebewhizyou PL Imperius Step 03/16/2021 Luigi Parise No
Pending 657915 Shiners Voodoo Dr E Harmony Dot Com 04/18/2021 Luigi Parise No
Pending 657917 Inferno Sixty Six Little Dolly Whiz 04/10/2021 Luigi Parise No
Pending 657927 Brand New Trash SP Goodtimes Lucy 05/11/2021 Oliver Stein No
Pending 657932 Smart Spook Doctors Nu Chex 05/18/2021 Kathrin Bruemmer No
Pending 657971 Spooks Gotta Whiz Cat In A Dress 04/16/2021 Francesco Groppelli Yes
Pending 657993 Walla Walla Whiz Miss Gun N Rose 05/15/2021 Misel Gungl No
Pending 657996 Phantom Face Lil Ruf Night 04/04/2021 Mirko Rizza No
Pending 657998 Tinseltownsmokingun Ruf Lil Scamp 04/04/2021 LG Quarter Horses No
Pending 657999 Hollys Electricspark LV One Smart Lady 02/26/2021 LG Quarter Horses No
Pending 658000 Tinseltownsmokingun Fancy My Sail 04/12/2021 LG Quarter Horses No
Pending 658011 Shiners Voodoo Dr Dixie Bo Sun 04/18/2021 Claudio Triches Yes
Pending 658012 Whiz Shining Style Beyond The Blonde 05/17/2021 Giovanni Pagani No
Pending 658013 Gunnatrashya HA Chica Chairman 02/28/2021 2BE Ranch No
Pending 658014 A Vintage Smoke In The Steps Of Chex 04/13/2021 2BE Ranch No
Pending 658082 Little Spook Wicked Ice Thunder Del Faro 04/22/2021 Alberto di Carmine No
Pending 658122 Whizkey N Diamonds Eyes Of The Master 05/16/2021 Gino Bonneure No
Pending 658147 Spooks Gotta Sting TdTallulahrevolution 03/22/2021 Erika Costamagna No
Pending 658149 Taris Count Down 04/28/2021 Martin Šraj No
Pending 658182 Mtk Tex SKY HEN KATE 05/14/2021 Pierfrancesco Moroni No
Pending 658183 Mtk Tex Bambulots Kate 05/24/2021 Pierfrancesco Moroni No
Pending 658184 Mtk Tex AB LITTLE DUN IT 05/24/2021 Pierfrancesco Moroni No
Pending 658211 Hollywood Dun It Dance Little Spook 01/06/2021 Quarter Dream SRL Yes
Pending 658217 Spooks Gotta Whiz Harrys Gun 02/04/2021 Quarter Dream SRL Yes
Pending 658232 HF Mobster Dance Little Spook 04/27/2021 Quarter Dream SRL Yes
Pending 658272 Hollywood Gun Dunnit 05/22/2021 Mirko Piazzi No
Pending 658332 Magnum Chic Dream A Whiz N Wranglers 04/22/2021 Mirko Piazzi Yes
Pending 658345 Lil Smokeing Gun bar bonnie doc 03/27/2021 Sebastiano Valtorta No
Pending 658346 Jupiter Of Sun Miss Shining Rooster 04/13/2021 Silvia Racco No
Pending 658347 Maytheforcebewhizyou Im Gunner Slide 03/26/2021 Silvia Racco No
Pending 658348 Piccolo Spanish the rust neversleeps 05/11/2021 marcello pelliccioni No
Pending 658349 Little Spook Wicked ab sun in diamond 05/14/2021 biagio marzio No
Pending 658350 One Gun Rosita Peppy San 04/10/2021 marcello pelliccioni No
Pending 658358 Tinseltown Fly Guy Ricochet Dun 06/04/2021 Andrea Osella No
Pending 658364 Gunnatrashya Walawhiznsunlight BB 01/25/2021 CS Ranch Management SA Yes
Pending 658421 Whizdom Shines Es Xtra Fancy 04/09/2021 Sebastiano Valtorta No
Pending 658450 Whizdom Shines Magic Marienterprise 04/08/2021 Giordano Perego No
Pending 658455 Lil Joe Cash sheza topsail olena 04/15/2021 Giordano Perego No
Pending 658471 Walla Whiz Crome 03/20/2021 Lukas Kuhn No
Pending 658479 SG Frozen Enterprize VR Great Spark 05/05/2021 Mirko Piazzi Yes
Pending 658480 Colonels Shining Gun Sparks Almond Joy 03/20/2021 Samantha Serafini Yes
Pending 658492 Inferno Sixty Six Lasting Delight 05/10/2021 Christian-Peter Zinsli No
Pending 658496 PS Mega Shine Chic Electric Kiss 03/21/2021 Manuel Pancera No
Pending 658506 Colonels Shining Gun Shellys Red Boon 01/16/2021 Filippo Merlo No
Pending 658517 Maytheforcebewhizyou welcome to the jingl 03/30/2021 Laura Signo No
Pending 658519 Maytheforcebewhizyou Lil Whiz Chic 04/11/2021 Laura Signo No
Pending 658520 Spooks Gotta Sting Spark Gun 04/03/2021 FC AMERICAN HORSES CERANTOLA No
Pending 658522 Spooks Gotta Sting CN Dual Option 04/23/2021 FC AMERICAN HORSES CERANTOLA No
Pending 658523 Spooks Gotta Sting Carnival Whiz 04/11/2021 FC AMERICAN HORSES CERANTOLA No
Pending 658524 Spooks Gotta Sting GH Megaket 04/16/2021 FC AMERICAN HORSES CERANTOLA No
Pending 658525 Spooks Gotta Sting Snappy Olena 04/22/2021 FC AMERICAN HORSES CERANTOLA No
Pending 658529 Spooks Gotta Sting cn black lena 03/19/2021 FC AMERICAN HORSES CERANTOLA No
Pending 658538 Colonels Shining Gun Fame Oak Enterprise 03/21/2021 Alberto L'Abbate No
Pending 658539 Guns R For Shootin Joy Scarface 04/16/2021 Matteo Vedovato No
Pending 658543 Guns R For Shootin ML Bella Mia 05/12/2021 Giovanni Cometti No
Pending 658544 Wimpy Dual Step FG WAIKIKI JAC 05/13/2021 Giovanni Cometti No
Pending 658545 In Like Flinn Im Taris Slide 05/04/2021 Sara Galimberti No
Pending 658546 Spooks Gotta Sting Kachina Shine 03/16/2021 Giovanni Cometti No
Pending 658547 In Like Flinn GFC Smart For Me 04/22/2021 Giovanni Cometti No
Pending 658548 Electric Code Honey Goldy Moon 05/27/2021 Giovanni Cometti No
Pending 658555 Inferno Sixty Six Woody Smart Emotion 03/14/2021 Sybille Jeske No
Pending 658569 Gunpowered Customized Chic 02/06/2021 Nina Göbelhaider No
Pending 658570 Lil Smokeing Gun Frozen To Teh Sun 04/30/2021 Iannone QH Di Di Quirico Paola No
Pending 658573 Cuchillo De Zan Parr Frozen Lynx 01/18/2021 Alfredo Ciabattoni No
Pending 658575 Son Ofasmartbuck Smart Nic Lena 01/06/2021 Settimio Mordenti No
Pending 658576 Yankee Gun Miss Broadway Queen 03/08/2021 Settimio Mordenti No
Pending 658577 Son Ofasmartbuck Sail On Roket 02/23/2021 Settimio Mordenti No
Pending 658578 Lil Joe Cash Doctornice Lucky 04/14/2021 Settimio Mordenti No
Pending 658579 Maytheforcebewhizyou Sailor Shea 05/08/2021 Settimio Mordenti No
Pending 658580 Little Sugar Speedy Rarity Starbuck Dry 02/03/2021 Settimio Mordenti No
Pending 658584 Zins Smart Whiz Snips Gotta Bud 02/20/2021 23 Quarter Horses SRL No
Pending 658585 Zins Smart Whiz Gunna B Dee One 03/01/2021 23 Quarter Horses SRL No
Pending 658588 Pale Face Dunnit Roses for Einstein 03/05/2021 23 Quarter Horses SRL No
Pending 658589 Zins Smart Whiz Shes Like A Star 04/03/2021 23 Quarter Horses SRL No
Pending 658591 Spooks Gotta Whiz Antar Style 04/15/2021 23 Quarter Horses SRL No
Pending 658592 Walla Walla Whiz Drunk On Love 04/29/2021 23 Quarter Horses SRL No
Pending 658594 Gunnatrashya Sanditch Rooster 023 05/07/2021 23 Quarter Horses SRL No
Pending 658599 ARC Gunnabeabigstar Dolly Jac Olena 04/26/2021 Fabio Polesel No
Pending 658602 GFC Quixote Gun Miss Steady Kid 06/06/2021 Fabio Polesel No
Pending 658604 Dont Miss My Guns AC Whiz Cash N Gun 03/25/2021 David Roux No
Pending 658605 Colonels Shining Gun ARC Stop To Frosty 04/02/2021 Daniele Giacchè No
Pending 658607 Guns R For Shootin Antar Top Step 04/23/2021 Daniele Giacchè No
Pending 658629 Not Ruf At All Dont Stop Loving You 06/01/2021 Tomas Colli No
Pending 658637 AB Captain Badger Miss Dual Surprise 03/15/2021 Pasquale Caputo No
Pending 658642 Modern Gun Greaty Blues Pie 05/04/2021 Roberto Lanzoni No
Pending 658645 In Like Flinn Sailor Boom 06/20/2021 Domenico Giannitti No
Pending 658647 Spatatino SP FRIDA DEL GALLO 01/01/2021 Domenico Di Biase No
Pending 658649 Spooks Gotta Sting Star Copper Diamond 06/17/2021 FC AMERICAN HORSES CERANTOLA No
Pending 658650 Spooks Gotta Sting Topsail Tarissa 05/03/2021 FC AMERICAN HORSES CERANTOLA No
Pending 658651 Spooks Gotta Sting daiysis ruf peppy 06/10/2021 FC AMERICAN HORSES CERANTOLA No
Pending 658661 Walla Whiz Crome BMS Borgies Princess 04/08/2021 Julia and Philipp Voglbauer No
Pending 658662 Colonels Shining Gun Venus Vintage 09/01/2021 Julia and Philipp Voglbauer No
Pending 658667 Gunnatrashya Reminics Sugar Candy 03/20/2021 Lucio Ferrarini No
Pending 658669 Rum Olena Jakie Zip Chex 04/07/2021 Lucio Ferrarini No
Pending 658672 Best Spook Two Ruf Hollywood 05/06/2021 Pascal Kranich No
Pending 658694 Spooks Gotta Sting MISS JERRY OAK 03/10/2021 MARCO BUSOLI No
Pending 658695 Colonels Shining Gun Miss Trudi Olena 01/10/2021 MARCO BUSOLI No
Pending 658697 Lil Smokeing Gun LF sweet my double 05/22/2021 Andrea Bergese No
Pending 658698 Guns R For Shootin Rz Filina Whiz 03/26/2021 Luca Zeni No
Pending 658707 Colonels Shining Gun ARC Turbine Ropers 06/17/2021 Debora Fantauzzi No
Pending 658750 Kitas Spark Lea Wimpys MR 03/15/2021 Francesca B No
Pending 658751 Chic Magnetic HR Broadolena 04/12/2021 Francesca B No
