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European NRHA Futurity / Derby Foal Nominations
Foal Year: 2022    Count: 1497

Horse Sire Dam Foal Date Nominator North American Option
A Breakout Vintage A Sparkling Vintage KR When In Rome 05/01/2022 Katarzyna Roleska Yes
A Dream Of Midnite Magnum Chic Dream Two Timin At Midnite 03/27/2022 Matthias Borrack No
A Final Hit Walla Walla Whiz My Private Gun 03/02/2022 Suzanne Scharroo No
A Lil Joe Whiz Lil Joe Cash A Whiz N Wranglers 05/11/2022 Carlo Sala Yes
A Shining Oak Colonels Shining Gun Rosa Shocking 04/14/2022 Gabriele Anatrini No
A Smokey Diamond A Vintage Smoke Cash My Diamonds 03/21/2022 Joke Overbeek Fennema No
A Smokin Rooster A Vintage Smoke Queenelisabetrooster 05/25/2022 Denise Lutgens No
A Smokin Vintage A Vintage Smoke HH So Pale Lady Gun 04/30/2022 Matthias Borrack No
A Sparkling Gunner Not Ruf At All Gunners Lissy 05/02/2022 Eliza Olach No
A Special Rockstar A Reminic Star Special Skillz 04/13/2022 CJA Quarter Horses No
A Spook In The Ruf Smart Spook Ruffle Me Up 01/04/2022 Rosanne Sternberg Yes
A Star Is Above You ARC A Step Above My Dreams Gal 03/30/2022 Chiara Parodi No
A TIME TO HICKORY Hickory Holly Time A Time To Sparkle 05/05/2022 Drd Breeders No
A Vintage Diamond A Vintage Smoke Arc Lil Peppy Doc 04/04/2022 Joke Overbeek Fennema No
A Whizkeyshot Whizkey N Diamonds Smaq Lil Gun 04/30/2022 Derk Wuyster No
AB Snow Flipingun Colonels Shining Gun Flip O Lena Delmaso 02/05/2022 Antonello Biscaglia No
Abby Topsail Gun In Like Flinn Abby Gun 05/16/2022 Vittorio Rabboni No
AC DC Jacs Electric Spark Ebony Spook 02/19/2022 Rosanne Sternberg Yes
AG Whiz From Hell 66 Inferno Sixty Six TR Topsail Flip 05/10/2022 Alexander Giangregorio Yes
Alexia Shining Gun Colonels Shining Gun Miss Alex Cody 02/19/2022 Tamara Kroselj No
All About Tinseltown Hollywoodstinseltown All About Spook 04/26/2022 Koen Symoens No
Am Colonels Du Demon Colonels Shining Gun ML Pretty Sol Win 04/05/2022 ANTONELLO MAMONE No
AM DREAMIN YOUR LIPS Tinker With Dreams Gonna Whiz 04/28/2022 Marina Bettarini No
AM Dwarf Gotta Lime Spooks Gotta Lime Bj Mary Peppys Taco 05/07/2022 Andrea Meroni No
AM Gunnersqueen Gunner Rev Par Dee Bar Smoke 06/24/2022 Margot Van Doorne No
AM Romancin Riddler In Like Flinn Doctor Smart Lass 05/11/2022 Marina Bettarini No
AM Whizzin Loverboy Whiz N Spook Maq Sugar Walla Whiz 02/26/2022 Margot Van Doorne No
Americanexttopshine Americasnexttopgun Gotta Shiney Remedy 04/29/2022 Alberto Amici No
Amy Peppy Gun Hollywood Gun Dunnit A Coletta Pep 04/11/2022 Adriano Pedretti No
AP Indipendent Spark Uncle Sparky Miss Indipendent 04/14/2022 Yannick Pesek No
AP Queen Of Spark Uncle Sparky Whizy Bondalie 04/21/2022 Yannick Pesek No
AP Roxy Gunrose Lil Smokeing Gun LF Docrose Red 05/14/2022 PAOLO NUCERA No
AR YOU MAGNETISED Gunners Chic Magnet ALV Wimpylittlegold 05/27/2022 AR Showhorses No
ARH Coded Melody Electric Code ARH Yellow Goldfever 05/05/2022 Sandra Tourret No
ARH Easter Flinn In Like Flinn Farfalla Del Cielo 04/17/2022 Sandra Tourret No
ARH Jacadi Whiz Walla Walla Whiz Little Esperenza 04/23/2022 Sandra Tourret No
ARH Modernrevolution Modern Gun Sweet N Stein 04/05/2022 Sandra Tourret No
ARH Sorrel Peppystyl Peppys Ruf Sailor Style Holly Dun It 04/03/2022 Sandra Tourret No
Arnelswallawhizcrome Walla Whiz Crome RS Arnels Feo Jac 02/05/2022 Sabrina Adam No
As Astartwhizhope Spooks Gotta Whiz Electric Mercedes 03/20/2022 Adrienne Speidel No
As March 12 Colonels Shining Gun SL Customized Grace 03/12/2022 Adrienne Speidel No
As Sweet As Chocolat Gunners Chic Magnet PS Hollywood Smartie 05/15/2022 Dr. Tanja Wallner No
ASG Gunsnenterprize SG Frozen Enterprize Angelina Shining Gun 06/05/2022 Asia Vimercati Yes
At A Sparklingknight A Sparkling Vintage Stepnstars 04/03/2022 AT Reining Dream No
AT Miss Shootin Whiz Guns R For Shootin Dun Whiz It 03/26/2022 AT Reining Dream No
Austrianextcovergirl Gunnatrashya Im A Classy Whiz 04/03/2022 Schlager Nestelberger Partnership No
Awholelottarooster Ricochet Rooster SG Whizful Thinking 04/19/2022 Marc Vercammen No
Baby Patty Wicked Little Spook Wicked Baby Milligate 05/15/2022 Giulia Di Lella No
Bandideous Dont Miss My Guns DP Nicatrash 05/14/2022 Thomas Sciascia No
BD Wimpyslidetochex DB Yellownik CN Valentine Dixie 03/02/2022 SILVIA BELTRAMOLLI No
Beauty Ruf Chex 76 Not Ruf At All PL Gunna Chex 04/13/2022 Alfredo Di Caro Yes
BH Frozen Yankee Yankee Gun Sailorsmatic 01/31/2022 Nicola Sergio No
BH Mega Shine PS Mega Shine Chic Rooster Roohide 03/18/2022 Christian Baldelli No
BH Shining Blue Whiz Shining Style Gunner Special Blue 01/04/2022 Lenka Lukackova No
BH Spark Olena Smart Chic Olena Shine A Belle 01/20/2022 BH Farm No
Big Gun Tom Tucker The Big Gun Lilly Okie Jac 05/09/2022 Netty Kuhn-Grassi No
Blaze Gun On Crush PS Mega Shine Chic Sweet Lil Gun 04/28/2022 Andrea Guzzo No
Blazing Chic Smart Chic Olena Shiners Lil Pistol 01/03/2022 Rosanne Sternberg Yes
Bloodbone Shiney Outlaw Captain Step 02/23/2022 Sybille Spickenreuther No
Blue Eyes 66 Inferno Sixty Six San Fracy Tory 05/08/2022 Giulia Pianini No
Blue Iced Chic Wimpy Crashed Ice Smart Playgun 05/08/2022 Simon Bilger Yes
Bluebell Of Sun Sugar Little Step Vanessa Bo Sun 04/05/2022 Franco Rosso No
Blueyed Linkwud Spat Spat A Blue RS Linkwood Jac 02/04/2022 Istvan Horog No
BMS Getya Walla Whiz Walla Whiz Crome Ally Get Your Gun 05/02/2022 Barbara Seibold No
BMS Not In A Hurry Hollywood Gun It BMS Whirlys Memory 04/09/2022 Barbara Seibold No
BMS Voodoo Mcgun Shiners Voodoo Ally Mcgun 05/06/2022 Barbara Seibold No
BMS Walla Whiz Gunit Walla Whiz Crome Bms Pretty Bucky Gun 04/15/2022 Barbara Seibold No
BMS Whizalot Of Sun Hollywood Gun It Vr Whizalotofpep 04/16/2022 Barbara Seibold No
Boomboom Voodoo Roxy Shiners Voodoo Dr Roxy Whiz Pine 04/01/2022 David Roux No
Boons Bit A Wood At Ale Wood Sultanina Boon 04/27/2022 Maria Cojutti No
BQ Wallawallaspooks Walla Walla Dun It FM Master Spooka 07/08/2022 Sven Bosshart No
Brendy Miss Anny Lee Gunners Chic Magnet GK S Ann Peppy Pine 05/22/2022 Reinhold Frenkenberger No
Bright Shining Spark Sharp Dressed Shiner Freckles Has Spark 04/15/2022 Nils Molitor No
Bubbel Gun Colonels Shining Gun Shiney Tinseltown 02/12/2022 Katarzyna Roleska No
CA Hermione Robotime Boemil Twin Robotop AM Lupita Showtime 06/03/2022 Giuseppe Ficacci Yes
Cal The Bar Man Jewels Del Cielo Brenda Cal Bar 03/14/2022 David Roux No
Call Me Crome Devine Crome Dont Corrode Call Me Paris 04/01/2022 Paula De Ruiter No
Call Me Ruf Not Ruf At All Callme Misslittleuno 06/06/2022 Matteo David No
Capitan Dun Badger Okie Dun Badger MRH Sofhy Doc 04/30/2022 Vincenzo Marcellino No
Cappuccino tarisflash Spatatino Indian Taris Flash 06/01/2022 Valeria Graia No
Cash For Me Lil Joe Cash Sparkling For Me 05/28/2022 Ferenc Fuessel No
Cash N Million Gunners Chic Magnet Cash N No Chex 05/31/2022 Schlager Nestelberger Partnership No
Cashgunattraction Lil Joe Cash Snowy River Gunner 04/28/2022 Costanza Biagini No
Catchmeifyucan Electric Snow BMS Texas Rose 02/02/2022 Claudia Scheunemann No
CC Spooks Gotta Chex Spooks Gotta Lime Beyond The Blonde 05/20/2022 Cecini Cristian No
CC Spooks Gotta Ruf Spooks Gotta Spark Sailin Little Par 04/15/2022 Cecini Cristian No
CD Eva Frrozen Dream Magnum Chic Dream Frozen Skeet 05/14/2022 Società Agricola CD Horses SRL No
CDC Electric Crome Custom Del Cielo Jacs Sparklin Bay 06/08/2022 Fabian Strebel No
CDC Stella Del Cielo Custom Del Cielo Arcletic Covergirl 05/21/2022 Dieter Buerger No
Cece Topgun PC Tinsel Whiz PM One Lil Gun 04/04/2022 Magnus Eriksson No
Cee A Little Voodoo Shiners Voodoo Dr Miss Wimpy Hollywood 02/13/2022 Paulus Beurskens No
Cee Me Do Voodoo Shiners Voodoo Dr Cee U In Tinseltown 02/16/2022 Paulus Beurskens No
Century Shot Gun Lil Smokeing Gun The Luxury Champion 03/16/2022 Giulia Pecchi No
CF Custom In A Dream Magnum Chic Dream Mercedes Melody 05/18/2022 Christophe Fourez No
CG Roosters Surprise Dun Ok Dun Roosters Red Lady 05/05/2022 Melanie Gasparin No
Charly Brown SL Custom Rooster Ruf Cut Skills 05/28/2022 Katrin Stankeit No
Chex This Whiz N Gun Modern Gun Whiz N California 06/13/2022 Geert Doms No
Chic N Ruf Enough Gunners Chic Magnet JP Sure Enough Ruf 05/03/2022 Bernadette Bodner-Pernlochner No
Chicaroana Smart Chic Olena Setting Off Sparks 03/29/2022 Rosanne Sternberg Yes
Chicatino Spatatino Honey Chic Please 03/15/2022 Jaroslaw Dziura Nowicki No
Chicy In Town GP A Spook In Town Chicy Smart Jac 04/14/2022 Annie Mouton No
Chip Trick High Roller Whiz Miss Tiffany Chic 05/25/2022 Ulrike Johade No
Chiquita Whiz Gun Walla Walla Whiz Gunner Dun Rio Good 05/15/2022 Christian Rouzeau No
Clooney Pop Sailor Topsail Pop Docs Lil Sailor 04/30/2022 Alessandro Cazzaniga No
CM Cookie For Spooky The Cocked Gun Joe Lady Dox 02/17/2022 Emanuele Manzo No
CM Easter Whiz ARC A Step Above Last Docky Oak 04/17/2022 Mattia Camisi No
CM Sparkling Step Spark N Whiz Stepwest 04/30/2022 Mattia Camisi No
CM Thunderstruck Shiners Voodoo Dr RS Manhattan Jac 05/02/2022 CHRISTINA HERZOG No
Cocktail Deja Vu Gunner Dun It Again Robys Neadsacocktail 05/06/2022 JK HORSES JANEZ KASTELIC JANEZ KASTELIC No
Code To Inferno Inferno Sixty Six Karma Code 05/02/2022 Vittorio Breccia Yes
Coffee And Gun TB Gunners Special Nite Coffee Whiz Milk Tb 05/24/2022 Irmgard Brendgens No
Colonel Repeat Custom Ryan Cols Great Sequel 04/26/2022 Mario Di Ciommo No
Colonelshiningchicpc Colonels Shining Gun Chic Sailor 04/01/2022 Soc Agr Pietracavalla SRL No
Con Calma AB Peppy Diamond Whiz Me A Diamond 04/02/2022 Jennifer Kronsteiner-Nixdorf No
Corys N Gunny Honey First Gunny Corys Rum O Lena 05/09/2022 Vittorio Rabboni No
CP Tour The Force Maytheforcebewhizyou Frozen N Spook 05/04/2022 Martina Battaglia No
Crome Shine Shine Chic Shine Custom Gunabelle 04/18/2022 Torsten Tiemann No
Cromed Fortnite Walla Whiz Crome Cinderellas Got Guns 01/30/2022 2BE Ranch No
Cromed Ricochet Mr Ricochet Parkin Crome 06/02/2022 Gestut LQH No
Cromeds Sugargirl Cromeds Cowboy Ah Sugar Sugar 03/12/2022 Marion Lang No
Cromegun Walla Whiz Crome Shes Amazing Gun 04/17/2022 Arabella Bayer No
Cross Your Fingers Guns R For Shootin Arc Miss Dual Cutter 06/03/2022 Giovanni Masi De Vargas No
Crush In Love PS Mega Shine Chic OT Luky Highway Baby 04/25/2022 Valentina Monti No
Crystal For Spark Chex For Spark GT Special Crystal 03/07/2022 Vittorio Rabboni No
CSG Cagiva Colonels Shining Gun Dream N Nicki 04/19/2022 Katarzyna Roleska Yes
CSG Ciri Electric Colonels Shining Gun Purospark 03/30/2022 Katarzyna Baurska No
CSG Covergirl Colonels Shining Gun Mai Tai Enterprise 02/03/2022 Heidi Wallner No
CSG Diavel Colonels Shining Gun Copsberrettashine 01/12/2022 Katarzyna Roleska Yes
CSG Electric Agusta Colonels Shining Gun Jacs Electric Girl 05/01/2022 Katarzyna Roleska Yes
CSG Gold Wing Colonels Shining Gun Skeets Red Dunit 04/15/2022 Katarzyna Roleska Yes
CSG Hayabusa Colonels Shining Gun Chex Drive 02/23/2022 Katarzyna Roleska Yes
CSG Katana Colonels Shining Gun Dun After The Rain 04/26/2022 Katarzyna Roleska Yes
CSG Lazy Hes Colonels Shining Gun A Steppin Enterprise 04/11/2022 Katarzyna Roleska Yes
CSG Monster Colonels Shining Gun Home Remedys 01/06/2022 Katarzyna Roleska Yes
CSG Rocket Colonels Shining Gun Dun Its Deja Vu 02/22/2022 Katarzyna Roleska Yes
CSG Scrambler Colonels Shining Gun Mare Made 05/13/2022 Katarzyna Roleska Yes
CSG Sparkolena Colonels Shining Gun Shining Whiz Olena 01/07/2022 Katarzyna Roleska No
CSG Streetfighter Colonels Shining Gun Copsberrettashine 02/01/2022 Katarzyna Roleska No
Custom Face Tinseltownsmokingun SZ Customs Newcomer 02/17/2022 LG Quarter Horses No
Custom Face Dunnit Pale Face Dunnit Like A Custom Crome 02/28/2022 JK HORSES JANEZ KASTELIC JANEZ KASTELIC No
Custom Little Megan Crome Dont Corrode Wimpys Margarita 05/10/2022 Sander Copier Yes
Custom Made Gin Customs Pale Face Ginger with Platinum 04/16/2022 Hannah Strasser No
Custom Vintage Smoke A Vintage Smoke Cromatica 05/30/2022 Istvan Horog No
Custom Wanda Whiz Walla Whiz Crome Suann Bonds Badger 03/08/2022 Simon Bilger No
CW Tommy D Iceman SG Frozen Enterprize Diva D Wright Stuff 03/13/2022 Werner Van Den Berg No
CZ Olena Style Whiz Shining Style RS Dali Olena 04/07/2022 Az. Agr. Ca' Zanoli QH No
DA Einstein In Sugar Sugar Little Step Double R Solve 01/18/2022 Marco Antonio Dell'Atti No
Da Smoking Frozengun Colonels Shining Gun Ts Frozolena 07/25/2022 Marco Antonio Dell'Atti No
Daenerys Shining Gun Colonels Shining Gun Shining Sweety 02/08/2022 Carola Fiorini No
Date With Flinn In Like Flinn Date Gotta Gun 05/18/2022 Dieter Buerger No
Db Dream Shinig Whiz Whizdom Shines Aynils Honey Av 05/28/2022 Luigi D Angelo No
DB Mollys Affair Tarysmart A Trashy Affair 04/25/2022 Angelika Dobesova No
DB Sun Yankee Dun It Yankee Gun Miss Abby Dun It 07/02/2022 Luigi D Angelo No
DB Tinseltown Chilli Tinseltownsmokingun Sayos Senorita 05/17/2022 Angelika Dobesova No
Destiny Smart Gun Gunners Chic Magnet Dealin The Cash 03/28/2022 Yvonne Schüßler No
DG Andy Crush PS Mega Shine Chic Gunners Specialolena 02/26/2022 Diego Dalla Gassa Yes
DG Vincent Van Gun Colonels Shining Gun Gunners Specialolena 02/04/2022 Diego Dalla Gassa Yes
Diamonds On Ice BB SG Frozen Enterprize Sweet N Shining BB 05/09/2022 Eifel Gold Ranch Baeck Yes
Diamonds Tonite Snaptonite Ginger Magic Diamonds 05/02/2022 Martina Tempesta No
Diamonds Wiz My Showbiz Whiz Frozen Sparn 05/28/2022 Allevamento Cisal Quarter Horses Srl No
divina spatapiu olena Spatatino piuma 03/14/2022 giorgia ninotti No
DM Spat Tino Spatatino Whiz Surprise 05/13/2022 Chiara Di Mugno No
DM Tinseltown Tino Spatatino Alvhollywoodsurprise 05/23/2022 Chiara Di Mugno No
Doc Sail Chic CN Chic Magnetic PLM Star Pavlo Win 05/24/2022 Gaetano Cipriani No
Doctor Dunnit Gun Hollywood Gun Dunnit Doctors Surprises 05/09/2022 Francesco Marchegiani No
Doctor High Shin Walla Whiz Crome GP High Surprise 05/21/2022 Sabrina Schneiter No
Dont Stop The Party Dont Miss My Guns Kalash Nic Stop 04/18/2022 David Roux No
Doo It To It Not Ruf At All Dual Spirit 04/18/2022 Emma Villa No
Dr Aspookinthenite GP A Spook In Town Nitely Eyes 03/29/2022 Lynn De Ras No
Dr Dancer In The Hell Dr Devil Blue Dance Remedy Cody Queen 07/19/2022 Roberto Lanzoni No
Dr Just Spatatino Spatatino Just Lady Quixote 05/19/2022 Silvio Delle Donne No
Dr Lee Tino Dr Lee Hook Ms Rietta Lady 05/11/2022 Glis Ranch No
Dr Mcsteamy Shiners Voodoo Dr Moonlight Juliet 05/15/2022 Cinzia Moreschi No
Dr Mobs Shiners Voodoo Dr Blue Eye Gunlady 01/26/2022 Nina Dan No
Dr One Romance One Gun My Last Romance 03/04/2022 Silvio Delle Donne No
Dr Prides Stud GP The Stud In Town GP Pride Of CJ 06/19/2022 Lynn De Ras No
DS Win Of The Holy Houses Of The Holy ML Miss Bar Win 05/15/2022 Giulio Trevisan No
Dun It For The Ladies Dun It For Whizkey Lady Guntini 03/16/2022 Sharon De Groot No
Dun It Voodoostyle Shiners Voodoo Katie Gun Dun It 02/25/2022 Sabrina Ludwig No
Dun It Whiz Love Walla Walla Whiz Hard Snap 05/18/2022 David Roux No
Dun Martin Splitsmartin Dun It Rose 05/13/2022 Simone Sbrighi No
