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European NRHA Futurity / Derby Foal Nominations
Foal Year: 2019    Count: 1301

Horse Sire Dam Foal Date Nominator North American Option
A Chic Adventurer A Sparkling Vintage Miss Tiffany Chic 06/09/2019 Ulrike Johade No
A Custom Hickory Custom Del Cielo BA Shining Hickory 03/20/2019 Gestut LQH No
A Dream N Wrangler Magnum Chic Dream A Whiz N Wranglers 02/26/2019 Carlo Sala No
A Lot Of Shine Whiz A Lot Wimpys Little Shine 04/13/2019 Angelika Gebert No
A Paint Of Lenas Lenas Drawin His Gun All In One 03/20/2019 Matteo Ranucci No
A Platinum Oak Platinum Vintage Tuck Oak Enterprise 01/25/2019 Ambrosini Quarter Horses ASD No
A Smart Little Spook Undercover Spook A Tricky Little Step 06/02/2019 A. Vellinger No
A Star In Chicago AV Star Spangled Whiz RZ Magnetic Rita 04/14/2019 Alex Volcan No
A Star Is Born BB Topsail Whiz Walla Walla Sunshine 03/23/2019 Ruediger Diedenhofen No
A Starlight Inferno Inferno Sixty Six Bright Barlight 04/08/2019 Joke Overbeek Fennema No
A Sweet Wally Walla Walla Whiz A Sweet Broad 04/24/2019 George Wiedenhofer No
A Whizper Of Roses Tinker With Guns Whizs Cracklin Rose 07/07/2019 Claudia Scheunemann No
AB Electric Ruf Mr Electric Spark Ruf Dun Honey 05/16/2019 Agnes Bertaud No
AB Sophie Dun It AB Captain Badger Dunnit Enterprise 05/01/2019 Alberto Amici No
Abbies Gentleman Jac Whizkey N Diamonds Smart Abigaile Orima 03/14/2019 Benedikte Kuehschelm Yes
Ablackvintagecromepc A Sparkling Vintage Senorita Custom 04/08/2019 Soc Agr Pietracavalla SRL No
AC Crome Dude Outlaw Hickory A Magic Bay Dude 06/20/2019 Umberto Salvato No
AC Einsteins In Like In Like Flinn Einsteins Delight 04/18/2019 Alessandro Cazzaniga No
AC Joe Spooks Lil Joe Cash RH Vanilla Spooks 05/08/2019 Alessandro Cazzaniga No
Ace Dun Olena Smart Chic Olena Ace Dun It Rufly 06/08/2019 Almut Cooper No
Ace Enchanting Rosie Gallo Del Cielo Ace Dun It Smart 05/05/2019 Almut Cooper No
Achtung Smartplayboy Achtung Baybe Payalotta 05/01/2019 Susanne Goettlich No
AF Mr Bombastic Boemil Twin Robotop Genuine Smart Bogie 03/21/2019 Anna Feneis No
AK Gun Special Whiz Gunners Special Nite Whiz N Tiss 03/11/2019 AK Quarterhorses No
AK Magnum Lil Wimp Magnum Chic Dream RX Dodsons Lil Step 04/27/2019 AK Quarterhorses No
All About Whiz CJ Whiz All About Spook 04/08/2019 Koen Symoens No
All Money In Ricochet Rooster Roses for Einstein 02/17/2019 23 Quarter Horses SRL No
Alpha Dunit Shadow Dun It Whiz N Smart Dunit 05/21/2019 Birgitte Olsen No
Angels Best Size Best Spook Surprise Nice Size 05/06/2019 Bernice Engel No
AP Tari Gun Aldebaran One Gun Cn Tari Bow Mif 04/08/2019 Annalisa Perfetti No
AR Chic Shine Bleach Shine Chic Shine Snappy Bleach 05/06/2019 Elisabetta Raviola No
Ar Chic Shine Whiz Shine Chic Shine Whiz N Sassy 05/17/2019 Elisabetta Raviola No
AR I Like Bleach In Like Flinn Snappy Bleach 03/04/2019 Elisabetta Raviola No
AR Icegirl Chex SG Frozen Enterprize Busy Bouncin Chex 03/02/2019 Elisabetta Raviola No
AR Sweet Poker Dream Pale Face Dunnit Sweet Candy Dream 04/18/2019 Elisabetta Raviola No
AR Tinker Way Tinker With Guns Er My Way 03/19/2019 Elisabetta Raviola No
AR Ya Ready Gunnatrashya ALV Wimpylittlegold 02/20/2019 AR Showhorses No
AR Yankee Smoke Yankee Gun Not Only Smoke 03/30/2019 Elisabetta Raviola No
ARH Charms Of Jersey Yellow Jersey Lenas Charming Peppy 04/10/2019 Sandra Tourret No
Arh Freestylewhizkey Whizkey N Diamonds Style Holly Dun It 05/21/2019 Sandra Tourret No
ARH Like One Marvel One Gun ARH Diamonds Addict 04/12/2019 Sandra Tourret No
ARH Slide On Wave What A Wave Sliding N Booging 05/26/2019 Sandra Tourret No
ARH Volcano Surprise Inferno Sixty Six ARC Lena Surprise 06/09/2019 Sandra Tourret No
Arnels Spat A Blue Spat A Blue RS Arnels Feo Jac 04/08/2019 Sabrina Adam No
Authentic Vintage A Sparkling Vintage Nikita Puro 06/02/2019 Antonino Cancellieri No
Baby Cocked Gun The Cocked Gun Baby Milligate 05/21/2019 Giulia Di Lella No
Bamboocha Dun Ok Dun TB Helena Lena 05/03/2019 Kitti Horvath No
Bandit Need Cash Dont Miss My Guns MJ Miss Spring Cash 03/11/2019 David Roux No
Barone Nchex Kitas Spark Tarinicolena 05/15/2019 Giuseppe La Monica No
Bat N Whiz Best Spook Come Whiz Me 04/12/2019 Thomas Engel No
Be The Bees Knees Colonels Shining Gun Dual Spirit 04/24/2019 Emma Villa No
Beckys Uptown Star Little Downtown Star Becky Malone 06/25/2019 Claudia Simon No
Belle Flinn In Like Flinn OT Belle 05/15/2019 Karin Machalek No
Berry Sweet Petunia Colonels Berry Best A Berry Smart Chic 03/28/2019 David Young No
Best Of Trash Gunnatrashya Riettas Two Eyed Sun 04/28/2019 Gernot Kuttner No
Best Ruf Best Spook Lil Ruf Prissy 04/12/2019 Bjoern Buerig No
Bfour Blessedjustice SDP Justice Is Comin Dry Smoke Lena 05/31/2019 Giorgia Buccini No
BH Capitan Walla Walla Walla Whiz Capitano Mattolina 02/05/2019 BH Farm No
BH Great Sun Jersey Great Sun Burst CMP Pittina Jersey 06/12/2019 BH Farm No
BH Magic Specialnite ARC Magic Enterprise Gunner Special Blue 04/11/2019 Mattia Bassetto No
BH Sayos First Cash Lil Joe Cash Sayos Last To Spook 02/10/2019 BH Farm No
BH Shinervoodoolena Shiners Voodoo Dr MRH Doctor N Lynx 04/03/2019 BH Farm No
BHB Lil Missgun Jacs Lil Spook BHB Katberry Stargun 04/08/2019 Valérie Fontaine No
Big Be Nimble ARC Wallys Dun AC Whiz Cash N Gun 01/30/2019 David Roux No
Big City Starlights ARC Gunnabeabigstar SP Kings Oneof Three 05/01/2019 Oliver Stein No
Biondas Ricoboy HH Rico and Sparky Jacs Bionda O Rima 05/22/2019 Karin Stoll No
BJ Chex Hollywoodgun Hollywood Gun Dunnit Pep Olena Chex 05/01/2019 Mauro Boffelli No
Black Diamond FC Electric Code Molly Bluberry 04/18/2019 Alessia Brambilla No
Black Spark Best Spook Electrafied 03/24/2019 Britta Groenemeyer No
Blame On Spooks Wimpys Little Step Spooks O Lena 05/17/2019 Ambrosini Quarter Horses ASD No
Bliss Bobette San In Like Flinn Docs Steady San 04/30/2019 Elisa Bregoli No
Blue Blondy Baby Spat A Blue Great Blond Whiz 03/06/2019 Alessia Rinaldi No
BM Gullivers Gun The Cocked Gun Miss Icy Cookie 04/04/2019 Emanuela Stefani No
BMS Allys Double Gun Hollywood Gun It Ally Mcgun 04/08/2019 Barbara Seibold No
BMS Friscody Friscote Starlight Joe Cody 06/15/2019 Barbara Seibold No
BMS Gonna Get You Hollywood Gun It Ally Get Your Gun 04/10/2019 Barbara Seibold No
BMS King Of Guns Hollywood Gun It BMS Whirlys Memory 04/17/2019 Barbara Seibold No
BMS May Bee A Gun Hollywood Gun It Arc Twist Out 04/07/2019 Barbara Seibold No
BMS Royal Cromed Gun Custom Crome Trigger Happy Chic 04/19/2019 Barbara Seibold No
BMS Smoky Gun It Hollywood Gun It Manuelita Gun Smoke 04/21/2019 Barbara Seibold No
Bo Frozen Candy Electric Code Frozen Sparn 05/25/2019 BO Ranch No
Bo Ginza Topwhiz Sail On Top Whizard Miss Colonels 86 05/15/2019 BO Ranch No
Bo Win N Gun Dun It Hollywood Gunnit Marry For Tobia 03/30/2019 BO Ranch No
Bob Steppin On Crome Custom Blackberry Frosted Wimped Cream 06/29/2019 Riccardo Abati No
Boomtown Bat Best Spook Chex Great Spirit 05/10/2019 Theresia Eiglsperger No
Born To Be Yankee PC Yankee Gun PC Great For Me 05/22/2019 Soc Agr Pietracavalla SRL No
BR Grays Spooks Chip Spook Gotta Sting Okie Bar Chip 05/15/2019 Roberto Boarino No
BR Great Mara Whiz Great Sun Burst Spook N Lady Chex 05/24/2019 Roberto Bottini No
Broad Diesel Broadway BH Play With Diesel 04/27/2019 Stefanie Strasser No
Broadway Gun Dee Mr Gun Dee Glueckissima 03/14/2019 Richard Or Melanie Zehetbauer No
Broadwaybelline Broadway BH Smart White Guntini 05/25/2019 Elke Thomaes No
BU Ladyolena Justice SDP Justice Is Comin Smart Ladybug 05/22/2019 Giorgia Buccini No
Bumblebee Gun Hollywood Gun Dunnit Dixie Bo Sun 03/29/2019 Claudio Triches No
Burning Wave What A Wave Hildas Smart Chic 05/16/2019 Els De Ceuster No
BZ My Revenge Oak Jaba Oak Candy San Jester 05/29/2019 Sandra Bizzotto No
Call Me Marvel Olena Wheeling Cal Bar FB Jack O Lena 05/21/2019 Enrico Scarpulla No
Call Me Mr Moody Shine Chic Shine Jodies Buck A Roo 05/13/2019 Elisabetta Zoccarato No
Call Me Mrs Hyena Spark N Whiz Gun Slingin Chic 04/30/2019 Andrea Battocchio No
Capitan Leads AB Captain Badger DC Reyning Olena 04/13/2019 Angelucci Quarter Horses No
Captain Bee Jac AB Captain Badger Sexy Peponita 01/22/2019 Piero Priori No
Captain Chex Sparrow Smooth Move Chex Prosecco Enterprise 03/11/2019 Heidi Wallner No
Captain Felix Sugar Little Step Frozen Secolena 01/08/2019 Quarter Dream SRL No
Captain Jersey Yellow Jersey Shinin N Hollywood 05/16/2019 Claudia Simon No
Carol Joe Cash Lil Joe Cash Mobster Chex 05/11/2019 Nicola Sola No
Cash Gun MS Lil Joe Cash Fm Master Gunnerella 04/17/2019 Markus Suechting No
Cash Little Lenas Lil Joe Cash Lenas Little Tangy 05/01/2019 Angelo Ferrario No
Cashing Big Time Lil Joe Cash Big Time Diamond 04/20/2019 Joke Overbeek Fennema No
Caspers Surprise CL Colonels Dun It ARC Turbine Ropers 06/08/2019 Guida Quarter Horses USA No