Pending 658753 Lil Smokeing Gun Helena Starlight 04/13/2021 Francesca B No
Pending 658754 Chic Magnetic Gam Lady Madonna 05/04/2021 Francesca B No
Pending 658757 Lenas Drawing His Gun Mary Spanish 04/09/2021 Nicolae Stefanescu Yes
Pending 658761 Honey First Gunny Zan Bar Fritz Solano 05/26/2021 alberto cesari No
Pending 658765 Shiners Voodoo Dr West Coast Oak 05/28/2021 Samantha Biffi No
Pending 658795 Magnum Chic Dream Quixote Olena Dun It 04/01/2021 Alice Marinoni No
Pending 658797 SG Frozen Enterprize Miss Bh Gun Shine 04/12/2021 Alessandro Tabarrini No
Pending 658799 Whiz Shining Style SMART ROOSTERINA 04/09/2021 Alice Marinoni No
Pending 658849 oscar gotta gun top engi cody 05/13/2021 Laura Signo No
Pending 658850 Wimpy Margarita Let Dry Peppy 03/11/2021 Maurizio Ferrarol No
Pending 658851 Wimpy Margarita Little Donna Kid 01/14/2021 Maurizio Ferrarol No
Pending 658856 Walla Whiz Crome Golden Dry Creek 04/14/2021 Markus Morawitz No
Pending 658867 Spooks Gotta Whiz RS Spat O Ban 04/22/2021 Il Colle Del Falco No
Pending 658868 Not Ruf At All Supertrump Out 05/12/2021 Il Colle Del Falco No
Pending 658880 Guns R For Shootin Shine Lady Gold 03/30/2021 Giovanni Masi De Vargas No
Pending 658881 Pale Face Dunnit Daicy 04/07/2021 Katharina Dejori No
Pending 658883 Gunnatrashya Jester Trilly 04/07/2021 Luca Destro No
Pending 658897 Electric Snow Snap Shots 04/26/2021 Alessandro Maioli No
Pending 658898 Not Ruf At All Maria Olena 05/17/2021 Alessandro Maioli No
Pending 658911 CG Jabas Top Lover Custom Que Sera 03/13/2021 Gabriele Carrarini No
Pending 658916 RS Nebbiolo Blue Rooster Sail N Glo 03/19/2021 Andrea Castrucci No
Pending 658917 Guns R For Shootin Miss Whiz Sparkles 04/15/2021 Alessandro Cazzaniga No
Pending 658919 Magnum Chic Dream MM Lollipop 05/22/2021 Alessandro Cazzaniga No
Pending 658920 A Sparkling Vintage MM Lollipop 04/26/2021 Alessandro Cazzaniga No
Pending 658921 PS Mega Shine Chic Whizy Chex 04/18/2021 Alessandro Cazzaniga No
Pending 658923 Not Ruf At All Einsteins Delight 05/30/2021 Alessandro Cazzaniga No
Pending 658924 Ricochet Rooster Frozen Sailor Moon 01/23/2021 Giuseppe Micciche No
Pending 658926 PS Mega Shine Chic Sophie Rooster Cody 04/26/2021 Giuseppe Micciche No
Pending 658927 Electric Snow KN Barbie Blackwidow 03/08/2021 Andrea Castrucci No
Pending 658933 Platinum Vintage Crome Del Gallo 04/18/2021 Francesco Bonadeo No
Pending 658934 Shine Chic Shine BQH Pretty Gunner 06/02/2021 Francesco Bonadeo No
Pending 658935 ARC Gunna Sparkya Topsail Del Cielo 05/24/2021 Francesco Bonadeo No
Pending 658936 Colonels Shining Gun Top Custom Pride 03/28/2021 Francesco Bonadeo No
Pending 658939 Dun It For Whizkey A Peppy Jo 04/04/2021 Grazia Ruggieri No
Pending 658940 Whiz Shining Style Bretta Starlight 03/28/2021 Grazia Ruggieri No
Pending 658941 Hollywood Gun Dunnit Miss tari ricochet 05/05/2021 Grazia Ruggieri No
Pending 658942 Hes No Wimpy Cowboy spookeets 06/21/2021 Angelo Leone No
Pending 658943 MRH Diamond In Doc bonita madera jc 04/15/2021 mirco camaione No
Pending 658945 Whiz Shining Style Smart Magnetica Fla 03/24/2021 Grazia Ruggieri No
Pending 658946 Steppin On Sparks Olive Dun It 03/28/2021 Michael Ackermann No
Pending 658947 Steppin On Sparks Just Cuz Im Ruf 04/23/2021 Michael Ackermann No
Pending 658948 Whiz Shining Style Spirit enterprise 06/07/2021 Grazia Ruggieri No
Pending 658956 Lil Joe Cash RR Star O Gun 05/11/2021 Francesco Angelotti No
Pending 658959 Spatatino Sailorsmatic 02/10/2021 Sebastiano Valtorta No
Pending 659012 PS Mega Shine Chic Appeal For Stars 03/09/2021 Lothar Koenig No
Pending 659013 In Like Flinn SGA Alena Please 07/06/2021 Ercoli Cheti No
Pending 659014 Shine Chic Shine Biancaneve Sailor Gun 03/18/2021 Andrea Castrucci No
Pending 659015 RS Nebbiolo Blue FG Minnie MS Robins 04/26/2021 Andrea Castrucci No
Pending 659016 AB Captain Badger Smart may missy 01/30/2021 Rachele Liberati No
Pending 659017 Dunnit Like A Master San July Jo Magnetic 03/31/2021 Impresa Agricola Cuoghi No
Pending 659018 Dunnit Like A Master Tivios Little Dun It 03/17/2021 Impresa Agricola Cuoghi No
Pending 659019 Gunnatrashya Tivios Little Dun It 03/19/2021 Impresa Agricola Cuoghi No
Pending 659020 Dunnit Like A Master Barroom Broad 09/02/2021 Impresa Agricola Cuoghi No
Pending 659021 Gunnatrashya Littlemermaids 03/02/2021 Impresa Agricola Cuoghi No
Pending 659022 Gunnatrashya Ladymaster 03/19/2021 Impresa Agricola Cuoghi No
Pending 659023 Gunnatrashya Postergirl 03/15/2021 Impresa Agricola Cuoghi No
Pending 659024 Dunnit Like A Master Smokin Sailor Jazzy 03/23/2021 Impresa Agricola Cuoghi No
Pending 659025 Dunnit Like A Master Broadmoor Cassie 03/09/2021 Impresa Agricola Cuoghi No
Pending 659026 Spooks Gotta Whiz PC Sliderina Whiz 01/06/2021 Az Agr Cortesi Piero No
Pending 659027 Shine Chic Shine Gunners Dixie Chix 06/16/2021 Giulio Luciani No
Pending 659044 Yankee Gun Chics Smart Bell 05/15/2021 Marco Vecchiutti No
Pending 659045 SPOOK GOTTA WHIZ ARC Thinking Lenita 01/25/2021 Fabrizio Mascetti No
Pending 659069 Lil Smokeing Gun MOONLIGHT JABA 03/09/2021 Lucia Bergero No
Pending 659079 Great Sun Burst oaky wins pine 06/10/2021 Lucia Bergero No
Pending 659090 Iam Sailors Brother Touch Of Little Step 03/18/2021 Fabio Merola No
Pending 659091 Colonels Shining Gun Kissed By Westcoast 03/28/2021 Fabio Merola No
Pending 659093 Gunner Dun It Again ND Suave Whiz 04/13/2021 Sarah Suechting No
Pending 659094 Custom Made Gun Gun Ho Chex 04/30/2021 Sarah Suechting No
Pending 659107 Colonels Shining Gun GP Explosive Whiz 05/14/2021 Wim Vervecken No
Pending 659108 Smart N Sparkin charlies ms starlite 05/16/2021 Wim Vervecken No
Pending 659138 Electric Code Whiz Magnetica 05/16/2021 Giulio Luciani No
Pending 659139 Lil Smokeing Gun Treasure Iceland 03/08/2021 Ahmad Deljooye Sabeti No
Pending 659142 Spatatino Smartvaltellinawhiz 05/01/2021 Sassa Al Sole No
Pending 659143 Spooks Gotta Whiz Gangsters Chrome 06/07/2021 Sassa Al Sole No
Pending 659145 At Ale Wood hollywood doc win 06/03/2021 Francesco Carofiglio No
Pending 659146 Gunners Special Nite Dun It In Jersey 03/23/2021 Marina Hrzenjak Belusic Yes
Pending 659152 Nu Stars Shine ARC Bueno Whiz 06/20/2021 Nicolo Boretti No
Pending 659163 Little Nic Freckles Dun Slidin 04/12/2021 Jo Wilde No
Pending 659165 SG Frozen Enterprize Whiz A Top Blondie 05/08/2021 Mirko Piazzi No
Pending 659167 PS Mega Shine Chic Straw Berry Whiz 05/02/2021 GRC Horses No
Pending 659168 SG Frozen Enterprize Pistol Angelina 04/30/2021 GRC Horses No
Pending 659174 Guns R For Shootin LVR Supreme Walla 05/20/2021 Linda Verstappen No
Pending 659175 Bank That Shine BOOMMISSMELODY 05/24/2021 GRC Horses No
Pending 659186 Bet On A Step DB SIMPLY CHARLOTTE 06/10/2021 Tenuta Londi Soc Agricola Srl No
Pending 659187 Bet On A Step CRYSTAL DANCER PRIDE 01/20/2021 Tenuta Londi Soc Agricola Srl No
Pending 659188 Shine Chic Shine Gun N Women 03/18/2021 Marina Becker No
Pending 659196 Wimpy Margarita Cleopatra Snap Cly 05/14/2021 Maurizio Ferrarol No
Pending 659198 Elvis Peppys Taco Fantasy Bo Sun 05/04/2021 Alberto L'Abbate No
Pending 659219 Hey Joe LM Topgun Mona 05/28/2021 J&J Comm V No
Pending 659222 Whizdom Shines Son Ofa Kid 05/16/2021 Alois Kompatscher No
Pending 659235 Custom Made Gun Mc Jac Rooster 05/07/2021 Leo Senese No
Pending 659240 ARC Gunnabeabigstar Chock O Latte 03/26/2021 Jana Mroszewski No
Pending 659241 Gunpowered Thischicsnowimp 03/30/2021 Jana Mroszewski No
Pending 659250 Spatatino Little Snake Frost 05/27/2021 Josef Obrist No
Pending 659251 One Gun Miss Carla Bars 07/30/2021 Benjamin Richard No
Pending 659256 Olena Jackie Whizzle For Money 05/17/2021 GRC Horses No
Pending 659257 Bank That Shine REMINIC SWEET CODY 07/11/2021 GRC Horses No
Pending 659258 Olena Jackie Miss Smoke Jane 01/08/2021 Enzo Marniga No
Pending 659283 Yankee Gun CH Mariolina Bar 06/07/2021 Salvatore Patti No
Pending 659286 Walla Walla Whiz Sand Dee Lena Star 01/22/2021 Elisa Brigando No
Pending 659292 Maytheforcebewhizyou Maqeda 05/04/2021 Massimiliano Moretti No
Pending 659298 Chic N Roost Sf Surprise Lena 05/25/2021 Anna Pia Eletti No