Dunit Whizza Voodoo Shiners Voodoo Dr Qt Whizza Bootie 03/15/2022 Sabrina Fehrenbach No
Dunnit Gun Saylor Hollywood Gun Dunnit TD Saylor Del Gallo 06/03/2022 Antonio Fiorentino No
Eclipsowhiz Eclipsolena Come Whiz Me 02/19/2022 Thomas Engel No
Eighteightrtumatagun Walla Walla Whiz Lone Guns Ginger 05/15/2022 Danilo Ruscetta Yes
Einstein Chic In Like Flinn Just A Einstein 04/29/2022 Alessia Simoncini No
Elans Captain Morgan Wimpyneedsacocktail Elans Beauty 04/29/2022 Marion Lang No
Electric Athena Electric Code Snaplenas 05/13/2022 Tamara Kroselj No
Electric Blue Blizz Electric Snow Jester Trilly 03/29/2022 Ursula Kurtz No
Electric Joe Cash Lil Joe Cash JM Spark Electric Gun 01/24/2022 Caracciolo/Lukacs No
Electric Sass Electric Snow Kiss My Sass 04/17/2022 Torsten Tiemann No
Electric Show Mr Electric Code AB Show Me Peppy 03/27/2022 Matese Ranch No
Electro Pop Electric Snow My Diamond Dunnit 05/10/2022 Fabienne Schadt No
Elta Magnum Classic Wimpy Crashed Ice Magnums Genuinedream 06/18/2022 Johanna Raab No
EM Lil Royal Season Ruf Lil Magnum Chicken Season 05/24/2022 Emanuele Maisti No
Em Spooks White Face Spooks Gotta Sting Em Criscody Peponita 06/23/2022 Emanuele Maisti No
enterprise tony wood At Ale Wood cindylynn enterprise 06/15/2022 Saverio Parrotta No
EP THE SPOOKY ELLA Spooks Gotta Spark Dual Abby And White 05/25/2022 Elke Erschbamer Yes
ES Moonknight Sun Jupiter Of Sun She Is A Daisy 04/07/2022 Christian Baldelli No
Face My Smoke Pale Face Dunnit Lena Whiz Diamond 06/01/2022 Glen Estival Yes
Face To Fame Pale Face Dunnit Fame Oak Enterprise 04/20/2022 Alberto L'Abbate No
Fancy Gun Sail Tinseltownsmokingun Fancy My Sail 03/20/2022 LG Quarter Horses No
Fc French Al Capone HF Mobster Oly Flashy Rooster 03/31/2022 GELINEAU Carole No
Feona Gonna Voodoo U Call Me Mr Voodoo Great Feonalena 05/11/2022 Eva Giordano No
Fine Vintage Diamond A Sparkling Vintage Bright Lika Diamond 05/12/2022 Fien De Ronde Bresser No
First Little Spark Chex For Spark Super Little De Bar 01/09/2022 Vittorio Rabboni No
Forever Stylish Whiz For Ever Stylish Frozen 05/30/2022 David Roux No
Frizz And Spark Chex For Spark Zan Bar Fritz Solano 06/17/2022 alberto cesari No
From Tari Whiz Love Tari Whizin Maximum Sweet 05/13/2022 Heike Schmider No
Frostys Tinsel Whiz PC Tinsel Whiz Ima Smart Little Fox 05/30/2022 Magnus Eriksson No
Frozen Chexx Chexolution Sailor Whiz Ina 04/21/2022 Eyal Carmon No
Frozen Lee SG Frozen Enterprize Nikita Lee 05/08/2022 Francesco Chiaverini No
Frozen Moments SG Frozen Enterprize Wimpys Jlo BB 05/08/2022 Julie Foquet Yes
Frozen Moses Gun Yankee Gun Maceys Frozen Lena 05/27/2022 Sergio Iannetta No
Frozen With Me Elvis Peppys Taco TD Frozenchips Time 01/22/2022 Claudia Rizzola No
FRQ Shoot A Rooster Guns R For Shootin FRQ Roosterinheaven 01/19/2022 Franziska Kaltenegger No
FV Great Starlight Houses Of The Holy Carja Poco Bar Doc 05/02/2022 Vincenzo Florio No
FVR Pale Olena Shine Pale Face Dunnit Chic Olena Shine 05/04/2022 Giovanni Bruschi No
GA Chicc Gotta Sting Spooks Gotta Sting GA Lady Chicc Wilson 05/01/2022 Gulmo Agostino- Gianmarco Amato No
GA Gun Spark Yankee Gun AM Spark Of Dark 05/24/2022 Gulmo Agostino- Gianmarco Amato No
Gb Lucifer 66 Inferno Sixty Six GB ACDC Electriclady 04/07/2022 Gregory Legrand No
GB Walla Gunna Again Gunner Dun It Again PL Wallabemylover 01/06/2022 Giorgia Buccini No
GD Mywhizspookwicked Little Spook Wicked Donnafogata Whiz 06/02/2022 Gino Dell'orco No
genuine peppa pride DF Fire Fox Pride cl genuine redskin 01/30/2022 Saverio Parrotta No
GG Gunpaycash Yankee Gun Jacksons Snowin Cash 05/11/2022 Aurélie ROUQUET - CHALARD No
GH Casino Royal GH Null Null Sieben Miss Merry Glo 03/06/2022 Beate Gaab No
GH Princess Of Naboo Maytheforcebewhizyou GH Eat My Dust 05/11/2022 Beate Gaab No
Ghost Tricked Out Tricked Out Spook Buenonic Banjo 05/01/2022 Riccarda Nikles No
Ghostwhiter Whiz White Itsy Bitsy Broady 02/03/2022 Elke Thomaes No
Ginger Pale Pale Face Dunnit Hollys Poco Barbie 04/25/2022 Fiscus-Montloup No
Giudy Frozen Spatatino Frozen Daisy Sailor 05/06/2022 Marco Filimberti No
GM Whiz And Star Walla Walla Whiz Snappin At Stars 05/03/2022 Marianne Goudzwaard No
Gmgunnabeabrightstar Colonels Shining Gun GM Wannabeastar 05/20/2022 Giliam Van Der Straaten Yes
Golden Anaja RD Shiners Voodoo Dr Sparksmokinangel RD 05/19/2022 Ruediger Diedenhofen Yes
Goldeneggs Delcielo Gallo Del Cielo Merada Dreamcatcher 06/14/2022 Alessandro Cazzaniga No
Got A Smart Girl Spooks Gotta Spark Smart Kyra 04/28/2022 Istvan Horog No
Gotta Be D Hotstuff Black Gotta Gun Coeur D Mystique 04/04/2022 Brenda Reijtenbagh No
Gotta Shiney Pistol Spooks Gotta Whiz Shiners Lil Pistol 05/03/2022 Rosanne Sternberg Yes
Gotta Spark Spooks Gotta Whiz Spook In Sparks 01/31/2022 Rosanne Sternberg Yes
Gotta Spook Smart Spook Gotta Diamond Girl 02/10/2022 Rosanne Sternberg Yes
GP A Vintage Pearl A Sparkling Vintage Spook N Perla 05/17/2022 Golden Paint Ranch No
Great Sparkya Whiz ARC Gunna Sparkya Great Dudes Whiz 03/03/2022 Vittorio Rabboni No
Great Walla Wanny Walla Whiz A Dun It Ot Great Skeet 04/03/2022 Ursa Kepa No
GS Dunit Star HF Mobster Whiz N Star 04/21/2022 Sabatino QH Srl No
GS Spirit Olena HH Shining Gun Tina Pokahontas 05/23/2022 Sabatino QH Srl No
GSR Every Girl Dream Magnum Chic Dream Jacs Electric Girl 03/30/2022 Grey Stone Ranch Gmbh Yes
GSR I Got The Spark Jacs Electric Spark Dance Gotta Gun 01/11/2022 Grey Stone Ranch Gmbh Yes
GSR Showgun Smart Spook Showgirl Shining Gun 01/24/2022 Grey Stone Ranch Gmbh Yes
Gun Dun So Good Honey First Gunny Wrangler Dun So Good 06/09/2022 Vittorio Rabboni No
Gun Dunnit Turquoise Hollywood Gun Dunnit Zag Candy Sailor 03/23/2022 Caracciolo/Lukacs No
Gun Nifty Dreams Gotta Nifty Gun My Dreams Gal 04/26/2022 Vittorio Rabboni No
Gun With Crome Hollywood Gun Dunnit Revolution In Crome 05/04/2022 Natasha Moller No
Gungster Lady Yankee Gun Sweet Lady Rooster 02/20/2022 Giovanni Masi De Vargas No
Gunleader Gunners Chic Magnet Shinersvoodoomelody 04/27/2022 Vanessa Pfau Yes
Gunna Be Sparkling Platinum Vintage Sheza Gun Del Cielo 05/28/2022 Charlotte Reynaud No
Gunna Dance With Ya Guns R For Shootin Red Dancing Queen 04/08/2022 Laura Rak No
Gunna Trickya Tricked Out Spook Wash Doll Nina 04/23/2022 Mathis Muller No
Gunnalicious RD Gunnatrashya Bubblicious Gump BB 05/23/2022 Ruediger Diedenhofen Yes
Gunnarella Gunner Spinderellas Dream 02/19/2022 Isabeau Rohde No
Gunnawish Gunners Chic Magnet Wrangler Wishes 04/02/2022 Sara Nordin No
Gunnerbell Walla Whiz Crome Gunnerine 05/03/2022 Diana Metrangolo No
Gunners Choc Magnet Gunners Chic Magnet Chocolate in Diamonds 06/16/2022 Isabella Hager No
Gunners Resolve Einsteins Resolve SL Hellgunner 03/07/2022 Vivian Schreiner No
Gunninforarevolution Gunnin For Chicks BA Revolutionarylady 05/06/2022 Steven Johnsen No
Gunnit Whiz Crome Walla Whiz Crome Princess In Blu 04/16/2022 Diana Edelhäuser No
Gunrunners Best Coup Walla Walla Whiz Hollywood Gunrunner 04/02/2022 Nikolai Stiller Yes
Guns And Cromes Walla Whiz Crome JM Spanish Gun 05/12/2022 Fabienne Kuratli No
Guns Geil Colonels Shining Gun Mizzen Spook 03/21/2022 Tina Bühler No
Guns N Geiler Shiners Voodoo Guns Geiler Crome 03/27/2022 Marina Becker No
Guns R for chic Guns R For Shootin Gay Barnic Chic 04/24/2022 Matus Kuzma No
Guns R For Dealin Guns R For Shootin Share Senora 03/03/2022 Joke Overbeek Fennema No
guns r to aimy Guns R For Shootin Joettes Smokedcorona 04/06/2022 claudia stefania de faveri No
GZ Crushing Whiz PS Mega Shine Chic GZ Smoke Olena 05/14/2022 Giovanni Zucchi No
GZ Lil Out Gun Lil Smokeing Gun Pioggia Dunit 05/05/2022 Giovanni Zucchi No
GZ Unforgettable Lil Joe Cash Moorbuttons 04/21/2022 Giovanni Zucchi No
H Britta Be Smart Tarysmart Lv Smart Peponita 03/29/2022 Wolfgang Hammer No
H Smartestaryintown Tarysmart Baddestchicintown 04/25/2022 Wolfgang Hammer No
H Tarysshine N April Tarysmart Shine N Gun 04/06/2022 Wolfgang Hammer Yes
Happymothersdiamonds Whizkey N Diamonds Smocky Zan 05/08/2022 Anthony Cianci Yes
Haran Banjo Cash 76 Lil Joe Cash RS Leonardo Lena 04/23/2022 Alfredo Di Caro No
Hashtags W Shine Hashtags Rumstein Shine 05/07/2022 Marie Mura No
Heartbreaker 53 Tarysmart Smart Leota 05/19/2022 Fabi Cestari No
Heidi Guns N Rose Hollywood Gun Dunnit Heidi Whiz 04/24/2022 Ashton Verdenne No
Hellen Inferno Sixty Six What Elze 04/10/2022 Claudia Hahn No
Hes Out My Bandit Dont Miss My Guns Mandy Whiz Pine 04/01/2022 David Roux No
Hesa Gun Jacson GG Gunner Little Jewel Sheza BH Pine 01/11/2022 J&J Comm V No
HH Face My Love HH Face Me Withcrome Spooks Lil Remedy 05/01/2022 Pernilla Witteborn No
Holly Gun Dun Yankee Gun Okie Dun It Tivio 05/06/2022 GIOVANNI MANCONE No
Holly Smartest Chex Chex For Spark The Smartest Reminic 05/24/2022 Vittorio Rabboni No
Holly Spark On Step Hollys Electricspark Wimpys Golden Step 04/07/2022 Aude Gruber No
Hollywood Gotta Lime Spooks Gotta Lime Missyhollywoodjacgfc 05/05/2022 Sebastiano Valtorta No
Hollywoods Magnet Gunners Chic Magnet Brennas Hollywood 03/21/2022 Irmgard Brendgens No
Hollywoodsprincessdd Black Gotta Gun Codys First Dolly 03/25/2022 Brenda Reijtenbagh No
Holy Frank Walla Whiz Crome Dc Last Smart 04/07/2022 Steve Ouellet Yes
Honey Gotta Gun Spooks Gotta Gun ARC Honey Chick 04/19/2022 Vittorio Rabboni No
Hope In Trashya Gunnatrashya Hope And Surprise 04/22/2022 Vittorio Rabboni No
Hot Chic Vintage A Vintage Smoke Hot Chic With A Gun 04/15/2022 Musacci Performance Horses No
HR Pablo Picasso Tarysmart HR Dorn Rosely 05/24/2022 Robert Josef Hoedl No
HR What A Sugar Wave What A Wave Smartin Sugarpie 04/03/2022 Robert Josef Hoedl No
HSG Sparkleshinegun HH Shining Gun Star Sparkle Whiz 06/12/2022 Tamara Kroselj No
HSG Shining Frost HH Shining Gun AC Jac Tari 86 05/02/2022 Tamara Kroselj No
HSG Shining Rufs Gun HH Shining Gun JF Rufs Slydin Lena 06/14/2022 Tamara Kroselj No
HSG Shiningsugargun HH Shining Gun Sonitas Lena Chic 05/09/2022 Tamara Kroselj No
I Am A Ruf Gun I Am A Ruf Boy RH Vanilla Spooks 04/05/2022 Sabrina Voglberger No
I Am Coda Gunners Chic Magnet Codacrome 03/11/2022 Larissa Breitbach No
Ice Hope Again Gunner Dun It Again Jamie Showgun 03/10/2022 Ambra Alice Bergese No
Ice Rainbo Spook Little Spook Wicked Ice Thunder Del Faro 04/10/2022 Alberto di Carmine No
Im Dunit N I Know It Hollywood Dun It Gunners Mojo 03/27/2022 Francesco Groppelli Yes
Im So Sparkling Spooks Gotta Spark Kr Ima Tejon 04/18/2022 Sabine Lisec No
Im Vintage Ninja Platinum Vintage Im Magnifique 03/24/2022 Katarzyna Roleska Yes
Ima Miss Walla Whiz Walla Whiz Crome Okielena Dunnit 04/16/2022 Raphaela Unterberger No
In Ya Dreamz Magnum Chic Dream GVR Gunalicious 05/19/2022 Claudia Scheunemann No
Inferno Whiz Guns Inferno Sixty Six TB Topsail Linda 02/03/2022 Irmgard Brendgens No
Inna Revolution Chexolution Sailor Whiz Ina 03/11/2022 Eyal Carmon No
Italian Maverick Walla Walla Whiz Blue Eyes Gun 03/08/2022 Daniele Giana No
Itsthatkindofmagic Shiners Voodoo Dr Nu Sugar Pep 05/22/2022 Michaela Kogler No
Jac Out My Waves What A Wave MS Emely Rietta 05/05/2022 Diana Edelhäuser No
Jag Custom Voodoo Shiners Voodoo Dr Custom Whizleen 03/20/2022 Aude Gruber No
Jag Gold Spat Face Pale Face Dunnit Nd Montenisa Spat 03/30/2022 Aude Gruber No
Jag Gunna Smart Chic Gunnatrashya PM Jazz Olena 05/18/2022 Aude Gruber No
Jas Guns For Chelsea Guns R For Shootin Little Chick O Lena 04/01/2022 Jas Horses No
JAS LIL COCO JANE Lil Joe Cash GFC OKIE CINDERELLA 06/21/2022 Jas Horses No
JAS MEGA SPARK Spooks Gotta Spark GFC Okie Doc 06/27/2022 Jas Horses No
Jas West Coast Katie Ifwhizswereguns Topy Gotta On Top 04/30/2022 Jas Horses No
Jenny Olena Spark Uncle Sparky CDS Holly Dolly Spat 05/23/2022 Thomas Sciascia No
JGH Platinum Giewont Platinum Vintage Miss Marilyn Morikas 05/25/2022 Joanna Górka No
JJ A Cute Dr Shiners Voodoo Dr Spool Pop Chex 01/04/2022 J&J Comm V No
JJ Hip Hip Hoorah Ricochet Rooster Chic Chic Hoorah 01/02/2022 J&J Comm V No
JJ Licencetokill Ricochet Rooster Tinsel Rey 05/21/2022 J&J Comm V No
JJ SHELBY OLENA J Jac Olena RS Foxy Olena Jac 04/27/2022 Fabio De Iulio No
JJ Shine N Slide Colonels Shining Gun Spook N Ruffles 01/09/2022 J&J Comm V No
Joe Like Cash Wimpys Little Sanjoe Peppy Lil Joke 02/25/2022 David Roux No
Joesgunnabeabigstar ARC Gunnabeabigstar White Out Brady 04/16/2022 Zen De Witt No
Joy Independence Maytheforcebewhizyou Sparks Almond Joy 03/29/2022 Matteo Capello No
JPR Tari Tawa 66 Inferno Sixty Six BMS Bay Bee Tari 04/19/2022 Pia Kronseder No
Kate Got A Gun Colonels Shining Gun Whiz Satin Tucker 04/22/2022 Netty Kuhn-Grassi No
Katie Blues Colonels Shining Gun Blues At The Bar 04/05/2022 Edith Zenouda No
Katman Snowden Sharp Dressed Shiner Wimpys Sweet Dualer 04/02/2022 Yvonne Schüßler No
Kb kiss me again Gunner Dunnit Again Smart Whizzin Jenny 05/24/2022 Koen Brutsaert No
KC April Little Chic ARC A Step Above April Sun Burst 04/22/2022 Luca Cocola No
KH Dark City Girl Best Spook Step A Little Closer 02/17/2022 Sara Karasova No
KN Blue Diamond RS Nebbiolo Blue Rooster Sail N Glo 03/20/2022 Andrea Castrucci No
KN Sunshine MRH Chisum KN Miss Chic Tari 02/14/2022 Andrea Castrucci No
KS Dunit Athena Spatatino Hustle In Hollywood 02/22/2022 Kennel Quarter Horses No
Lady Whiz A Crome Walla Whiz Crome VR Okie Lady 05/13/2022 Kerstin Lill No
Lafayette Montloup Colonels Shining Gun Joes Lil Chica 03/10/2022 Stéphanie Benetiere Yes
Late Night Talks AB Peppy Diamond Stylish Guns 02/27/2022 Jennifer Kronsteiner-Nixdorf No
LBS Bet On Dancer Bet On A Step Meredith Lady Dancer 05/21/2022 Tenuta Londi Soc Agricola Srl No
LBS Wimpy Magnetic Bet On A Step LBS Crystal Magnetic 05/29/2022 Tenuta Londi Soc Agricola Srl No
Lean Cash With Me Lil Joe Cash Wishin With Me 04/18/2022 Marta Mianowska No
Legendtrashya Gunnatrashya Barena Bonds Badger 04/21/2022 Simon Bilger Yes
Lemon Peppy Spooks Gotta Lime Torina In Peppy 04/08/2022 Daniele Giana No
Lenas Chic Magnet Gunners Chic Magnet Dry Lena Lu 04/19/2022 Christian Teipel No
Let It Boom Call Me Mr Voodoo Lil Sweetness Gun 04/23/2022 Stefan Loeffler No
Let Me Be Your Hero Not Ruf At All Chekaspook 05/29/2022 Schlager Nestelberger Partnership No
Letz Face It Pale Face Dunnit RS Shadow Olena 04/20/2022 Aurora O'Keeffe No
LG Gold Frost N Sun Jupiter Of Sun Terrific Sailor 06/13/2022 Giada Alí No
LG Top Style Gun Whiz Shining Style RH Smoking Late 02/02/2022 Giada Alí No
LH Shining Gun Smoke Colonels Shining Gun BMS Tarielita 03/25/2022 Kevin Quint No
LH Smoking Cowgirl Cromeds Cowboy Gunnersshineybrunett 05/20/2022 Gustaf Jerenas No
LH Wimpys Black Step Black Gotta Gun Wimpys Golden Baby 06/02/2022 Gustaf Jerenas No
Liemax First Catwalk Tricked Out Spook Sharp Dressed Diva 05/31/2022 Lien Van Cauwenbergh No
Lil Smart Jolene Lil Joe Cash Starbrights Spook 03/03/2022 JK HORSES JANEZ KASTELIC JANEZ KASTELIC No
Lillybethquarryqueen ARC A Step Above Ima Quarry Snapple 05/24/2022 Alberton Davide No
Linusandthebanjogun No Smoking Required Banjo Baby 06/16/2022 Andrea Krauthaeuser No
Little Girl Above ARC A Step Above The Rust Neversleeps 05/01/2022 marcello pelliccioni No