CB Lil Nifty Gun Gotta Nifty Gun Lil Chic Whiz 06/27/2019 Silvia Dumont Yes
CB Smart Ebony Pine Shine N Spook Miss Whiz N Pine 02/11/2019 Silvia Dumont No
CB Tinker Whiz Gun Tinker With Guns Genius Candy Whiz 03/13/2019 Silvia Dumont No
CB Tinker Withme Tinker With Guns CB Chic Shining Up 05/28/2019 Silvia Dumont No
CC Pale Sailin Face Pale Face Dunnit Sailin Little Par 05/23/2019 Cecini Cristian No
CD Gunnas Chex Olena ARC Gunna Sparkya Mistis Chex Olena 04/30/2019 Società Agricola CD Horses SRL Yes
CDS Sansa Olena Spat Olena RS Spitfire Feonajac 03/24/2019 CD's Quarter Horses No
Charming Sailor Chex N Go Delta Sailor 03/25/2019 Claudia Eggl No
Chexs Fantasy Chexolution Xtra Black Fantasy 04/18/2019 Eyal Carmon No
Chic Planet Chic N Roost Gam Holly Planet 06/01/2019 Fabio Cerri No
Chic Sunshine Penny Chic Magnetic Penny Lydiah Two 04/10/2019 Marianna Morreale No
Chic This Gun Colonels Shining Gun Shesa Reddie Chic 05/19/2019 Suzanne Scharroo No
Chic Weasel Chic Magnetic Donnola Chex 03/12/2019 George Wiedenhofer No
Chica Little Sparkya ARC Gunna Sparkya Wimpys Little Chica 01/19/2019 Cecilia Frediani No
Chicken Nuggets Rooster Nic Rosy San Earthquake 04/23/2019 Marco Vecchiutti No
Chilled Queen SG Frozen Enterprize Kea Chex 01/08/2019 Davide Brighenti No
Chocolate N Diamond Whizkey N Diamonds BH Chocolate Trufles 04/01/2019 La Maqueline No
Chocolate Sugar Free Sugar Little Step Chocolate Enterprise 05/03/2019 Marco Filimberti No
Chocolate With Rico Ricochet Rooster FB Cioccolatinawheel 03/26/2019 23 Quarter Horses SRL No
CHOKO JAC OLENA Dun Lostma Chocolate Frostys Verona Olena 05/19/2019 Annette Andersen No
Cinderellas Lil Cash Lil Joe Cash Cinderellas Got Guns 05/02/2019 Bernice Engel No
CM Spooks Gunna Star CL Colonels Dun It Joe Lady Dox 04/22/2019 Emanuele Manzo No
CMS A Shining Rose Colonels Shining Gun Chex Out My Nickers 05/15/2019 Tahnee Rebecca Desiree Ploen No
CN Dream Revolution Magnum Chic Dream Fancy Revolution 05/30/2019 Roberto Morosi No
Code Secret Electric Code Roosterina 05/28/2019 Luga Quarter Horses No
Colonel Donovan Chex Crome Dont Corrode Ruf Lady Whiz Star 07/17/2019 Maamke Doeksen No
Colonel Ruf Tuf Gun Colonels Shining Gun Ms Ruf Tuf Whiz 05/01/2019 Katie Van Der Auwera No
Colonel Shining Cash Colonels Shining Gun Pretty Chex To Cash 03/30/2019 Lynn De Ras No
Colonel Stein Gun Colonels Shining Gun Wimpystein 03/23/2019 Luga Quarter Horses No
Colonel Tom Tucker Colonels Shining Gun Whiz Satin Tucker 04/21/2019 Netty Kuhn-Grassi No
Colonelgunashine Colonels Shining Gun Conquistadors Pearl 05/12/2019 Ricky Bordignon No
Colonels Clyde Colonels Shining Gun Corpus Christi Bay 05/22/2019 Sabrina Fehrenbach No
Colonels Wright Gun Colonels Shining Gun Ladiesralwayswright 03/02/2019 Tom Vandermot No
Colonelsshiningsmart Colonels Shining Gun Lv Smart Ruf 04/17/2019 Brigitte Reiter No
Cols Magic Power ARC Magic Enterprise Cols Pretty Lena 03/27/2019 Mario Di Ciommo No
Cougars Blue Avatar Joe Cougar Hancock Proud To Be Dunit 06/04/2019 Eva Gnyp No
CR Best Lil Look Best Spook Lil Joe Whizaway 03/12/2019 Susanne Duiker No
CR Zans Shinen Spook Shine N Spook Zans Little Step 04/01/2019 Susanne Duiker No
Crome Shinin Whiz Custom Del Cielo A Shinin Whiz 03/05/2019 Martin Lubetzki No
Cromed Infinity Custom Infinity Roosters Minnie 02/27/2019 Benjamin Kohl & Karin Miller No
Cromed Out Gun PH Yankee Gun Twist With Mercedes 04/08/2019 Wouter Van Opstal No
Crystal Face Pale Face Dunnit Arc Westcoast Sailor 01/25/2019 Cecilia Frediani No
CS Nifty Sailor Gotta Nifty Gun La Bigia Sailor 03/30/2019 CS Ranch Management SA Yes
CS Sheezaniftywhiz Gotta Nifty Gun Sheezasunnywhiz BB 04/03/2019 CS Ranch Management SA Yes
CS Snip Out Snip O Lution BQH Chex Out Wimpys 06/06/2019 CS Ranch Management SA Yes
CS Whizmyniftygun Gotta Nifty Gun Whizzin Gun 03/16/2019 CS Ranch Management SA Yes
CSG Candyrome Colonels Shining Gun KR When In Rome 01/03/2019 Katarzyna Roleska No
CSG Chamberofsecrets Colonels Shining Gun Shiney Tinseltown 02/11/2019 Katarzyna Roleska No
CSG Exsallypress Colonels Shining Gun Lil Juice 04/22/2019 Katarzyna Roleska Yes
CSG First Lady Whiz Colonels Shining Gun Fly Flashy Whiz 03/05/2019 Mariusz Grzywacz Baurski No
CSG Has A Gun Colonels Shining Gun Stepjac Tari 04/02/2019 Paulina Lesniak No
CSG Lilulittlepeach Colonels Shining Gun Golden Flashy Whiz 04/19/2019 Katarzyna Roleska No
CSG Neoaftertherain Colonels Shining Gun Dun After The Rain 04/10/2019 Katarzyna Roleska Yes
CSG Nikita N Nicki Colonels Shining Gun Dream N Nicki 02/16/2019 Katarzyna Roleska No
CSG Pearlbellatown Colonels Shining Gun Shiney Tinseltown 04/10/2019 Katarzyna Roleska No
CSG Shinin Fun Colonels Shining Gun No Risk No Fun 01/31/2019 Paulina Lesniak No
CSG Slidingbrucelee Colonels Shining Gun Frozen Slide 03/19/2019 Katarzyna Roleska Yes
Custom Nic Custom Crome Josena La Boom 04/30/2019 Torsten Tiemann No
Custom Romina Shine My Gun Custom Rome 03/18/2019 Sylvia Maile No
Custom Sparkya Mr ARC Gunna Sparkya Wimpy Custom Topstar 03/19/2019 Matese Ranch No
Customaderevolution Start A Revolution Whizable 05/10/2019 Sabine Lisec No
Custommade Pokerface Tricked Out Spook Customs Shiny Grace 05/10/2019 Melanie Peter No
CV Spat N Dun Spat A Blue All Sweetness Dun 04/11/2019 Serena Bagnara No
Cv Tocqueville Lil Smokeing Gun PC Custom Lady D Orr 03/13/2019 Alessia Brambilla No
CZ Magnetic Jac Chic Magnetic Miss Little Bonnie 03/14/2019 Riccardo Varini No
CZ Shining Sultan Kitas Spark Lady Frost Sultan 04/02/2019 Riccardo Varini No
DA Iam Sailorsolve Iam Sailors Brother Double R Solve 04/18/2019 Marco Antonio Dell'Atti No
DA Mizzen Lil Melody Wimpys Lil Mizzen OT Miss Melody 01/14/2019 Marco Antonio Dell'Atti No
DA Step Lil Spat Wimpys Lil Mizzen Miss Jackie Spat 01/17/2019 Marco Antonio Dell'Atti No
Dance Over The Top Spooks Gotta Whiz Dance Little Spook 02/12/2019 Quarter Dream SRL Yes
Dark Angie AV Surprise Enterprise Aynil 02/15/2019 Alex Volcan No
Dash Lady Of Prize Prize Rooster Ladyhawke 03/26/2019 Savini Stable SNC Societa Agricola No
Davinci Got A Gun Spooks Gotta Gun Koolwhiz N Wranglers 03/19/2019 Misty Valley Performance Horses LLC Yes
DC Chicadolly Lil Smokeing Gun SDP Molly Dolly 05/23/2019 Martina Cibrario No
DC Dualina Code Electric Code BB Miss Dualin Gun 05/12/2019 Domenico D' Addetta No
DC Gunnabe Blue Wimpys Smoking Gun Dc Wish Me Luck 03/10/2019 Dries De Cremer No
DC Rose Made N Whiz Spark N Whiz Mare Made 03/10/2019 Madeleine Künzler No
DC Shine N Sparkin Smart N Sparkin Dc Noe Shining Spark 05/09/2019 Dries De Cremer No
DG Generous Gun Whiz DG Hollywood Top Gun MD Topper Show Prize 03/26/2019 Daniele Godfroid No
DG Hollywoodguntwist DG Hollywood Top Gun Smart Twist N Nic 04/02/2019 Daniele Godfroid No
DG Magical Dun It Magical Snapper Lf Harley Dun It 04/29/2019 Luca Pigini No
Diabolik Blue 76 Spat A Blue RS Mc Jac Wind Olena 04/24/2019 Alfredo Di Caro No
Diamond Dunnit PC Hollywood Gun Dunnit Assets Catalena 04/13/2019 Soc Agr Pietracavalla SRL No
Doc King Lil Gun Lil Smokeing Gun Im A Queen Diamonds 05/03/2019 Angelucci Quarter Horses No
Doctor In Guns Mr Yankee Gun RZ Doctors Cody 02/07/2019 Matese Ranch No
Doctor Smokeing Lil Smokeing Gun Dottoressa 04/23/2019 Di Gregorio Dino No
Dont Forget Easter Dont Miss My Guns Roxy Whiz Pine 04/21/2019 David Roux No
Dont Need Gun Color Dont Miss My Guns Miss Walla Whiz 04/15/2019 David Roux No
Dont Stress My Guns Dont Miss My Guns Miss Whiz N Roses 06/09/2019 David Roux No
Dr Anyway Suprime ARC Surprising Smart CN Mifiaward 01/24/2019 Roberto Lanzoni No
Dr Just One Gun One Gun Just Lady Quixote 06/17/2019 Silvio Delle Donne No
Dr Lee Ramy Dr Lee Hook Nu Rum To Smoke 06/21/2019 Glis Ranch No
Dr Mybizet Ht Whiz My Showbiz Whiz Hollywood Tufty 04/15/2019 Roberto Lanzoni No
Dr Surprise HG Shiners Voodoo Dr Foxy Lil Surprise 04/12/2019 Hans-Georg Holzwarth No
Dr Voodoo Doll Shiners Voodoo Dr Hollywhiz Diva 04/27/2019 Lill Quarter Horses No
Dr Yankee Jac Gun Yankee Gun Dr Miracle Of Jekie 06/01/2019 Silvio Delle Donne No
Dreamin The Cash Magnum Chic Dream Shirleys Cashin In 04/23/2019 Ambrosini Quarter Horses ASD No
Dreaming Of Magnums Magnum Chic Dream GVR Gunalicious 04/22/2019 Claudia Scheunemann No
Dreaming Sunrise Magnum With A Dream Frozen Sunrise 04/06/2019 Mara Ghezzi No
Drogolution Chexolution Docs Star Benz 02/16/2019 Rakefet Guterman No
DS Allegra Gun Listogun DS Blizzard Blue 04/15/2019 Giulio Trevisan No
Dun It By Snow Electric Snow Dun It By Night 05/12/2019 Berend Bokhorst No
Dun It For Dance Hollywood Dun It Dance Little Spook 04/29/2019 Quarter Dream SRL Yes
Dun It Shining Spook Dun It Magic Solo Chex For Spooks 04/29/2019 Lisa Pichler No
Dunit Shining BB Colonels Shining Gun Hollywood Balloues 04/23/2019 Eifel Gold Ranch Baeck No
Dunit Smoking Jewel Dunits Smoking Gun Pine Finest Jewel 03/02/2019 Claudia Scheunemann No