Pending 659305 Coeurs Little Tyke Foxy Lil Surprise 05/04/2021 Hans-Georg Holzwarth No
Pending 659306 Coeurs Little Tyke Shine Pride Chic 04/27/2021 Hans-Georg Holzwarth No
Pending 659308 Whiz Shining Style Snow White Gun 05/30/2021 Alice Marinoni No
Pending 659309 JF What A Ruf Juice MISS GUNNER JACK 05/18/2021 Lars Suechting No
Pending 659310 Shiners Voodoo Dr Magic Feona Jac 05/11/2021 Lars Suechting No
Pending 659311 GH Watch Me On Dirty Smoking Sunrise 03/30/2021 Martin Duemmel No
Pending 659312 Duel Jac Donuts Tin Lhizzy 04/07/2021 Martin Duemmel No
Pending 659313 GH Watch Me On Dirty Tanit Rooster 05/01/2021 Britta Kluck No
Pending 659314 Super Little Chic Einsteins Senorita 02/07/2021 Jan-Luca Waizenegger No
Pending 659315 Best Spook Dipsy Divine Whiz 03/01/2021 Jan-Luca Waizenegger No
Pending 659346 Not Ruf At All GZ Smoke Olena 04/18/2021 Giovanni Zucchi No
Pending 659348 Dun It In Colour Cho Ice 05/22/2021 evaristo antico No
Pending 659350 PS Mega Shine Chic Saturdays Reminight 05/08/2021 Giovanni Zucchi No
Pending 659351 Smart Chic Olena Miss Little Lina 01/15/2021 BH Farm No
Pending 659352 Smart Chic Olena Shine A Belle 03/16/2021 BH Farm No
Pending 659354 Smart Chic Olena Shine A Belle 05/02/2021 BH Farm No
Pending 659355 Jacs Electric Spark Miss Little Lina 02/22/2021 BH Farm No
Pending 659356 Inferno Sixty Six Shine A Belle 04/24/2021 BH Farm No
Pending 659357 Colonels Shining Gun Capitano Mattolina 04/15/2021 BH Farm No
Pending 659358 Inferno Sixty Six Miss Little Lina 03/19/2021 BH Farm No
Pending 659359 Pale Face Dunnit MRH Doctor N Lynx 04/02/2021 BH Farm No
Pending 659360 Gunnatrashya Star Wimpis Delmaso 02/14/2021 BH Farm No
Pending 659361 Spooks Gotta Whiz Tinseltown Surprise 05/10/2021 Mario Spada No
Pending 659362 PS Mega Shine Chic SGA Hot Surprise 03/21/2021 Mario Spada No
Pending 659363 Guns R For Shootin ER Moonlite Taco 03/12/2021 Mario Spada No
Pending 659364 Guns R For Shootin zag harlan Whiz 03/30/2021 Mario Spada No
Pending 659366 SG Frozen Enterprize Geny Olena 01/11/2021 Sara Bevilacqua Yes
Pending 659368 A Sparkling Vintage Conquistador Sis 05/15/2021 Sharon De Groot No
Pending 659370 HF Mobster ckorys white hoofe 02/20/2021 Società Agricola San Famiano SS No
Pending 659371 Topsail Speckles Boemil Veryquickmind 05/02/2021 Emilio Boniperti No
Pending 659373 ARC Gunna Sparkya LIL JOE DREAM 04/15/2021 Riccardo Landi No
Pending 659378 Jaba Oak ONE TIME ME 05/14/2021 Giulia Trusgnich No
Pending 659379 Jaba Oak Miss Bay Rooster 05/15/2021 Giulia Trusgnich No
Pending 659399 My Showbiz Whiz sailinspark playgirl 06/08/2021 Mauro Vecchiutti No
Pending 659412 Lil Smokeing Gun PF Moonlight Sailor 05/17/2021 giovanni galliè No
Pending 659414 Lil Smokeing Gun Frozen Whiz 05/27/2021 giovanni galliè No
Pending 659427 Inferno Sixty Six Pine Finest Jewel 05/07/2021 Claudia Scheunemann No
Pending 659444 Gunners Special Nite JP Boggies Whiz 02/20/2021 Barbara Braun No
Pending 659447 Colonels Shining Gun Whiz N Sailor 03/10/2021 Erwin Mueller No
Pending 659449 Gunnerlicious BB Boggie Boo 03/20/2021 Barbara Braun No
Pending 659450 Coeurs Little Tyke J P Grays Starlett 04/14/2021 Barbara Braun No
Pending 659452 Walla Whiz Crome Donnola Chex 05/07/2021 George Wiedenhofer No
Pending 659454 Spooks Gotta Whiz ARC Summer Onthe Bay 04/14/2021 George Wiedenhofer No
Pending 659456 Electric Code FJ Flash Bonita 04/11/2021 George Wiedenhofer No
Pending 659457 PS Mega Shine Chic Dunnit Magic RM 03/03/2021 George Wiedenhofer No
Pending 659460 Piccolo Spanish JJ Jess 06/06/2021 George Wiedenhofer No
Pending 659462 Platinum Vintage ARC Who Whiz Ruf 03/30/2021 Alessandro Maioli No
Pending 659464 Guns R For Shootin Roosters Sally 04/27/2021 Alessandro Maioli No
Pending 659465 PC Magnum Step Dream sab spat whiz 04/18/2021 Alessandro Maioli No
Pending 659475 04/21/2021 Umberto Rosso No
Pending 659484 Wimpy Crashed Ice Smart Playgun 06/01/2021 Simon Bilger Yes
Pending 659485 Smokin Gold Gun Ruf Whiz Hot Chili 04/14/2021 Simon Bilger No
Pending 659486 Hesa Guns Enterprise Just A Little Spat 04/20/2021 Simon Bilger No
Pending 659488 Electric Snow Muyconquistadorflame 06/17/2021 Paolo Driussi Yes
Pending 659489 My Showbiz Whiz A Coletta Pep 04/18/2021 Adriano Pedretti No
Pending 659490 Hollywood Gun Dunnit A Senoritapep 05/10/2021 Adriano Pedretti No
Pending 659491 Wimpys Little Step OAK LILITH SIXTYSIX 03/29/2021 Karin Machalek No
Pending 659492 Ima Spooks Too OT Belle 03/20/2021 Karin Machalek No
Pending 659495 Colonels Shining Gun Whowhizthispeppychic 03/18/2021 Karin Machalek No
Pending 659499 At Ale Wood solano spring dun it 05/07/2021 Fabio Colantoni No
Pending 659501 Custom Made Gun Doublehollywoodmaya 05/08/2021 Alessandro Pavoni No
Pending 659507 Electric Code Hollywood Mayer 03/14/2021 Cecini Cristian No
Pending 659508 Whizdom Shines SM Lil Jabalina 04/19/2021 Cecini Cristian No
Pending 659513 Colonels Shining Gun Miss Secorima 06/04/2021 Andrea Bianchini No
Pending 659517 ARC Gunna Sparkya Lil White Pop 04/12/2021 Nadia Schieder No
Pending 659518 04/15/2021 Giorgio Guida No
Pending 659520 Blue Split And Me Dixie Dunit Rooster 05/23/2021 Nadia Schieder No
Pending 659521 Colonels Shining Gun Jessies Lil Dreamer 04/14/2021 Giorgio Guida No
Pending 659522 Colonels Shining Gun Fashion Chex 04/16/2021 Giorgio Guida No
Pending 659523 ARC Gunna Sparkya Great Sparkling Ruf 05/10/2021 Giorgio Guida No
Pending 659524 Colonels Shining Gun Nu Chex Donna 02/20/2021 Giorgio Guida No
Pending 659525 Gunnatrashya Foxy Lil Catalyst 03/16/2021 Giorgio Guida No
Pending 659527 Not Ruf At All Gunnamonster 04/23/2021 Giorgio Guida No
Pending 659528 Colonels Shining Gun Star Dun Its 04/24/2021 Giorgio Guida No
Pending 659530 Inferno Sixty Six Chic Olena Shine 05/03/2021 Giorgio Guida No
Pending 659534 Whizzs Command RZ Planet Lady 05/03/2021 Massimiliano Pietrini No
Pending 659535 Black Gotta Gun Steppin Nici 04/14/2021 Sebastian Neff No
Pending 659537 Tricked Out Spook Pep Little Chex 04/25/2021 Lorenzo Nurzia No
Pending 659555 Cromeds Cowboy Lady Santabellum 05/22/2021 Gustaf Jerenas Yes
Pending 659559 Shiners Voodoo Dr Smart Little Ruffle 03/01/2021 Golden Paint Ranch No
Pending 659562 Pale Face Dunnit ND Winstar Jac 04/19/2021 Golden Paint Ranch No
Pending 659565 SG Frozen Enterprize I Am Chexsplosive 05/02/2021 Golden Paint Ranch No
Pending 659567 A Sparkling Vintage Wimpys Little Gal 05/05/2021 Golden Paint Ranch No
Pending 659568 Shiners Voodoo Dr Miss Dun It Ruf 05/11/2021 Golden Paint Ranch No
Pending 659569 SG Frozen Enterprize Whiz N Merida 05/23/2021 Golden Paint Ranch No
Pending 659573 Smart N Sparkin Wimpys Little Scoot 06/19/2021 Golden Paint Ranch No
Pending 659585 Lil Magnum Whiz Wilma Ray 06/19/2021 Ruth Hackmack-Eder No
Pending 659591 GH Watch Me On Dirty Jackie Starlight 05/12/2021 Anna Tuzakov No
Pending 659607 Gunner Dun It Again PG Lynnie 04/13/2021 Wim Vervecken No
Pending 659650 PS Mega Shine Chic Gotta Spark Spook 02/28/2021 Luga Quarter Horses Yes
Pending 659651 In Like Flinn Spook On Sunshine 03/18/2021 Luga Quarter Horses No
Pending 659652 Gunner Dun It Again Margarita Tag 04/07/2021 Luga Quarter Horses Yes
Pending 659653 Gunner Dun It Again Dun Whiz Crome 04/22/2021 Luga Quarter Horses No
Pending 659654 Not Ruf At All Lenas Poco Dunit 04/27/2021 Luga Quarter Horses Yes
Pending 659655 A Vintage Smoke Phantom Of The Arena 05/08/2021 Luga Quarter Horses No
Pending 659656 Electric Snow RS Blue Link 05/21/2021 Luga Quarter Horses No
Pending 659657 Gunner Dun It Again Thelma Whiz 05/24/2021 Luga Quarter Horses No
Pending 659658 Colonels Shining Gun Shiner Whiz Olena 06/15/2021 Luga Quarter Horses No
Pending 659659 Spark N Whiz Snips Gotta Bud 01/06/2021 Luga Quarter Horses No
Pending 659660 Colonels Shining Gun WHIZKEYAGOGO 04/04/2021 Carlo Lovisetto No
Pending 659661 Spooks Gotta Sting Smart A Spat 04/16/2021 Adriano Colantoni No
Pending 659663 Spatatino Goldy Sailor Whiz 03/25/2021 Dario Carmignani No
Pending 659664 Spatatino Miss Dunnit Tari 04/02/2021 Dario Carmignani No
Pending 659665 Lenas Drawing His Gun Double Honey Pine 04/10/2021 Dario Carmignani No