Little Redneck QT Red N Run Miss Melody Gump BB 05/17/2022 Katrin Beckmann-Kroeger No
Little Yankee FC Yankee Gun Molly Bluberry 03/02/2022 Francesco Chiaverini No
Littlegunridinghood Honey First Gunny Littlepinkridinghood 05/22/2022 Vittorio Rabboni No
LJ Smart Shiny Rose Docs Shining Rose Smart Spooky Cat BB 03/30/2022 Dries De Cremer No
LL Show Must Go On In Like Flinn Magnum Chic N Chex 01/08/2022 Lara Lorengo No
LL Voodoo Doll Shiners Voodoo Dr Magnum Chic N Chex 02/03/2022 Lara Lorengo No
LN Miss Star Gun Hollywood Gun Dunnit Boggies Rooster 02/27/2022 Antonio Piccolo No
LOV BLUSKEETSURPRISE Skeets Dun Sau O Pea 02/20/2022 Carlo Lovisetto No
LR Shine Like Spook Undercover Spook ND Miraclfrozenshiny 06/02/2022 Valerie Metens No
LR Smoking Rooster Rooster Hick CN Mifi New Dancer 04/10/2022 Leonardo Radicchi No
LR Trickedwhizspark Tricked Out Spook Black Magic Banjo 06/05/2022 Valerie Metens No
LS Frozen Spark Kitas Spark SG Imacioccoice 02/25/2022 Lorenzo Speranzini No
Lu Cromed Doc Cielo Mercedes Rooster Doc Hollywood Quack 04/23/2022 Ludmila Poliachova No
LV Cromeshine Custom Rooster LV Queen Moonshine 05/07/2022 Monika Julinova No
LV Letsdrinkwhizkey Dun It For Whizkey Kea Chex 05/19/2022 Monika Julinova No
LV Muy Buen Whizkey Dun It For Whizkey LV Bueno Chex 05/14/2022 Monika Julinova No
LV Shine Joe Cash Lil Joe Cash RR Shine In Rome 06/18/2022 Monika Julinova No
LV Whizkey For Peppy Dun It For Whizkey Ying Yang Peppy 05/01/2022 Monika Julinova No
LVR Gottalotofspark Spooks Gotta Spark LVR Colonels Chic 05/07/2022 Linda Verstappen No
LVR Rock Chic Shine Chic Shine Heirloome 05/30/2022 Linda Verstappen No
LVR Topgun Shines Americasnexttopgun Juana Sparkle 05/29/2022 Linda Verstappen No
Mag Chickn Gunners Chic Magnet The Ladys A Lil Ruf 05/15/2022 Florian Kainz No
Magic Voodoo Doll Shiners Voodoo Dr Magica Lena 03/16/2022 Beate Doris Plueckhan No
Magnet Dun It Gunners Chic Magnet San Nugget Dun It 05/13/2022 Irmgard Brendgens No
Magneto Boom Gunners Chic Magnet Boomernics Command 03/27/2022 Isabeau Rohde No
Magnetolena Gunners Chic Magnet Olenas Kathy 01/08/2022 Isabeau Rohde No
Magnetude Gunners Chic Magnet BR Paddywood 02/28/2022 Sebastian Eisler No
Magnum Gun Dun It Gunner Dun It Again Jessies Lil Dreamer 05/22/2022 Vittorio Rabboni No
Magnum Mooncrush PS Mega Shine Chic GP Magnificent Dream 04/22/2022 Roberta Gianformaggio No
Magnum Sliding Spark Magnum Chic Dream Ariel Slide 04/14/2022 Igor Rovatti No
Magnums Legend Magnum Chic Dream JP Get Ready Missy 05/17/2022 Meli Ostermaier No
Magnus Magnum Chic Dream Super Prized Whiz 04/14/2022 Matthias Gruber No
Majestic Allfred Not Ruf At All Walla Walla Glitter 04/21/2022 Edith Hochmair No
Malicious Gun Metallic Malice Smoking Two Step 05/10/2022 Thierry Willigsecker No
Mandorla Spook Smart Spook Sparks Almond Joy 04/20/2022 Rosanne Sternberg No
Margaritasmonstergun Wimpy Margarita Chesterina Gun 04/23/2022 Alexander Gräber No
Marilyn Little Spook Little Spook Wicked San Diamond Raw 05/20/2022 biagio marzio No
Mathilda For Me Gunner Little Jewel Footworks For Me 04/26/2022 Thomas Sciascia No
Maximum Spooks Spooks Gotta Spark Chocolate Enterprise 05/31/2022 Marco Filimberti No
Maybe Yankee Yankee Gun Pepita Tary 05/01/2022 PAOLO PETTENA No
MB Little Macchiato Badgers Shiningspark Miss Little Whiz 01/27/2022 Melanie Bizet No
MB Sparkinthedarknes Badgers Shiningspark Miss Cajun Peppy 02/16/2022 Melanie Bizet No
MBN Gunna Cee Gunnatrashya ARC Who Do You Cee 04/10/2022 Felix Jankowski No
MBN Gunnaelectric Gunnatrashya Holly Electric 04/14/2022 Giuseppe Muzi No
MD PENNSYLVANIA LADY RS Great Jac Feona RS Shine Onthe Beach 05/30/2022 Mauro Vittorelli No
MDH Guns R Shiney Guns R For Shootin Shinin In Tinseltown 04/22/2022 Marie Hermal No
Mega Dressed Sharp Dressed Shiner Goodlooken Texana 03/20/2022 La Mesa Performance Horses No
Megaelectric C Electric Code Mega Planet 06/10/2022 Fabio Cerri No
Megasnow C Electric Snow Mega Planet 04/25/2022 Fabio Cerri No
MH Guns R For Glory Guns R For Shootin ML Glorious In Blue 04/13/2022 Marcello Maritano No
MH Lil Tora Cash Lil Joe Cash Charmitaz 04/18/2022 Marcello Maritano No
Midnight Whiz Hesa Mega Whiz KN Miss Skeet Badger 02/25/2022 Andrea Castrucci No
Mifi Oleaner Mc Oleaner Frosty Millennium 05/17/2022 Christin Hilling No
Miledysugarhollywood Sugar Little Step Buffy In Hollywood 03/18/2022 MASSIMO CELLI No
Milkshot Colonels Shining Gun Finest Copyshot 01/14/2022 Schlager Nestelberger Partnership No
Millenium Voodoo FC Shiners Voodoo Dr Mifilinda Spat 06/14/2022 Francesco Chiaverini No
Miracle Shining Gun Badgers Shiningspark FL Jessie Gun Sue 06/23/2022 Corinna Meffert No
Miranda Montloup A Vintage Smoke CC Chica Whiz 04/26/2022 Stéphanie Benetiere No
Miss Fifty Gun Walla Whiz Crome Lil Guns Miss 05/07/2022 Marion Hausberger No
Miss Smoking Queen Chicks Smokingun Sailor Glo 04/10/2022 Sabine Schmid No
Missgottaspooks Spooks Gotta Whiz Missing The Boogie 05/24/2022 Jan Van Der Auwera No
Mister Frozen Boon SG Frozen Enterprize Im Gunna Slide 03/13/2022 Vittorio Breccia No
Mitch Maggun Gunners Chic Magnet Candle Smoke Ocurtis 05/02/2022 Miriam Niemeyer-Krause No
ML Vale Shining Gun Colonels Shining Gun ML Surprise Jac 02/14/2022 ML Quarter Horse No
MM Guns R For Flamee Guns R For Shootin Muyconquistadorflame 05/29/2022 Mateja Vesel No
MM Lil Cash Dun It Lil Joe Cash Twisted Diamonds 04/01/2022 Mateja Vesel No
Mobsters Great Gun Electric Snow Mobsters Lil Chic 02/09/2022 Corinna Meffert No
Modern Magnetic Modern Gun MV Miss Chocolatekid 01/17/2022 Sabrina Ludwig No
MP SPOOKS TIME Spooks Gotta Lime lady pepto time 05/09/2022 Massimiliano Pietrini No
Mr Electric Shock Colonels Shining Gun Electric Cranberry 06/06/2022 Roberto Morosi No
Mr Whiz Magnetic Chic Magnetic Conquistadors Pearl 05/23/2022 Lukas Seebacher No
Mrsmarttrickedspook Tricked Out Spook Smart Chic Star 06/02/2022 Ed Gosen No
Mrtrickedoutsunburst Tricked Out Spook Pine Flashy Sunburst 03/28/2022 Ed Gosen No
MS Gunwhiz Tinseltownsmokingun ARC Ms Whiz 01/27/2022 LG Quarter Horses No
MT Lttle Walter GP Shinerstargazer MT Sweet Rumblebee 05/28/2022 Imelda Maertens No
MT Nice Little Willy GP Shinerstargazer GP Jacolena Jolie 05/19/2022 Imelda Maertens No
Muddy Shining Gun Colonels Shining Gun Kabootles Black Oak 02/23/2022 Carola Fiorini No
MV Guns N Roses Pale Face Dunnit Joy Scarface 04/17/2022 Matteo Vedovato No
My Baby Shine Whiz Shining Style Cnsweet Mifi Bambina 04/12/2022 Alice Marinoni No
My Best Surpriz Best Spook Lil Dry Surpriz 05/25/2022 Katharina Entner No
My Girly Bandit Dont Miss My Guns Conquistador Girl 06/23/2022 David Roux No
My Mom Is A Queen Chicks Smokingun Custom Regina 02/02/2022 Guido Gandelli No
My Shining Bruce Walla Walla Whiz Shine On Ruff 04/29/2022 Codan NV No
ND Magnetic Step Gunners Chic Magnet Dun Step N Out 04/29/2022 Nathalie Derua Yes
Next Step Wimpys Little Step Buenonics Doughter 04/01/2022 Giuseppe Prevosti No
NG WHO THE GUN Gunnatrashya Who Whiz Roani 05/07/2022 Nik Grün No
Nickynixsixtysix Inferno Sixty Six Coeur With A Mission 04/30/2022 Esther Overduin Pietersma No
Nics Whizzy Spooks Gotta Whiz Nicsrein 02/06/2022 Gestut LQH No
Nifty Hope Of Sky Gotta Nifty Gun San Badger Lady Chex 04/20/2022 Diego Peruffo No
Niftysgoldeninferno Inferno Sixty Six Niftys American Amy 05/04/2022 Isabelle Fricke No
Ninety Nine Percent Chicks Smokingun Custom Lena Whiz 04/27/2022 Bernice Engel No
NM Make Me Shine Walla Walla Shine NM Gunsnroses 04/20/2022 Nils Molitor No
NN Gunstein Gunners Chic Magnet Revolutionary Sara 04/09/2022 Nicole Lungen No
NN Whiz Magnetic Gunners Chic Magnet ND Star Izzy Whiz 05/13/2022 Nicole Lungen No
Not A Diva At All BB Not Ruf At All Hollywood Diva BB 04/29/2022 Eifel Gold Ranch Baeck Yes
Not A Ruf Walla Chic Not Ruf At All Walla Walla Chics 04/08/2022 Istvan Horog No
Not Sail At All Mr Not Ruf At All Topsail Hollywood 04/01/2022 Matese Ranch No
Not Trash At All Not Ruf At All Alpha Chexistrash 05/16/2022 Joke Overbeek Fennema No
NT Phantom Katie Gun Phantom Face Bella Smartlena 04/24/2022 Caterina Cocchini No
NT Shining Bar Colonels Shining Gun Jacs Mini Bar 06/22/2022 Caterina Cocchini No
NU Chex Chic Olena Chex For Spark Showtime Chic Olena 05/18/2022 Vittorio Rabboni No
Nu It All MH Not Ruf At All Nu Smokin Crome 03/21/2022 Martina Hable No
NW Custom Whiz A Gun LVM Dunit Whiz A Gun Crome Plated Rose 04/25/2022 Freya Waida No
NW ELECTRIC GUNGIRL Ref Black Mamba TR Girlie Guns 05/05/2022 Freya Waida No
oak jack pride DF Fire Fox Pride cp red oak 05/14/2022 Saverio Parrotta No
Oaks Boomernic Lady Oaks Lone Pepto Ot Boompepp 02/17/2022 Vittorio Rabboni No
Oaks Electric Spark Jaba Oak PC Electric Lena 05/21/2022 Elizabeth Bakker No
Oh My Cats Oh Cay Mc Cat Oaks 05/23/2022 ANDREA PANIZZA No
Ohlaugh Walla Whiz Crome Mrs Gun Runner 03/22/2022 Norbert Nestelberger No
OL Snapple Spark Spark N Whiz Gingersnapple 03/08/2022 Luca Ottaviani No
Olena Dun It Again Gunner Dun It Again Miss Miffy Rum Olena 05/01/2022 Fabio Bervini No
Olenas Midnight Gun Shine My Gun Lets Go Smart Olena 04/05/2022 Sebastian Bucher No
Olivia Spook Spook A Little Zan Hickorina 03/28/2022 Fabrizio Ferretti No
Once Upon A Slide Colonels Shining Gun Revolution Chex 05/28/2022 Christina Gruber Yes
One Arm Bandit Dont Miss My Guns GB Lady Cat 03/08/2022 David Roux No
OT Tuning The Mood OT Jacs On The Moon Great Tune 04/06/2022 Appaloosa S R L No
Pandamic Walla Whiz Crome Spark N Silver 04/15/2022 Tina Wilk No
Papa Joe Smooth Move Chex Prosecco Enterprise 05/31/2022 Heidi Wallner No
PC Cinderellas Dream PC Magnum Step Dream Spanish Lira 02/10/2022 Az Agr Cortesi Piero No
PC Mago Merlino PC Magnum Step Dream PC Galina Rooster 04/26/2022 Az Agr Cortesi Piero No
PC Mermaid For Me PC Magnum Step Dream PC Sliderina For Me 02/27/2022 Az Agr Cortesi Piero No
PC Walla Wall E PC Magnum Step Dream VB Walla Walla Tina 03/09/2022 Az Agr Cortesi Piero No
PD Elektra Gun Lil Smokeing Gun Antar Bueno 01/05/2022 Paolo Driussi Yes
Pending 661301 Reining Whiz Spooky Ruffina 01/27/2022 SV Quarter Horses No
Pending 661968 Yankee Gun sunday sailor smoke 01/25/2022 DANIELE GASPONI No
Pending 662097 RS Polyphemus Jac IC Mifillinda Dry 05/12/2022 Pierre Alboud No
Pending 662171 PS Mega Shine Chic Supertrump Out 04/25/2022 Il Colle Del Falco No
Pending 662235 Colonels Shining Gun DOUBLE LIZ FIVE CODY 01/14/2022 Eleonora Lavazza No
Pending 662332 Spooks Gotta Spark Spanish Soraya 02/24/2022 Domenica Gadaleta No
Pending 662491 Custom Ryan Im So Pretty Ca 05/10/2022 Sara Rovinalti No
Pending 662510 Shiners Voodoo Twist N Gun 05/26/2022 Kimberly Wegner No
Pending 662516 Spooks Gotta Whiz Ps Lola Chick Tari 03/27/2022 Veronika Empl No
Pending 662531 With Pleasure F Sophie For Bo 04/04/2022 Alessandro Dezzutto No
Pending 662608 Yankee Gun MB Delphine Peppy 02/10/2022 margherita pera No
Pending 662706 Maytheforcebewhizyou Spat Luxury Gun 04/29/2022 Lorenzo Ranucci No
Pending 662712 Shiners Voodoo Jp Cashing Starlight 06/07/2022 Timo Reichhart No
Pending 662800 Honey First Gunny De Eyed Spooky 03/28/2022 Antonio Pietrafesa No
Pending 662950 Walla Whiz Crome ARC Yellow N Lime 04/07/2022 Nuria Puig Ribas Yes
Pending 662953 Colonel Smoking Gun ARC Yellow N Lime 06/06/2022 Nuria Puig Ribas No
Pending 663019 Tari Whizin Maximum Sweet 05/13/2022 Heike Schmider No
Pending 663076 Spooks Gotta Whiz Chicas Gotta Gun 05/12/2022 Silke Stein No
Pending 663088 Gunners Chic Magnet Sheza Custom Crome 02/07/2022 Hartmut Kalk No
Pending 663134 Magnum Chic Dream Sheza Strait Shooter 04/16/2022 June Gobert No
Pending 663209 Maytheforcebewhizyou Great Eva 04/07/2022 Cristina Serra No
Pending 663227 Guns R For Shootin MISTY CODY WHIZ 04/28/2022 Pier Paolo Fattori No
Pending 663283 Walla Whiz Crome Sharp Chiclet 04/06/2022 Platinum-Stables Gmbh No
Pending 663298 Maytheforcebewhizyou Chic Boogie Rose 03/25/2022 Fabio Cartia No
Pending 663299 In Like Flinn FNL Boggie Vintage 04/10/2022 Fabio Cartia No
Pending 663325 03/06/2022 Martin Šraj Yes
Pending 663370 A Vintage Smoke Parsley Thyme 05/12/2022 Maruša Kuncic No
Pending 663380 Spooks Gotta Whiz A Spark Of Genius 03/27/2022 Carlo Sala No
Pending 663381 Gunners Special Nite Luga Whiz 04/29/2022 Carlo Sala No
Pending 663394 Gunners Frostbite Chex Miss Sparklena 02/25/2022 Christian Zaccaria No
Pending 663412 Mister Little Uno sk spirited sayo 05/08/2022 Sabina Pavlova No
Pending 663446 Colonels Shining Gun SK Great Future 02/12/2022 Natalie Kucikova No
Pending 663457 Gunnatrashya spatenprize 03/23/2022 AZ. AGR. LA PIANA DEL ROSSO No
Pending 663480 Tricked Out Spook Walhalla Ruf 05/15/2022 Michaela Bachleitner No
Pending 663503 Spooks Gotta Whiz Wimpys Lil Diva 02/04/2022 Ruggero Prevedel No
Pending 663507 05/07/2022 Guenter Kammerer No
Pending 663538 Wimpy Margarita Buenonici 04/20/2022 Manuela Kumerer No
Pending 663551 Smart Chic Olena Cromed Whiztress 02/01/2022 BH Farm No
Pending 663552 Dun It For Whizkey Sayos Last To Spook 01/22/2022 BH Farm No
Pending 663553 Smart Chic Olena Shine A Belle 03/13/2022 BH Farm No
Pending 663554 Topsail Whiz Star Wimpis Delmaso 03/10/2022 BH Farm No
Pending 663555 Colonels Shining Gun Capitano Mattolina 04/27/2022 BH Farm No
Pending 663556 Lil Joe Cash Miss Little Lina 04/23/2022 BH Farm No
Pending 663557 Gunners Special Nite Shine A Belle 05/09/2022 BH Farm No
Pending 663558 Inferno Sixty Six Nu Redskinspat Delmas 05/08/2022 BH Farm No
Pending 663559 LMC Im Topsail Dunit Snappy My Magic 04/28/2022 Andrea Parolari No
Pending 663561 Guns R For Shootin Be Hyena Olena 04/27/2022 Giuliani Vittorio No
Pending 663583 RS Great Jac Feona RS Collistar Hglo 04/13/2022 Claudio Risso No
Pending 663586 SG Frozen Enterprize Gunna Sing 05/05/2022 Giorgio Guida No
Pending 663587 RS Great Jac Feona RS Red Moon Olena 03/30/2022 Giorgio Guida No
Pending 663589 Magnum Chic Dream Nu Chex Donna 03/15/2022 Giorgio Guida No
Pending 663591 Spooks Gotta Whiz A Spark Of Genius 04/13/2022 Giorgio Guida No
Pending 663592 PS Mega Shine Chic Foxy Lil Catalyst 04/07/2022 Giorgio Guida No
Pending 663593 PS Mega Shine Chic Gunnamonster 04/23/2022 Giorgio Guida No
Pending 663595 No Smoking Required Star Dun Its 05/09/2022 Giorgio Guida No
Pending 663596 Magnum Chic Dream WIMPIS PRECIOUS STEP 04/29/2022 Giorgio Guida No
Pending 663597 PS Mega Shine Chic Be Stylish With Me 04/15/2022 Giorgio Guida No
Pending 663598 Not Ruf At All ARC Customattic 04/17/2022 Giorgio Guida No
Pending 663599 Not Ruf At All Mistis Chex Olena 02/14/2022 Società Agricola CD Horses SRL No
Pending 663600 Shiners Voodoo Danger Trash 05/25/2022 Società Agricola CD Horses SRL No
Pending 663601 Shiners Voodoo Dr La Marka De Gunner 01/05/2022 Società Agricola CD Horses SRL No
Pending 663614 Colonels Shining Gun Sailor Peppy Candy 06/10/2022 Azienda Agricola Dalla Piccola Giuliano No
Pending 663615 Chic N Roost Pic A Whiz 05/17/2022 Azienda Agricola Dalla Piccola Giuliano No
Pending 663628 Little Rooster Spark Tuckers Starlight 05/08/2022 Jayson Henri Yes
Pending 663637 Black Gotta Gun Double Honey Whiz 05/12/2022 Fabio Polesel No