Dunnit Like A Mandy Dunnit Like A Master Tivios Little Dun It 04/11/2019 Roberto Cuoghi No
Dunnit On High Heels Dun Gotta Gun Gunnebee 05/01/2019 Saar Lenaerts No
Dunnit Sailin Pale Face Dunnit KR Sailin 03/01/2019 Joke Overbeek Fennema No
Easter Killer Frost Chic N Roost Frostolina Surprise 04/22/2019 Enrico Scarpulla No
Ed Kill The Dealer Ricochet Rooster Raise The Dealer 02/21/2019 Elena Gunter No
Einsteins Magnetic Chic Surprise Miss Solve Lena 03/26/2019 Corrie Petter No
El New Mexico Wimpys Smoking Gun Cowgirl WR San Jo 06/14/2019 Lien Van Cauwenbergh No
Elans Ice Gun Wimpy Crashed Ice Smart Playgun 06/04/2019 Simon Bilger No
Electric Easter Gun Electric Code Gunners Mojo 04/21/2019 Francesco Groppelli No
Electric Foxy Electric Code Olena Foxy Red 05/05/2019 Carlo Della Valle No
Electric Gun Spark Hollys Electricspark Smoking Two Step 04/01/2019 Thierry Willigsecker No
Electric Lou Electric Snow Smart Lil Dunlady 04/27/2019 Andrea Luders No
Electric Pistol Lil Smokeing Gun Electric Kiss 03/09/2019 Manuel Pancera No
Electric Snowstar Electric Snow Xtra Stylish Star 03/13/2019 Brenda Reijtenbagh No
Electric Tea SG Electric Code Tea Rooster 04/04/2019 Silvia Gandolfi No
Electric Voodoo Shiners Voodoo Dr Jes for Fun 05/26/2019 Martin Lubetzki No
Electrick Spook MS Tricked Out Spook MQH Greatelectra 02/12/2019 Markus Suechting No
Electroak Mr Electric Spark Cocky Pepita 04/20/2019 Katrin Dreyer-Suechting No
Elektra Step Electric Code Chica Little Step 06/11/2019 Emanuele Varale No
Elettra Electric Code Seven S Holly Dun 05/07/2019 Giovanni Cometti No
Elite Shiner Elite Eldorado Shiney Top Lena 04/24/2019 Eveline Keller No
Elta Black Gambler High Roller Whiz SB Big Time Love 04/27/2019 Jan-Luca Waizenegger No
Elta Custom Cielo Gallo Del Cielo Custom Elta Remedy 05/02/2019 Jan-Luca Waizenegger No
Elta Great Step Wimpy Crashed Ice Einsteins Senorita 03/25/2019 Jan-Luca Waizenegger No
EM Shining Trysha Shiners Voodoo Gunnarufya 04/15/2019 Egbert Meester No
Emmabeastar ARC Gunnabeabigstar Lil Juice 01/10/2019 Katarzyna Roleska No
Enjoy Your Miffi Mifillenium Joy Scarface 04/19/2019 Greta Braglia No
Enola Gay Sun Burst Great Sun Burst Lady Otie Whiz 04/27/2019 Jacopo Di Giampietro No
EP Red Rose Electric Code Step It Up Sister 04/30/2019 Eliana Piccardi No
ES Chicshinesurprise Shine Chic Shine ARC Black Queen 06/11/2019 Chiara Santobuono No
ES Rico Act Ricochet Rooster Mystic Snapple 05/25/2019 Chiara Santobuono No
Ethereum Surprize Prize Rooster Surprise River Lady 03/25/2019 Savini Stable SNC Societa Agricola No
Fabulousfrozenwhiz SG Frozen Enterprize Walla Whiz A Chic 05/26/2019 Sylvia or Gernot Kulmer No
Face Like A Diamond Pale Face Dunnit Siri Spatondiamond 04/27/2019 Tobias Voglberger No
Face This Gun Pale Face Dunnit Cobra Ruffles Chic 01/13/2019 Ygal Jackson Yes
Face Timer Pale Face Dunnit Poco Lena Enterprise 05/13/2019 Sabine Ehrenreich No
Face Too Face Pale Face Dunnit Miss Cody Whiz It 05/07/2019 Sabine Ehrenreich No
Faceagain Pale Face Dunnit Ah Lady Oscar 05/05/2019 Alberto Sabbadin No
Facing The Cash Pale Face Dunnit Joes Sweet Dream 04/17/2019 Isabeau Rohde No
FB Captain Nicdry AB Captain Badger Noor Nicdry 04/03/2019 Andrea Bergese No
FB Colonels Cash Lil Joe Cash BQH Pretty Gunner 06/19/2019 Francesco Bonadeo No
FB Custom Cash Lil Joe Cash Crome Del Gallo 05/31/2019 Francesco Bonadeo Yes
FB Shining Electric Electric Code Shining Rock 06/04/2019 Francesco Bonadeo No
FB Topsail Sparkya ARC Gunna Sparkya Topsail Del Cielo 05/30/2019 Francesco Bonadeo No
FC Black Fryday Spooks Gotta Sting Star Copper Diamond 06/12/2019 Fabio Cerantola No
Feonalikesthemagic Smart Like Juice Magic Feona Jac 05/03/2019 Katrin Dreyer-Suechting No
Fiftyshadesofspook Spooks Gotta Sting Topsail Tarissa 05/10/2019 Linda Rossato No
Fine Steppin Whiz Steppin On Sparks KD Misswallawhiz 05/01/2019 Fien De Ronde Bresser No
First Rosy Gun BB One Miracled Gun HH Blondie Rooster 04/15/2019 Massimo Bellani No
Flashy Face Dunnit Pale Face Dunnit Missing The Boogie 06/03/2019 Jan Van Der Auwera No
Flashys Best Best Spook Miss Flashy Gundee 03/07/2019 Simone Kirchberger No
Flying With Style Ricochet Rooster Antar Style 03/15/2019 23 Quarter Horses SRL No
FM Frozen 66 Inferno Sixty Six Frozen Skeet 01/30/2019 Fabio Merola No
FM Its Whizkey Luck Keys Hollywood King Angel W Whiz 02/13/2019 H & L Blankestijn No
FM Trytotouchmygun Spooks Gotta Gun Touch Of Little Step 01/29/2019 Fabio Merola No
Forrest Code Electric Code Roosters Sally 03/24/2019 Alessandro Maioli No
Frankie Machine Pale Face Dunnit Emily Peppys Doll 03/27/2019 Gina Cipolat No
Freckled Barbie Smartin Freckle Miss Dry Blair 03/05/2019 Istvan Kurcsics No
Freezin Rooster SG Frozen Enterprize Miss Dottie Ricochet 04/23/2019 Caterina Cofano No
FROSTY GUN SAILOR One Gun ARC Stop To Frosty 05/21/2019 ML Quarter Horse No
Frozen Gerda Tari Frozen Sailor Jessie Oak Tari 03/27/2019 Angelucci Quarter Horses No
Frozen High Bid Wimpys High Bid America Frozen 04/19/2019 Andrea Napolitano No
Frozen Rooster Flash AB Captain Badger Rooster Flash N Glo 05/11/2019 Angelucci Quarter Horses No
Frozen Sahara Frozen Sailor Geny Olena 01/13/2019 Sara Bevilacqua No
Frozen Topsail MR SG Frozen Enterprize Topsail Hollywood 03/26/2019 Matese Ranch No
Frozen Whiz Dun It AB Captain Badger Walla Walla Wow 03/20/2019 Angelucci Quarter Horses No
Gallo Del Spook Smart Spook Chock O Latte 04/04/2019 Jana Mroszewski No
GB Athenic Gunstep Nicmeridalittlestep Gunilena Diamond Nite 04/01/2019 Gregory Legrand No
GB Boomshiner Colonels Shining Gun Tobs Golden Jac 06/11/2019 Jana Mroszewski No
GB Great Face Dunit Pale Face Dunnit RS Pina Colada Jac 04/19/2019 Stefan Moser No
GB Mega Zeus Gun Gunner Little Jewel Mainly Mega 04/10/2019 Gregory Legrand No
GB Poseigun Olena Colonels Shining Gun Spatina Surprise 04/21/2019 Gregory Legrand No
GB Thinkof Aphrodite ARC Think Of Walla GB QT Little Whiz 04/02/2019 Jo Corby No
GD Chex Olena Blue Spat A Blue Sugar Judy Chex 04/30/2019 Domenico Giannitti No
GD Magnum In A Pic Magnum Chic Dream Pic A Whiz 04/30/2019 Azienda Agricola Dalla Piccola Giuliano No
GD Melody Sun Burst Great Sun Burst Lullaby Of Melody 06/20/2019 Domenico Giannitti No
GD Show Me Summer My Showbiz Whiz GD Shannon Lena Doc 05/11/2019 Azienda Agricola Dalla Piccola Giuliano No
GD Spark Olena Whiz Spark N Whiz RS Iron Maiden Olena 02/08/2019 Domenico Giannitti No
Genius Of Panther ARC Sparkle Magnetic A Spark Of Genius 05/28/2019 Carlo Sala No
GH Shiners Golddust Shiners Voodoo Dr GH Eat My Dust 04/15/2019 Beate Gaab No
GH Sunset Boulevard Great Sun Burst Helena Dun It Smart 05/01/2019 Beate Gaab No
GH Walla Walla Donna Walla Walla Whiz Nu Chex Donna 02/03/2019 Guida Quarter Horses USA No
GI Golden Gun Colonels Shining Gun Golden Dream Chic 05/14/2019 Caroline Channing Yes
GI Wimpys Lil Voodoo Shiners Voodoo Dr Fancy Little Step 02/12/2019 Marion Lehmann No
Gin Gun Fizz Wimpyneedsacocktail Okie Smokingun 04/27/2019 Collon Ludivine No
Girlslookatthatbody Shiners Voodoo Dr Miss Dizzy Whiz 01/17/2019 Schlager Nestelberger Partnership No
Glo Her Gun Lenas Drawin His Gun Ares Cody Glo 04/30/2019 Dario Carmignani No
Glorious Enterprises SG Frozen Enterprize So Whiz Up 05/01/2019 Tullio Mascarello No
GM Walla White Socks Flashy Rima Jac JM Gun Walla Gun 04/17/2019 Anne-Catherine Thorel No
GM Wannabeastar ARC Gunnabeabigstar Snappin At Stars 03/22/2019 Giliam Van Der Straaten No
Golden Voodoo Badger Shiners Voodoo Dr Badger Me Red 02/16/2019 Sylvia Maile No
Gonna Dance N Twist Twisten Two Step Dr Jessies Super Smart 04/25/2019 Evelyne Henderick No
Gotta Shining Whiz Spooks Gotta Whiz Proud Shining Nic 04/24/2019 Bastien Bourgeois No
Gotta Wanda Woman Spooks Gotta Whiz Shinin In Hollywood 05/09/2019 Claudia Simon No
GP Chowchilla Dunnit BA Superjac Smart CP Schow Girl 06/06/2019 Golden Paint Ranch No
GP Cowboy Vintage A Sparkling Vintage Stargazer Cowboy 06/01/2019 Sonia Werner-Zilien No
GP Miss Sparkin Chic Smart N Sparkin Tuckers Missy 06/23/2019 Golden Paint Ranch No
GP Sparkin N Muffin Smart N Sparkin Cp Surprise 06/19/2019 Golden Paint Ranch No
GP Sparkin Whiz Smart N Sparkin Whiz N Merida 05/02/2019 Golden Paint Ranch No
GP Spook Little Step Smart Spook Wimpys Little Gal 04/08/2019 Golden Paint Ranch No
GP Spookin Ruf Smart Spook Miss Dun It Ruf 05/11/2019 Golden Paint Ranch No
GP Voodoo Dr Cash Shiners Voodoo Dr I Am Chexsplosive 05/27/2019 Golden Paint Ranch No
Grace Custom Gun Custom Blackberry RR Star O Gun 05/18/2019 Francesco Angelotti No
Gray Little Sugar PC Sugar Little Step One Helluva Chick 06/22/2019 Soc Agr Pietracavalla SRL No
Grays Dark Knight Best Spook Grays Pep N Jac 03/13/2019 Michael Bruder No
Great Custom Pro Custom Crome Red Pine Melody 03/26/2019 Michael Kneier No
Great Eva Kant RS Great Jac Feona RS Countach Olena 06/14/2019 Alfredo Di Caro No