Pending 659666 Yankee Gun All In One 05/03/2021 Dario Carmignani No
Pending 659677 Spark N Whiz Lil White Gun 04/15/2021 Antonio Romano No
Pending 659680 Shiners Voodoo Custom Miranda 04/16/2021 Manfred Erdeljan No
Pending 659683 Electric Code Wimpys Pattie Cake 04/26/2021 Giulia Mandaletti No
Pending 659684 Wimpy Margarita Imamelodymaker 05/04/2021 Giulia Mandaletti No
Pending 659687 AB Captain Badger ARC Customattic 01/18/2021 Giorgio Guida No
Pending 659692 Colonels Shining Gun bh steady enterprise 02/16/2021 Samantha Serafini No
Pending 659695 Dr Lee Hook Marquita Gun 05/27/2021 Sina Daut No
Pending 659716 Colonels Shining Gun Alicias Conquistador 04/20/2021 Roel Van Dijk No
Pending 659717 Walla Whiz Crome ARH Coco N Resolve 04/29/2021 Roel Van Dijk No
Pending 659718 Lil Joe Cash Surprized By A Star 04/11/2021 Roel Van Dijk No
Pending 659749 ARC Gunna Sparkya Dudes Pretty Jac 02/25/2021 Emilio Di Lullo No
Pending 659750 Mr Pepparona Twist Custom Lights 07/10/2021 Ilse Robausch No
Pending 659752 AB Captain Badger Walla Walla Wow 02/06/2021 Angelucci Quarter Horses No
Pending 659753 Colonels Shining Gun Im A Queen Diamonds 03/07/2021 Angelucci Quarter Horses No
Pending 659754 Inferno Sixty Six Rooster Flash N Glo 04/07/2021 Angelucci Quarter Horses No
Pending 659755 Colonels Shining Gun Frozen Tari 04/12/2021 Angelucci Quarter Horses No
Pending 659756 Frozen Sailor Jessie Oak Tari 04/18/2021 Angelucci Quarter Horses Yes
Pending 659758 Frozen Sailor Jessie Oak Tari 04/23/2021 Angelucci Quarter Horses Yes
Pending 659759 Frozen Sailor Jessie Oak Tari 05/05/2021 Angelucci Quarter Horses Yes
Pending 659760 AB Captain Badger Im A Queen Diamonds 05/07/2021 Angelucci Quarter Horses No
Pending 659761 AB Captain Badger Zag Ebony Gun 05/20/2021 Angelucci Quarter Horses No
Pending 659762 AB Captain Badger Im A Queen Diamonds 06/05/2021 Angelucci Quarter Horses No
Pending 659764 Walla Whiz Crome Ms Shining Gun 05/07/2021 Antonina Zarnawska No
Pending 659767 Heza Sure Whiz JP Maggie Chic Dream 04/11/2021 Jac Point QH No
Pending 659772 CJ Whiz Sugar Chics Dunnit 05/24/2021 Koen Brutsaert No
Pending 659773 Maytheforcebewhizyou RS Cosmopolitan Lena 03/02/2021 Alberto Capello Yes
Pending 659775 Maytheforcebewhizyou Spook Reyns 04/06/2021 Alberto Capello No
Pending 659779 Maytheforcebewhizyou RS Shadow Olena 04/25/2021 Alberto Capello Yes
Pending 659781 Gunner Dun It Again Wimpystein 04/29/2021 Alberto Capello No
Pending 659782 Hollywood Gun Dunnit Eskimo Jabalena 04/07/2021 Mauro Vecchiutti No
Pending 659795 Hesa Guns Enterprise Spanish Little Girl 05/09/2021 Maude Francois No
Pending 659797 Spook A Little Nu Flipolena Delmaso 04/23/2021 Pasquale Ruggieri No
Pending 659814 One Gun Tari Shady Snapper 04/22/2021 Beatrice Mazzolani No
Pending 659825 PS Mega Shine Chic Bueno Chex N Cee 03/14/2021 Alberto Ferrara No
Pending 659830 Sugar Little Step Charly Step N Cool 04/09/2021 Angelika Gebert No
Pending 659844 GP Wimpys Smoking Gun Twisted Lil Chic 06/05/2021 Jan Hendrix No
Pending 659896 Jokin Whiz Jaclynn Of Sun 01/15/2021 Markus Schopfer No
Pending 659897 Jokin Whiz Lil Cowboy Peptos 05/18/2021 Markus Schopfer No
Pending 659903 Spooks Gotta Sun Authentic Smarima 04/29/2021 Helmut Schulz No
Pending 659904 Spooks Gotta Sun Smart Evita O Rima 04/06/2021 Helmut Schulz No
Pending 659905 Chic Magnetic 04/21/2021 Simone Italia No
Pending 659906 Spooks Gotta Sun Jacflame 03/31/2021 Helmut Schulz No
Pending 659907 Santino Whiz FELIX BAR BUG 05/13/2021 Marco Paglialunga No
Pending 659909 PS Mega Shine Chic Lil Steppin Chic 07/02/2021 Judith and Joerg Junker Junker No
Pending 659910 Cromeds Cowboy Pride Peppermint 04/18/2021 Elena Musshoff No
Pending 659912 Honey First Gunny MH Wrangler Kelly 06/01/2021 Alessandro Valerin No
Pending 659920 Spooksgottasmartboy ME DOLLY JAC FROST 05/19/2021 ARIANNA D'AMICO No
Pending 659929 Modern Gun BH Sailin Withatwist 03/02/2021 Anita Ernst No
Pending 659930 Sailin Playboy Daddys Best Gun 04/02/2021 Anita Ernst No
Pending 659936 Walla Whiz A Dun It Baybear Surprise 02/11/2021 Gal Grahelj No
Pending 659943 Gunner Dance Little Spook 05/10/2021 Quarter Dream SRL Yes
Pending 659945 Gunner Dance Little Spook 05/14/2021 Quarter Dream SRL Yes
Pending 659948 Inferno Sixty Six Chic Olena Shine 05/03/2021 Quarter Dream SRL Yes
Pending 659951 Colonels Shining Gun Star Dun Its 04/24/2021 Quarter Dream SRL Yes
Pending 659960 Majestic Okie SUG LETY REMEDINA 04/14/2021 Lorenzo Drauli No
Pending 659966 Spark N Whiz Time To Take 04/13/2021 Lorenzo Drauli No
Pending 659969 Maytheforcebewhizyou PC Custom Lady D Orr 03/29/2021 Alessandro Valerin No
Pending 659975 Lil Smokeing Gun Whiz Enterprise 01/05/2021 Lidia Giannuzzi No
Pending 659976 Rooster Nic AJ Dunnit Lady 05/07/2021 Gregory Legrand No
Pending 659985 Gunners Special Nite Double Honey Whiz 04/24/2021 Marco Lombardini No
Pending 659990 Rooster Nic Gunilena Diamond Nite 04/15/2021 Gregory Legrand No
Pending 659995 ARC Think Of Walla Lil Smoky Girl 04/16/2021 Jo Corby No
Pending 660004 Chic Magnetic Gr Oscarina 04/04/2021 Alessandro Valerin No
Pending 660005 Hollywood Gun Dunnit 03/24/2021 Matteo Di Giamberardino No
Pending 660007 Hollywood Gun Dunnit Colonel Snappy Moon 04/20/2021 Matteo Di Giamberardino No
Pending 660011 Hollywood Gun Dunnit mia goldlynx 06/18/2021 Matteo Di Giamberardino No
Pending 660012 Dun It In Colour Spook N Lady Chex 05/10/2021 Matteo Di Giamberardino No
Pending 660016 Lil Joe Cash Jokin Peppy 01/16/2021 Cecilia Frediani No
Pending 660017 Lil Joe Cash CSG Mangunshine 01/20/2021 Cecilia Frediani No
Pending 660018 Magnum Chic Dream No Collen Me Trashy 02/06/2021 Cecilia Frediani No
Pending 660019 Colonels Shining Gun No Collen Me Trashy 01/21/2021 Cecilia Frediani No
Pending 660023 Colonels Shining Gun Jokin Peppy 02/27/2021 Cecilia Frediani No
Pending 660027 SDP JUSTICE IS COMIN May Be Boom 05/24/2021 Giuseppe Stringa Basile No
Pending 660029 HF Mobster Peppermint Explosive 04/11/2021 Giuseppe Stringa Basile No
Pending 660035 SG Frozen Enterprize Tina Tinseltown 05/26/2021 Thierry Willigsecker No
Pending 660036 In Like Flinn LC One Shine Gun 04/06/2021 Caterina Zumbe' No
Pending 660037 Yellow Jersey Whiz N Tiss 04/10/2021 AK Quarterhorses No
Pending 660068 In Like Flinn Monique Quixote 02/16/2021 Azienda Agricola Dalla Piccola Giuliano No
Pending 660069 Lil Smokeing Gun Pic A Whiz 05/18/2021 Azienda Agricola Dalla Piccola Giuliano No
Pending 660070 Spatatino Break The Rhythm 03/20/2021 Azienda Agricola Dalla Piccola Giuliano No
Pending 660073 Steppin On Sparks Whizper Lil Gump BB 04/16/2021 Johannes Heil No
Pending 660081 Chic Magnetic Sir Jacs Surprise 05/18/2021 Appaloosa S R L No
Pending 660082 One Gun Hollywood Nini Dream 05/15/2021 Ivonne Bortolot No
Pending 660085 ARC Wallys Dun Brenda Cal Bar 03/25/2021 David Roux No
Pending 660086 Tinseltownsmokingun New Jack Benita 03/27/2021 Hans Zoehling No
Pending 660089 Spatatino DFMAFAKINGCHOCOLATE 04/25/2021 Alfonso Pascale No
Pending 660092 Lenas Drawin His Gun Sweet Doll Mr 04/18/2021 Giorgia Buccini No
Pending 660093 River In Flood Spanish Dolly Pop 03/27/2021 Giorgia Buccini No
Pending 660094 River In Flood DIVAWINNIN CASH 02/22/2021 Giorgia Buccini No
Pending 660124 Smart Chic Olena Light Dancing Lena 01/31/2021 Marco Cremaschi No
Pending 660127 Smart Chic Olena CL Gunnagirl 03/10/2021 Marco Cremaschi No
Pending 660142 Colonels Shining Gun Summer Dry Diamonds 04/01/2021 Alessandro Tropepe No
Pending 660143 At Ale Wood ML Sweet Lil Miss 05/23/2021 Alessandro Tropepe No
Pending 660159 Oh Cay Mc Jokin Chic 03/07/2021 Markus Schopfer No
Pending 660160 Hipcat Snappers Victoria 03/22/2021 Markus Schopfer No
Pending 660161 Custom Made Gun AB Queen 03/18/2021 Maria Cecilia Fiorucci Yes
Pending 660163 Colonels Shining Gun Spat A Glo 03/11/2021 Esther van den Dongen No
Pending 660164 Walla Walla Whiz PL Spooks Dunit Whiz 05/22/2021 Edoardo Bernardelli No
Pending 660165 Dun Gotta Gun GH Eat My Dust 04/20/2021 Beate Gaab No
Pending 660166 Black Gotta Gun GH The Bandit Queen 05/13/2021 Beate Gaab No
Pending 660167 Inferno Sixty Six CN Mifi In Hollywood 01/20/2021 LUCA BARAGLIA No