Pending 663660 Spook A Little FB Amelie Spooksdry 03/04/2022 Laterza Benito No
Pending 663699 What A Wave 04/22/2022 Janine Ketterer Yes
Pending 663703 Yankee Gun OT Taris Honey Bunny 04/30/2022 Giulia Ballantini No
Pending 663711 Gunners Tinseltown Wii Fii Blue 05/10/2022 Tomas Colli No
Pending 663713 Not Ruf At All Cashing Big Chexs 04/02/2022 Christine Wilinski No
Pending 663718 Colonels Shining Gun AR Icegirl Chex 04/13/2022 Daniel Moro No
Pending 663720 Spat Olena RS Hollywood Hglo 04/16/2022 Giorgio Guida No
Pending 663723 RS Nebbiolo Blue Sweet Doll Mr 05/23/2022 Enea Di Marzio No
Pending 663724 Spatatino Honey And Milk 05/14/2022 Enea Di Marzio No
Pending 663727 Wimpy Crashed Ice Afancy Resolution 05/05/2022 Sebastian Bucher No
Pending 663742 Gunners Special Nite Miss Dual Train 03/08/2022 Marion Hoffmann No
Pending 663744 Whiz Shining Style Finest Golden Grace 04/10/2022 Marion Hoffmann No
Pending 663782 Rooster Got A Gun Snappy Olena 05/28/2022 Massimiliano Savi No
Pending 663783 Spooks Gotta Whiz Docs Steady San 04/15/2022 Elisa Bregoli No
Pending 663804 Colonels Shining Gun Million Dollar Pippa 04/17/2022 Amber Heidbuchel No
Pending 663805 Inferno Sixty Six RS Vega Feo Jac 04/22/2022 Amber Heidbuchel No
Pending 663844 Inferno Sixty Six Dress Up Ruff 03/08/2022 Silke Stein No
Pending 663882 Americasnexttopgun Juicy Doll 05/16/2022 Kathrin Bruemmer No
Pending 663894 Custom Ryan Gunners Desert Rose 04/20/2022 Fabio Polesel No
Pending 663983 Tricked Out Spook May Be Boom 05/27/2022 Mara Ghezzi No
Pending 663986 Yankee Gun Lady Marmorina 05/26/2022 Antonio Piccolo No
Pending 664003 Colonel Barbee Dream CR Sunrise 06/28/2022 Jean Marc Duclos No
Pending 664004 Colonel Barbee Dream Lily Gun 06/16/2022 Jean Marc Duclos No
Pending 664012 ARC A Step Above Leyla Little Dun It 03/23/2022 Cristina Serra No
Pending 664013 In Like Flinn MAMASITA CHEX 05/26/2022 Paolo Quaini No
Pending 664028 Ima Spooks Too OT Belle 03/08/2022 Karin Machalek No
Pending 664030 Jupiter Of Sun Cat n glo 03/29/2022 Soc. Agricola Sole Rosso ss di Santori e Solarino No
Pending 664031 ARC A Step Above Chic Olena Rooster 03/30/2022 Soc. Agricola Sole Rosso ss di Santori e Solarino No
Pending 664032 Kitas Spark Lea Wimpys MR 01/31/2022 Francesca B No
Pending 664033 Lil Smokeing Gun Helena Starlight 04/02/2022 Francesca B No
Pending 664034 Lil Smokeing Gun Gam Lady Madonna 05/17/2022 Francesca B No
Pending 664070 SG Frozen Enterprize Zananna Revolution 05/31/2022 Elisabetta Raviola No
Pending 664071 Spatatino Not Only Smoke 05/31/2022 Elisabetta Raviola No
Pending 664072 Not Ruf At All Sweet Candy Dream 04/25/2022 Elisabetta Raviola No
Pending 664074 PS Mega Shine Chic ER Blue Gun Whiz 03/22/2022 Elisabetta Raviola No
Pending 664075 Spooks Gotta Whiz Shining Angel Lena 01/11/2022 Elisabetta Raviola No
Pending 664076 Guns R For Shootin Take The Ice 05/02/2022 Elke Erschbamer Yes
Pending 664078 Gotta Nifty Gun Frozen desy 05/06/2022 Carola Toia No
Pending 664081 Dun It For Whizkey Big Micky Chic 04/17/2022 Schlager Nestelberger Partnership No
Pending 664083 SG Frozen Enterprize Chocolate De Leche 05/25/2022 Zeidelhof Reining Horses No
Pending 664084 A Vintage Smoke Star Hollywood Smart 04/15/2022 Zeidelhof Reining Horses No
Pending 664085 Not Ruf At All My Rosy Gundee 04/01/2022 Zeidelhof Reining Horses No
Pending 664086 Magnum Chic Dream My Bonita Starlight 05/09/2022 Zeidelhof Reining Horses No
Pending 664087 Smart Spook Just Miss Enterprise 06/04/2022 Zeidelhof Reining Horses No
Pending 664090 Spatatino Sheza Smoken CD 01/15/2022 Azienda Agricola Pegaso No
Pending 664091 MV War Paint Frozen Peppy A 03/12/2022 Azienda Agricola Pegaso No
Pending 664092 Gunners Special Nite Poco Lena Enterprise 05/27/2022 Elena Gunter No
Pending 664093 Spooks Gotta Whiz Raise The Dealer 05/10/2022 Elena Gunter No
Pending 664105 Black Gotta Gun Daisy win olena 04/25/2022 Fabio Polesel No
Pending 664111 Piccolo Spanish RR BABY CUSTOM 04/17/2022 massimo bastianello No
Pending 664112 Spatatino Miss Oak Enterprise 05/07/2022 Sara Fabbri No
Pending 664129 Maytheforcebewhizyou Spook On Sunshine 04/10/2022 Donadeo Filippo No
Pending 664133 A Vintage Smoke Magic Marienterprise 05/02/2022 Perego Giordano No
Pending 664134 PS Mega Shine Chic Sheza Topsail Olena 04/06/2022 Perego Giordano No
Pending 664135 One Gun Sissy Fallingstar 05/31/2022 Martina Battaglia No
Pending 664142 AB Peppy Diamond Face Time 03/03/2022 Jennifer Kronsteiner-Nixdorf No
Pending 664144 Lil Joe Cash Miss Gunnagunna 03/04/2022 Giulia Mandaletti No
Pending 664145 Guns R For Shootin Imamelodymaker 04/22/2022 Giulia Mandaletti No
Pending 664146 Walla Walla Whiz Wimpys Pattie Cake 04/24/2022 Giulia Mandaletti No
Pending 664147 Not Ruf At All Spat Starlight 04/25/2022 Giulia Mandaletti No
Pending 664151 Guns R For Shootin Arc Shinin Valentine 04/12/2022 Elisabetta Raviola No
Pending 664152 Spooks Gotta Whiz Sailors Delite 03/30/2022 Soldo Serafino No
Pending 664170 Spooks Gotta Whiz Step It Up Sister 04/16/2022 Y Quarter Horses No
Pending 664171 Spooks Gotta Sun Smart Obsession 03/30/2022 Helmut Schulz No
Pending 664172 Spooks Gotta Sun Smart Evita O Rima 03/24/2022 Helmut Schulz No
Pending 664173 Spooks Gotta Sun A Jazzy Vintage 04/17/2022 Helmut Schulz No
Pending 664175 Spooks Gotta Sun Dunnit Like Easter 04/16/2022 Helmut Schulz No
Pending 664176 Spooks Gotta Sun Gritty o Rima 04/26/2022 Helmut Schulz No
Pending 664177 Spooks Gotta Sun Authentic Smarima 04/12/2022 Helmut Schulz No
Pending 664178 Spooks Gotta Sun Whiz Indian Freckles 04/24/2022 Helmut Schulz No
Pending 664240 Magnum Chic Dream Miss Icy Cookie 03/26/2022 Emanuela Stefani No
Pending 664241 Yankee Gun Bm Guns N Marilyn 02/07/2022 Emanuela Stefani No
Pending 664242 Yankee Gun Icy Color 03/27/2022 Francesca Faro No
Pending 664245 Maytheforcebewhizyou Shine N Supreme 03/26/2022 Linda Verstappen No
Pending 664246 Gunnatrashya LVR Shiny N Nifty 05/20/2022 Linda Verstappen No
Pending 664247 Americasnexttopgun Juana Sparkle 05/05/2022 Linda Verstappen No
Pending 664251 BB One Miracled Gun Dark Blue River 05/11/2022 Andrea Pedrotti No
Pending 664252 Hey Joe Br Wimpy Little Whiz 04/25/2022 Bert Coeckelberghs No
Pending 664258 Jupiter Of Sun snap and rooster 02/17/2022 veronica cricini No
Pending 664271 Spooks Gotta Whiz Viva Ya Vida 03/20/2022 Anja Vogelsgesang No
Pending 664275 Yankee Gun SGA Hot Surprise 04/02/2022 Mario Spada No
Pending 664276 Guns R For Shootin RS Feo Pine Jac 02/03/2022 Mario Spada No
Pending 664278 Americasnexttopgun ER Moonlite Taco 03/22/2022 Mario Spada No
Pending 664279 PS Mega Shine Chic zag harlan Whiz 04/13/2022 Mario Spada No
Pending 664281 Pale Face Dunnit PB Great Sugar 02/04/2022 Mario Spada No
Pending 664282 Lil Smokeing Gun Shining Ginger Gun 04/02/2022 Mario Spada No
Pending 664305 Magnum With A Dream GP Smoking Gunny 04/16/2022 Luc Roelants No
Pending 664313 Shiners Voodoo HQ Solem Lee Mine 05/20/2022 Kevin Quint No
Pending 664314 Colonels Shining Gun Golden Dream Chic 04/04/2022 Caroline Channing No
Pending 664356 Mr Sparkle Joe Wishin Smart 06/12/2022 Adrian Motyka No
Pending 664366 A Vintage Smoke Stella Gun 04/15/2022 FC AMERICAN HORSES CERANTOLA No
Pending 664367 Spooks Gotta Sting Carnival Whiz 03/18/2022 FC AMERICAN HORSES CERANTOLA No
Pending 664372 Gunna Sparkle ARC Rooster N Magic 04/10/2022 Lenka Lukackova No
Pending 664373 Gunna Sparkle Harry Little Quarry 04/26/2022 Lenka Lukackova No
Pending 664374 Gunna Sparkle IMA DUN SUN MR 01/10/2022 Lenka Lukackova No
Pending 664375 Spooks Gotta Gun BB Surprisin Dance 03/09/2022 Lenka Lukackova No
Pending 664376 Gunner Wimpy Golden Crome 03/29/2022 Lenka Lukackova No
Pending 664410 Inferno Sixty Six Jac N Lime 02/26/2022 Ambrosini Quarter Horses ASD No
Pending 664411 Gallo Del Cielo Wimpys Surprise Chex 05/08/2022 Ambrosini Quarter Horses ASD No
Pending 664412 Colonels Shining Gun West Coast Chic 05/25/2022 Ambrosini Quarter Horses ASD No
Pending 664413 Not Ruf At All Woody Smart Emotion 04/15/2022 Sybille Jeske No
Pending 664415 GP A Spook In Town Paula First Gun 05/11/2022 Willem Langendoen No
Pending 664418 Americasnexttopgun Spat Gun Showtime 05/07/2022 Alessandro Frassa Yes
Pending 664432 Spooks Gotta Whiz Francin Chic Dream 05/14/2022 Grey Stone Ranch Gmbh Yes
Pending 664433 CPR Frozen Midnight CHICA GUN 04/20/2022 TANJA BUECHEL No
Pending 664435 In Like Flinn Wimpys Lil Chic 05/18/2022 Giorgio Guida No
Pending 664436 Spooks Gotta Whiz Shining Rock 05/29/2022 Giorgio Guida No
Pending 664437 Not Ruf At All Shining Rock 06/08/2022 Giorgio Guida No
Pending 664438 Spooks Gotta Whiz Geny Olena 01/19/2022 Sara Bevilacqua Yes
Pending 664452 Inferno Sixty Six Mare Made 05/11/2022 Società Agricola CD Horses SRL Yes
Pending 664455 Guns R For Shootin Arlena Chex 05/22/2022 Società Agricola CD Horses SRL No
Pending 664456 Lil Joe Cash Rawhides Holly 03/16/2022 Società Agricola CD Horses SRL No
Pending 664458 Spooks Gotta Whiz Duble Smart 04/11/2022 Società Agricola CD Horses SRL No
Pending 664462 Americasnexttopgun tilla spook 04/29/2022 Società Agricola CD Horses SRL No
Pending 664496 Maytheforcebewhizyou A Spark Of Genius 04/16/2022 Fabio De Iulio Yes
Pending 664501 Tricked Out Spook Peppermint Explosive 04/13/2022 Giuseppe Stringa Basile No
Pending 664545 Inferno Sixty Six PC Great For Me 06/07/2022 Soc Agr Pietracavalla SRL No
Pending 664546 Lil Joe Cash Spooks My Daddy 04/25/2022 Francesco Schippa No
Pending 664547 Custom Made Gun Arc Smart Chic Ghost 05/07/2022 Massimo Villa No
Pending 664549 Hollywood Gun Dunnit FL TOPSAIL LENA 04/25/2022 CAMPLESE MATTEO No
Pending 664555 Lil Smokeing Gun Frozen Lynx 02/02/2022 aurelio brienza No
Pending 664557 Pale Face Dunnit RH Shining Whiz 02/01/2022 Nora Gruber No
Pending 664559 SPOOK GOTTA GUN Shine Lady Gold 03/26/2022 Claude Aline Loew No
Pending 664560 Gunnatrashya As I Want 05/19/2022 Luca Destro No
Pending 664572 Yankee Gun SH Gunner Be Genese 06/08/2022 ROSA GABRIELE No
Pending 664590 Gunners Frostbite SPARKLENA PEPPY 02/28/2022 BARSANOFIO MORETTO No
Pending 664620 Power Snap Gun Snow White 02/02/2022 Giulio Luciani No
Pending 664628 ARC A Step Above Dottoressa 05/18/2022 Fanny Ubaldi No
Pending 664629 Whiz Shining Style puro valentina 06/17/2022 Fanny Ubaldi No
Pending 664646 Gunna Sparkle genuinebarbequesauce 05/01/2022 Lenka Lukackova No
Pending 664652 Maytheforcebewhizyou Capitana Nic 03/10/2022 Luigi Parise No
Pending 664653 Inferno Sixty Six Little Dolly Whiz 05/16/2022 Luigi Parise No
Pending 664654 Maytheforcebewhizyou PL Imperius Step 03/09/2022 Luigi Parise No
Pending 664655 Maytheforcebewhizyou GH Hollywoods Melody 05/06/2022 Luigi Parise No
Pending 664674 Shiners Voodoo Dr Spooks Jasmine 03/27/2022 Nathalie Derua No
Pending 664675 Gunners Special Nite Pudding Pop 04/04/2022 Nathalie Derua No
Pending 664677 Tinseltown Fly Guy Gunnatrashya Dunit 03/30/2022 Nathalie Derua No
Pending 664678 Tinseltown Fly Guy Lil Juicy Fruit 04/19/2022 Nathalie Derua No
Pending 664679 Walla Walla Whiz Queen Of Guns 04/13/2022 Nathalie Derua No
Pending 664680 Gunners Special Nite Hustle Up A Star 05/05/2022 Nathalie Derua No
Pending 664681 Shine Chic Shine Pop Tart 05/04/2022 Nathalie Derua No
Pending 664700 Gunners Chic Magnet Rosita Hollywood King 02/04/2022 Barbora Tomkova No
Pending 664717 Dunnit Like A Master Smokin Sailor Jazzy 03/09/2022 Impresa Agricola Cuoghi No
Pending 664718 Gunnatrashya San July Jo Magnetic 04/11/2022 Impresa Agricola Cuoghi No
Pending 664719 Gunnatrashya Littlemermaids 05/05/2022 Impresa Agricola Cuoghi No
Pending 664720 Gunnatrashya Tivios Little Dun It 03/30/2022 Impresa Agricola Cuoghi Yes
Pending 664728 Colonels Shining Gun CC Little Red Gun 04/20/2022 AZ AG Piero Pollarini SRL No
Pending 664729 Colonels Shining Gun Cn Arena Queen 06/12/2022 AZ AG Piero Pollarini SRL No
Pending 664761 Gunnawood Nite Ddespecialenterprise 04/24/2022 Gianluca Ferrero No
Pending 664762 Lil Smokeing Gun SAILOR LEELA 05/22/2022 SAUL SACCHI No
Pending 664763 Jaba Oak Rz Little Shotty 05/24/2022 Luca Zeni No
Pending 664764 Not Ruf At All Rz Filina Whiz 04/30/2022 Luca Zeni No
Pending 664766 Guns R For Shootin Helluvas Shining Star 04/01/2022 Lorenzo Drauli No
Pending 664767 Colonel Mifi Lena Jabalena 05/30/2022 Andrea Proto No
Pending 664768 Colonel Mifi Lena Ellevi Jac Alice 05/24/2022 Andrea Proto No
Pending 664809 Whizdom Shines Blue Berry Giada 05/23/2022 Luca Chemolli No
Pending 664813 ARC A Step Above Pale Rose Dunnit 03/15/2022 Nadine Kamintzky No
Pending 664828 Chic Magnetic pm footworks jester 03/19/2022 ANTONELLO GASBARRO No
Pending 664829 Inferno Sixty Six VQH Tyson Therapy 01/20/2022 Nicola Fidanza No
Pending 664851 Spooks Gotta Spark Master Shortcake 03/18/2022 Azienda Agricola Pegaso No
Pending 664852 Yankee Gun Cust Away 07/21/2022 Azienda Agricola Pegaso No
Pending 664853 Nik Seco Chic ER HONEYMOON ONE 02/20/2022 SAUL SACCHI No
Pending 664854 HF Mobster Dance Little Spook 01/04/2022 Quarter Dream SRL Yes
Pending 664855 Sugar Little Spook Shine Like A Boom 01/10/2022 Quarter Dream SRL Yes
Pending 664856 Sugar Little Step FB Nike Pale Face 01/06/2022 Quarter Dream SRL Yes
Pending 664857 Inferno Sixty Six Shine Like A Babe 01/08/2022 Quarter Dream SRL Yes
Pending 664858 No Smoking Required Shine Like A Whiz 02/21/2022 Quarter Dream SRL Yes
Pending 664859 A Vintage Smoke Harrys Gun 03/30/2022 Quarter Dream SRL Yes
Pending 664860 Sugar Little Step Harrys Gun 04/05/2022 Quarter Dream SRL Yes
Pending 664861 ARC Gunnabeabigstar Shiney Top Lena 05/29/2022 Judith Erbler No
Pending 664870 Chicks Smokingun Morosita Whiz 03/27/2022 Stefan Jauer Yes
Pending 664871 Ricochet Rooster Shes Like A Star 03/13/2022 23 Quarter Horses SRL No
Pending 664872 Ricochet Rooster Drunk On Love 04/16/2022 23 Quarter Horses SRL No
Pending 664873 Not Ruf At All Antar Style 05/05/2022 23 Quarter Horses SRL No
Pending 664874 Magnum Chic Dream Sanditch Rooster 023 06/09/2022 23 Quarter Horses SRL No
Pending 664875 Ricochet Rooster Gunna B Dee One 03/29/2022 23 Quarter Horses SRL No
Pending 664876 Ricochet Rooster Roses for Einstein 04/07/2022 23 Quarter Horses SRL No
Pending 664883 Americasnexttopgun Spook Reyns 03/10/2022 Luigi Parise No
Pending 664917 Inferno Sixty Six Rooster Flash N Glo 04/11/2022 Quarter Dream SRL Yes
Pending 664918 Colonels Dancing Gun MRH Bonni In Diamond 04/15/2022 Quarter Dream SRL Yes
Pending 664919 Colonels Dancing Gun Fashions Dream 05/02/2022 Quarter Dream SRL Yes
Pending 664920 Gunner Dance Little Spook 05/10/2022 Quarter Dream SRL Yes
Pending 664921 A Vintage Smoke Full Step 05/10/2022 Quarter Dream SRL Yes
Pending 664922 Hollywood Dun It Dance Wimpy Spook 05/24/2022 Quarter Dream SRL Yes
Pending 664923 Gunner Dance Little Spook 05/25/2022 Quarter Dream SRL Yes
Pending 664924 Wimpys Little Step Harrys Gun 06/04/2022 Quarter Dream SRL Yes
Pending 664929 Inferno Sixty Six Pumpkin Rooster 04/08/2022 Koen Brutsaert Yes
Pending 664936 ARC A Step Above Wimpys Brooksinics 04/27/2022 Roberto Bottini No