Great Unique Gundee Mr Gun Dee Taboo Gun Dee 03/27/2019 Richard Or Melanie Zehetbauer No
Greedy Chick Chic Magnetic Chics Smart Bell 03/23/2019 Marco Vecchiutti No
GS Doctor Best Shiners Voodoo Dr Very Best Gun 04/05/2019 Sabatino QH Srl No
GS Spanish Colonel Piccolo Spanish Very Best Gun 04/08/2019 Sabatino QH Srl No
GS Spanish Guns Piccolo Spanish Gun Flashy Whiz 04/23/2019 Sabatino QH Srl No
Guaranteed A Seven Lil Peppy Dunit Right Gundazzled 05/04/2019 7 Heaven Reining Horses No
Gunabeyourshiningstar Kiowas Smokingun RR Rising Star 04/18/2019 Pavel Orel No
Gunboy Tinseltownsmokingun SZ Customs Newcomer 04/24/2019 Julia Gaupmann-Lechner No
Gundalf Dun It Gotta Gun Wimpysliljoker 04/07/2019 Florian Kainz No
Gunna Be A Dream ARC Gunna Sparkya Jessies Lil Dreamer 05/21/2019 Vittorio Rabboni No
Gunna Creep You Out ARC Gunnabeabigstar JF Ruf Creepin Holly 04/30/2019 Janni Torvaldsson No
Gunna Make A Wave What A Wave Lady Guntini 03/02/2019 Sharon De Groot No
Gunnabegold One Gun Vandals Black Jinx 02/12/2019 Jeffrey Smolders No
Gunnachicachex Gunnatrashya Nu Chucka 03/29/2019 Francesca Bertazzi No
Gunnalight MR Gunnatrashya Light Little Step 05/30/2019 Matese Ranch No
Gunner Aristocrat Mr Tassas Aristocrat CL Gunnagirl 03/25/2019 Matese Ranch No
Gunner Dream CL Gunner Pride Bonanza Dream Mr 03/30/2019 Francesco Schippa No
Gunners Black Attack Hollywood Gun Dunnit Well Dun In Sparks 05/05/2019 Melanie Peter No
Gunners Moonlight Gunners Special Nite The Great Starlight 03/16/2019 Izaskun Sarasola No
Gunners Resolution Shine My Gun Afancy Resolution 02/19/2019 Sylvia Maile No
Gunners Solid Rose Gunners Last Oak Jacs Lady Tamulena 04/18/2019 Torsten Tiemann No
Gunners Voodoo Dr Shiners Voodoo Dr Colonel Smokin Leigh 03/14/2019 Sabine Ehrenreich No
Gunnershine Shine Chic Shine Gunners Lissy 04/13/2019 Eliza Olach No
Gunnershiningolena Colonels Shining Gun Glos Royal Chic 04/26/2019 Suzanne Teunissen No
Guns Little Melody Yellow Jersey Pretty Miss Smokegun 05/04/2019 Irmgard Brendgens No
Guns N Spanish Gunnatrashya Spanish Lira 04/07/2019 Diana Nanni No
Gunsailer Colonels Shining Gun Hp Pebbles Sail On 01/29/2019 Susa Sauer No
GZ Moorshine Shine Chic Shine Moorbuttons 04/28/2019 Giovanni Zucchi No
H Fleur Gun Dunit Lil Gun Hollywood Baby Dunit 04/24/2019 Wolfgang Hammer No
H Luna Smartsolution Start A Revolution Lv Smart Peponita 03/15/2019 Wolfgang Hammer No
H One Whiz Magnum Chic Dream Ms Solano Whiz 03/02/2019 Giuseppe Basile No
HA Smart Merada Call Me Merada AJ Smart Leolita 04/11/2019 Daniel Straumann No
Harley Quinn 66 Inferno Sixty Six Delightfull Gun 03/22/2019 Linda Karner No
Hero Major Whiz Smart Whiz Delmaso Major Oak Enterprise 05/18/2019 Veronica Puccinelli No
Hey Mister CJ CJ Whiz Lil Nu Chex 06/03/2019 Ludivine Tsirtsikolou No
Heza Black Chain Gotta Gold Chain JP Georgina Whiz 04/09/2019 Eva Hiebl No
Heza Cody Gun Heza Gunner REMINIC SWEET CODY 05/18/2019 GRC Horses No
Heza Gunman Heza Gunner Miss Doctor Gunny 06/28/2019 Roberto Prevosti No
HH Fit For Fight Ice Gun Whiz Spooks Lil Remedy 05/01/2019 Pernilla Witteborn No
HH Happy Pale Face Pale Face Dunnit Crona O Lon 05/20/2019 Blanka Dolezalova No
HH Spooky Tinseltown Spooks Painted Gun Alvmelodytinseltown 05/05/2019 Pernilla Witteborn No
Highland Gun Tinseltownsmokingun ARC Ms Whiz 05/09/2019 Julia Gaupmann-Lechner No
Hippy Wimpy Shake Wimpyneedsacocktail West Coast Mercedes 04/16/2019 Susanne Feiertag No
HK Boy Flashy Jac Elmore James Bays Sirius 03/02/2019 Karin Stoll No
Holly Pie Starlight FB Eyed Jac Risky Starlight 01/10/2019 Caracciolo/Lukacs No
Hollywhizzybroncogun Lean With Hollywood CSG Flashyboom 01/19/2019 Izabella Zarnawska No
Hollywood Bo Gun Hollywood Gun Dunnit One Spice Girl 04/30/2019 Clara Crippa No
Hollywood Ghost Gun Hollywood Gun Dunnit Doublehollywoodmaya 04/28/2019 Filippo Masi No
Hollywood Lightin Up Hollywood Gun Dunnit Lasting Delight 05/03/2019 Celine Chioru No
Hollywoodelectricgun Electric Code Twisted Diamonds 04/29/2019 Igor Rozman No
Holy Cow Colonels Shining Gun Chekaspook 05/26/2019 Schlager Nestelberger Partnership No
Honeylution Chexolution Master N Honey 02/16/2019 Eyal Carmon No
Hope And Cash Lil Joe Cash Hope And Surprise 06/22/2019 Vittorio Rabboni No
Hot Line Sixty Six Inferno Sixty Six RH Shining Whiz 02/11/2019 Filippo Masi No
Hot Snapchat Hot Smokin Chex Snapper Sugar Bar 04/20/2019 Gino Santoni No
HP Miss Dual Suenje HP Blue WH Miss Spring Blaze 02/27/2019 Marion Lehmann No
HR Gunnerbeabigstar ARC Gunnabeabigstar Whiz Like Pep 03/25/2019 Robert Josef Hoedl No
Hui Boo Winnie the Boo Gumps Lil Queen BB 05/10/2019 Guenter Fellinger No
I Am A USS Taylor USS N Dun It I Am Taylors Lizzy 05/28/2019 Margit Nies No
I Am Ernst USS N Dun It She Is A Cute Star 05/09/2019 Elias Ernst No
I am roborose Boemil Twin Robotop Steady rose olena 04/13/2019 Costanza Biagini No
I Scream Ice SG Frozen Enterprize Xtra Chickee Chickee 05/30/2019 Claudia Scheunemann No
I Scream Inhollywood Hollywood Gun Dunnit Vanilla Ice Cream 03/30/2019 Filippo Masi No
Iam A Voodoo Dr Shiners Voodoo Dr Show Tennic 04/16/2019 Erwin Mueller No
Iam Herman Boy Iam Sailors Brother ML Wins Lil Lynx 05/21/2019 Alessandro Iacobellis No
Illbeyourwallawhiz Walla Walla Whiz Sonitas Lena Chic 04/05/2019 Tamara Kroselj No
Im A Ice Ice Baby SG Frozen Enterprize SL Palladiolena 05/12/2019 Kim-Leonie Kiechle No
Im Mazikeen Spark N Whiz Tares Top Step 06/24/2019 Christina Gruber No
Im Sexycolonel PC Colonels Shining Gun Im Sexy Chexy 01/11/2019 Soc Agr Pietracavalla SRL No
In Like Feona In Like Flinn RS Balblair Jac 05/31/2019 Werner Rothkopf No
In Like Sparks In Like Flinn Sparks Almond Joy 06/06/2019 Mario Maspero No
Inwhizable Gun Lone Guns Revolution Roseable 06/10/2019 Ariane-Simone Aschitsch No
Irish Coffee Dunnit For Whizkey Peppier Mint Stick 01/09/2019 Emma Villa No
Isntheperfect Walla Walla Whiz Look At The Sunrise 06/12/2019 Pavel Orel No
Italians Doitbetter Hollywood Gun Dunnit Sunburst N Whiz 02/26/2019 23 Quarter Horses SRL No
Jabanana Jaba Oak Whitepoo 05/04/2019 Melita Grossi No
Jac Daniels Whizkey N Diamonds Antina Jac 06/25/2019 Claudia Simon No
Jack Little Uno Mister Little Uno I Am Cindy Rooster 02/16/2019 Paolo Morandotti No
Jacs Gun Smokes Electric Snow Pina Coolada 05/27/2019 Jessica Barth No
Jag Serena Gunit ARH Trashy Surprise Fancy Lil Dun It 05/02/2019 Aude Gruber No
Jag Wimpy Whiz Crome Wimpys Little Step Custom Whizleen 04/23/2019 Aude Gruber No
Jas Shining Rio Electric Code Chickin Jeweleena 03/05/2019 Gal Grahelj No
JC Huggamuggacoconut Colonels Shining Gun MP Huggamuggawhiz 03/08/2019 Charita Harman No
Jean Smokeing Gun Lil Smokeing Gun CN Genuine Mifi 04/27/2019 Mario Savero Giorgetti No
Jeanie Whiza Gun Gunnersaurus Rex Easy Otie Moon 04/04/2019 Yvonne Sullivan No
Jewel Dream Magnum Chic Dream GR Hug A Jewel 02/12/2019 Edoardo Bernardelli No
JG Mizzen Smokeingun Lil Smokeing Gun Westcoast Mizzen 04/26/2019 Jose Gutierrez No
JJ A Lovely Gun Colonels Shining Gun Tinsel Rey 01/12/2019 J&J Comm V No
JJ A Spooky Town Smart Spook Tinseltown Wheel FB 04/23/2019 J&J Comm V No
JJ Chicatrashya Gunnatrashya Chic On A Date 05/08/2019 J&J Comm V No
JJ Pale Faced Spook Pale Face Dunnit Spool Pop Chex 05/01/2019 J&J Comm V No
JJ Pleasedforanite Gunners Special Nite Chic Of Florence 04/26/2019 J&J Comm V No
JJ Sailing Gun Colonels Shining Gun Sailin Smartin 02/12/2019 J&J Comm V No
JM Dun It With Shine Colonels Shining Gun Twisters Hot N Spicy 03/01/2019 Janusz Milek No
Joelicious RD Lil Joe Cash Bubblicious Gump BB 03/13/2019 Ruediger Diedenhofen No
JP Coco Snooze Gotta Gold Chain Justa Twisted Gun 02/16/2019 Jac Point QH No
JP Gunna Be Gold Gotta Gold Chain Justa Twisted Gun 01/28/2019 Jac Point QH Yes
JP The Gold Bug Gotta Gold Chain Sparkling Hollywood 01/01/2019 Jac Point QH No
Juicy Kisses Smart Like Juice Kiss My Sass 04/20/2019 Torsten Tiemann No
Juju Shining Girl Shine Chic Shine Reminics Amber 04/09/2019 Justin Ketterer No
July Joe Snap Master Snapper San July Jo Magnetic 03/13/2019 Roberto Cuoghi No
Just Call Me Dr Resi Shiners Voodoo Dr US Chexy Marly Bee 03/14/2019 Anna Feneis No
Just Dun Didit Dunnit Like A Master Tivios Little Dun It 05/16/2019 Kelly Zweifel No
Justalittle Honey MP HH Another Hanka Classy Sparkle Mp 01/31/2019 Denise Lutgens No
JX Chica Superjac BA Superjac Bibi Steps To Cash 06/02/2019 Jan Hendrix No
JX Tex Sixty Six Inferno Sixty Six Lenas Tuff Chic 05/06/2019 Jan Hendrix No
Kam Shinning Ornela HF Mobster Kam Archery Shining 05/12/2019 Peter Simek No
Kansascityshuffle Hollys Electricspark My Baily Gump 03/20/2019 Susa Sauer No
Katie Revolution Mr Tinseltownsmokingun Patties Revolution 04/11/2019 Matese Ranch No
KB Its Whiz Oclock CJ Whiz Lil Ruf Wimpy 05/09/2019 Koen Brutsaert No
KB Party Whiz Models CJ Whiz Smart Whizzin Jenny 04/24/2019 Koen Brutsaert No