Pending 660173 Wimpys Lil Mizzen Cs Olena Sugar 04/27/2021 Simona Malagnino No
Pending 660176 Electric Code Mackie Whiz 05/21/2021 Jerome Janeas No
Pending 660177 Custom Made Gun Captain Customatic 02/25/2021 Maria Cecilia Fiorucci Yes
Pending 660178 Gunner Dun It Again Dama Chex 03/04/2021 Giorgia Buccini No
Pending 660179 Ebony Trashya Steadys N Spooknic 02/11/2021 Maria Cecilia Fiorucci Yes
Pending 660180 Custom Made Gun Sailor Chicca 02/20/2021 Maria Cecilia Fiorucci Yes
Pending 660181 Phantom Face Roosterina Frozenglo 03/17/2021 Maria Cecilia Fiorucci Yes
Pending 660182 Gunner Dun It Again HICKORY BUD LADY 04/11/2021 Giorgia Buccini No
Pending 660183 Topsail Whiz Wimpys Little Chic 02/09/2021 Maria Cecilia Fiorucci Yes
Pending 660184 Phantom Face Rs Blade Runner Lena 04/22/2021 Maria Cecilia Fiorucci Yes
Pending 660185 Colonels Shining Gun gh dreamed spooks 06/10/2021 Maria Cecilia Fiorucci Yes
Pending 660186 Ebony Trashya Ima Wimpy Melody 02/12/2021 Maria Cecilia Fiorucci Yes
Pending 660187 Custom Made Gun custom star lee 04/20/2021 Maria Cecilia Fiorucci Yes
Pending 660189 Colonels Shining Gun Pc Customblack Widow 03/31/2021 Giorgia Buccini No
Pending 660191 Wimpy Dual Step LENA CROWN 05/28/2021 Giorgia Buccini No
Pending 660194 BB One Miracled Gun Dark Blue River 04/01/2021 Giorgia Buccini No
Pending 660201 ARH Trashy Surprise Queen Mary Gun 06/17/2021 Bastien Bourgeois No
Pending 660215 Colonels Shining Gun Snips Gotta Bud 04/21/2021 Staffoli Horses SNC No
Pending 660216 Whiz Shining Style Wimpys Secret Jac 04/05/2021 Impr Agr La Selvetta No
Pending 660217 Maytheforcebewhizyou Lady Rooster 05/15/2021 Impr Agr La Selvetta No
Pending 660218 Shine Chic Shine Miss Olena Partee 05/08/2021 Staffoli Horses SNC No
Pending 660220 ARH Trashy Surprise Lily Gun 04/27/2021 Bastien Bourgeois No
Pending 660221 Spook A Little SH Queen Peseta 04/07/2021 Staffoli Horses SNC No
Pending 660222 ARH Trashy Surprise CR Sunrise 05/13/2021 Bastien Bourgeois No
Pending 660223 Mega Watt Shine Spooks Lena Phoenix 05/12/2021 Sarah Struys No
Pending 660224 The Gunner King Cawa Bonny Star 01/15/2021 Staffoli Horses SNC No
Pending 660226 Inferno Sixty Six Whiz Gucci Lena 02/20/2021 Alice Marinoni No
Pending 660253 Gunnatrashya Dun It for Shine 05/01/2021 Yannick Pesek No
Pending 660255 Uncle Sparky Miss Frozen 04/16/2021 Yannick Pesek No
Pending 660259 Icenauer ARC Diamonds Whiz 05/19/2021 Sabino Fasanelli No
Pending 660263 Dualees CD MF MISS QUIXOTE CAT 02/23/2021 Achille Marotta No
Pending 660267 Walla Whiz A Dun It Dottoressa 05/25/2021 Alessandro Cazzaniga No
Pending 660277 Spatatino Baby Pride Out 05/26/2021 Sara Fabbri No
Pending 660278 Spatatino Diva Whiz And Spooks 04/06/2021 Sara Fabbri No
Pending 660283 Cromed Out Mercedes Whiz Dun It Fancy 04/01/2021 Christoph Seiler Yes
Pending 660348 Shiners Voodoo Dr Gunna B A Rockstar 04/16/2021 Eyal Carmon No
Pending 660354 Colonels Shining Gun OT Taris Minnick 05/06/2021 Giorgia Buccini No
Pending 660356 Whiz Shining Style Captain Filly SG 03/22/2021 Francesco Arrighi No
Pending 660357 Whiz Shining Style CN Tari Dun It 02/10/2021 Francesco Arrighi No
Pending 660358 Yankee Gun Saturdaynight Chick 05/15/2021 Francesco Arrighi No
Pending 660359 Yankee Gun Sailors New Heaven 05/08/2021 Francesco Arrighi No
Pending 660360 SDP Justice Is Comin Enterprise Stormita 05/01/2021 Renzo Canciani No
Pending 660361 SDP Justice Is Comin Miss Bonny Olena 03/25/2021 Renzo Canciani No
Pending 660362 Walla Whiz Crome Magnetica Juliet 05/15/2021 Renzo Canciani No
Pending 660363 Spooks Gotta Sting Sq top jac whiz 05/05/2021 William Sangalli No
Pending 660364 Walla Walla Whiz 05/14/2021 Lenka Lukackova No
Pending 660366 Pale Face Dunnit ARC Rooster N Magic 03/11/2021 Lenka Lukackova No
Pending 660367 Spooks Gotta Sting 04/21/2021 Lenka Lukackova No
Pending 660368 Not Ruf At All Fashions Dream 05/09/2021 Lenka Lukackova No
Pending 660369 Mr Snapple mandys golden girl 03/16/2021 Impresa Agricola Cuoghi No
Pending 660370 Yankee Gun Steady Bell 04/20/2021 Lenka Lukackova No
Pending 660373 Sun Wimpys Willy IMA DUN SUN MR 01/15/2021 Lenka Lukackova No
Pending 660374 Yankee Gun 04/20/2021 Lenka Lukackova No
Pending 660375 ARC Gunnabeabigstar Spinnin Dreams 01/13/2021 Luga Quarter Horses No
Pending 660377 Jupiter Of Sun Ddespecialenterprise 05/18/2021 Enrico Scarpulla No
Pending 660378 Spatatino Tardy Rose Of Texas 04/07/2021 Lenka Lukackova No
Pending 660380 Chuchic Bloom Shine 02/02/2021 Serena Bagnara No
Pending 660383 AB Captain Badger Shining Angel 03/08/2021 Angelucci Quarter Horses No
Pending 660384 Colonels Shining Gun Master Heartthrob LA 01/10/2021 Andrea Rota No
Pending 660385 country whit a twist bimba dunit abigale 01/04/2021 Manuel Balzani No
Pending 660386 country whit a twist Arc Chic O Please 04/12/2021 Manuel Balzani No
Pending 660387 country whit a twist Duna Smoke 04/14/2021 Manuel Balzani No
Pending 660388 country whit a twist Star Squaredoklahoma 01/16/2021 Manuel Balzani No
Pending 660390 Colonels Shining Gun Miss Dottie Ricochet 01/24/2021 Massimiliano Malagnino No
Pending 660395 AB Captain Badger Sparks Rosellina 04/11/2021 Angelucci Quarter Horses No
Pending 660397 AB Captain Badger nicy girl 04/01/2021 Angelucci Quarter Horses No
Pending 660406 Colonels Shining Gun Miss devil n dust 05/20/2021 Pierluigi Mollicone No
Pending 660416 Colonels Shining Gun No Risk No Fun 05/05/2021 Paulina Lesniak No
Pending 660419 Colonels Shining Gun Miss Captain Winner 05/10/2021 Pierluigi Fabbri No
Pending 660420 Mister Little Uno ARC Ghost And Gun 04/14/2021 Cristina Serra No
Pending 660423 Whiz Shining Style Bonitas Lena Lady 03/17/2021 Francesco Arrighi No
Pending 660424 Hollywood Gunnit Cawa Let Me Dream 05/05/2021 Francesco Arrighi No
Pending 660425 Chicks Smokingun Morosita Whiz 03/30/2021 Stefan Jauer No
Pending 660440 ARC Sparkle Magnetic Playin Snapper 04/12/2021 Astrid Kraft No
Pending 660441 ARC Sparkle Magnetic Just Electric 06/01/2021 Astrid Kraft No
Pending 660447 ARC Sparkle Magnetic GR Hug A Jewel 04/15/2021 Madeleine Künzler No
Pending 660452 Spark N Whiz GR Warlees Shy Miss 05/04/2021 Madeleine Künzler No
Pending 660456 ARC Sparkle Magnetic MV Red Soul Feona 03/29/2021 Madeleine Künzler No
Pending 660459 At Ale Wood ML Smart Soanna 05/28/2021 Alessandro Tropepe No
Pending 660464 SDP Justice Is Comin Miss Money Boggie 04/03/2021 Renzo Canciani No
Pending 660467 Remins Remedy jjtodaysmygoldendream 03/10/2021 Renzo Canciani No
Pending 660468 Skeets Dun LJ Shining Jackie 04/25/2021 Renzo Canciani No
Pending 660475 Custom Made Gun Miss Okie Surprised 04/11/2021 Tiziana Volpi No
Pending 660483 SDP Justice Is Comin roo jama ster 02/23/2021 Renzo Canciani No
Pending 660497 MRH Diamond In Doc Im a lady in dunit 03/18/2021 Andrea Manucci No
Pending 660501 Sugar Little Step Smartina Dunit Chex 04/15/2021 Andrea Manucci No
Pending 660508 Kitas Spark RS POWER GOLD LABEL 06/19/2021 Fabio Alfonsetti No
Pending 660512 Dreamin With Dot Who Whiz Cappacino 04/14/2021 Walter Martini No
Pending 660519 SDP Justice Is Comin LILI LENA STREKE 04/14/2021 Renzo Canciani No
Pending 660527 My Showbiz Whiz Trixie Poco Streke 04/30/2021 Renzo Canciani No
Pending 660529 Spark N Whiz Clay Red 05/31/2021 Filippo Donadeo No
Pending 660531 Spark N Whiz Sailing Days 06/03/2021 Filippo Donadeo No
Pending 660532 Spark N Whiz Pit Whiz Light Sonia 05/01/2021 Filippo Donadeo No
Pending 660533 Spark N Whiz queen of antinori 03/04/2021 Filippo Donadeo No
Pending 660534 Spark N Whiz Rooster April 03/11/2021 Filippo Donadeo No
Pending 660536 Spark N Whiz Walla Walla Whip 01/10/2021 Filippo Donadeo No
Pending 660545 Not Ruf At All Wimpys Lil Chic 05/27/2021 Enrico Schipler No
Pending 660552 Spatatino Brennas R Okie 04/21/2021 Dimitri Mathieu No
Pending 660553 Spatatino A Chic In A Mercedes 04/28/2021 Dimitri Mathieu No
Pending 660562 Checkmate King Bars 05/09/2021 Thomas Henke No
Pending 660583 Call Me Mr Voodoo GR Hug A Jewel 03/27/2021 Elisabetta Zoccarato No
Pending 660594 BB One Miracled Gun Bodo Magnetic 04/24/2021 Simone Schiavo No