Pending 664943 Gunnatrashya HA The Chic N Dance 03/24/2022 Hillis Akin Family Partnership No
Pending 664958 Chic Magnetic Catty Sailor Lena 04/20/2022 Serena Bagnara Yes
Pending 664959 Gunners Special Nite Bloom Shine 03/08/2022 Serena Bagnara No
Pending 664960 Gunnatrashya Whiz N Sailor 04/19/2022 Ann-Kathrin Scholle No
Pending 664961 Lil Joe Cash Lil Rufs Melody 04/30/2022 Friedrich Strobl No
Pending 664973 Gunnatrashya Spook Reyns 01/30/2022 Luigi Parise No
Pending 664974 Hollywood Gun Dunnit PC Cristy Master 04/23/2022 Lara Maiocchi No
Pending 664983 Americasnexttopgun Dark Angie AV 03/25/2022 Lisa-Maria Mitterer No
Pending 665004 In Like Flinn Mrs King Doc Lena 04/20/2022 Yvonne Tuscher No
Pending 665005 Chexpeare 12/15/2022 Lynn Thill No
Pending 665011 Remins Remedy Tuff Lil Gun 05/23/2022 Cristina Serra No
Pending 665014 Spooks Gotta Lime CN Lady Dancer 05/19/2022 Cecini Cristian No
Pending 665030 PS Mega Shine Chic Miss Broadway Queen 02/16/2022 Settimio Mordenti No
Pending 665031 Platinum Vintage Luckystarwhizlena 03/16/2022 Settimio Mordenti No
Pending 665032 Spooks Gotta Spark Doctornice Lucky 04/02/2022 Settimio Mordenti No
Pending 665033 PS Mega Shine Chic Barbie Fighter 05/10/2022 Settimio Mordenti No
Pending 665034 PS Mega Shine Chic Barbie Fighter 05/25/2022 Settimio Mordenti No
Pending 665035 Sugar Little Step Barbie Son 02/02/2022 Settimio Mordenti No
Pending 665036 Tinker With Dreams Sail On Roket 07/08/2022 Settimio Mordenti No
Pending 665037 One Gun Smart Nic Lena 01/24/2022 Settimio Mordenti No
Pending 665038 Spooks Gotta Whiz Im A Frozen Queen 02/22/2022 Settimio Mordenti No
Pending 665039 Okie Black Magic Too Wolfina 02/10/2022 Settimio Mordenti No
Pending 665042 Smart Spook Lil Ruf Tara 03/03/2022 Jana Mroszewski No
Pending 665044 ARC Gunnabeabigstar Chock O Latte 03/18/2022 Jana Mroszewski No
Pending 665045 ARC Gunnabeabigstar Thischicsnowimp 04/17/2022 Jana Mroszewski No
Pending 665046 Smart Spook Customized Chic 05/31/2022 Jana Mroszewski No
Pending 665047 Colonels Shining Gun BH Best Of Seven 06/09/2022 Jana Mroszewski No
Pending 665048 Blue Split And Me fb jackie dual pep 06/11/2022 Lino Tosoni No
Pending 665063 Gunner Dun It Again Miss Secorima 06/29/2022 Andrea Bianchini No
Pending 665081 One Gun Dolly Jac Olena 05/09/2022 Fabio Polesel No
Pending 665094 ARC Gunnabeabigstar Chic Filay 02/17/2022 Francesca Sternberg Yes
Pending 665095 Dun It For Whizkey Slidin Like A Yankee 04/05/2022 Francesca Sternberg Yes
Pending 665096 A Vintage Smoke Holly Trashya 03/23/2022 Francesca Sternberg Yes
Pending 665097 Pale Face Dunnit Spooks Gotta Lena 04/01/2022 Francesca Sternberg Yes
Pending 665110 Gunner Dun It Again West Coast Mercedes 05/27/2022 Pamela Sartoni No
Pending 665113 Colonels Shining Gun ARC Think A Gunfire 01/23/2022 Giovanni Zucchi No
Pending 665114 Not Ruf At All ARC Think A Gunfire 04/21/2022 Giovanni Zucchi No
Pending 665116 GP A Spook In Town Lil USS 02/10/2022 Golden Paint Ranch No
Pending 665117 Smart N Sparkin Stargazer Cowboy 04/22/2022 Golden Paint Ranch No
Pending 665118 Platinum Vintage Spook N Perla 05/10/2022 Golden Paint Ranch No
Pending 665119 GP A Spook In Town Smart CP Schow Girl 05/11/2022 Golden Paint Ranch No
Pending 665121 Smart N Sparkin Sugar Chics Dunnit 05/17/2022 Golden Paint Ranch No
Pending 665122 GP A Spook In Town Wimpys Little Gal 06/14/2022 Golden Paint Ranch No
Pending 665123 Lil Joe Cash Gunners Special Gal 06/17/2022 Golden Paint Ranch No
Pending 665125 Colonels Shining Gun Dun Whiz Crome 06/06/2022 Luga Quarter Horses No
Pending 665127 Lil Smoking Gun Boomster 03/18/2022 emiliano brandimarte No
Pending 665128 Gotta Nifty Gun Miss Play Badger 04/09/2022 LORIS PALAZZO No
Pending 665129 ARC Surprising Smart ARC Girl Chic N Gold 04/12/2022 Gabriele Carrarini No
Pending 665130 Slj Smart Doc 04/10/2022 emiliano brandimarte No
Pending 665131 Highbrow Fletch Boggie Terrible 06/25/2022 Giacomo Poli Barberis No
Pending 665132 Coeurs Little Tyke Dots Lotta 04/08/2022 Hans-Georg Holzwarth No
Pending 665133 Coeurs Little Tyke Foxy Lil Surprise 05/26/2022 Hans-Georg Holzwarth No
Pending 665135 Spat A Blue YMC Sheza Major Tari 03/29/2022 Pia Adams No
Pending 665138 Colonels Shining Gun Alicias Conquistador 04/23/2022 Jurgen Pouls No
Pending 665145 One Gun CHARM BLUEYED 04/21/2022 Francesca Fino No
Pending 665146 In Like Flinn Shyawhiz 04/08/2022 Piergiuseppe Guidetti No
Pending 665151 Nu Chex Dot Com Custom Elta Remedy 04/09/2022 Jan-Luca Waizenegger No
Pending 665153 Smartrasher Dunit Like A Blonde 03/16/2022 Jan-Luca Waizenegger No
Pending 665158 mega swatt shine Magic Bo Sun 06/01/2022 Daniele Giacchè No
Pending 665162 Blue Split And Me Lf Harley Dun It 05/10/2022 Daniele Giacchè No
Pending 665163 Pale Face Dunnit Antar Top Step 05/04/2022 Daniele Giacchè No
Pending 665164 Colonels Shining Gun Wimpys Lil Shiner 03/18/2022 Petra Burger Yes
Pending 665166 Yankee Gun Frost And Twist 04/04/2022 Francesco Barbagli No
Pending 665172 Shine Chic Shine Gun At The Gate 01/18/2022 BH Farm No
Pending 665174 Smart Chic Olena Gun At The Gate 02/16/2022 BH Farm No
Pending 665176 Spooks Gotta Lime Master Little Light 05/16/2022 Sebastiano Valtorta No
Pending 665177 Spooks Gotta Lime bar bonnie doc 05/25/2022 Sebastiano Valtorta No
Pending 665210 Smart N Sparkin Lenas Tuff Chic 04/18/2022 Jan Hendrix No
Pending 665243 Not Ruf At All Snap Shots 05/16/2022 Alessandro Maioli No
Pending 665262 Best Spook Peeks Poco Pine 04/12/2022 Katja Besold No
Pending 665263 SG Frozen Enterprize GR Hug A Jewel 04/10/2022 Madeleine Künzler No
Pending 665264 Maytheforcebewhizyou MV Red Soul Feona 03/21/2022 Madeleine Künzler No
Pending 665267 Lil Smokeing Gun ARC Ghost And Gun 05/02/2022 Verena Micheletti No
Pending 665268 Inferno Sixty Six San Taris Solanos 04/12/2022 Enea Giacomelli No
Pending 665269 Maytheforcebewhizyou Nabila bar flit 05/23/2022 Gabriele Cappè No
Pending 665270 Late Night Stopper Magic Feona Jac 05/13/2022 Lars Suechting No
Pending 665271 Inferno Sixty Six Cocky Pepita 03/16/2022 Lars Suechting No
Pending 665273 Americasnexttopgun sg quarter flash 05/24/2022 Giorgio Guida No
Pending 665279 Maytheforcebewhizyou Liberty One Stylish 03/05/2022 CRISTINA POGGIALI No
Pending 665281 Wimpys Little Step Donnola Chex 06/15/2022 George Wiedenhofer Yes
Pending 665282 Wimpy Step Surprise Super Lady Whiz 05/12/2022 ANDREA TORTA No
Pending 665283 Dun It For Whizkey FJ Flash Bonita 04/24/2022 George Wiedenhofer Yes
Pending 665284 Tinker With Dreams MRH Doctor N Lynx 04/30/2022 George Wiedenhofer Yes
Pending 665285 Spooks Gotta Whiz ARC Summer Onthe Bay 04/08/2022 George Wiedenhofer Yes
Pending 665288 Master Snapper Shesa Shiners Diamond 03/16/2022 luigi pellicani No
Pending 665293 Heza Gunner Bonsai Sailor 03/27/2022 Giovanni Amodeo No
Pending 665308 Andthemobstergoesto Miss Ima Bo Sun 04/01/2022 Simone Maerini No
Pending 665331 Walla Walla Whiz All Sweetness Dun 04/20/2022 Cristian Vegro No
Pending 665357 Call Me Mr Voodoo Jodies Buck A Roo 04/08/2022 Elisabetta Zoccarato No
Pending 665399 Ifwhizswereguns Dun And Shiny 06/20/2022 Lothar Koenig No
Pending 665416 Patriot Guns R For Me 04/09/2022 AK Quarterhorses No
Pending 665417 SG Frozen Enterprize RX Dodsons Lil Step 05/02/2022 AK Quarterhorses No
Pending 665421 Hey Joe Corpus Christi Bay 04/18/2022 Laura Van Cauwenbergh No
Pending 665426 Okie Dun Badger KN Barbie Blackwidow 03/09/2022 Andrea Castrucci No
Pending 665428 Lil Joe Cash Biancaneve Sailor Gun 03/17/2022 Andrea Castrucci No
Pending 665444 Lil Smokeing Gun Smokinprises 05/14/2022 Giovanni Bruschi No
Pending 665445 Gunnatrashya CG Lady Corona 07/14/2022 Enrico Bedetti No
Pending 665446 Guns R For Shootin Peppys Benny Solano 05/10/2022 Enrico Bedetti No
Pending 665449 Bet Hesa Boon ND Suave Whiz 05/29/2022 Markus Suechting No
Pending 665455 Tricked Out Spook Lil Wanda 03/27/2022 Silke Stein No
Pending 665456 ARC Gunnabeabigstar SP Kings Oneof Three 05/01/2022 Oliver Stein No
Pending 665459 Walla Whiz Crome Gun Slingin Chic 05/01/2022 Andrea Battocchio No
Pending 665460 A Vintage Smoke Chex Out West 05/19/2022 Florian Profanter No
Pending 665464 GFC Quixote Gun DS Blizzard Blue 03/05/2022 Giulio Trevisan No
Pending 665468 Shiners Voodoo Dr Gunners Doll 03/26/2022 Fabien Boiron No
Pending 665470 Chicks Smokingun Smart Chic Ohoney 05/21/2022 Fabien Boiron No
Pending 665477 FM Trytotouchmygun Eva Peppy Deck 03/09/2022 Fabio Merola No
Pending 665576 Spooks Gotta Spark AB Billy Pride 05/26/2022 Matese Ranch No
Pending 665577 Walla Walla Whiz Gunner Vale Mr 03/18/2022 Matese Ranch No
Pending 665578 Lil Joe Cash RS Candy O Lena 04/27/2022 Matese Ranch No
Pending 665579 Guns R For Shootin Wimpy Custom Topstar 03/12/2022 Matese Ranch No
Pending 665581 Lil Smokeing Gun Star Exposure 03/03/2022 Mauro Capparella No
Pending 665582 Spatatino ac lady grace 05/18/2022 Alberto di Carmine No
Pending 665583 ARC A Step Above ckorys white hoofe 01/26/2022 Società Agricola San Famiano SS No
Pending 665585 Lil Joe Cash Custom Prize 04/07/2022 Tanya Schnabel No
Pending 665587 Sailor Pepper SPOOKS CODYGUN 05/22/2022 Anna Pia Eletti No
Pending 665590 Inferno Sixty Six Xtra Chickee Chickee 03/04/2022 Claudia Scheunemann No
Pending 665593 Gunners Special Nite Genuine Ruf Girl 04/18/2022 Claudia Scheunemann No
Pending 665612 Lil Smokeing Gun Sailing Heroine 05/13/2022 Andrea Proto No
Pending 665614 Magnum Chic Dream WHIZKEYAGOGO 04/12/2022 Carlo Lovisetto No
Pending 665615 Lil Smokeing Gun PC MISSGLOFORME 04/15/2022 alexander rodrigo rodriguez gonzalez No
Pending 665621 Walla Whiz Crome Shine n Mizzen 03/24/2022 Melanie Struwe No
Pending 665623 Call Me Mr Voodoo RS Alamak Feo Jac 03/15/2022 Melanie Struwe No
Pending 665624 Maytheforcebewhizyou VR Genuinely Snapper 03/24/2022 Adriano Meacci No
Pending 665625 Spatatino royal lithe sailor 03/15/2022 Adriano Meacci No
Pending 665626 Yankee Gun ARC Roadrunner Whiz 01/10/2022 Marco Mele No
Pending 665637 PS Mega Shine Chic Icy Call 04/29/2022 Linda Rossato No
Pending 665638 Steppin On Sparks Strawberry Spat 05/22/2022 Jan Vatovec No
Pending 665645 Magnum With A Dream Yellow Jersey Girl 04/14/2022 Benjamin Kohl No
Pending 665646 Walla Whiz Crome RB Electric Sugar 06/05/2022 Benjamin Kohl No
Pending 665647 Gunnatrashya Sailin Smartin 05/16/2022 Benjamin Kohl No
Pending 665649 Tarysmart JJ Sailin Gun 05/06/2022 Benjamin Kohl No
Pending 665658 ARC Gunna Sparkya Flying Melody 02/07/2022 Soc Agr La Corte Eletta S.S No
Pending 665659 Electric Snow Rx Sugars Finest 04/20/2022 Anne Grether No
Pending 665663 Wimpys Little Tejano Lilis Popzicle 04/11/2022 RS Reininghorses BV No
Pending 665664 Americasnexttopgun Lady Smoke Peppy 02/26/2022 Maria Cecilia Fiorucci Yes
Pending 665672 Shine Lil Whiz Gene Red Jac 05/19/2022 Sascha Kalus No
Pending 665674 Gunner Dun It Again PG Lynnie 07/03/2022 Wim Vervecken No
Pending 665682 GP A Spook In Town charlies ms starlite 05/07/2022 Wim Vervecken No
Pending 665697 Tricked Out Spook ARC Who Whiz Ruf 03/25/2022 Alessandro Maioli No
Pending 665709 Steppin On Sparks Boemil Topsailita 01/19/2022 Emilio Boniperti No
Pending 665710 Tricked Out Spook Wind Her Up Right 05/15/2022 Kim Obenhaus No
Pending 665713 Guns R For Shootin Two Dream One Dunit 04/21/2022 Mirko Piazzi No
Pending 665716 PS Mega Shine Chic Bet Ya Im A Topgirl 06/08/2022 Laura Peultier No
Pending 665717 Gunner Dun It Again Elektra Whos Spark 06/08/2022 Laura Peultier No
Pending 665718 PS Mega Shine Chic SDP Molly Dolly 05/12/2022 Martina Cibrario No
Pending 665719 Lil Smokeing Gun Tinker Puro 04/24/2022 Martina Cibrario No
Pending 665720 Lil Smokeing Gun Piccola Spanishblue 05/07/2022 Enrico Bedetti No
Pending 665721 Steppin On Sparks EG Smokin Whiz 05/15/2022 Christopher Knerr No
Pending 665722 Whiz A Lot Pannie High Gear 05/19/2022 Christopher Knerr No
Pending 665723 Colonels Shining Gun SPARK ALMOND JOY 05/25/2022 Samantha Serafini No
Pending 665724 Gunner Dun It Again SPARK ALMOND JOY 06/15/2022 Samantha Serafini No
Pending 665732 PS Mega Shine Chic Miss Smokin Sailor 01/30/2022 Società Agricola San Famiano SS No
Pending 665733 Gunners Chic Magnet Magnum Chic N Shine 04/25/2022 Sandra Friesenbiller No
Pending 665736 In Like Flinn Forrest Twist 03/15/2022 Giovanni Masi De Vargas No
Pending 665737 SG Frozen Enterprize Topsail O Sugar 05/16/2022 Charlotte Reynaud No
Pending 665744 Smart Spook Just Miss Enterprise 06/22/2022 Grey Stone Ranch Gmbh Yes
Pending 665749 GP A Spook In Town CINDY X STARLIGHT 01/28/2022 Esmee Lamers No
Pending 665764 Magnum With A Dream Priceless Olena 05/18/2022 Jeffrey Van Deinsen No
Pending 665782 Walla Whiz Crome Piccola Great Roxy 05/06/2022 Costanza Biagini No
Pending 665800 Pale Face Dunnit Smartvaltellinawhiz 05/13/2022 Bernardo Sarao No
Pending 665801 Spooks Gotta Whiz Gunolution 02/01/2022 Emma Villa No
Pending 665802 Skeets Flamin Solie Oak 04/14/2022 Bernardo Sarao No
Pending 665803 Guns R For Shootin Dualina Hope 04/20/2022 Bernardo Sarao No
Pending 665804 Lil Joe Cash Spooks Gotta Crome 05/13/2022 Davide Brighenti No
Pending 665809 Whizdom Shines QQ Have A Nice Day 05/30/2022 Alois Kompatscher No
Pending 665812 Whizdom Shines Dry Steps 04/01/2022 Karl Pardeller No
Pending 665813 Whizdom Shines Grace Rooster 04/15/2022 Karl Pardeller No
Pending 665814 Whizdom Shines Spanish Eita 04/24/2022 Karl Pardeller No
Pending 665815 Whizdom Shines Miss Jolie Jac 05/26/2022 Karl Pardeller No
Pending 665816 Spooks Gotta Whiz Smart Piroska 04/20/2022 Istvan Horog No
Pending 665817 SG Frozen Enterprize TD CELEBRITY REVOLUT 03/17/2022 Karl Pardeller No
Pending 665818 Lil Joe Cash Cutter Holiday Jacs 01/20/2022 Domenico Giannitti Yes
Pending 665819 In Like Flinn Spookie Nite 04/11/2022 Domenico Giannitti Yes
Pending 665820 Spark N Whiz Sugar Judy Chex 05/04/2022 Domenico Giannitti Yes
Pending 665821 Topsail Whiz RS Iron Maiden Olena 02/19/2022 Domenico Giannitti Yes
Pending 665825 GP A Spook In Town Tuckers Missy 02/20/2022 Esmee Lamers No
Pending 665827 SG Frozen Enterprize Gunnalicia 05/03/2022 Umberto Rosso No
Pending 665828 Pale Face Dunnit RS Creedence Peppy 05/01/2022 Umberto Rosso No
Pending 665830 Jokin Whiz Miss Especial Black 03/25/2022 Umberto Rosso No
Pending 665831 Hollys Electricspark A Spooks Heart 04/03/2022 Susa Sauer No
Pending 665839 One Gun Quixote Olena Dun It 04/07/2022 Alice Marinoni No
Pending 665843 Frozen Sailor Cashs Angel Whiz 04/05/2022 Roy Van Der Hoeven Yes
Pending 665848 Frozen Sailor Cashs Angel Whiz 04/05/2022 Roy Van Der Hoeven Yes
Pending 665851 Gotta Nifty Gun Captain Filly SG 02/22/2022 Francesco Arrighi No
Pending 665857 Colonels Shining Gun Sailors New Heaven 05/24/2022 Francesco Arrighi No
Pending 665860 ARC A Step Above Saturdaynight Chick 05/24/2022 Francesco Arrighi No
Pending 665861 Ricochet Rooster Spool Pop Chex 01/29/2022 J&J Comm V No
Pending 665865 Colonels Shining Gun LM Topgun Mona 07/06/2022 J&J Comm V No
Pending 665867 Whiz Shining Style dual skeet 04/10/2022 Francesco Arrighi No
Pending 665869 Sun Wimpys Willy sis olena freckles 05/10/2022 Lenka Lukackova No