KB Shes A Hustler CJ Whiz Pumpkin Rooster 04/02/2019 Koen Brutsaert No
KB Whizkey Royal Whizkey N Diamonds Juicy Doll 04/24/2019 Kathrin Bruemmer No
King Arthur Nic AB Captain Badger Mizzen Nic 04/07/2019 Massimo Scanarotti No
King Arthur Sailor AB Captain Badger Im A Queen Diamonds 04/05/2019 Angelucci Quarter Horses No
Kiss My Gold Gun Smokin Gold Gun HB Peppermint Kiss 03/24/2019 Caroline Ross-Kaufmann No
KN Lilly Sailor Blue RS Nebbiolo Blue KN Chic N Sailor 06/09/2019 KN Reining Resort SS No
KN Meg Surprise Hesa Mega Whiz Made To Surprise 03/17/2019 KN Reining Resort SS No
KP Splitnmagic Spat Split And White HRMS Magic Snapper 03/30/2019 Patrizia Kompatscher No
Kya Enterprise ARC Gunna Sparkya Ms Dun It Enterprise 05/28/2019 Vittorio Rabboni No
Kya Topsail Girl ARC Gunna Sparkya Miss Topsail Girl 04/08/2019 Guida Quarter Horses USA No
La Marka De Whiz Spark N Whiz La Marka De Gunner 04/01/2019 Luga Quarter Horses No
La Vie En Rose BB Pale Face Dunnit Whizawallatopsail BB 03/30/2019 Eifel Gold Ranch Baeck No
Lady Nite Tuckers Gunners Special Nite Tuckers Starlight 06/06/2019 Jayson Henri No
Lady Smart Victoria Smart N Sparkin Barbies Lil Whizard 04/15/2019 Jo Van Vlasselaer No
Lady Spark Whiz Uncle Sparky Whizy Bondalie 05/26/2019 Axel Pesek No
Lampo Is Comin SDP Justice Is Comin A Coletta Pep 03/24/2019 Adriano Pedretti No
Landguts Ladykiller Birdy Chic Olena Tejons Red Rose 04/15/2019 Dagmar Skerget No
Last Whizkey Shot Whizkey N Diamonds Electropep 03/09/2019 Sabine Ehrenreich No
Late Little Wave What A Wave Late Little Jaba 03/28/2019 Nicola Cordioli No
LD Lady Shining Gun Colonels Shining Gun Ba Bet Ya Im Smart 04/18/2019 Dominique Lupsin No
Lee N Melody Dr Lee Hook Roosters Melodymaker 04/13/2019 Schlager Nestelberger Partnership No
Lenas Black Dun Lenas Drawin His Gun Gay On Lina 04/15/2019 Matteo Ranucci No
Lenas Lil Monkey Lenas Drawin His Gun Miss Dunnit Tari 03/07/2019 Dario Carmignani No
Lenas Okie Gun Lenas Drawin His Gun Viola Dun It Sugar 04/18/2019 Dario Carmignani No
Let You Love Me Mercedes Rooster Pretty Little Steps 03/21/2019 Jana Flokova No
LETHAL JUSTICE SDP Justice Is Comin SGA Miss Dual Flip 04/08/2019 David Roux No
Likecocktailgun One Gun Selectacocktailwimpy 04/24/2019 Jan Dirk Bodenstab No
Lil Boon Cash Lil Joe Cash Littlepinkridinghood 03/21/2019 Societa Agricola Le Fattorie Di Matilde No
Lil Jokin Gun Gunner Little Jewel Electra Stop Ruff 02/24/2019 David Roux No
Lil Jolene Cash BB Lil Joe Cash Hollywood Balloues 06/03/2019 Eifel Gold Ranch Baeck No
Lil Panda Lil Joe Cash Spark N Silver 03/13/2019 Tina Wilk No
Lil Red Joe Mr Lil Joe Cash ARC Red Mahogany 06/26/2019 Matese Ranch No
Lil Shiny Diamond Shine Chic Shine Lil Spring Diamond 05/19/2019 Joke Overbeek Fennema No
Lil Step Mizz Sugar Wimpys Lil Mizzen Cs Olena Sugar 05/25/2019 Simona Malagnino No
Lil Waveshine Shine Chic Shine Waving Lil Gun 04/13/2019 Torsten Tiemann No
Little Frostgun Rose Gunners Frostbite CR Robin Norfleet 04/15/2019 Mabritto Sveva No
Little Perfect Face Pale Face Dunnit Wimpys Little Bonita 04/30/2019 Doris Hoeflacher No
LL Customredwood Hollywood Gun Dunnit Pc Customblack Widow 04/04/2019 Carlo Lovisetto No
LL Gun Magic Nite Gunners Special Nite ARC Rooster N Magic 03/21/2019 Carlo Lovisetto No
LL Gunspecial N Lime Gunners Special Nite ARC Yellow N Lime 03/29/2019 Ambrosini Quarter Horses ASD No
LL Miss Whizardgun Whizard Gun Josephine Pardoc 01/18/2019 Luigi Laveneziana No
LL The Golden Age Magnum Chic Dream Glamour Of Antinori 02/04/2019 Lara Lorengo No
LM Master Daisy Lena LMC Im Topsail Dunit Bella Lena SF 02/22/2019 Shenandoah Ranch No
Loga Poco Taco Elvis Peppys Taco Terrific Sailor 05/20/2019 Giada Alí No
Looks Like Love In Like Flinn Stylish Guns 04/26/2019 Jennifer Kronsteiner-Nixdorf No
Lookslikeimaqueen Wimpys Little Step Im A Classy Whiz 03/01/2019 Schlager Nestelberger Partnership No
Lov Miss Stingeritzy Spooks Gotta Sting SB Ritzy Lena San 04/28/2019 Carlo Lovisetto No
Lov Stinger Rudi Spooks Gotta Sting Sau O Pea 05/28/2019 Carlo Lovisetto No
LR Surprise N Gun Wimpys Smoking Gun HPB Lilly By Steady 04/28/2019 Valerie Metens No
LS Chica Dunit Chic Magnetic Hollywood Greatberry 04/08/2019 Impr Agr La Selvetta No
LS Gunner Jack Hollywood Gun Dunnit FB 04/01/2019 Stefano Leoni No
LS Lady Roosting Spooks Gotta Sting Lady Rooster 04/15/2019 Impr Agr La Selvetta No
LS Little Grey Smoke Lil Smokeing Gun Wimpys Secret Jac 06/14/2019 Impr Agr La Selvetta No
LS Mega N Spark Spark N Whiz Coronas Mega 06/06/2019 Stefano Leoni No
LT Commander Data MM Colonels Shining Gun Rawhide Ransom 03/14/2019 Marcel Menne No
Lunchtime Enterprise Broadway BH Captain Step 04/02/2019 Sybille Spickenreuther No
LV Frozen Snapper Master Snapper Nic Sailor 03/19/2019 Petr Julina No
LVR Juanas Big Star ARC Gunnabeabigstar Juana Sparkle 05/18/2019 Linda Verstappen No
LVR Shiny N Nifty Gotta Nifty Gun Juana Sparkle 03/24/2019 Linda Verstappen No
LVR Spook N Sparkle Best Spook Juana Sparkle 04/19/2019 Linda Verstappen No
M Chic Dun It Chic Magnetic Peppyta All Dun It 03/31/2019 Fabrizio Magni No
Made For Loving Pale Face Dunnit Pine Finest Jewel 05/02/2019 Claudia Scheunemann No
Magdalena Shine Shine Chic Shine Margarita Boonsmal 05/17/2019 Riccardo Abati No
Magic Olena Gun Hollywood Gun Dunnit Magic Marienterprise 04/10/2019 Carlo Sala No
Magic Red Fire ARC Magic Enterprise Miss Leo Snapper 02/28/2019 Francesco Arrighi No
Magic Wave CA3 What A Wave My Magic Jaba 04/30/2019 Clothilde Alboud No
Magica Enterprise ARC Magic Enterprise lenas greatasan 04/15/2019 Lara Maiocchi No
Magneficent Chic Magnetic Illbe Big 05/17/2019 Katrin Kuehnel No
Magnum Arc Pi Magnum Chic Dream Arc Martha Surprise 06/09/2019 Claudia Rizzola No
Magnum Ram Gun Magnum Chic Dream Abby Gun 05/25/2019 Vittorio Rabboni No
Magnum Red Boom Magnum Chic Dream Shellys Red Boon 04/19/2019 Filippo Merlo No
Magnumneedsabaileys Wimpyneedsacocktail Hanging On A Dream 05/02/2019 Wesley Janssen No
Major Playboy VZ Major Jesse Fair Little Playgirl 05/27/2019 Lot Van Zwol No
Maleficents Lil Chic Tinker With Guns Rey Nic Chic 05/12/2019 Dominik Bernard No
Mango Devil Blue Gun Dr Devil Blue Dance Perfect Cinderella 01/02/2019 Marco Carminati No
Manngun Classic Manngun BR Paddywood 02/24/2019 Sebastian Eisler No
MAQ Spookatrashya Gunnatrashya Spooks Pearl 10/04/2019 La Maqueline Yes
MAQ Voodoo Doll Shiners Voodoo Dr Gunners Doll 06/03/2019 Philippe Castel Yes
Marilyn N Hollywood Whizkey N Diamonds Brennas Hollywood 02/19/2019 Irmgard Brendgens No
Mary Cash Out Lil Joe Cash Maria Olena 03/27/2019 Alessandro Maioli No
Mary Chicawood Chic Olena Partee At Marywood 01/25/2019 Christian Baldelli No
Master May Master Snapper Zan Hickorina 05/01/2019 Fabrizio Ferretti No
Master Spooks Spooks Gotta Whiz ARC Summer Onthe Bay 03/05/2019 George Wiedenhofer Yes
Mavi Angel Spooks Spooks Gotta Sting Cee Angel Sand 04/02/2019 Achille Marotta No
Maximus Dream Hero Magnum Chic Dream Shiney Tinseltown 04/07/2019 Katarzyna Roleska No
MB G Fighter Twist Country With A Twist Duna Smoke 06/13/2019 Manuel Balzani No
MB Great Shiningwhiz Colonels Shining Gun Pines Nifty Whiz 04/08/2019 Melanie Bizet No
MB Gyn Dude Gun The Cocked Gun OT Taris Dude 05/19/2019 Michele Bonifacio No
MB Iam Giant Gunwhiz CJ Whiz KB Jenny Whiz A Gun 04/19/2019 Melanie Bizet No
MB Little Diana Gun Snippy Gun Jacs Little Hicky 07/04/2019 Melanie Bizet No
MB Smartrebellilchic Smart Chic Olena Miss Cajun Peppy 05/14/2019 Melanie Bizet No
MBN Electrik Face Pale Face Dunnit Holly Electric 04/05/2019 MBN SRL No
MBN Isnt She Lovely Pale Face Dunnit ARC Chicacrome 05/19/2019 MBN SRL No
MC Snap N Hancock Docs Tivio Hancock MC Leotie Sir Frost 05/29/2019 Adriano Colantoni No
MDH One Spat Gun One Gun RS Snow White Olena 04/21/2019 Marie Hermal No
MDH Special Spanish Piccolo Spanish Special Skillz 06/13/2019 Marie Hermal No
MF Gunnabealenastar ARC Gunnabeabigstar Dual Nina Chex 07/18/2019 Cecilia Frediani No
MF Nice Showbiz My Showbiz Whiz Nice Shortys 04/08/2019 Moreno Furlan No
MF Shining Red Berry Colonels Shining Gun Oakies Red Berry 05/03/2019 Morey Fisk No
Mg Daughterofawarrior One Gun Blondie Last 05/15/2019 Federico Ceci No
MG So Magnetico Chic Magnetic Sophie Rooster Cody 05/28/2019 Luca Guidi No
Mia Melody Shiner SR Hollywood Shiner Shes Genuine Melody 03/16/2019 Ludmila Poliachova No
Mifi Colonel Cody Colonel Mifi Lena Baby Cody Dude 05/10/2019 Andrea Proto No
Mifilena Smokin Blue Smokin Mifillena Kings Rio Rose 03/24/2019 Alina Lange No
Millenium Margarita Wimpy Margarita Ts Bonita Mif O Lena 05/04/2019 Anna Ruggeri No
Millenium Reminic Mifillenium The Smartest Reminic 04/18/2019 Vittorio Rabboni No
Million Miles Magnum Chic Dream GR Hug A Jewel 04/16/2019 Claudia Scheunemann No
Miracledmissgunshine BB One Miracled Gun Smar Dixie Lena 04/23/2019 Petra Federer No