Pending 660628 Yankee Gun Major Chase 01/03/2021 Francesco Siciliano No
Pending 660637 Epic Titan Nic A Blue 02/14/2021 Beate Willigsecker-Schoof No
Pending 660645 Colonels Shining Gun Whizpers Lil Cowgirl 05/25/2021 Arienne Hollaar-Poot No
Pending 660646 Whiz N Tag Chex She Makes My Day 05/12/2021 Doreen Boschman No
Pending 660647 Whizper Whoa Little Wimpys Gun 06/12/2021 Arienne Hollaar-Poot No
Pending 660651 Whizper Whoa The Best Of Seven 06/16/2021 Arienne Hollaar-Poot No
Pending 660653 SG Frozen Enterprize Wimpys Little Magnum 06/23/2021 Arienne Hollaar-Poot No
Pending 660666 Oaks Star Gunner KR Happy Hour 06/27/2021 Blanka Dolezalova No
Pending 660668 Oaks Star Gunner Kam Colonels Jasmine 07/16/2021 Blanka Dolezalova No
Pending 660674 Oaks Star Gunner HH Genuine July 07/08/2021 Blanka Dolezalova No
Pending 660675 Dun It For Whizkey HH Bigheartbytamar 03/01/2021 Blanka Dolezalova No
Pending 660676 Oaks Star Gunner footworks playmate 04/19/2021 Blanka Dolezalova No
Pending 660680 Oaks Star Gunner shesacromedoutpeppy 04/30/2021 Blanka Dolezalova No
Pending 660738 Colonels Shining Gun Earth 04/02/2021 Giuseppe Trabona No
Pending 661013 Tinseltown Fly Guy ND Fancy Early Girl 03/29/2021 Martine Nilles No
Pending 661139 Colonels Shining Gun Sailors Delite 02/17/2021 Soldo Serafino No
Pending 661151 Electric Snow Soonernic Vintage 05/09/2021 Christopher Knerr No
Pending 661152 Colonels Shining Gun EG Smokin Whiz 04/28/2021 Christopher Knerr No
Pending 661241 Shiners Voodoo Dr Jerrys Surprise 02/14/2021 Yonathan Baruch Yes
Pending 661242 Spooks Gotta Gun Cinnabars Lil Whiz 05/03/2021 BS Partnership Yes
Pending 661243 Pale Face Dunnit Cinnabars Lil Whiz 02/24/2021 BS Partnership Yes
Pending 661244 ND Gun Sawyer Gene Red Jac 05/22/2021 Sascha Kalus No
Pending 661267 Chic Magnetic Jaba Be Good 06/11/2021 Maria Chiara Angelini No
Pending 661311 At Ale Wood Baby one gun cody 06/16/2021 Adriano Meacci No
Pending 661333 Bright Like Adiamond Smart Reminic Chic 04/08/2021 Peter Dobes No
Pending 661334 Tarysmart Sayos Senorita 05/07/2021 Peter Dobes No
Pending 661336 Colonels Shining Gun Hickory Penny Oak 05/03/2021 Alexander Giangregorio No
Pending 661337 Gunner Dun It Again Lady Hollywood Cody 04/23/2021 Alexander Giangregorio No
Pending 661338 Chairmanofthehouse The Smart Pick 06/19/2021 Katja Besold No
Pending 661342 Hickory Holly Time As I Want 04/22/2021 Markus Schopfer No
Pending 661346 I Am A Ruf Boy Dry Little Reba 04/18/2021 Kerstin Fohrmann No
Pending 661347 Hollys Electricspark Princess Peppy Chic 05/30/2021 Peter Dobes No
Pending 661351 One Gun diamondstarlight fly 05/24/2021 mariniello valeria No
Pending 661352 Colonels Shining Gun Shiners Blackberry 05/22/2021 Four Seasons Ranch Ranch No
Pending 661354 Starbucks Sidekick Wimpys Golden Step 05/03/2021 Ed Gosen No
Pending 661355 Colonels Shining Gun Pine Flashy Sunburst 03/23/2021 Ed Gosen No
Pending 661356 Starbucks Sidekick Smart Chic Star 05/17/2021 Ed Gosen No
Pending 661389 Guns R For Shootin Frozen Shania 06/09/2021 Piergiuseppe Guidetti No
Pending 661390 Not Ruf At All SCR Gunny Girl 04/15/2021 Piergiuseppe Guidetti No
Pending 661391 PS Mega Shine Chic Shyawhiz 03/19/2021 Piergiuseppe Guidetti No
Pending 661434 Wimpys Littlecolonel Boogy With Guntini 02/15/2021 Allian Bos No
Pending 662255 Colonels Shining Gun Holly Conquistador 03/04/2021 Giovanna Marazzi No
Pending 663809 Epic Titan Hollys Poco Barbie 03/25/2021 Yvonne Maggio No
Pending 664079 Kitas Spark Sheza Snappy Rooster 05/18/2021 H. (Renate) Duijnkerke No
Pending 665662 Sailin Playboy Bh With A Twist 04/30/2021 Eva Kuhn-Sell No
Pending 666252 Cody Rooster Delmaso rr codys little chic 06/15/2021 Fabi Cestari No
Pending 667077 GH Null Null Sieben Daddys Sugarflash 05/13/2021 Henning Koopmann No
Pending 671889 Mister Uno lam lady miky 02/19/2021 Fabio De Iulio No
PH Eclips Diamonds Eclipsolena Twist With Mercedes 04/11/2021 Vanessa Cocquereaux No
PH Please Im The One One Gun Chics Little Wimpy 05/26/2021 Vanessa Cocquereaux No
Phantomlicious RD Phantom Face Bubblicious Gump BB 04/21/2021 Ruediger Diedenhofen Yes
PL Mygun Flashine Colonels Shining Gun Lady Flash Star 04/02/2021 Patricia Laloy-Piron No
Platina Platinum Vintage GVR Gunalicious 03/22/2021 Claudia Scheunemann No
Platinum Wave What A Wave Whizess 03/13/2021 Martin Bachmann No
PM Gun Katie Whiz Reining Whiz Gunners Snappy Chic 05/23/2021 Piet Mestdagh No
PM What A Snappy Gun What A Wave Gunners Snappy Chic 05/19/2021 Piet Mestdagh No
Polifemo Step HF Mobster Full Step 05/30/2021 Bartolomeo Rubino No
PP Customgin Walla Whiz Crome Gunnawhiz Trash 03/21/2021 Michael Pupacher No
PP DUNARIMA Dun Gotta Gun Jacs Lil Princess 06/03/2021 Michael Pupacher No
PP Gun Whiz Crome Walla Whiz Crome Peppy Gotta Gun 04/29/2021 Michael Pupacher No
PP Hurricane Ruf Not Ruf At All Cn Arena Queen 05/21/2021 AZ AG Piero Pollarini SRL No
PP Little Gun Spark PP Gotta Gun Fire Genuine Doc Slide 05/08/2021 Michael Pupacher No
PP Magnetic Wimp Gunners Chic Magnet HR Wimpys Lil Chica 03/20/2021 Michael Pupacher No
PP Mister Spock Gun Gunners Smokin Oak Martina Turner 03/19/2021 Michael Pupacher No
Pph custom nike chic Custom Ryan puro valentina 05/12/2021 Fanny Ubaldi No
Pretty Spark Of Gun Honey First Gunny A Spark Of Genius 03/24/2021 Vittorio Rabboni No
PRH A GUN FOR HOLLY One Gun Lady night BUCKER mr 03/17/2021 Giorgia Arnaboldi No
Prh Mister Whiz Whiz Shining Style FG Easter Calbar 05/30/2021 Giorgia Arnaboldi No
PRH SHINING GUN Whiz Shining Style Moonlight Juliet 03/16/2021 Cinzia Moreschi No
PS My Crush For You PS Mega Shine Chic ML Diva In Red 05/08/2021 Silvia Polvani No
QM Wimpys Elliott HF Mobster Wimpy Dunnit 06/15/2021 Manuela Rix Yes
Queen Live For Ever Whiz For Ever Peppy Lil Joke 03/17/2021 David Roux No
Quxote Little Bleu Spat A Blue Dunit Sugar Quixote 07/27/2021 Willem Langendoen No
Ram Watermelon Sugar Sugar Little Step Step In Your Skates 05/13/2021 Roy Van Der Hoeven No
Ramfacetheinevitable Pale Face Dunnit Wd Thischiccanskate 04/23/2021 Roy Van Der Hoeven Yes
Red Ridinghood Cat Meteles Cat Littlepinkridinghood 04/30/2021 Vittorio Rabboni No
Reddie To B Special Gunners Special Nite Shesa Reddie Chic 04/10/2021 Suzanne Scharroo No
Remuda Rusted Gun Gunners Frostbite Nz Great Bee 04/13/2021 Giulia Pelizzo No
RG Just Smokeing Gun Lil Smokeing Gun Just Emy 04/23/2021 Riccardo Gandelli No
RH Missys Last Spook Best Spook Belles Miss Abby 06/16/2021 Kristel Wauters No
Ricos Shining Star Colonels Shining Gun PC Lady Rooster 04/29/2021 Ariane-Simone Aschitsch No
Rio Pine Chex Gallo Bueno Jae Nifty Olena 06/15/2021 Domenico Fiorentino No
RL Electric Crome Electric Snow Pistol Chic 04/13/2021 Rochus Lang No
RL Hollywood Slide Hollywood Gun It Sliding Playmate 05/04/2021 Rochus Lang No
RM Big Bubble Whiz Shining Style Starmax Rm 04/26/2021 Alice Marinoni No
RM Sparkling Melody Spark N Whiz Gunna Peppier 03/31/2021 Massimo Rudari No
RM Sugar Crash PS Mega Shine Chic Da Nic Of Shasta 05/02/2021 Massimo Rudari No
Rob Icekowski Wimpy Crashed Ice Lil Smart Whiz 05/11/2021 Simon Bilger Yes
Rock My Curves Brand New Trash Junior Hollylution 06/05/2021 Christiane Gruender No
Rooster Chic Dream Ruf Lil Magnum Rooster Billabong 03/26/2021 Giorgia Cazzola No
Rose May Whiz Zins Smart Whiz Dual Survival 05/15/2021 Susi Zerbinati No
Roselectric Electric Snow Kings Rio Rose 05/15/2021 Alina Lange No
Rowdy Whiz Zoom Grizoom She Whiz Rowdy 04/23/2021 Manuela Monn No
RR Arizona Cody My Showbiz Whiz Arc Made For Chic 06/21/2021 Biasella Gaetano No
RR Crome Plated 66 Inferno Sixty Six Crome Plated Magnum 04/26/2021 Hans Raasok No
RR Minnesota Dunit ML Dunit Great Sweet Juliet Cody 02/16/2021 Marco Di Carlo No
RR Spooked Me Tricked Out Spook Custom Legends Lady 05/17/2021 Hans Raasok No
RR Stargun Gunnatrashya Starbucks Destiny 06/19/2021 Hans Raasok No
Ruf N Surprising Not Ruf At All Just Miss Enterprise 03/11/2021 Daniela Saupe No
RUN Royal Bubble Gun Gunner Dun It Again Smart Royal Lady 07/10/2021 Mark Runte No
SA Shine Lucky Gun Shine Chic Shine Mem Saxo Gun 03/25/2021 Andrea Sanfelici No
Sailor Moon PC Steppin On Sparks Chic Sailor 02/10/2021 Soc Agr Pietracavalla SRL No