Pending 665870 ARC A Step Above Steady Bell 04/14/2022 Lenka Lukackova No
Pending 665871 Spatatino Ladybug Is Comin 05/11/2022 Gianfranco Brassea No
Pending 665872 Guns R For Shootin DS Smokingenterprise 02/21/2022 SABINO DELLA SALA Yes
Pending 665873 Yankee Gun SB Step By Step 02/27/2022 SABINO DELLA SALA Yes
Pending 665877 Ima Spooks Too Xtra Stepn Hollywood 04/17/2022 Alan Vincent Yes
Pending 665878 Shine Chic Shine Melody At The Bar 05/02/2022 Agnes Bertaud No
Pending 665882 Wimpy Margarita Little Donna Kid 04/20/2022 Maurizio Ferrarol No
Pending 665883 Wimpy Margarita Let Dry Peppy 02/26/2022 Maurizio Ferrarol No
Pending 665885 BB One Miracled Gun 05/27/2022 Mario Corteletti No
Pending 665893 Yankee Gun Marry Smoke 04/14/2022 Costanza Biagini No
Pending 665895 Shiners Voodoo Dr Top Custom Pride 04/28/2022 Francesco Bonadeo No
Pending 665896 A Vintage Smoke BQH Pretty Gunner 06/01/2022 Francesco Bonadeo No
Pending 665927 Yankee Gun Frozen Eva Kent 01/05/2022 Marco Mele No
Pending 665928 Lil Smokeing Gun Nico Oak Orima 04/26/2022 Alessandro Milani No
Pending 665931 Spooks Gotta Lime stargate olena 05/20/2022 Fabio De Iulio No
Pending 665932 Gunner Arc Martha Surprise 02/06/2022 Giampaolo Vigilanzi No
Pending 665934 Spatatino Smokin Kashmir 01/05/2022 Giovanni Cometti No
Pending 665935 Pale Face Dunnit dually pine 04/22/2022 Giovanni Cometti No
Pending 665936 Shiners Voodoo Jp Cashing Starlight 06/07/2022 Timo Reichhart No
Pending 665937 Chex For Spark LADY DOC ROYAL 05/02/2022 Giovanni Cometti No
Pending 665938 Electric Snow ES PEPITA WIMPY 03/20/2022 Giovanni Cometti No
Pending 665939 Not Ruf At All Seven S Holly Dun 01/04/2022 Giovanni Cometti No
Pending 665941 Spooks Gotta Lime GFC Smart For Me 04/06/2022 Giovanni Cometti No
Pending 665942 Spatatino Viola Dun It Sugar 03/19/2022 Dario Carmignani No
Pending 665944 Yankee Gun Boogie Woogy Whiz 04/24/2022 Paolo Muccini No
Pending 665948 Maytheforcebewhizyou Lowelnic Wheel 03/03/2022 erik besso No
Pending 665951 Maytheforcebewhizyou Noor Nicdry 04/05/2022 erik besso No
Pending 665953 Little Color Machine Haggie Dual Lena 05/25/2022 Thomas Sciascia No
Pending 665954 Sugar Little Step Custom Sanita 05/02/2022 erik besso No
Pending 665955 Maytheforcebewhizyou At Summer Wood 04/15/2022 erik besso No
Pending 665957 PS Mega Shine Chic PC Jaba Coffee Dok 04/24/2022 Nicola Cordioli No
Pending 665958 Gunner Dance Little Spook 06/08/2022 Quarter Dream SRL Yes
Pending 665959 Ricochet Rooster Miss Captain Winner 05/30/2022 Di Gregorio Dino No
Pending 665960 Pale Face Dunnit Toprevolutiondunit 05/25/2022 Di Gregorio Dino No
Pending 665961 ARC A Step Above Miss Tarishickory 03/05/2022 Di Gregorio Dino No
Pending 665962 ARC A Step Above Oscarina 05/10/2022 Andrea Visigalli No
Pending 665963 Gunners Tinseltown Show Me The Slide 05/10/2022 Andrea Visigalli No
Pending 665965 Chic Magnetic DRY PLEASE 05/25/2022 Giulia Trusgnich No
Pending 665966 Jaba Oak Chics Smart Bell 06/06/2022 Marco Vecchiutti No
Pending 665968 Guns R For Shootin NCSCOLONEL LENA 05/06/2022 Angelo Leone No
Pending 665971 margiano whiz cash Whell Rooster 04/13/2022 Alfredo Ciabattoni No
Pending 665973 margiano whiz cash Dry Mama 05/05/2022 Azienda Agricola Iannone Quarter Horse Di Di Quirico Paola No
Pending 665974 A Vintage Smoke Miss Dottie Ricochet 02/26/2022 Antonio Romano No
Pending 665976 margiano whiz cash frozen to the sun 04/19/2022 Azienda Agricola Iannone Quarter Horse Di Di Quirico Paola No
Pending 665979 Great Sun Burst Miss Taris San 05/20/2022 Beatrice Splendiani No
Pending 665982 Walla Whiz Crome ARC Lendmeyourgun 04/25/2022 Marina Becker No
Pending 665983 Walla Whiz Crome Colonel Cody Gun 03/22/2022 Danilo Sozzo No
Pending 665984 Shine Chic Shine FB Topsail Shine 03/07/2022 Claudia Rizzola No
Pending 665987 Gunners Special Nite Gun N Woman 04/05/2022 Marina Becker No
Pending 665988 Americasnexttopgun RS Blue Link 05/12/2022 Antonio Romano No
Pending 665992 Nu Stars Shine CDS Spaty Jenny Jac 07/12/2022 emanuel fagnani No
Pending 666007 With Pleasure F missolenatoo 08/02/2022 Sabina Barucca No
Pending 666019 Colonel Mifi Lena San Lola Again 04/02/2022 Rebecca Verdi No
Pending 666022 Wimpy Dual Step Smart Ladybug 04/26/2022 Giorgia Buccini No
Pending 666025 Wimpy Dual Step Dry Smoke Lena 03/21/2022 Giorgia Buccini No
Pending 666028 Gunner Dun It Again HICKORY BUD LADY 03/16/2022 Giorgia Buccini No
Pending 666033 Pale Face Dunnit GIOIOSA FEONA SAILOR 05/15/2022 Giorgia Buccini No
Pending 666041 PS Mega Shine Chic Frozen Sailor Moon 02/22/2022 Alessandro Cazzaniga No
Pending 666042 A Vintage Smoke MM Lollipop 05/07/2022 Alessandro Cazzaniga No
Pending 666043 Topsail Pop Cee Holly Town 03/20/2022 Alessandro Cazzaniga No
Pending 666044 Guns R For Shootin Fancy Revolution 05/09/2022 Alessandro Cazzaniga No
Pending 666045 Topsail Pop Umabeprideenterprise 04/03/2022 Alessandro Cazzaniga No
Pending 666052 Whizkey N Diamonds Eyes Of The Master 06/21/2022 Golden Paint Ranch No
Pending 666056 Magnetic Ziggy RB POCO BUENO PENNY 05/19/2022 Salvatore Patti No
Pending 666076 Call Me Mr Voodoo RB TABAPOCA CHEX 03/10/2022 Aljaz Urbiha No
Pending 666083 Colonels Shining Gun polly got sparks 01/15/2022 Cecilia Frediani No
Pending 666084 Walla Walla Whiz CSG Mangunshine 01/09/2022 Cecilia Frediani No
Pending 666085 PS Mega Shine Chic No Collen Me Trashy 02/05/2022 Cecilia Frediani No
Pending 666086 Gotta Nifty Gun No Collen Me Trashy 01/17/2022 Cecilia Frediani No
Pending 666087 Guns R For Shootin Slidin On Sunshine 03/05/2022 Cecilia Frediani No
Pending 666088 Colonels Shining Gun GD Lady Revolution 01/13/2022 Cecilia Frediani No
Pending 666091 Inferno Sixty Six JP Boggies Whiz 03/18/2022 Barbara Braun No
Pending 666092 Colonels Shining Gun Great Kitty Dually 05/02/2022 Christian Baldelli No
Pending 666093 Gunners Chic Magnet J P Grays Starlett 04/09/2022 Barbara Braun No
Pending 666094 Smart Chic Olena Gotta Bea Chex 03/18/2022 Marco Cremaschi No
Pending 666095 Smart Chic Olena CL Gunnagirl 02/16/2022 Marco Cremaschi No
Pending 666096 Smart Chic Olena CL Gunnagirl 03/04/2022 Marco Cremaschi No
Pending 666138 Jacs Electric Spark Boogie Woogy Whiz 04/29/2022 Claudia Hahn Yes
Pending 666142 Lucky Dun Rock Sim Ir Flare 04/29/2022 Nirvana Ranch No
Pending 666144 Fy Spooks Smart Star Mg Walla Shiny Whiz 06/30/2022 Nirvana Ranch No
Pending 666148 Chic Magnetic SUNSHINE DE BAR 05/27/2022 marco tascone No
Pending 666174 Electric Code Rooster Ata Party 06/19/2022 Werner Filler No
Pending 666176 SG Frozen Enterprize Reina Whiz Sparkling 04/24/2022 Werner Filler No
Pending 666213 margiano whiz cah Frozen Whiz 05/13/2022 giovanni galliè No
Pending 666215 ARC A Step Above FNL White Boggie Gun 02/14/2022 Lucio Lavezzari No
Pending 666216 Spatatino Polly Potter 04/11/2022 Dario Carmignani No
Pending 666217 Yankee Gun CL Gun Sarah 04/29/2022 Dario Carmignani No
Pending 666218 One Gun Ba Bet Ya Im Smart 04/22/2022 Dominique Lupsin No
Pending 666219 Yankee Gun CL Gun Sarah 04/21/2022 Dario Carmignani No
Pending 666221 Hesa Mega Whiz Toffee Surprise 02/15/2022 Giorgia Buccini No
Pending 666222 Gunner Dun It Again ARC Please Pay Gold 01/20/2022 Giorgia Buccini No
Pending 666223 Colonels Shining Gun OT Taris Minnick 03/09/2022 Giorgia Buccini No
Pending 666224 Wimpy Dual Step MRS QUENTI LENA BAR 04/04/2022 Giorgia Buccini No
Pending 666225 Pale Face Dunnit Spanish Dolly Pop 03/21/2022 Giorgia Buccini No
Pending 666227 Guns R For Shootin CN Lena Dancer 02/16/2022 STEFANIA BONDESANI No
Pending 666229 Gunners Special Nite Goldy Sailor Whiz 04/12/2022 Dario Carmignani No
Pending 666230 Yankee Gun All In One 04/13/2022 Dario Carmignani No
Pending 666231 Spatatino Ares Cody Glo 05/23/2022 Dario Carmignani No
Pending 666232 Spatatino Sue Ellen Luck 05/27/2022 Dario Carmignani No
Pending 666241 PS Mega Shine Chic ML Diva In Red 05/09/2022 Silvia Polvani No
Pending 666247 Walla Walla Whiz A Chic In A Mercedes 05/12/2022 Dimitri Mathieu No
Pending 666248 Gunnatrashya Brennas R Okie 05/12/2022 Dimitri Mathieu No
Pending 666249 Walla Walla Whiz Duke Taco Star 06/05/2022 Dimitri Mathieu No
Pending 666257 ARC A Step Above PC Custom Lady D Orr 04/04/2022 Alessandro Valerin No
Pending 666258 Lil Smoking Gun Miss Jac Deal 04/30/2022 Alessandro Valerin No
Pending 666262 One Gun MH Wrangler Kelly 05/16/2022 Alessandro Valerin No
Pending 666276 Maximum Gun Little Jewel of Rio 03/20/2022 Leigh Cheetham No
Pending 666288 Colonels Shining Gun Solanos Wimpy Step 04/13/2022 Sarah Struys No
Pending 666290 Mtk Tex linda red sailor 07/15/2022 Germano Moroni No
Pending 666292 Lil Smoking Gun SKY HEN KATE 07/20/2022 Germano Moroni No
Pending 666297 Shiners Voodoo Dr ND Kyowa Star 01/11/2022 BO Ranch Yes
Pending 666301 Nu Star Shine Sailin Little Chex 04/03/2022 Alessandro Frassa No
Pending 666328 Gunner Dun It Again Wimpystein 04/23/2022 Matteo Antonelli No
Pending 666332 A Sparkling Vintage MM Lollipop 06/22/2022 Alessandro Cazzaniga No
Pending 666334 Dun It For Whizkey Sophie Rooster Cody 05/09/2022 Alessandro Cazzaniga No
Pending 666335 Gunners Special Nite Classy Gotta Whiz 05/19/2022 Susanne Duiker No
Pending 666336 Inferno Sixty Six Lil Joe Whizaway 04/12/2022 Susanne Duiker No
Pending 666337 Chic Dreamin LM Ebony Sugar Chic 05/19/2022 Susanne Duiker No
Pending 666338 Lil Joe Cash CR Sweet Pale Ebony 05/22/2022 Susanne Duiker No
Pending 666340 Shiners Voodoo Spooks Lady Gun 04/26/2022 Silke Otterbein No
Pending 666341 Maytheforcebewhizyou Pep Little Chex 04/25/2022 Lorenzo Nurzia No
Pending 666342 Inferno Sixty Six Shinersnuleadinglady 06/10/2022 Silke Otterbein No
Pending 666347 Sugar Little Step spice martina 04/11/2022 alessia iezzi No
Pending 666348 Spark N Whiz jabal yidhia 04/17/2022 alessia iezzi No
Pending 666349 Lil Smokeing Gun Nuvola Whinny Lena 04/09/2022 Manuel Caumo No
Pending 666352 Outlaw Hickory Brigalenas Nu Bar 05/25/2022 Manuel Caumo No
Pending 666354 Hollywood Gun Dunnit whizzed whip 03/23/2022 GIUSEPPE TARRICONE No
Pending 666355 Ricochet Rooster Switch To Blue 04/09/2022 J&J Comm V No
Pending 666374 Ifwhizswereguns Walkingongunshine 04/27/2022 Marcel Schadt No
Pending 666377 Spooks Gotta Whiz RP Smart Luckyna Day 04/25/2022 Roberto Peiretti No
Pending 666393 Gunners Chic Magnet Smart Kachina Tag 05/14/2022 Norbert Nestelberger No
Pending 666394 Gunners Chic Magnet Ollies Gray Mercedes 01/31/2022 Sebastian Eisler No
Pending 666396 Call Me Mr Voodoo Gunnawhiz Trash 03/30/2022 Ilse Robausch No
Pending 666397 Spooks Gotta Lime Missy Double Snapper 05/09/2022 Daniele Giana No
Pending 666398 Spat Split And White Break The Rhythm 03/07/2022 Azienda Agricola Dalla Piccola Giuliano No
Pending 666399 LMC Im Topsail Dunit GD Shannon Lena Doc 06/01/2022 Azienda Agricola Dalla Piccola Giuliano No
Pending 666400 Tinseltownsmokingun Ruf Lil Scamp 03/10/2022 LG Quarter Horses No
Pending 666401 SG Frozen Enterprize Miss Cody Whiz It 05/26/2022 LG Quarter Horses No
Pending 666402 Guns R For Shootin TBR Shes Smart Whiz 06/11/2022 Juan Araquistain No
Pending 666403 Spooks Gotta Whiz Arc Martha Surprise 04/25/2022 LG Quarter Horses No
Pending 666415 Best Spook Sheza Snappy Rooster 05/06/2022 H. (Renate) Duijnkerke No
Pending 666436 05/04/2022 Ivonne Bortolot No
Pending 666456 Rooster Nic Gunilena Diamond Nite 04/24/2022 Gregory Legrand No
Pending 666457 Nicmeridalittlestep CB Smartgun Chicwhiz 05/01/2022 Gregory Legrand No
Pending 666458 Spatatino Jabalatina 06/08/2022 Camilla Moschen No
Pending 666459 Rooster Nic GB QT Little Whiz 05/02/2022 Gregory Legrand No
Pending 666462 Gotta Nifty Gun Miss Shining Rooster 04/18/2022 Sandro Racco No
Pending 666463 Heza Gunner Tuna With Sardines 04/11/2022 GRC Horses No
Pending 666464 Olena Jackie Whizzle For Money 05/01/2022 GRC Horses No
Pending 666469 Jaba Oak Miss Bay Rooster 05/21/2022 Giulia Trusgnich No
Pending 666470 Electric Code Angie starlight 03/13/2022 H1 Quarter Horse No
Pending 666472 margiano whiz cash ARC Thinking Lenita 05/02/2022 Fabrizio Mascetti No
Pending 666474 At Andrewood Conquistador Money 06/04/2022 Rebecca Padrini No
Pending 666475 Custom Made Gun Captain Customatic 03/04/2022 Angelucci Quarter Horses No
Pending 666476 Electric Code Wimpys Secret Jac 05/13/2022 Impr Agr La Selvetta No
Pending 666477 Spooks Gotta Spark Frozen Tari 04/03/2022 Angelucci Quarter Horses No
Pending 666478 Custom Made Gun Jessie Oak Tari 04/09/2022 Angelucci Quarter Horses No
Pending 666479 Gunnatrashya Am Dual for Dun It 05/22/2022 Luca Menici No
Pending 666480 Americasnexttopgun Sailor Chicca 04/18/2022 Angelucci Quarter Horses No
Pending 666481 In Like Flinn Jessie Oak Tari 04/24/2022 Angelucci Quarter Horses No
Pending 666482 Lil Joe Cash Maryolin Hancock 06/03/2022 Angelucci Quarter Horses No
Pending 666483 Phantom Face Heidi Sailor 01/15/2022 Angelucci Quarter Horses No
Pending 666490 Great Sun Burst Im a lady in dunit 03/31/2022 Andrea Manucci No
Pending 666491 A Vintage Smoke RS Jamiroquai Olena 05/25/2022 Denise Russell No
Pending 666496 Electric Code Lady Oscar 04/17/2022 Cristina Serra No
Pending 666508 Colonels Shining Gun Summer Dry Diamonds 04/30/2022 Alessandro Tropepe No
Pending 666513 Not Ruf At All AT Greatawood isback 04/06/2022 Alessandro Tropepe No
Pending 666518 At Ale Wood Roxanne Surprise 04/07/2022 Alessandro Tropepe No
Pending 666523 Hollywood Gun Dunnit Sweet touches too 03/12/2022 Massimiliano Vetrugno No
Pending 666525 AB Captain Badger nicy girl 03/29/2022 Angelucci Quarter Horses No
Pending 666527 Lil Smokeing Gun Sparks Rosellina 04/24/2022 Angelucci Quarter Horses No
Pending 666529 SMART LITTLE SPEEDY Gold Gails Woods 02/14/2022 Ania Bicego No
Pending 666534 Gunners Special Nite Macey Key Sailor 04/05/2022 Ania Bicego No
Pending 666542 Ricochet Rooster Gunaholic 04/30/2022 Esther Ariane Aschitsch No
Pending 666544 Sugar Little Step Express Spook 04/20/2022 Rocchi Veronica No
Pending 666546 Spooks Gotta Spark Piccola Sunday 05/10/2022 Esther Ariane Aschitsch No
Pending 666556 Masked Gun 07/31/2022 Oliveti Rossano No
Pending 666560 Yankee Gun ARC Latest Sophie BH 01/03/2022 Staffoli Horses SNC No
Pending 666567 In Like Flinn Cawa Bonny Star 02/22/2022 Staffoli Horses SNC No
Pending 666570 Spark N Whiz SH Queen Peseta 03/16/2022 Staffoli Horses SNC No
Pending 666573 PS Mega Shine Chic Shot Gun Shea 05/03/2022 Staffoli Horses SNC No
Pending 666576 Dun It For Whizkey HAIDAS SIDNEY 03/28/2022 GIORGIA FERRARI No
Pending 666588 ARC A Step Above Captain Custom Lena 03/18/2022 Andrea Napolitano No
Pending 666592 One Gun Frozen Anna 07/14/2022 Quintessenza Sssa No
Pending 666614 Guns R For Shootin OT Taris Smoken 01/17/2022 Domenico Giannitti Yes
Pending 666618 Yankee Gun Lady Wimpy Whiz 06/13/2022 Domenico Giannitti Yes
Pending 666622 ARC A Step Above A Rey Vision Miki 04/20/2022 Domenico Giannitti Yes
Pending 666626 Colonel Barbee Dream RSC Specialhollywood 06/10/2022 Bastien Bourgeois No
Pending 666631 PS Mega Shine Chic MISS GOTTA WHIZ 04/22/2022 Domenico Giannitti Yes