Mis Dreamy Gun GFC Quixote Gun Star Dreamy 05/13/2019 Stefano Ianiero No
Miss Cee Spook Smart Spook Miss Wimpy Hollywood 04/07/2019 Paulus Beurskens No
Miss Little Spook Mister Little Uno Sail Nic Spook 03/20/2019 Fabio Cerri No
Miss Master Iron Master Snapper Smart Little Iron 04/18/2019 Fabrizio Ferretti No
Miss Millenium Gun Mifillenium Abby Gun 02/04/2019 Vittorio Rabboni No
Miss Pepgun Hollywood Gun Dunnit Jane Dual 05/01/2019 Clara Crippa No
Miss Peppy Star Guns Dont Miss My Guns Peppy San Andaure 03/20/2019 Sandrine Canella No
Missgungina One Gun Crimson Sandy Dry 04/24/2019 Matteo Gottardo No
Misstress Of The Cee Gunners Tinseltown Miss Wimpy Hollywood 04/17/2019 Paulus Beurskens No
MJ Smart Lika Barth Smart Like Juice Ruf Lika Footwork 05/01/2019 Maximilian Barth No
MK Starlet In Crome Custom Gun Smoke BMS Spooks Twist 05/12/2019 Manfred Kundegraber No
ML Blondolena Olena Jackie ML Surprise Jac 03/16/2019 ML Quarter Horse No
ML Peppy Wood At Ale Wood peppys belle zan 05/16/2019 ML Quarter Horse No
MM Best Whiz Spook Best Spook Do Wah Whizzy 04/08/2019 Marcel Menne No
Mobstep HF Mobster Full Step 04/12/2019 Quarter Dream SRL No
Mobsters Darling HF Mobster HQH Pep Little Kiss 05/12/2019 Susanne Lorenz No
Mondeenite Spook Smart Spook Frideeniterevolution 02/11/2019 Sylvia Maile No
MP Kenda Spark Kitas Spark Antares Little Lady 05/17/2019 Matteo Piazza No
MP Moonlight Dream Magnum Chic Dream Jokin Peppy 03/02/2019 Paolo Muccini No
MP Pandemonium Inferno Sixty Six Maryolyn Hancock 06/10/2019 Marta Paladini No
Mr Electric Jac VVS Mr Electric Spark Pjboogies High Twist 03/31/2019 Timothee Pley No
Mr Face Whiz Pale Face Dunnit PC Spang Lena Whiz 04/01/2019 Francesco Barbagli No
Mr Gunfox Hollywood Gun Dunnit Hollywood Mayer 03/25/2019 Cecini Cristian No
Mr Shines Shine Chic Shine The Electric Sparkle 05/01/2019 Alois Kompatscher No
Mr Trick Or Treat Tricked Out Spook Pepita Major Angels 04/09/2019 Roy Willemse No
MRS Daisy Colonels Shining Gun BRS Freckles Payday 02/26/2019 Lukasz Czechowicz No
Ms Little Spook Best Spook Ms Dauntless Whiz 05/03/2019 Christine Pausweg No
MT Freckles Snapper Exxcaliber HC Jessy Jo San 04/18/2019 Imelda Maertens No
MT Jacks Savy BA Superjac Soft Beau Sparkle 05/26/2019 Imelda Maertens No
MT Okies Sweetnes SG Frozen Enterprize Okies Eldorado 06/01/2019 Imelda Maertens No
MT Taffys Amberstory GP Mister Dual Jac Aurelia Idalgo April 05/19/2019 Imelda Maertens No
My Ricobiz My Showbiz Whiz Redskin Anne Rooster 02/28/2019 Pamela Conforto No
ND Absolute Faith Walla Walla Whiz Colonels Miss Smoke 03/12/2019 Nathalie Derua No
ND Cash The Guns Lil Joe Cash Queen Of Guns 05/07/2019 Nathalie Derua No
ND Hang On Faces Pale Face Dunnit Hang On Sugar 04/28/2019 Nathalie Derua No
ND Hustle And Win Gunnatrashya Hustle Up A Star 04/08/2019 Nathalie Derua No
ND No Weak Point Gunnatrashya Hustle Up A Star 03/29/2019 Nathalie Derua No
ND Pale Juicy Fruit Pale Face Dunnit Lil Juicy Fruit 04/17/2019 Nathalie Derua No
ND Platinum Master Platinum Vintage ARC Lendmeyourgun 03/07/2019 Nathalie Derua No
ND Shining Chic Colonels Shining Gun RS Lusitanias Chic 06/21/2019 Nathalie Derua No
ND Shining Dance Colonels Shining Gun Resolve To Dance 04/27/2019 Nathalie Derua No
ND Shining Spooks Colonels Shining Gun Spooks Jasmine 05/07/2019 Nathalie Derua No
ND Special Gun Gunners Special Nite Lil Ruf Cee Blair 03/28/2019 Nathalie Derua No
ND Special Pop Gunners Special Nite Pudding Pop 04/11/2019 Nathalie Derua No
ND Vintage Gun A Sparkling Vintage Gunnatrashya Dunit 02/16/2019 Nathalie Derua No
NN Dr Bat Revolution Shiners Voodoo Dr Revolutionary Sara 03/15/2019 Nicole Lungen No
NN Izzys Sweet Spook Best Spook ND Star Izzy Whiz 06/10/2019 Nicole Lungen No
No Sugar No Party Sugar Little Step Thelastmissolenashow 06/01/2019 Ambrosini Quarter Horses ASD No
Not Nicnac At All Not Ruf At All Virginia Nic 04/23/2019 Claudia Eggl No
Nu Beegun To Cash One Gun Chex Nu Qt 05/09/2019 Deborah Koeppel No
Nu Diamond Gun Doctor In Diamonds Gun Ho Chex 05/03/2019 Joke Overbeek Fennema No
NU Gunnaprettystar ARC Gunnabeabigstar Mizzen Spook 02/25/2019 Judith Erbler No
NW Shine My Nica Shine My Gun Nicadual 05/30/2019 Tina Wilk No
Nymeria Miffi Bud Mifillenium Gipsy Snapper Bud 06/08/2019 Alberto Baroni No
Oh Emm Gee What A Wave Great Gee Gee Gunner 05/10/2019 SV Quarter Horses No
Oh Love Please Shiner Olena Rosita Cody 01/12/2019 Schlager Nestelberger Partnership No
Ol Fitty N Smart LMC Im Topsail Dunit Smartina Chex 04/20/2019 Shenandoah Ranch No
Olivia Newton Gun Double Delmaso CSG Sailonblood 05/13/2019 Lukasz Czechowicz No
One Sun Mr One Gun IMA DUN SUN MR 03/01/2019 Matese Ranch No
Onefashionablegun Colonels Shining Gun PC Fashion Electrix 06/22/2019 Daniel Moro No
OO7 Gunner Dun It Again Solidly Spirited 05/18/2019 Lorenz Mueller Yes
OP Give Me The Cash Lil Joe Cash Listos Little Diva 01/05/2019 Alice Marinoni No
Optimus Face Pale Face Dunnit Wimpys Sugar Candy 03/04/2019 Bernd Meyer No
Order Me Online Shine On Line Wimpys Little Please 04/28/2019 Geertjan Koelstra No
Oscar Thorn Colonels Shining Gun Saturdaynight Winner 01/15/2019 Cecilia Frediani No
OT Mr Inferno Inferno Sixty Six OT Taris Wish Miss 04/27/2019 Appaloosa S R L No
OT The Greatest Jacs Ot Jacs On The Moon Great Tune 04/15/2019 Appaloosa S R L No
Out To Be A Sparkya ARC Gunna Sparkya ARC Chic Me Out 03/30/2019 Societa Agricola Le Fattorie Di Matilde No
Pale Pokerface HR Pale Face Dunnit BMS Blaze Of Glory 04/17/2019 Sabine Hirzel No
PB Doorgunner Colonels Shining Gun Ruby Red Berry 04/21/2019 Christina Birkenbach No
PC Dunnit Fhashion Hollywood Gun Dunnit Fashion Chex 04/23/2019 Az Agr Cortesi Piero No
PC Lil Step Dream PC Magnum Step Dream Lil Matt Dun It 02/10/2019 Az Agr Cortesi Piero No
PC Shining Top Gun Colonels Shining Gun Toprevolutiondunit 04/17/2019 Az Agr Cortesi Piero No
PC Valenty Whiz Quiet Whiz Fame Oak Enterprise 02/14/2019 Az Agr Cortesi Piero No
PE Scooter Gun One Gun Nz Scooter San 06/10/2019 Perrone Andrea No
Pending DC Masterspecialnite DL Zip Nite Hawk Lady 03/24/2019 Hubert QUAILLET No
Pending 607638 Kitas Spark Lf Docrose Red 04/16/2019 Francesco Schippa No
Pending 607651 A Sparkling Vintage Ro Ladylikestoboggie 05/13/2019 Gino Bonneure No
Pending 607727 Wimpys High Bid OT Spark To Fire 04/20/2019 Appaloosa S R L No
Pending 607729 ARC Gunnabeabigstar Heavenly Who 04/15/2019 Appaloosa S R L No
Pending 607746 I Cee Diamonds Miss Sum Of A Gunner 01/22/2019 Caitewick Western Stables No
Pending 607817 Gunner Custom Lena Whiz 04/11/2019 Benjamin Kohl & Karin Miller Yes
Pending 607824 Lil Joe Cash RS Miura Olena 03/12/2019 Valentina Martinotti No
Pending 607968 Colonels Shining Gun Cowboy Lil Starlight 05/25/2019 Anja De Raet No
Pending 608037 Colonels Shining Gun Tinselina 02/26/2019 Wojciech Langner-Lubera No
Pending 608038 Colonels Shining Gun Prairie Daddys Girl 03/05/2019 Wojciech Langner-Lubera No
Pending 608050 Steppin With Class Mis S Brown 05/02/2019 Sophia Lukacikova No
Pending 608255 Custom Berry Colonels Ruffs Mercy 01/01/2019 Codan NV No
Pending 608381 I Cee Diamonds Miss Sum Of A Gunner 01/22/2019 Caitewick Western Stables No
Pending 608455 Gunner Frostbite FM Una Lena dunit 01/24/2019 Rodolfo Marchetti No
Pending 608456 Spiderman Whiz Sophie For Bo 01/08/2019 Rodolfo Marchetti No
Pending 608502 Platinum Vintage Hollywood Cali Chex 04/28/2019 Gina Cipolat No
Pending 608505 ARC Gunna Sparkya Farmer Sophie 05/24/2019 Dino Micheletto No
Pending 608522 JK Charley De Moreno Rose Of Mercedes 03/11/2019 Juergen Pritz No
Pending 608567 Shining Slide San As A Jaybird 03/15/2019 Giuseppe Grieco No
Pending 608583 Cash Enterprise Juvanum cutter holly 03/04/2019 Gino Santoni No
Pending 608585 Hollywood Gun Dunnit Starshine Whiz 04/03/2019 Heidi Wallner No
Pending 608609 Best Spook Olenas Blue Badger 02/22/2019 Natascha Duhr No
Pending 608631 Smart Spook BH Best Of Seven 05/27/2019 Jana Mroszewski No
Pending 608643 Pale Face Dunnit Chics Little Wimpy 05/27/2019 Wouter Van Opstal No
Pending 608691 Dun It Magic Solo Zena Kaliz Dee Dun 04/16/2019 Lisa Pichler No
Pending 608692 Dun It Magic Solo My Little Linda 05/13/2019 Lisa Pichler No
Pending 608693 Peppysnappy CN Mifi New Dancer 05/03/2019 Stefano Brega No
Pending 608746 Exxcaliber Gump Sneaky Peeky BB 05/04/2019 SV Quarter Horses No
Pending 608825 Hollywood Gun Dunnit Arc Smart Chic Ghost 04/26/2019 Massimo Villa No
Pending 608838 Smart Like Juice Starlights Millie 06/01/2019 Martin Svaton No
Pending 608893 Wimpys Lil Mizzen Frozen Little Gold 04/06/2019 Francesco Schippa No
Pending 608957 Dunnit Like A Master Miss Bh Gun Shine 05/15/2019 Alessandro Tabarrini No
Pending 608962 SG Frozen Enterprize Miss Cocked Gun 04/10/2019 Vasanella Francesco No
Pending 609001 One Gun Beyond The Blonde 05/29/2019 Giovanni Pagani No