SB Frozen Gun Colonels Shining Gun Gold Frozen 05/23/2021 Sassa Al Sole No
SG Exxqwhizite Exxcaliber Nics Whiz 04/27/2021 Steve & Gina VANNIETVELT-DE PAUW No
SG Gunna Whiz Crome Walla Whiz Crome Gunners Big Chex 04/27/2021 Steve & Gina VANNIETVELT-DE PAUW No
SG Hey Gunner Hey Joe SG Gunner By Mistake 03/24/2021 Steve & Gina VANNIETVELT-DE PAUW No
SG Lopez Spook Spooks Gotta Whiz Frozen Spark 04/17/2021 Alois Kompatscher No
SG Moonlightsurprise SG Frozen Enterprize Snapple Surprises 02/27/2021 Mattia Camisi No
SG Ricochet Whiz CJ Whiz Toosexy For Ricochet 03/09/2021 Steve & Gina VANNIETVELT-DE PAUW No
SG Smoking Joe Hey Joe SG LAST GUNNER 05/15/2021 Steve & Gina VANNIETVELT-DE PAUW No
SG What A Dream What A Wave Dun A Lotta Dreamin 06/11/2021 Steve & Gina VANNIETVELT-DE PAUW No
She Is All That SG Frozen Enterprize Genuine Ruf Girl 04/11/2021 Claudia Scheunemann No
She Is Magnetizing Gunners Chic Magnet Lil Ricochet Diamond 04/09/2021 Joke Overbeek Fennema No
Shelby Whiz Flashmob HF Mobster Bet Ya Im A Topgirl 04/03/2021 Laura Peultier No
Shelby Whiz Voodoo Shiners Voodoo Dr Bell Ranch Whiz 04/26/2021 Herve Mayeux No
Shes Got Blue Genes Chicks Smokingun Cuty Obvious Starzip 03/02/2021 Senta Wyss No
Shes Got The Ruf Not Ruf At All Arc Miss Dual Cutter 05/17/2021 Filippo Masi No
Shesallicanwhizfor Tari Whizin White Out Brady 04/07/2021 Zen De Witt No
Shez Vintage A Vintage Smoke Shez Gun Smart 04/04/2021 Christiane Brandes No
Sheza Roostya N Glo ARC Gunna Sparkya Capitana N Glo 05/10/2021 Vittorio Rabboni No
Sheza Twinkle Tinsel Tinseltownsmokingun Dun It Broadish 04/26/2021 Daniela Fuith No
Shine Big Time Shine Shine Chic Shine Big Time Diamond 05/13/2021 Joke Overbeek Fennema No
Shine Faye Shine Shine Chic Shine Colonel Smokin Leigh 03/25/2021 Katharina Skalnik No
Shine In Crome Shine My Gun Parkin Crome 05/06/2021 Gestut LQH No
Shine In Rome Shine My Gun Custom Rome 04/29/2021 Gestut LQH No
Shine Like Inferno Inferno Sixty Six Star Shining Lady 04/10/2021 Hannes Kirchberger No
Shine Like Mom Walla Whiz Crome Lil Catalyst Gun 02/25/2021 Schlager Nestelberger Partnership No
Shine My Bar Shine My Gun No Sass At The Bar 05/22/2021 Gestut LQH No
Shine Whiz Slide Shine Chic Shine Slide R Whiz 04/20/2021 Rebecca Jensen No
Shinearc Goldenarc Dont Trash Thisshine 03/19/2021 Paulina Lesniak No
Shinelike A Royalgun Colonels Shining Gun Glos Royal Chic 05/21/2021 Suzanne Teunissen No
Shinemydiamond Shine My Gun Ruf Lil Diamond 06/17/2021 Gestut LQH No
Shiner Holly Time Hickory Holly Time Rumstein Shine 04/28/2021 Marie Mura No
Shiner Voodelena BB Shiners Voodoo Dr Ms Ariana Gump BB 04/15/2021 Eifel Gold Ranch Baeck No
Shiners Mojo AV Shiners Voodoo Dr Ms Gun Spook 04/02/2021 Lisa-Maria Mitterer No
Shiners Voodoo Dun Shiners Voodoo Dr Dun It Rose 01/20/2021 Simone Sbrighi No
Shinin Little Iceman Colonels Shining Gun Sr Miss Smokin Chex 04/21/2021 Anna Dombrowska No
Shining Boomer Colonels Shining Gun Boomax RM 03/16/2021 Filippo Masi No
Shining Hook Dr Lee Hook Lil Ruf Shining Gun 04/16/2021 Friedrich Strobl No
Shining N Hollywood Eclipsolena Brennas Hollywood 02/22/2021 Irmgard Brendgens No
Shining Nu Chex Babe Colonels Shining Gun PC Great Night Chex 04/26/2021 Vittorio Rabboni No
Shining Ofa Dream Colonels Shining Gun Jessies Lil Dreamer 01/15/2021 Vittorio Rabboni No
Shining Pretty Style Whiz Shining Style TD Saylor Del Gallo 06/16/2021 Domenico Fiorentino No
Shining Rocks Colonels Shining Gun Wimpys Jlo BB 02/20/2021 Julie Foquet Yes
Shining Satelite Shining C Neal Jr Gumps Bh Jane BB 03/25/2021 Charlene Foerster No
Shining Woody BB Colonels Shining Gun Miss Starlight Jac 04/03/2021 Eifel Gold Ranch Baeck No
Shootin R Sparkle Guns R For Shootin Star Sparkle Whiz 07/05/2021 Tamara Kroselj No
Shootmeall Nightlong Guns R For Shootin Miss Coccolena Flash 04/23/2021 H1 Quarter Horse No
Short Phantomface BB Phantom Face Short Rooster 05/17/2021 Eifel Gold Ranch Baeck Yes
Silvergun For Amanda Guns R For Shootin Cut A Rina 06/03/2021 Riccardo Abati No
Six Gun Kid Smoke Gold Gun HH Mrs Hollywood Girl 04/20/2021 Marion Hoffmann No
SL Customized Snow Electric Snow Shes Customized 04/18/2021 Bastien Bourgeois No
SL Snow On Top Electric Snow SL Topsail Sally 05/10/2021 Sandra Linnig-Foehl No
Slow To Roll Hang Ten And Shine A Berry Smart Chic 04/07/2021 David Young No
SM Hell Angel Gun Inferno Sixty Six SM Inside Gun 04/01/2021 Massimo Solbiati No
SM Justice Ice SDP Justice Is Comin Iceinside 02/23/2021 Massimo Solbiati No
SM Sassolina Shiners Voodoo Dr Suspiria S 04/17/2021 Moritz Senoner No
SM Taris Heart Force Maytheforcebewhizyou Taris Chex Catalyst 04/07/2021 Massimo Solbiati No
Smart Cashing Peanut Smart Spook Cash My Diamonds 03/09/2021 Joke Overbeek Fennema No
Smart Sugar Free Sugar Little Step Gunna Be Spook 04/14/2021 Quarter Dream SRL Yes
Smart Vintage Lena Smart Spook Smart Kyra 04/30/2021 Denise Lutgens No
Smart Whiz Walla Walla Whiz Crome Smart Susen 02/19/2021 Conni Kuttenreich No
Smart Whizky Smart Spook Whizky Coke 05/30/2021 Michael Kneier No
Smarttowntrick MS Tricked Out Spook Smartest In Town 03/24/2021 Martina Schröder No
Smok It The Hard Way Colonels Shining Gun Hard Snap 05/15/2021 David Roux No
Smoke N Rock Smoke n high Evannah Ushuaia Rock 06/07/2021 Jacqueline Potts No
Smoking Melone Chick Chicks Smokingun Becky Malone 04/01/2021 Claudia Simon No
Smoking Party Chick Chicks Smokingun Shiners Party Dress 02/27/2021 Claudia Simon No
Smoking Tamulena Gunners Last Oak Jacs Lady Tamulena 04/20/2021 Sabrina Fritz No
SN Queen Platinum Platinum Vintage Mobster Chex 06/08/2021 Nicola Sola No
Snipowhiz Snip O Lution Whizzin Gun 02/12/2021 CS Ranch Management SA Yes
Snow Must Go On Mr Electric Spark Spooky Snow 05/14/2021 Edith Zenouda No
Spaceman Spook Spooks Gotta Whiz BR Paddywood 03/26/2021 Sebastian Eisler Yes
Spangled Whiz Gunny Honey First Gunny Star Dunit Whiz 04/17/2021 Vittorio Rabboni No
Spanish Spookster Piccolo Spanish Starbrights Spook 03/10/2021 JK HORSES JANEZ KASTELIC JANEZ KASTELIC No
Spark It All RD Not Ruf At All Sparksmokinangel RD 06/01/2021 Ruediger Diedenhofen No
Spark N Scarletwitch Spark N Whiz FB Jack O Lena 03/25/2021 Enrico Scarpulla No
Spark N Twist A Spark In My Step Twisted Nic Kel 02/13/2021 Corine Novi No
Sparking Listo GB Smart N Sparkin Kc Run Around Listo 05/24/2021 Gino Bonneure No
Sparky Cal Me Sailor A Spark In My Step Peppita Sailor 04/11/2021 Corine Novi No
Spartacall Ross Spatatino Icy Call 05/03/2021 Linda Rossato No
Spat A Gun GFC Quixote Gun Nilu Ice Spat 04/23/2021 Barbara Bracci No
Spatamac Spatatino Tina Taris 06/09/2021 Andrea Napolitano No
Special Edition Dun It For Whizkey Rooster Hickory 05/22/2021 Michaela Kogler No
Speciale Again Gunner Dun It Again Im A Rusty Mercedes 05/21/2021 Jan Van Der Auwera No
Speedy Jay Mobsters Mobsters Dream Belle Star Hollywood 04/19/2021 Elisabeth Keplinger No
Spike Hollywood Hollywood Gun Dunnit Kaliman It 05/25/2021 Michele Lambo No
Spook Maq Jo Colonels Shining Gun Spooks Pearl 04/09/2021 La Maqueline Yes
Spook N Crush PS Mega Shine Chic Gotta Shiney Remedy 04/14/2021 Alberto Amici No
Spook N Gold Maytheforcebewhizyou Vanilla Gun 03/14/2021 Alberto Capello No
Spook N Lime Spooks Gotta Whiz Jac N Lime 05/21/2021 Ambrosini Quarter Horses ASD No
Spook The Chics Best Spook Miss Melody Gump BB 05/14/2021 Katrin Beckmann-Kroeger No
Spookanic Gun Spooks Star Gun Show Tennic 05/07/2021 Lena Schmidl No
Spooks Gotta Dream Ifwhizswereguns Miss Pepp and Blue 04/18/2021 Lisa Schlatter No
Spooks Gotta Fantasy Spooks Gotta Whiz Xtra Black Fantasy 03/16/2021 Eyal Carmon No
Spooks Gotta Whizy Walla Whiz Crome Spook On Diamond 04/26/2021 Sabrina Schneiter No
Spooks Like Inferno Inferno Sixty Six Spooks O Lena 03/24/2021 Ambrosini Quarter Horses ASD No
Spooks Lotta Shine Whiz A Lot Wimpys Little Shine 03/23/2021 Rene Driever No
Spooksgottaavrilchex Spooksgottasmartboy Tarinicolena 04/13/2021 Fabrizio Catalano No
SQ MR DADDY Maytheforcebewhizyou SQ SILKY OLENA 03/19/2021 Umberto Degiovanni No
SQH Hyperions Boy Inferno Sixty Six Mrh Miss Diamantina 05/28/2021 Leo Senese No