Pending 666635 Colonel Barbee Dream Queen Mary Gun 06/01/2022 Bastien Bourgeois No
Pending 666647 Lil Joe Cash topsail gallitia 06/07/2022 Misel Gungl No
Pending 666648 Pale Face Dunnit the show must go on 04/07/2022 Lenka Lukackova No
Pending 666715 Gunnatrashya Holly Okeo Gun Wood 04/09/2022 Allevamento Cisal Quarter Horses Srl No
Pending 666722 Walla Walla Whiz Ima Paint Gun MR 03/18/2022 Nunzio Ceglia No
Pending 666737 Masked Gun ME FOR OPHELIA 03/16/2022 MARCO BUSOLI No
Pending 666742 SG Frozen Enterprize CM Abit Einstein 05/27/2022 Clemence Neveux No
Pending 666744 Colonels Shining Gun Late Little Jaba 05/08/2022 Nicola Cordioli No
Pending 666750 Spatatino Diva Whiz And Spooks 04/10/2022 Sara Fabbri No
Pending 666757 Spatatino Gold Frozen 05/12/2022 Sara Fabbri No
Pending 666780 Bet On A Step DANCING WITH SAILOR 04/22/2022 Tenuta Londi Soc Agricola Srl No
Pending 666807 GP A Spook In Town Docs Remi Nick 02/08/2022 kurt van geyt No
Pending 666895 Spat Split And White Princess Sand 06/09/2022 Massimiliano Ruggeri No
Pending 666896 Colonels Shining Gun Tinselmartin 07/01/2022 Massimiliano Ruggeri No
Pending 666897 Spatatino a butterfly in my gun 05/20/2022 Gabriele Ciccazzo No
Pending 666898 Remin Bess Tardy Rose Of Texas 03/29/2022 Nicola Sergio No
Pending 666899 Remin Bess Gunnablueeyed 03/15/2022 Nicola Sergio No
Pending 666901 Remin Bess ns red rose gun 03/06/2022 Nicola Sergio No
Pending 666902 Dun It Likea Master pl cromed jacs 06/15/2022 Gabriele Ciccazzo No
Pending 666903 Remin Bess dg isa 04/03/2022 Nicola Sergio No
Pending 666906 Yankee Gun Queen Janet 01/10/2022 Francesco Siciliano No
Pending 666909 Bright Like Adiamond Kam Blossom Lena 05/29/2022 Juraj Kamaras No
Pending 666910 HF Mobster Kam Smart Carmen 05/25/2022 Juraj Kamaras No
Pending 666911 Pale Face Dunnit One Way Away 04/25/2022 Juraj Kamaras No
Pending 666912 Bright Like Adiamond KAM Royal Ebony 04/25/2022 Juraj Kamaras No
Pending 666914 Tinker With Dreams Lmcshininglittlestar 05/23/2022 Roberto Lanzoni No
Pending 666918 Walla Whiz Crome Heirloome 05/20/2022 Linda Verstappen No
Pending 666925 SDP Justice Is Comin California Olena 05/22/2022 Renzo Canciani No
Pending 666928 SDP Justice Is Comin Zanit Sugar Chick MR 05/25/2022 Renzo Canciani No
Pending 666929 No Sassy Chics Antina Jac 04/01/2022 Claudia Simon No
Pending 666930 Walla Whiz Crome La Marka De Gunner 02/22/2022 Astrid Kraft No
Pending 666931 Maytheforcebewhizyou Just Electric 05/11/2022 Astrid Kraft No
Pending 666934 Andthemobstergoesto Fantabalena 20 04/09/2022 Josafat Zanelli No
Pending 666935 Walla Whiz Crome Magnetica Juliet 04/26/2022 Josafat Zanelli No
Pending 666965 Spatatino Lenas Sweet Gun 03/12/2022 Matteo Ranucci No
Pending 666967 Colonels Shining Gun Ms Daisy Whiz 01/15/2022 Michel Masnada No
Pending 666970 Dunnit For Whizkey Hickory Penny Oak 05/10/2022 Cristina Serra No
Pending 666981 PS Mega Shine Chic Shesa Cute Gun 01/17/2022 Stefano Ferri Yes
Pending 667031 Spooks Gotta Whiz Oak Face Bonita 04/22/2022 Yair Hof No
Pending 667032 Shine Chic Shine Oak Face Bonita 04/29/2022 Yair Hof No
Pending 667037 Lil Smokeing Gun PC Cinderella Story 05/17/2022 Ciurli Martha No
Pending 667041 Colonel Barbee Dream Stop For Me 05/06/2022 Alain Giraud No
Pending 667053 Chicks Smokingun Goldie Fury Sailor 05/05/2022 Serhan ATESCI No
Pending 667057 Shiners Voodoo Smoky Lil Gun 04/10/2022 Fenna Elzinga Yes
Pending 667066 Gunners Special Nite Fine Blue Diamond 06/06/2022 Beate Gaab No
Pending 667067 Hollywood Gun Dunnit GH The Bandit Queen 06/03/2022 Beate Gaab No
Pending 667068 Shine My Gun No Sass At The Bar 05/03/2022 Gestut LQH No
Pending 667079 Walla Walla Whiz CP Chexenics Star 04/04/2022 Christelle Graffeuil No
Pending 667082 Walla Walla Whiz Honey texas oak 04/30/2022 Christelle Graffeuil No
Pending 667085 Spooks Gotta Whiz Star Squaredoklahoma 01/08/2022 Manuel Balzani No
Pending 667086 country whit a twist Arc Chic O Please 04/22/2022 Manuel Balzani No
Pending 667087 Gunns N Rozes Genius Candy Whiz 04/27/2022 Christelle Graffeuil No
Pending 667096 Mifillenium Taris Easter Chex 02/10/2022 David Roux No
Pending 667097 Yankee Gun Tina Jac Chex 02/20/2022 MARCELLO TEDESCO No
Pending 667103 GP A Spook In Town TRASHYAS GRAY BABE 04/24/2022 Marc Meeussen No
Pending 667116 Bet Hesa Boon Smart Chic Feona 06/30/2022 Andrea Luethi No
Pending 667199 Great Sun Burst BQH spangled dusty 05/21/2022 Matteo Di Giamberardino No
Pending 667201 Shiners Voodoo Whiz Me Mercedes 05/13/2022 Mariska Hak No
Pending 667215 Gunnatrashya My Hollywood Ending 04/09/2022 Lucio Ferrarini No
Pending 667216 Mucho Chex To Cash Reminics Sugar Candy 04/20/2022 Lucio Ferrarini No
Pending 667217 Gunnatrashya Reminics Sugar Candy 04/26/2022 Lucio Ferrarini No
Pending 667323 What A Wave Belles Smart Girl 04/21/2022 Kim Vermeulen No
Pending 667340 Chicks Smokingun Oakies Red Berry 05/06/2022 Annemanna AB No
Pending 667341 Chicks Smokingun Ar Easy Jessie Whiz 04/17/2022 Annemanna AB No
Pending 667347 pala face dunnit Thelma Whiz 05/20/2022 Luga Quarter Horses No
Pending 667348 Guns R For Shootin Margarita Tag 05/07/2022 Luga Quarter Horses No
Pending 667349 Guns R For Shootin Rooster April 03/21/2022 Luga Quarter Horses No
Pending 667350 PS Mega Shine Chic Gotta Spark Spook 05/08/2022 Luga Quarter Horses No
Pending 667351 pala face dunnit Shiner Whiz Olena 06/06/2022 Luga Quarter Horses No
Pending 667352 SG Frozen Enterprize VR Great Spark 06/06/2022 Luga Quarter Horses No
Pending 667353 Maverick MRH Doctorshowtime 04/30/2022 Luga Quarter Horses No
Pending 667369 Star Spangled Whiz daisys ruf peppy 05/22/2022 FC AMERICAN HORSES CERANTOLA No
Pending 667418 The Cocked Gun KS Hollydor Whiz 04/27/2022 Kennel Quarter Horses No
Pending 667424 Lil Joe Cash Justa Twisted Gun 03/20/2022 Jac Point QH No
Pending 667433 Gunners Special Nite EP Hangtensbaby 03/05/2022 Eduard Pumpel No
Pending 667440 Sugar Little Step Sandy Sailor 04/27/2022 LUIGI SANTORO No
Pending 667448 A Sparkling Vintage OT Tarisme 04/06/2022 Appaloosa S R L No
Pending 667449 Walla Walla Whiz Heavenly Who 04/23/2022 Appaloosa S R L No
Pending 667450 No Smoking Required OT Spark To Fire 05/22/2022 Appaloosa S R L No
Pending 667451 Walla Walla Whiz OT Taris Wish Miss 05/05/2022 Appaloosa S R L No
Pending 667452 Gunner Dun It Again Ed Playng Olena 03/28/2022 Appaloosa S R L No
Pending 667457 Gunner Dun It Again Chic Magnetica 01/23/2022 Luga Quarter Horses No
Pending 667458 Spooks Gotta Whiz Spinnin Dreams 01/15/2022 Luga Quarter Horses No
Pending 667459 Colonels Shining Gun Miss Frozen Jaky 01/03/2022 Luga Quarter Horses No
Pending 667460 Not Ruf At All La Marka De Gunner 01/17/2022 Luga Quarter Horses No
Pending 667462 Dun It For Whizkey One Snippy Chex 06/11/2022 Susanne Feiertag No
Pending 667465 Colonels Lone Gun Footworks Finest Lace 04/06/2022 Corrie Petter No
Pending 667541 Wimpy Step Surprise Shine Sexy Whiz 05/25/2022 Andrea Raschetti No
Pending 667543 Wimpy Margarita CR Tinsel Chexi 05/14/2022 Simone Pichler No
Pending 667548 Wimpy Step Surprise RM Isabel Shining Gun 01/10/2022 Rocco Mercuri No
Pending 667549 At Ale Wood Honey Gun Chex 02/26/2022 Rocco Mercuri No
Pending 667553 Gunners Chic Magnet Holidocs Chip A Kai 05/20/2022 Matthias Dann No
Pending 667554 Gunners Chic Magnet Gunshine Kai 05/06/2022 Matthias Dann No
Pending 667564 Walla Walla Whiz Nice Shortys 04/23/2022 Andrea Castrucci No
Pending 667581 Gunners Special Nite Chex Out My Nickers 05/27/2022 Claudia Steffen No
Pending 667593 Pale Face Dunnit ARC Montana Whiz 05/01/2022 Alessandro Maioli No
Pending 667594 Electric Snow Whitepoo 05/01/2022 Alessandro Maioli No
Pending 667596 Ha Sienntra PLAYFUL AND SMART 05/20/2022 Four Seasons Ranch Ranch No
Pending 667624 Colonels Shining Gun Wimpys Little Magnum 06/01/2022 Arienne Hollaar-Poot No
Pending 667625 Walla Walla Whiz The Best Of Seven 06/17/2022 Arienne Hollaar-Poot No
Pending 667626 SG Frozen Enterprize Little Wimpys Gun 06/16/2022 Arienne Hollaar-Poot No
Pending 667627 Colonels Shining Gun Whizpers Lil Cowgirl 05/22/2022 Arienne Hollaar-Poot No
Pending 667636 Spooks Gotta Sting Spark Gun 04/10/2022 FC AMERICAN HORSES CERANTOLA No
Pending 667682 Onelittlestepforluna HR Miss Melody Jac 01/05/2022 Andreas Kaiser No
Pending 667709 Mc Oleaner Chexnictocash 05/24/2022 Barbara Huentelmann No
Pending 667710 Walla Whiz Crome Twist Oleaner 03/07/2022 Barbara Huentelmann No
Pending 670266 Spat Split And White Snap A Lady 05/02/2022 Empire Quarter Horses No
Pending 671081 J Jac Olena The Mask Of Lady Gun 04/29/2022 Parrella Nicola No
Pending 672981 Spooks Gotta Spark PL Shesa All A Gun 03/02/2022 Zen Simone No
PF Golden Voodoo Shiners Voodoo Dr Little Gold Sailor 01/14/2022 Salvatore Patti Yes
Phantom Gun Smooth Move Chex Pk Shesa Chicy Gun 03/31/2022 Julietta Prinz No
Picasso Del Cielo Jewels Del Cielo Jacs Little Columbia 05/14/2022 David Roux No
Pit Gunnalight Gunnatrashya Light Real Sonita 01/15/2022 Fabio Merola No
PL Alcazar Americasnexttopgun E Harmony Dot Com 04/19/2022 Luigi Parise No
PL Black out A Vintage Smoke Spook Reyns 01/15/2022 Luigi Parise No
Pl Oak Shadow Ml Oak Infinito ML Wins Lil Lynx 03/31/2022 Pasquale Lamacchia No
PL Snap Sailor Gun Lil Smokeing Gun HH Snapper Sailor 03/21/2022 Luigi Parise No
Platinum Cielo Platinum Vintage Mj Chex N Cielo 05/08/2022 Victoria Page No
Platinum Tinkerjoy Platinum Vintage PS Tinker Toy 04/26/2022 Laura Rak No
PM A Sparkling Gun A Sparkling Vintage Gunners Snappy Chic 02/16/2022 Piet Mestdagh No
PM A Vintage Rose A Vintage Smoke Gunners Snappy Chic 02/17/2022 Piet Mestdagh No
PM Leo Gotta Whiz Reining Whiz Sheza Spook Lil Step 04/09/2022 Piet Mestdagh No
PM Maythefuturablue Maytheforcebewhizyou PM Arc Blue Lantana 04/17/2022 Paul Mattio No
PP Magnums Lil Luigi Lil Magnum Peppy Gotta Gun 05/03/2022 Michael Pupacher No
PPH Sweet Redskin CL Gunner Pride RM Francy Genuine Jet 04/24/2022 Fanny Ubaldi No
Pretty Whiz N Force Maytheforcebewhizyou Topsail Del Gallo 05/07/2022 Antonio Fiorentino No
PRH One Step Above ARC A Step Above BH Rose Pepto One 02/22/2022 Giorgia Arnaboldi No
PRH Spooks Gotta Jac Spooks Gotta Lime FG Easter Calbar 05/19/2022 Giorgia Arnaboldi No
Princess Of Resolve Einsteins Resolve Furys Sweety 03/14/2022 Gestut LQH No
PT Southern Whiz Walla Whiz Crome Vintage Southernbelle 05/17/2022 Platinum-Stables Gmbh No
PT Topsail Holly Hollys Electricspark Whizess 03/21/2022 Martin Bachmann No
Raffaella Carra Colonels Shining Gun Limpy Little Step 01/05/2022 Andrea Bianchini Yes
Rain In Ibiza AB Peppy Diamond Face Time 03/02/2022 Jennifer Kronsteiner-Nixdorf No
Raise N Revolt Start A Revolution LV Sailing Pepolena 03/16/2022 Sabine Lisec No
Raven Creek Black Gotta Gun Kachina Creek 05/01/2022 Susanne Klaene No
Ray Tango Not Ruf At All Limpy Little Step 01/25/2022 Andrea Bianchini Yes
Rayan Smokingun Rd Chicks Smokingun CDS Ruby Shines 05/28/2022 Ruediger Diedenhofen Yes
RB Dunit For Whizgun Dun It For Whizkey Miss SL Gunner 03/26/2022 Savina Bosia No
Rea Whiz Elvis Peppys Taco Doll Sheza Whiz 04/25/2022 Christian Baldelli No
Reddington Eclipsolena VU Princess With Guns 04/29/2022 Esther Overduin Pietersma No
Reika Ruf Olena 76 Not Ruf At All RS Mc Jac Wind Olena 04/26/2022 Alfredo Di Caro No
Rio Ruf Gun Not Ruf At All This Chics A Gunner 04/11/2022 Ivana Hamarova No
RM A Smoking Star A Vintage Smoke Starmax Rm 05/09/2022 Massimo Rudari No
RM Bella Trix Tricked Out Spook Gunna Peppier 03/24/2022 Massimo Rudari No
RM Crushtest PS Mega Shine Chic CMS Star Of Rooster 02/28/2022 Massimo Rudari No
Rock It Boy Ruf Lil Magnum Solanos Snapper Girl 04/20/2022 Christof Valtl No
Rock My Wimpy Heart Ruf Lil Magnum Wimpys Sophie Oak 05/03/2022 Marion Lang No
Rooster Little Sugar Sugar Little Step Rooster Billabong 04/06/2022 Giorgia Cazzola No
RQH Blossom Future Justanother Blue Eye Lil Ruf Pepsi 03/23/2022 Ferdinand Riska No
RQH Fast Draw Whiz Fast Draw Peppy Dunnits Pixie Whiz 05/16/2022 Richard Allan No
RQH Great Surprise Justanother Blue Eye A Berry Surprise 04/07/2022 Ferdinand Riska No
RQH Silver Treasure Justanother Blue Eye Pistola De Cielo 04/04/2022 Ferdinand Riska No
RR Colorado Gon Yankee Gun Sweet Juliet Cody 03/12/2022 Marco Di Carlo No
RR Dun It For Custom Dun It For Whizkey Custom High Roller 06/16/2022 Soelvi Raasok No
RR Lil Stargun Modern Gun Starbucks Destiny 06/22/2022 Hans Raasok No
RR Shining Custom Colonels Shining Gun Custom Legends Lady 06/04/2022 Hans Raasok No
RR Whiz Plated Jac Walla Whiz Crome Crome Plated Magnum 05/06/2022 Hans Raasok No
RTR Gunformillion Guns R For Shootin Holly Conquistador 04/05/2022 Giovanna Marazzi No
rtr joewithoutcash Lil Joe Cash Little H Power 05/12/2022 Giovanna Marazzi No
RTR Yankee Candle Yankee Gun Arc Tiviolena 02/02/2022 Giovanna Marazzi No
RTR Yankeedoodle Yankee Gun Frozen Sparklena 05/06/2022 Giovanna Marazzi No
Ruf All Whiz Not Ruf At All Sanditch Enterprise 04/01/2022 Eva Giordano No
Ruf Like Oaks I Am A Ruf Boy RRsissydocoak 02/19/2022 Jessica Schmitt No
Ruf Smokin Gun Not Ruf At All Gunners Mojo 05/03/2022 Francesco Groppelli Yes
Ruf Stop Late Night Stopper Thats Ruf 03/22/2022 Matthias Gruber No
Ruffly Showing Off Jacs Electric Spark Ruffly Whizin Off 04/11/2022 Joke Overbeek Fennema No
Ruffly Sparking Off Jacs Electric Spark Ruffly Whizin Off 05/10/2022 Joke Overbeek Fennema No
Ruffly Spooking Off Smart Spook Ruffly Whizin Off 04/03/2022 Joke Overbeek Fennema No
Runnin All Redlights JB Back In Black LKR Hailey 05/01/2022 Maike Bartsch No
Sailin Nu Snap ARC Gunna Sparkya Snappergina 01/01/2022 Vittorio Rabboni No
Scotch No Soda Colonels Shining Gun Whowhizthispeppychic 05/14/2022 Kim Windey Yes
Seismic Spark Chex For Spark Bobs Chica Lena 02/10/2022 Vittorio Rabboni No
SG Snap A Licious Gunnerlicious Snappy Showgirl 01/25/2022 Geraldine Grafen No
SG The Dream Goes On What A Wave Dun A Lotta Dreamin 05/31/2022 Steve & Gina VANNIETVELT-DE PAUW No
Shalati ZT Gallo Del Cielo Merada Dreamcatcher 06/22/2022 Matteo David No
Sharon Dude Dancer Stargate Dancer OT Taris Dude 06/08/2022 Michele Bonifacio No
Sheezalilwhizoutface Phantom Face Sheez So Chexy 03/29/2022 Inanna Versteeg Yes
Shezcominginhot Spooks Gotta Whiz Xtra Ruby Cocktail 04/21/2022 Andrea Costa Yes
Shine Bronco Eclipsolena CSG Flashyboom 05/10/2022 Izabella Zarnawska No
Shine On Wave What A Wave Shine On Princess 04/30/2022 Pavel Slabik No
Shine Whiz Crome Shine Lil Whiz Gun Crome 04/29/2022 Helga Noegel No
Shinelikesawimpy PS Mega Shine Chic Wimpy Little Hawks 03/10/2022 Giovanni Cioli No
Shiners Coffee Blue Shiners Voodoo Dr Coffees Inferno 01/31/2022 Irmgard Brendgens No
Shiners Rowdy Girl Shiners Voodoo Chic Rowdy Yankee 04/25/2022 Aline Wittmer No
Shiners Voodoo Nite Shiners Voodoo Runners Special Jewel 01/30/2022 Christian Weidlich No
Shiney Whiz Gun Walla Walla Whiz Abby Gun 01/19/2022 Vittorio Rabboni No
Shinie Whiz Spook Colonels Shining Gun Spookie Whiz Girl 05/16/2022 Martine Ayoul No
Shining Boggie Whiz Walla Walla Whiz MF Girl Emotion Gun 04/16/2022 Franck Perret Yes