Pending 609038 Lil Smoking Gun little golden sultan 04/27/2019 Lorenza Marini No
Pending 609049 Gunnatrashya A Chic In A Mercedes 05/02/2019 Cathy Hendrickx No
Pending 609093 Pride Velvet lil dunit chica 07/19/2019 Margot Van Doorne No
Pending 609094 Pride Velvet Par Dee Bar Smoke 05/05/2019 Margot Van Doorne No
Pending 609097 Jokin Whiz Sweet Rooster Lena 04/30/2019 Markus Schopfer No
Pending 609131 JF Ruf on Ice Big Time To Shine 06/17/2019 Sandrine Lommel Bordang No
Pending 609158 Wimpys Balito Marquita Gun 05/07/2019 Sina Daut No
Pending 609160 Pale Face Dunnit Conquistadors Alibi 05/07/2019 Andrea Viola No
Pending 609161 Electric Code MT Jac Freccia 06/02/2019 Andrea Viola No
Pending 609169 Electric Code Miss Whiz Sparkles 04/18/2019 Alessandro Cazzaniga No
Pending 609197 Whizdom Shines Sexy And I Know It 03/06/2019 BO Ranch No
Pending 609199 Sail On Top Whizard ND Kyowa Star 05/28/2019 BO Ranch No
Pending 609202 Gunnerlicious Sail On Chickita 04/14/2019 BO Ranch No
Pending 609203 Whizdom Shines Docky To Rain 03/26/2019 BO Ranch No
Pending 609218 Chic Magnetic Tow Little Peppy 01/30/2019 Boni Giacomo No
Pending 609223 Hollywood Gun Dunnit Virginia Chex 05/05/2019 Alberto Villani No
Pending 609230 Magnum Chic Dream ARC Who Whiz Ruf 04/02/2019 Alessandro Maioli No
Pending 609241 CL Colonels Dun It Allegras Ac 03/17/2019 Andrea Napolitano No
Pending 609243 Iam Sailors Brother Nt Lena Smoking gun 04/05/2019 Cinzia Mariani No
Pending 609268 Spat A Blue RS Redbreast Jac 04/26/2019 Gianlorenzo Ferrari No
Pending 609327 The Next Legend Dun Jewel Starlight 05/03/2019 Dennis Roemer No
Pending 609328 The Next Legend choccywoccydunit 05/10/2019 Dennis Roemer No
Pending 609331 Master Snapper Snapper Sexy Lady 05/13/2019 BARBARA BELLEMO No
Pending 609332 Master Snapper I'm a Quarry Queen 05/06/2019 BARBARA BELLEMO No
Pending 609333 Snappy Gun Surprise Lynx Lady Doc 04/28/2019 Massimiliano Sitti No
Pending 609369 ARC Sparkle Magnetic Smart Jakalope 02/26/2019 Roberta Gianformaggio No
Pending 609370 At Andrewood Olena Taris 06/15/2019 Cristina Serra No
Pending 609402 Gunners Special Nite JF Rufsmartestcookie 04/05/2019 Sybille Jeske No
Pending 609421 Remins Remedy BH Super Cody 03/29/2019 Luca Zeni No
Pending 609424 Remins Remedy Ice Crasher 05/10/2019 Luca Zeni No
Pending 609427 Son Ofasmartbuck Miss Broadway Queen 03/14/2019 Settimio Mordenti No
Pending 609428 Son Ofasmartbuck Doctor Nice Lucky 04/20/2019 Settimio Mordenti No
Pending 609429 Son Ofasmartbuck Barbie Fighter 03/27/2019 Settimio Mordenti No
Pending 609433 Magnum Chic Dream Little Sally Pep 03/06/2019 Kennel Quarter Horses No
Pending 609434 Electric Code Jacs Breeze Whiz 04/07/2019 Kennel Quarter Horses No
Pending 609435 Rooster Nic Wimpys Margarita 04/26/2019 Kennel Quarter Horses No
Pending 609446 HF Mobster Whizky Coke 05/12/2019 Michael Kneier No
Pending 609474 Colonels Shining Gun SP Goodtimes Lucy 03/05/2019 Oliver Stein No
Pending 609485 DB Yellownik My Genuine Whiz 03/04/2019 SILVIA BELTRAMOLLI No
Pending 609490 Hollywood Gun Dunnit FB Ginger Wheel 04/18/2019 Andrea Bergese No
Pending 609491 Shine On Line DOUBLE LIZ FIVE CODY 05/03/2019 Andrea Bergese No
Pending 609492 Shine Chic Shine Wheelydiah 05/26/2019 Andrea Bergese No
Pending 609493 Whizzs Command Glolena Sun 06/08/2019 Isabella Bregni No
Pending 609498 Skeets Dun RS Butterfly 03/20/2019 Saverio Ciccazzo No
Pending 609564 Spark N Whiz West Coast Oak 05/05/2019 Mattia Camisi No
Pending 609565 Electric Code Last Docky Oak 04/11/2019 Mattia Camisi No
Pending 609566 Spooks Gotta Whiz Snapple Surprises 03/11/2019 Mattia Camisi No
Pending 609598 Lil Smokeing Gun The Mask Of Lady Gun 04/10/2019 Parrella Nicola No
Pending 609599 HH Rico and Sparky ARC Ghost And Gun 05/22/2019 Karin Stoll No
Pending 609607 Gunners Special Nite Gur Boogies Whiz 04/16/2019 Jurgen Wurzbacher No
Pending 609610 Lil Penny Dunit Right Chexy Acre Annie 08/08/2019 Jurgen Wurzbacher No
Pending 609612 Gunners Special Nite Gur Boggies Whiz 04/16/2019 Jurgen Wurzbacher No
Pending 609649 Chic Magnetic Kaliman It 05/12/2019 Lara Maiocchi No
Pending 609697 Smoking Kills Sheza Strait Shooter 07/04/2019 June Gobert No
Pending 609698 Rooster In Sugar ML Jackie Glo Win 04/10/2019 Nicola Trove No
Pending 609699 Rooster In Sugar ML Good Lil Lena 06/14/2019 Nicola Trove No
Pending 609712 MF great pinestop WR Giulia 03/15/2019 Cristian Dalla Pozza No
Pending 609715 Hollywood Gun It BMS Tarisplash 04/08/2019 Conni Kuttenreich No
Pending 609723 Hollywood Gun Dunnit 4399951 03/14/2019 Elisabetta Raviola No
Pending 609752 Gunners Frostbite Miss Greatawood 03/25/2019 SIMONA TAGLIAFERRI No
Pending 609758 Sure As A Gun Buenonic Rey 06/02/2019 Fabio Polesel No
Pending 609759 Whizard Jac Buffy In Hollywood 06/19/2019 Massimo Celli No
Pending 609760 ARC Gunnabeabigstar Lady Kay Surprise 05/03/2019 Luca Galvani No
Pending 609769 Smart Chic Olena AR LOOK WHOS SHINING 04/22/2019 Roberto Barbe No
Pending 609793 Magnum With A Dream Angels Remy Surprise 05/13/2019 Borghi Valter No
Pending 609799 Piccolo Spanish Ive Gotta Have Crome 05/21/2019 Sabatino QH Srl No
Pending 609800 Steppin On Sparks JM Spanish Gun 03/17/2019 Sabatino QH Srl No
Pending 609809 Gotta Gold Chain JP Skyfall Shine 01/18/2019 Jac Point QH No
Pending 609822 Hollywood Gun Dunnit White Blaze Olena 04/12/2019 Enrico Righetti No
Pending 609823 Hollywood Gun Dunnit A little memory 06/04/2019 Enrico Righetti No
Pending 609863 Pale Face Dunnit Stax Diamond Cutter 03/17/2019 Adriane Marchal No
Pending 609864 Steppin On Sparks Olive Dun It 05/28/2019 Michael Ackermann No
Pending 609866 Steppin On Sparks Just Cuz Im Ruf 04/17/2019 Michael Ackermann No
Pending 609872 Hollywood Gun Dunnit Go Go Snap Olena CA 05/04/2019 Davide Raffelli No
Pending 609876 Spark N Whiz PGB Continental Boy 05/20/2019 Maura Ughetto Piampaschet No
Pending 609877 Heza Gunner Ricochet Dun 03/24/2019 Liborio Nicotra No
Pending 609878 Kitas Spark 4505158 Jamie showgun 05/08/2019 Ambra Alice Bergese No
Pending 609886 Kiowas Smokingun Pretty Miss Starbuck 03/29/2019 Pavel Orel No
Pending 609923 Smart Whiz Delmaso Docs Lil Sailor 04/25/2019 Francesco Barbagli No
Pending 609925 Hollywood Gun Dunnit frozen sparklena 03/25/2019 Giovanna Marazzi No
Pending 609926 CFR Centenario Wimpy RTR ONE SNAPPER 02/26/2019 Giovanna Marazzi No
Pending 609928 Lil Smokeing Gun Little H Power 05/08/2019 Giovanna Marazzi No
Pending 609930 Spooks Gotta Sting Snappy Olena 08/04/2019 Alberto L'Abbate No
Pending 609932 A Sparkling Vintage Gold Diamond Whiz 05/15/2019 Matteo Benedusi No
Pending 609963 BB One Miracled Gun ac ice badger reward 05/15/2019 Tullio Mascarello No
Pending 609981 Gotta Gold Chain JP Boggies Whiz 02/25/2019 Barbara Braun No
Pending 609997 Wimpys Blue Spook Smartest Pretty Lady 05/17/2019 Henk Van Bergen No
Pending 609998 Colonel Mifi Lena Lv Jack Alice 06/21/2019 Andrea Proto No
Pending 610000 Okie Dun Badger AC Hearmena Mis 04/01/2019 Pellegrini Aurelio No
Pending 610001 At Ale Wood Summer Dry Diamonds 03/12/2019 Christian Baldelli No
Pending 610004 Magical Snapper Gypsy Iron Catalyst 03/30/2019 Luca Pigini No
Pending 610008 Wimpy Margarita MISS TOWN SPARKLE 05/18/2019 Carlo Lovisetto No
Pending 610009 Magnum Chic Dream Whiz Gucci Lena 03/05/2019 Alice Marinoni No
Pending 610010 Lil Smokeing Gun SMART ROOSTERINA 05/08/2019 Alice Marinoni No
Pending 610015 Hollywood Gun It Vr Whizalotofpep 04/08/2019 Manuela Hoell No
Pending 610025 Thechexkeepmestylin ML Bella Mia 05/06/2019 Giovanni Cometti No
Pending 610026 Thechexkeepmestylin lady star grim 05/21/2019 Giovanni Cometti No
Pending 610048 SDP Justice Is Comin Buenoplanetstarlight 05/17/2019 Giorgia Buccini No
Pending 610049 SDP Justice Is Comin Chocolate Bobalou 05/15/2019 Giorgia Buccini No
Pending 610052 SDP Justice Is Comin PLANET SUPER LYNX 05/10/2019 Giorgia Buccini No
Pending 610084 Big Gun To Trash Jewels Nu Star 03/31/2019 Eric Muller No
Pending 610091 Chic Surprise Odyssey Chex 04/08/2019 Jeffrey Van Deinsen No
Pending 610107 SG Frozen Enterprize Alexa Cal Bar 01/21/2019 Roberto Cuoghi No
Pending 610108 SG Frozen Enterprize Lady Master 02/02/2019 Roberto Cuoghi No
Pending 610114 Chic Magnetic sailinspark playgirl 05/10/2019 Giulia Trusgnich No
Pending 610115 Jaba Oak Miss Bay Rooster 04/18/2019 Giulia Trusgnich No
Pending 610121 Spark N Whiz Babe And Chic 06/15/2019 Karin Machalek No
Pending 610127 JD Colonel Whiz miss ruf gun 04/11/2019 David Roux No
Pending 610130 Footworks Finest YMC Sheza Major Tari 02/23/2019 Jurgen Pouls No
Pending 610165 Chic N Roost LC One Shine Gun 04/26/2019 Alessandro Pavoni No
Pending 610192 Dunnit Like A Master Tivios Little Dun It 05/20/2019 Kelly Zweifel No
Pending 610221 Smart Spook Nu Smokin Crome 05/09/2019 Martina Hable No
Pending 610227 Shiners Voodoo Dr Wimpys Little Scoot 04/28/2019 Golden Paint Ranch No