SQH Magical Sun Magical Snapper Barby Bo Sun 07/06/2021 Leo Senese No
SR Dreams Of Cash Lil Joe Cash SR Holly Whiza Dream 03/25/2021 Stefanie Orth No
SR Milliondollarbaby Hollys Electricspark Caolila Nic 03/26/2021 Jenny Kuhn (Nekula) No
SR Smooking Gun Gunner Zoe Zan 05/21/2021 Saskia Ritter No
Stairwave To Heaven What A Wave Whizelicious 03/07/2021 Marleen Suttels Yes
Stefania Colonels Shining Gun PL Miss Gotta Whiz 01/17/2021 Christian Baldelli No
Step Up N Shine MH Wimpys Little Step KR Ima Shiner 04/21/2021 Martina Hable No
Steppin On Dun It Steppin On Sparks Spat Dun It 04/11/2021 Judith Erbler No
Stop In Gold Jewels Del Cielo Kalash Nic Stop 04/18/2021 David Roux No
Stop The Mobster HF Mobster Spookacheka 05/05/2021 Judith and Joerg Junker Junker No
Straccianeve AC Peppy Bar Spat A Snow 05/23/2021 Manuele Maporti No
Sugar Got Guns Sugar Little Step Harrys Gun 05/03/2021 Lena Maas No
Sugar Shooter MR Guns R For Shootin Zanit Sugar Chick MR 05/04/2021 Matese Ranch No
Sugar Step For Me Sugar Little Step SGA Miss Dual Flip 06/14/2021 Marco Filimberti No
Super Remin Gun Lil Smokeing Gun RZ BH Remins 03/30/2021 Valerie Zozin No
Super Spooks GC Spooks Dox Miss Colonel San Par 02/16/2021 Giovanni Cioli No
Sweet Chili Inferno Sixty Six Sweet Blue Gunsmoke 04/23/2021 Nicole Prager No
Tagquila Whiz Walla Whiz Crome Smart Kachina Tag 05/04/2021 Norbert Nestelberger No
Tarys Golden Rose Tarysmart Kaliz Golden Troi 04/03/2021 Gerhard Voelkerer No
Tarys Little Biscuit Tarysmart Sprat Rattle N Roll 04/06/2021 Alexandra Reindl No
TBR Arnolds Bestshot Guns R For Shootin TBR Shes Smart Whiz 07/06/2021 Juan Araquistain No
Tenacious Chrome Walla Whiz Crome SL Hang Ten Blondie 04/24/2021 Ulrike Giacalone No
Thaz A Candy Gun Gunners Chic Magnet Thaz Candy Crush 04/18/2021 Eleonora Biasutti No
The Admiral Spooks Gotta Whiz Sailors First Chic 03/01/2021 Yonathan Baruch Yes
The Americans Dream Not Ruf At All Spooks Gotta Crome 05/22/2021 Davide Brighenti No
The Cromed Jewel Walla Whiz Crome GR Hug A Jewel 01/31/2021 Martin Bachmann Yes
The Ice Goat Wimpy Crashed Ice Midsummer Night Glo 04/05/2021 Simon Bilger Yes
The Last Code Electric Code Thelastmissolenashow 05/17/2021 Ambrosini Quarter Horses ASD No
The Magic Mike Gunner Dun It Again Big Micky Chic 05/09/2021 Schlager Nestelberger Partnership No
Thefaceofrevolution Start A Revolution Pale Face Reminic 04/13/2021 Sabine Lisec No
Thefinestvintage A Vintage Smoke Finest Golden Grace 04/29/2021 Marion Hoffmann No
This Whimp L Trash U Gunnatrashya This Chic L Whimp U 04/07/2021 Joke Overbeek Fennema No
Tidal Wave Bodo Marg Wimpy Margarita Tsunamy Bomb 04/01/2021 Anna Ruggeri No
Tinsels Icecube Tinseltownsmokingun Hot Ice Surprise 05/18/2021 Daniela Fuith No
Titan Supermodel Epic Titan Skeetin Lupe Lou 05/29/2021 Jan Dirk Bodenstab No
Tokyoshot Platinum Vintage CSG Copshot 01/12/2021 Katarzyna Roleska Yes
Topsail Shiny Gun MR Colonels Shining Gun Topsail Hollywood 04/07/2021 Matese Ranch No
TP A Smart Vintage A Vintage Smoke Oh Im So Smart 06/05/2021 TP-RANCH No
Trashy Spooky Gun Gunnatrashya Spookody 04/13/2021 Jean Coutrot No
Tricked Out Blankchex Tricked Out Spook Misty Chex To Cash 05/19/2021 Jeremy Ropert No
TS Aka Face Gun Colonel Strange TS Blacklabel Huntres 09/04/2021 Ornella Filippini No
Twister Shinningelvis Hang Ten And Shine TI Lena Twist 03/26/2021 David Young No
Undercover Jojo Colonels Shining Gun JK Vivs Show Tip 06/22/2021 Petra Van Ede No
Vanillas Chic Dream Magnum Chic Dream RH Vanilla Spooks 04/21/2021 Sabrina Voglberger No
Vbsnapper Step Dream PC Magnum Step Dream Bretts Snapperette 06/13/2021 Pietro Belelli No
VD Spanish Shoot Gun BB One Miracled Gun Spanish Soraya 02/22/2021 Domenica Gadaleta No
Vintage R Faces Pale Face Dunnit Baby Vintage 04/24/2021 Igor Rozman No
Voodoo 66 Inferno Sixty Six Xtra Little Dr 04/02/2021 Isabeau Rohde Yes
Voodoo Step 21 Shiners Voodoo Dr Sure Slidin Wimpy 04/15/2021 Giovanni Cioli No
VQH Holly Win Gun Hollywood Gun Dunnit vqh sail win 05/12/2021 Beniamino Straziuso No
VR JJ Frozen Gun Colonels Shining Gun Baby Frozen Tari 06/09/2021 Christine Rippel No
Vr Xena Rooster Gun Colonels Shining Gun Sound Of Letting Go 05/02/2021 Viscusi Societa' Agricola SRLS No
Walla Chexy Whiz PC Walla Walla Whiz Im Sexy Chexy 04/18/2021 Soc Agr Pietracavalla SRL No
Walla Gunna Crome Walla Whiz Crome Im Gunna Slide 03/12/2021 Vittorio Breccia No
Walla Shining Girl Colonels Shining Gun ARC Kachina Wanda 02/24/2021 Jerome Farrenc No
Walla Walla Gunchic Walla Walla Gunshine Tinselchic 04/21/2021 Patrick Capobianco No
Walla Whiz Fighter Walla Walla Whiz Meadowmillers Bunny 05/07/2021 Lars Nebel No
Walla Whiz Knick Walla Whiz Crome The Knick Nic 02/27/2021 Gestut LQH No
Walla Whiz Wimpy BB Wimpys Little Step Whizawallatopsail BB 03/10/2021 Eifel Gold Ranch Baeck Yes
Walla Wonder Bandit Dont Miss My Guns Miss Walla Whiz 05/28/2021 David Roux No
Wallaby Chic Walla Walla Whiz Sweet Chic Surprise 05/03/2021 Ottavio Tonon No
Wallantyna Broncogun Walla Whiz Crome CSG Flashyboom 04/23/2021 Izabella Zarnawska No
Wallas Little Step Walla Walla Whiz Rufs Little Holly 05/22/2021 Albert Derksen No
Wally Walla Step A Spark In My Step Walla Whimie Dunit 02/23/2021 Corine Novi No
Warrior Golden Face Pale Face Dunnit Ima Quarry Snapple 05/16/2021 Alberton Davide No
Watchoutforthiz Chicks Smokingun Custom Whiz Cream 05/01/2021 Tamara Gebel No
Wattermelon Sugar Horizons Big Step Topsail O Sugar 05/04/2021 Charlotte Reynaud No
Wave After Wave What A Wave Wimpy Special Gun 03/20/2021 Catharina Smetsers No
Wave N Guns What A Wave Silent Shining Gun 04/01/2021 Sofie Hanegreefs No
West Coast Trashya Gunnatrashya Miss Cody Whiz It 03/31/2021 Sabine Ehrenreich Yes
West Shiner Step Shiners Voodoo Dr Stepwest 05/27/2021 Mattia Camisi No
Westcoast Night Saturdaynight Custom West Coast Chic 04/05/2021 Ambrosini Quarter Horses ASD No
What Afancy Wave What A Wave Afancy Resolution 04/14/2021 Sebastian Bucher No
Whatta Gal What A Wave Gallo Del Blanco 04/06/2021 Jolien Rottiers No
White Sugar Rose Sugar Little Step Charlys Step N Cool 03/26/2021 Angelika Gebert No
Whiz A Story Walla Walla Whiz Spinderellstory 04/20/2021 Gestut LQH No
Whiz Smokin Walla Walla Whiz Crome SR Hot Jeannie 02/27/2021 Lisa Orth No
Whizkey For Zag Dun It For Whizkey Gun At The Gate 02/26/2021 Antonio Zagaria No
Whizkey N Gin Dun It For Whizkey Lena Docs Pine 04/24/2021 Daniele Roscia No
Whizkey N Gun Dunit Dun It For Whizkey Reata N Gun 03/29/2021 Daniele Caspar No
Whizkeywithmyrooster Whizkey N Diamonds ND Kenza Del Cielo 04/27/2021 Wim Vervecken No
Whos Alice Lil Joe Cash Sheza Strait Shooter 04/27/2021 June Gobert No
Wimpy Cadillac Olena Wimpy Step Surprise Dolomythic 05/26/2021 Mattia Camisi No
Wimpy Shining Gun Colonels Shining Gun Skip N Wimp BB 02/26/2021 Sam Zweegers No
Wimpys Gunstar Gunnatrashya Stars Little Wimpy 04/03/2021 Albert Derksen No
Wimpys Lil Voodoo Shiners Voodoo Wimpys Lil E Chic 04/26/2021 Indy Van Houdt No
Wimpys Poco Noxx Wimpys Little Arti Midnight WR Bear 03/02/2021 Sofie Van Hover No
Wimpys Red Spook Best Spook Wimpybargainbeauty 05/17/2021 Ursula Kurtz No
Wimpyscromedprincess Cromeds Cowboy Wimpys Sophie Oak 04/14/2021 Marion Lang No
Wimpyslilgun Manngun Wimpysliljoker 05/16/2021 Michael Hahn No
Windrose In Guntown Tinseltownsmokingun Smart Rosalynn 05/12/2021 Bernhard Wittlin No
Wishiwasblack BB Phantom Face Sweet N Shining BB 04/09/2021 Eifel Gold Ranch Baeck Yes
Wolf Of Wallstreet AB Peppy Diamond Whiz Me A Diamond 04/08/2021 Jennifer Kronsteiner-Nixdorf No
WS Holly Sailorita Hollywood Gun Dunnit Holiday Sailorita 05/11/2021 William Sangalli No
Y Marydreamsholywood Magnum Chic Dream Skeet Rapsody 04/30/2021 Eleonora Antolini Yes
Yankee Lil Pep MR Yankee Gun Little Peppy Lena KR 03/05/2021 Matese Ranch No
Yankee Shining Star Yankee Gun Helluvas Shining Star 02/21/2021 Lorenzo Drauli No
Yankee Trickster MR Yankee Gun Trick Or Treats 04/12/2021 Matese Ranch No
Yoshi Gun Dunnit Hollywood Gun Dunnit A Moon Starlight 04/01/2021 Timothee Pley No
ZF Mister Hollywood Hollywoodstinseltown Chinese Rooster 06/08/2021 Piercarlo Filipetto No