Shining Candy Gun Colonels Shining Gun Thaz Candy Crush 04/15/2022 Eleonora Biasutti No
Shining Eyes Colonels Shining Gun Riettas Two Eyed Sun 03/17/2022 Gisela Denk No
Shining Frozen Gun Colonels Shining Gun ARC Stop To Frosty 04/16/2022 Tamara Kroselj No
Shining Ricochet Mr Ricochet BA Shining Hickory 05/29/2022 Gestut LQH No
Shinnatrashya Shine Chic Shine Natrasha Sailor Gun 04/19/2022 Alberto Amici No
Shooting play Guns R For Shootin Play me jac 04/04/2022 Matus Kuzma No
Sixtysix Steps Inferno Sixty Six Wimpys Night Step 04/19/2022 2BE Ranch No
SK Star Dunit Again Gunner Dun It Again DG Emigrated Star 03/02/2022 Klara Salkova No
SL Customized Mamba Ref Black Mamba Shes Customized 04/22/2022 Sandra Linnig-Foehl No
SL Gunnabeabigchic ARC Gunnabeabigstar This Chics Red 04/28/2022 Sandra Linnig-Foehl No
SL Gunnabeasuperstar ARC Gunnabeabigstar SL Hang Ten Becky 06/08/2022 Sandra Linnig-Foehl No
SL Nu Cash At Nite Gunners Special Nite The Black Market 05/07/2022 Sandra Linnig-Foehl No
SL Shine Smart Chic Shine My Gun SL Smart N Chic 05/22/2022 Sandra Linnig-Foehl No
SL Specialgirlsnite Gunners Special Nite SL Helluvas Minnie 06/08/2022 Sandra Linnig-Foehl No
SM Gotta Nifty Chex Gotta Nifty Gun Whosthatchex 03/08/2022 Massimo Solbiati No
SM Step Of Ice ARC A Step Above Iceinside 03/08/2022 Massimo Solbiati No
SM Walla Gunna Walla Walla Whiz SM Inside Gun 04/08/2022 Massimo Solbiati No
Smart And Ruffled Smart Spook Ruffle Me Up 04/18/2022 Rosanne Sternberg Yes
Smart Blackberry Slj Smart Doc TD Valery Custom 05/04/2022 VITO INGOGLIA No
Smart Chic Diamond31 Lil Smokeing Gun San Diamonds Luc 03/25/2022 Paolina Sturni No
Smart Gotta Spook Spooks Gotta Spark Spook Enterprise 05/30/2022 Francesco Cribari No
Smart Gun Chex Lil Smokeing Gun Virginia Chex 05/11/2022 Andrea Rigon No
Smart Like Inferno Inferno Sixty Six Juice Likes To Stunt 04/30/2022 Romana Erblich No
Smart Lil Joe Cash Lil Joe Cash Playgirls Slik Chic 04/06/2022 Elizabeth Bakker No
Smart Loves Jac Mr Colonel Smart Ellevi Love Jac 02/24/2022 Christoph Seiler Yes
Smart N Phemus RS Polyphemus Jac Db Olena Day 05/29/2022 Jeffrey Touroute-Thomas No
Smart Sparkya ARC Gunna Sparkya Marilyn Monwhoa 05/17/2022 Vittorio Rabboni No
Smartchildomine Smart Spook Whizelicious 04/18/2022 Marleen Suttels No
Smokeing Feet Lil Smokeing Gun Whiz N Feet 04/12/2022 Matteo David No
Smokey N Whizkey Dun It For Whizkey Pretty Miss Smokegun 02/02/2022 Irmgard Brendgens No
Smokin Cash MH A Vintage Smoke Custom Cash In Roan 04/10/2022 Martina Hable No
Smokin Dollface Smokin Mifillena Renas Sheena 03/01/2022 Natascha Zopf No
Smokin Ebony Spook Gunner Ebony Spook 01/12/2022 Rosanne Sternberg Yes
Smoking Joe Lil Joe Cash Colonel Smokin Leigh 03/27/2022 Wolfgang Hammer Yes
Snapper Flame Skeets Flamin Spanish Lady Luz 05/27/2022 Sea Horse SRL No
Snapsprettiestspark San Snap Spook Lhprettiestlouintown 05/14/2022 Stefanie Schaufele No
SP Electric Melody Electric Snow Melodys Boots 05/15/2022 Pier Luigi Sala No
Space Map ARC A Step Above Miffi Star 06/27/2022 Marco Galiazzo No
Spark N Blue Hollys Electricspark Gloo Dry Lena 05/29/2022 Susa Sauer No
Spark N Conquistador Hollys Electricspark Conquistadors Vicky 04/16/2022 Susa Sauer No
Spark N Platinum Platinum Vintage Spark N Gun 04/06/2022 Sabrina Ludwig No
Sparklinghoney Chick ARC Gunna Sparkya ARC Honey Chick 03/09/2022 Vittorio Rabboni No
Sparky Ruf Dunit Lil Ruf Show Wannabe Shining 01/18/2022 Stefano Brega No
Sparkys Frozen Pirat SG Frozen Enterprize ARC Shesgunnasparkya 04/28/2022 Gestut LQH No
Spat A Sun Great Sun Burst Nilu Ice Spat 04/07/2022 Barbara Bracci No
Spat Chic Magnet Gunners Chic Magnet RS Morgana Lena 02/08/2022 Michaela Lapacka No
Specialbluniteplease DC Masterspecialnite Peppier Mint Please 04/30/2022 Lauriane Daffort-Mollaret No
Specialnite Pearl BB Gunners Special Nite Wimpys Pearl 05/17/2022 Eifel Gold Ranch Baeck Yes
Spin Like Spook AV In Like Flinn Ms Gun Spook 03/14/2022 Lisa-Maria Mitterer No
Spook With A Shine Smart Spook Designed With Shine 05/22/2022 Rosanne Sternberg Yes
Spookadeus Smart Spook Setting Off Sparks 01/06/2022 Rosanne Sternberg Yes
Spooks 66 Inferno Sixty Six Spooks Gotta Me Out 05/16/2022 FJT Quarter Horses No
Spooks Gun Girl Maytheforcebewhizyou Gunners Smokin Girl 04/20/2022 Janina Tachkov No
Spooks N Spark Mify Mifillenium Sm Spooks With Sparks 05/21/2022 Vittorio Rabboni No
Spooks N Whiz Spooks Gotta Gun One More Whiz Girl 04/11/2022 Vittorio Rabboni No
Spooks Of Blizzard Spooks Gotta Spark Shining Smart Cielo 04/01/2022 Adolf Gauster No
Spooks Sugar Girl Spooks Star Gun Electric Sugar 04/26/2022 Lena Schmidl No
Spooky Little Spark Spooks Gotta Spark Frosted Wimped Cream 03/19/2022 Riccardo Abati No
Spooky Steps Wimpys Little Chees Spooky Snow 04/30/2022 Edith Zenouda No
Spottolino Spatatino Cols Pretty Lena 04/17/2022 Mario Di Ciommo No
SQH Jacson Gun Yankee Gun Barby Bo Sun 07/09/2022 Leo Senese No
SQH Miss Gun Rooster Masked Gun Mc Jac Rooster 07/07/2022 Leo Senese No
SQH Mister Gunna Gunnatrashya Mrh Miss Diamantina 08/05/2022 Leo Senese No
SQH Smoking Wags Lil Smokeing Gun ARC Miss Diamond Wag 06/30/2022 Leo Senese No
Sr Mia Custom Crome Start A Revolution Custom Cromed Spook 05/15/2022 Petra Burger No
Star Chic Whiz Star Spangled Whiz Tinselchic 04/24/2022 Patrick Capobianco No
Star Destroyer Maytheforcebewhizyou RS Cosmopolitan Lena 03/12/2022 Matteo Capello No
Star Gun Dunit Honey First Gunny Star Dunit Whiz 04/16/2022 Vittorio Rabboni No
Started With A Dream Magnum With A Dream Jerseygirlwithagun 06/05/2022 Elena Wuorimaa Yes
Stop Revolution Start A Revolution Mae Buds N Roses 03/09/2022 Irmgard Brendgens No
Stop Walladimir Walla Walla Whiz Electra Stop Ruff 03/19/2022 David Roux No
Stormita gun Lil Smokeing Gun Enterprise Stormita 04/28/2022 Manuel Caumo No
Sunny Shining Gun Colonels Shining Gun Lena Jay Rooster 02/02/2022 Carola Fiorini No
Superheroo Walla Whiz Crome Gunners Blue Smoke 04/11/2022 Schlager Nestelberger Partnership No
Suprizing Top Chic Arc Surprize Steps DG Sail On Top Chic 02/12/2022 Maxime Vermaelen No
Surely Chexi Gunny Honey First Gunny Surely Chexi 04/11/2022 Vittorio Rabboni No
Sweet Jubilee Dream Jac Barbee Dream Sweet Saturdaynight 05/10/2022 Alison Bucknell No
Sweet Lil Joe Lil Joe Cash Taris Sailor 03/15/2022 Ferenc Fuessel No
Sweet Little Diamond Sugar Little Step Diamond Snap 03/15/2022 Myriam Comparetto Yes
Sweet Shiners Voodoo Shiners Voodoo Dr Rambo Uptown Girl 03/31/2022 Mariannick Domont-Perret No
SZ Keep The Face Pale Face Dunnit Ses Lady Crome 03/24/2022 Barbora Prekopova No
Tbcamilla Rosenchic Gunners Frostbite Tbmusti 05/04/2022 Ania Bicego No
The Baby Driver AB Peppy Diamond Cee N Blue 02/27/2022 Erwin Haider No
The Bad Touch Black Gotta Gun Advance Spot On 05/09/2022 Fabienne Schadt No
The Black Label Black Gotta Gun Steppin Nici 03/18/2022 Verena Klein No
The Cobra Platinum Vintage West Coast Oak 03/01/2022 Angelo Ferrario Yes
The Dark Revolution Start A Revolution Gunners Dark Edition 06/03/2022 Melanie Peter No
The Great Wave Houses Of The Holy Smart Junie SG 05/26/2022 Giulio Trevisan No
The Gun Dr Shiners Voodoo Dr My Body Is My Gun 01/02/2022 Isabeau Rohde No
The Holy Pride Houses Of The Holy Two Oaks Pride 05/05/2022 Giulio Trevisan No
The Insomniac Voodoo Shiners Voodoo Dr Smart Girl With Gun 06/02/2022 Thomas Sciascia No
The Last Mia Gunners Last Oak Ps Mia Dual Pep 04/12/2022 Christof Valtl No
The Vintage Rockstar Platinum Vintage Onegun In Jersey 04/06/2022 Celine Beisel No
Thecoolestdunitgirl Hollywood Dun It Gunners Mojo 07/18/2022 Francesco Groppelli Yes
Tinseltowns Honey ARC Walla Dun Did It Smoke In Tinseltown 04/06/2022 Maria Eliasson No
TJ Gun One Gun Benedicta Stylishlite 04/24/2022 Alice Gatti No
To Be Or Nuts To Be Platinum Vintage ARC Kachina Wanda 03/25/2022 Jerome Farrenc No
Top Sonic Chrome Walla Whiz Crome ML SO NITA 02/16/2022 Emanuela Allevato No
Top White Choco Whiz Vanilla Ice N Choco Smart Shiners Whiz 03/07/2022 Michelle Wesserling No
Topgunwithanicedress Americasnexttopgun Cat In A Dress 06/01/2022 Francesco Groppelli No
Torniamoe Gunnatrashya Sweet Chic Surprise 05/21/2022 Ottavio Tonon No
Trash A Diamond Gunnatrashya Arc Lil Peppy Doc 03/07/2022 Joke Overbeek Fennema No
Trashadoo Shiners Voodoo Trashy Desert Rose 05/07/2022 Lysann Frost No
Trick Or Treat XO Tricked Out Spook Smart Lil Dunlady 04/28/2022 Fabien Boiron No
TS Queen Gun Step Colonel Strange TS Guendy Step 05/08/2022 Federico Radice No
TS Vicky Huntress Gun Colonel Strange Illbeasmarthuntress 05/01/2022 Ornella Filippini No
Tuxedo Gun No Smoking Required Dunit Batwomen 04/29/2022 Sabrina Ludwig No
Two Steps Above ARC A Step Above Tares Top Step 06/13/2022 Christina Gruber No
Untrickable Tricked Out Spook HQH Pep Little Kiss 02/24/2022 Susanne Lorenz No
Vb Pasqualinacake PC Magnum Step Dream JJ Chic O Lena 04/16/2022 Pietro Belelli No
Veni Vidi Whizin Tari Whizin Pale Face Reminic 03/25/2022 Sabine Lisec No
Vintage Avatar A Sparkling Vintage Wimpys Little Shine 03/29/2022 Rene Driever No
Vintage Drag Queen A Vintage Smoke RS Spat Guns N Roses 05/24/2022 Giovanna Marazzi No
Vintage Fantasy All American Vintage Xtra Black Fantasy 02/24/2022 Eyal Carmon No
Vintage Va Va Voom Platinum Vintage West Coast Jewel 05/12/2022 Jerry Lowe No
Voodoo Dr Wimpys Shiners Voodoo Dr Wimpys Sugar Candy 02/24/2022 Stefan Hentschel No
Voodoo Gun Do Shiners Voodoo Gunnarufya 04/13/2022 Jürgen Gerdes No
Voodoo Honey Shiners Voodoo Dr LQ Honey 04/27/2022 Gestut LQH No
Voodoo Wave Shiners Voodoo Dr Waving Lil Gun 04/02/2022 Torsten Tiemann No
Voodoos Moonshiner Shiners Voodoo Dr Easy Otie Moon 03/28/2022 Myriam Niedhammer No
VQH Buenonic Cash Lil Joe Cash Bueno San Lucy 01/06/2022 Beniamino Straziuso No
VQH Pepto Gunnit Hollywood Gunnit Foxy Pepto 06/17/2022 Beniamino Straziuso No
VR Frozen Yankee Yankee Gun Baby Frozen Tari 05/13/2022 Christine Rippel No
VR Magnum Dream Gun Colonels Shining Gun Chic Harmony Dream 05/21/2022 Lucio Colafrancesco No
VR Senorita Chex Gun Colonels Shining Gun Cadilachnina 04/04/2022 Viscusi Societa' Agricola SRLS No
VV Dual Gunsnroses Mister Smart Dual Colonels Gunsnroses 03/11/2022 Tina Lawrence No
VV Smart Clone Gun Mister Smart Dual Lone Guns Olena 03/19/2022 Ally Brimble No
Walla Be Sparkya Walla Walla Whiz Piccola Sparkya 01/06/2022 Nicolò Azzarone No
Walla Gunna Rock Walla Walla Whiz Gunna B A Rockstar 05/01/2022 Eyal Carmon No
Walla In A Hollywood Walla Whiz Crome Dun Its Macarena 03/01/2022 Christian Weidlich No
Walla Spring Snow Electric Snow Miss Walla Whiz 05/05/2022 David Roux No
Walla Walla Dream Walla Walla Whiz Jessies Lil Dreamer 04/26/2022 Vittorio Rabboni No
Walla Walla Knick Walla Walla Whiz The Knick Nic 02/19/2022 Gestut LQH No
Walla Walla Snap Walla Walla Whiz Snapple Surprises 02/23/2022 Mattia Camisi No
Walla Walla Zag Walla Walla Whiz Lean On Zag 01/18/2022 Antonio Zagaria Yes
Walla Whiz Fantasy Walla Walla Whiz Xtra Black Fantasy 03/31/2022 Eyal Carmon No
Walla Whiz Gold Walla Whiz Crome Golden Dry Creek 04/06/2022 Michaela Kogler No
Walla Whizington Walla Whiz Crome Jacs Lady Tamulena 04/22/2022 Sabrina Fritz No
Wallaboowhiz Walla Walla Whiz Snappeekaboo 04/20/2022 Irene Merlotti No
Wallasnexttopgun Walla Walla Whiz Gunners Topchic 05/17/2022 Martina Wolf No
Wallawhiznotrufastep Walla Whiz A Dun It All In A Step 04/28/2022 Alan De Stefano Yes
Wallawhizntrashya BB Ebony Trashya Walla Walla Sunshine 03/24/2022 Eifel Gold Ranch Baeck Yes
Wallodino Whiz Walla Walla Whiz Im Taris Slide 04/19/2022 Sara Galimberti No
Watch Mee Colonels Shining Gun Peppergun 01/06/2022 Emma Villa No
Way To Voodoo Master Shiners Voodoo Whiz The Way 03/31/2022 Doris Hoeflacher No
We R Who We R Colonels Shining Gun Miss Supreme Spook 03/21/2022 Claudia Scheunemann No
West Coast Icecream Wimpy Crashed Ice West Coast Trouble 05/03/2022 Simon Bilger No
Whiz Finest Style Whiz Shining Style Finest Golden Grace 04/10/2022 Marion Hoffmann No
Whiz Frozen Roses Gunner Dun It Again Rosetta Whiz 03/09/2022 Anna Hinmueller No
Whiz Revolution Einsteins Resolve MG Rooster Whilywhiz 04/20/2022 Petra Pieper No
Whiz Ruf Gungirl Whiz Ruf Peppy Gunners Playgirl 06/21/2022 Asa Bergstrom No
Whiz Smoking Gun Chicks Smokingun Ms Dauntless Whiz 03/26/2022 Jasmin Knotzinger No
Whiz Sparkya More ARC Gunna Sparkya One More Whiz Girl 02/27/2022 Vittorio Rabboni No
Whiz Tarychicsmart Tarysmart Walla Whiz A Chic 04/12/2022 Silvia Kulmer No
Whiza Phantomface RD Phantom Face Whizasparkywalla BB 04/08/2022 Ruediger Diedenhofen Yes
Whizcape Dun It For Whizkey Donna Arc Escapes BB 02/19/2022 Sara Nordin No
Whize Decision Tari Whizin Major Snapper 05/21/2022 Sabine Lisec No
Whizin N Spookin Smart Spook Whizin Off Sparks 02/18/2022 Rosanne Sternberg Yes
Whizkey Revolution Dun It For Whizkey Meana Revolution 02/21/2022 João Paulo Villela No
Whizkey Whiz Crome Dun It For Whizkey Custom Olena Chic 02/14/2022 Angelika Dobesova No
Whizkeys Star Chic Dun It For Whizkey Stars Little Wimpy 04/06/2022 Albert Derksen No
Whizolve Walla Whiz Crome Kaysolve 01/23/2022 Fabian Strebel No
Whizzin I Was Smart Smart N Sparkin KB Frappucino Jac 03/30/2022 Melissa Van Genechten No
Whizzynite Gunners Special Nite Smart Whizzy 04/27/2022 Pavel Slabik No
Whos That Chick Chicks Smokingun Im A Walla Walla 03/22/2022 Francesco Freschi Yes
Wicked Black Devin Little Spook Wicked Princess Baby Gun 05/12/2022 fabrizio Di Marzio No
Wimpys Dualees Mcwimpysgotadiamond Peanut Friz CD 03/07/2022 Jannik Umbach No
Wimpys Gotta Shine Little Nic Golds Gotta Shine 04/01/2022 Becky Rutter No
Wimpys Safe Bet Wimpys High Bid Whiz N Smart Dunit 05/19/2022 Birgitte Olsen No
Windy Hot Lady ARC Wallys Dun CDS Godiva N Ramb 02/26/2022 David Roux No
Windy Walla Star ARC Gunna Sparkya Arc Wallas Court 02/22/2022 Vittorio Rabboni No
Wintage A Sparkling Vintage ND Jazzy Step On It 01/01/2022 Isabeau Rohde No
Wish Upon A Spook Inferno Sixty Six Ready To Spook 05/31/2022 Alessia Simoncini No
Would I Lie To You AB Peppy Diamond Whiz N Nanny 05/04/2022 Jennifer Kronsteiner-Nixdorf No
WP Lady Oak Jaba Oak Antares Holly Top 03/04/2022 Chiara Matteazzi No
X Factor Gotta Spark Spooks Gotta Spark Footworks X Factor 03/08/2022 Dominique Buuren No
XO Fantaschic Smart Chic Olena Ebony Shines 02/27/2022 Rosanne Sternberg Yes
Y Ruffycrushmeout PS Mega Shine Chic Not Ruf Me Out 05/29/2022 Y Quarter Horses No
Yankee Princess Py Yankee Gun ARC Black Queen 05/31/2022 Susi Trabucatto No
Yankee Stadium PC Yankee Gun Senorita Custom 03/16/2022 Soc Agr Pietracavalla SRL No
Yellowstone Boon Spooks Gotta Spark Electric Kiss 04/15/2022 Manuel Pancera No
Your Time Will Come Spooks Gotta Spark Shinersprettyvoodoo 05/08/2022 Judith and Joerg Junker Junker No
Youre My Sunshine PC Shine Chic Shine PL Trashya Sunrise 03/14/2022 Soc Agr Pietracavalla SRL No
YP Spooks Gotta Step Spooks Gotta Spark Sandys Little Step 05/17/2022 Yannick Pesek No
Zag Space Cowboy Smart Chic Olena Gun At The Gate 01/14/2022 Antonio Zagaria Yes
ZR NEVADA WOOD At Ale Wood alv catalitic melody 04/25/2022 Christian Zaccaria No