Pending 610234 Gotta West Coast Gun topsail gallitia 05/04/2019 Misel Gungl No
Pending 610236 Tinker With Guns Topy Gotta On Top 05/06/2019 Misel Gungl No
Pending 610237 Lil Smokeing Gun Lil Ruf N It 06/05/2019 Misel Gungl No
Pending 610238 Shine Chic Shine Hickory Penny Oak 05/21/2019 Massimiliano Rossi No
Pending 610244 3789229 5340682 06/13/2019 Arianna Aspersi No
Pending 610248 Electric Snow Pina Coolada 05/27/2019 Maximilian Barth No
Pending 610282 Lil Smokeing Gun Pioggia Dunit 01/18/2019 Giovanni Zucchi No
Pending 610322 Mega Surprise She Makes My Day 03/25/2019 Doreen Boschman No
Pending 610324 Custom Del Cielo Pepita Four Gun 05/22/2019 Hans-Georg Holzwarth No
Pending 610325 Inferno Sixty Six TC Miss Passion Lynx 03/02/2019 Lucia Collura No
Pending 610331 Piccolo Spanish Lena Dun It Right 03/22/2019 Jan-Luca Waizenegger No
Pending 610333 Undercover Spook Elta Dunit First Gun 04/16/2019 Jan-Luca Waizenegger No
Pending 610334 Undercover Spook Dunit Like A Blonde 04/26/2019 Jan-Luca Waizenegger No
Pending 610337 Best Spook Dipsy Divine Whiz 05/04/2019 Jan-Luca Waizenegger No
Pending 610338 Pale Face Dunnit Saturdays Reminight 04/08/2019 Giovanni Zucchi No
Pending 610340 Smoking Whiz Taris Legacy 05/29/2019 Andrea Parolari No
Pending 610347 Wimpys Little Tejano Rx Sugars Finest 05/30/2019 Anne Grether No
Pending 610348 Wimpys Little Tejano Shining W Whiz 06/02/2019 Anne Grether No
Pending 610355 Boemil Twin Robotop zip bar susy 06/06/2019 Francesco Pedretti No
Pending 610438 Gunnatrashya PM Jazz Olena 06/16/2019 Aude Gruber No
Pending 610470 Cody Rooster Delmaso LV One Smart Lady 04/23/2019 Julia Gaupmann-Lechner No
Pending 610473 Tinseltownsmokingun Ruf Lil Scamp 05/20/2019 Julia Gaupmann-Lechner No
Pending 610474 Inferno Sixty Six JK Charleys Diamant 04/11/2019 Julia Gaupmann-Lechner No
Pending 610476 TRR Royal Sun O Lena JJ Jess 03/17/2019 George Wiedenhofer No
Pending 610479 Wimpy Margarita Dunnit Magic RM 05/23/2019 George Wiedenhofer No
Pending 610483 Chic Magnetic WHIZKEYAGOGO 05/25/2019 Carlo Lovisetto No
Pending 610484 Spat Split And White ARC Gold Diamond 06/06/2019 Carlo Lovisetto No
Pending 610486 Inferno Sixty Six NUVOLA OTOE JACS 04/06/2019 Carlo Lovisetto No
Pending 610487 Spooks Gotta Sting RAIN SUPER SNAPPER 05/31/2019 Carlo Lovisetto No
Pending 610488 Topsail Speckles continental red rose 04/21/2019 Francesco Bavaresco No
Pending 610491 One Gun PEPPY STAR DIAMOND 06/17/2019 Alessia Brambilla No
Pending 610496 Hollywood Gun Dunnit Blue Eye Sailor 02/06/2019 Giovanna Marazzi No
Pending 610500 Hollywood Gun Dunnit Miss Secorima 05/19/2019 Cecini Cristian No
Pending 610513 Hollywood Gun Dunnit GB Ima Lady Peppycat 05/06/2019 Earl Du Val De Pouilly No
Pending 610515 Platinum Vintage Gunnawhiz Trash 05/14/2019 Ruth Hackmack-Eder No
Pending 610518 Inferno Sixty Six ND Suave Whiz 03/21/2019 Markus Suechting No
Pending 610520 Steppin On Sparks Tivios Sugar Girl 07/13/2019 Guido Gandelli No
Pending 610522 Spooks Gotta Sting Miss Beater Diamond 05/03/2019 Claudio Triches No
Pending 610523 BA Superjac Fancy Wr Smokesgirl 06/09/2019 Golden Paint Ranch No
Pending 610525 ARC Wallys Dun Smart Little Ruf 02/13/2019 David Roux No
Pending 610554 Sannman BONITA PISTOLENAS 07/04/2019 Giulia Trusgnich No
Pending 610555 Boemil Twin Robotop JUSTA LITTLE SMART 05/20/2019 Giulia Trusgnich No
Pending 610569 PP Gotta Gun Fire HR Wimpys Lil Chica 05/24/2019 Michael Pupacher No
Pending 610571 quite whiz SH Queen Peseta 03/22/2019 Staffoli Horses SNC No
Pending 610572 The Gunner King Miss Ima Joker Bo 04/13/2019 Staffoli Horses SNC No
Pending 610577 Colonels Shining Gun Soft Whizpers 05/11/2019 Eifel Gold Ranch Baeck No
Pending 610610 Mister Little Uno A Time To Sparkle 05/16/2019 Mauro Taccia No
Pending 610662 Chic N Roost Miss Smart Sultan 06/30/2019 Anna Pia Eletti No
Pending 610672 Smart N Sparkin Alicias Conquistador 03/17/2019 Roel Van Dijk No
Pending 610712 The Gunner King frozen mizzen 04/21/2019 Staffoli Horses SNC No
Pending 610713 The Gunner King oregon nifty pine 05/27/2019 Staffoli Horses SNC No
Pending 610721 Country With A Twist Hollywood Lady Two 05/01/2019 Manuel Balzani No
Pending 610722 Country With A Twist LJ BOONSHINE 05/25/2019 Manuel Balzani No
Pending 610723 ARC Gunna Sparkya Top Custom Pride 06/02/2019 Francesco Bonadeo No
Pending 610726 Majestic Okie Nikita Jeep 04/03/2019 Filippo Masi No
Pending 610729 Lenas Drawing His Gun bingo lady bird 05/23/2019 Filippo Masi No
Pending 610732 Gunnatrashya VQH Foxy Cat 05/02/2019 Filippo Masi No
Pending 610741 Magnum Chic Dream Dun It Rose 04/01/2019 Simone Sbrighi No
Pending 610749 Hollywood Gun Dunnit Miss Black Georgia 04/20/2019 Ivonne Bortolot No
Pending 610756 USS N Dun It Miss Jazzy Jac 02/04/2019 Christine Wilinski No
Pending 610758 Iam Sailors Brother Kissed By Westcoast 01/20/2019 Fabio Merola No
Pending 610762 Mc Oleaner Frosty Millennium 04/28/2019 Christin Hilling No
Pending 610784 Chic Surprise Chexnicxtocash 06/19/2019 Barbara Huentelmann No
Pending 610785 Lil Joe Cash Justa Little Tag 04/25/2019 Andreas Dick No
Pending 610786 Colonels Shining Gun Star Kinky Boots 04/12/2019 Judith and Joerg Junker Junker No
Pending 610787 Lil Joe Cash Smoking Sugar Chick 06/08/2019 Judith and Joerg Junker Junker No
Pending 610789 AB Captain Badger Palmy Cal Bar 04/11/2019 Matteo Telloli No
Pending 610797 Spooks Gotta Sting Jody Doc Jaba 05/08/2019 Claudio Triches No
Pending 610808 Smoking Kills RS Miss Olena Doco 06/05/2019 Fenna Elzinga No
Pending 610812 Colonels Shining Gun ARC Miss Good Girl 04/25/2019 Oscar Wiech No
Pending 610815 Hollys Electric Spark OW Dorothee 86 05/31/2019 Oscar Wiech No
Pending 610837 Gunnatrashya Shesa Boggies 05/07/2019 Bertrand Henri No
Pending 610840 Chic Magnetic PC Cinderella Story 03/21/2019 Camilla Moschen No
Pending 610846 ARC Gunnabeabigstar Olena Pride 04/21/2019 Paolo Muccini No
Pending 610857 Country With A Twist Whattamoor 02/23/2019 Pamela Sartoni No
Pending 610866 In Like Flinn TWO DREAM ONE DUNIT 05/29/2019 Edoardo Bernardelli No
Pending 610868 Magnum Chic Dream Miss Rosey Step 03/04/2019 Edoardo Bernardelli No
Pending 610872 Walla Walla Whiz FG Easter Calbar 02/06/2019 Stefania Bordogna No
Pending 610873 ARC Gunnabeabigstar Olena Pride 04/21/2019 Paolo Muccini No
Pending 610874 Hollywood Gun Dunnit Morosita Whiz 05/04/2019 Stefan Jauer No
Pending 610915 Tinseltownsmokingun GH Peppys Smart Kiss 04/12/2019 Melissa Sauerschnig No
Pending 610928 Grand Slam TP Chex The Gun 03/27/2019 Laura Ketterer No
Pending 610930 Grand Slam TP Caldoublesnap 04/12/2019 Laura Ketterer No
Pending 610931 Smart Chic Olena Gunner wimpy gold 03/23/2019 Pluym/Termorshuizen No
Pending 610932 Smart Chic Olena Ms Genuine Whiz 01/08/2019 Pluym/Termorshuizen No
Pending 610943 Spooks Gotta Sting Satin beauty bonanza 05/02/2019 Marco Pesce No
Pending 610944 Steppin On Sparks SS Tinsel Super Star 04/02/2019 Marco Pesce No
Pending 610945 Hollywood Gun Dunnit Ss tinsel super star 04/02/2019 Marco Pesce No
Pending 610949 Colonels Shining Gun GR Hug A Jewel 05/06/2019 Madeleine Künzler No
Pending 610959 JF What A Ruf Juice KR Go Red Go 02/17/2019 Katrin Dreyer-Suechting No
Pending 611014 AB Captain Badger Whiz Enterprise 04/30/2019 Lara Maiocchi No
Pending 611021 Chic Magnetic Ima Late Doll 04/22/2019 Nicola Cordioli No
Pending 611022 Quiet Whiz Sail On Frozens Wave 06/11/2019 Nicola Cordioli No
Pending 611044 Gotta Nifty Gun Sheza Royal Whiz 05/02/2019 Dominique Lupsin No
Pending 611056 Deltas Peppy Playboy Gunner Vale Mr 01/20/2019 Marco Cremaschi No
Pending 611057 Chics Got Color MC Penelope Deltas 01/25/2019 Marco Cremaschi No
Pending 611058 Deltas Peppy Playboy Gunner Vale Mr 01/20/2019 Marco Cremaschi No
Pending 611062 Electric Code MH Starlite Snapper 04/19/2019 Margit Tutzer No
Pending 611084 Lil Smoking Gun Glamour Of Antinori 06/18/2019 Lara Lorengo No
Pending 611086 SG Frozen Enterprize Bueno Chex N Cee 05/24/2019 Alberto Ferrara No
Pending 611097 Spat Olena Be Aech Godiva 06/17/2019 CD's Quarter Horses No
Pending 611098 Gunnatrashya CDS Ramb a Jenny 06/09/2019 CD's Quarter Horses No
Pending 611122 Piccolo Spanish Lady Hollywood Cody 05/04/2019 Giorgia Buccini No
Pending 611123 Kitas Spark VERA Q COX 03/25/2019 Giorgia Buccini No
Pending 611175 Electric Code Smoking Sunrise 03/13/2019 Britta Kluck No
Pending 611176 Duel Jac trickynicky 05/01/2019 Britta Kluck No
Pending 611177 Duel Jac buenos choco chex 04/01/2019 Britta Kluck No
Pending 611179 Magnum Dream Sun MC Jacs Golden Angel 06/04/2019 Maria Astikainen No
Pending 611188 SG Frozen Enterprize SG Pretty Topsailena 01/01/2019 Marco Franchini No
Pending 611199 One Gun Tari Shady Snapper 04/15/2019 Beatrice Mazzolani No
Pending 611200 Dun It Primo Style La Piccola Rana 06/11/2019 Katrin Kuehnel No
Pending 611252 Mr Pepparona Twist Jacs Golden Sunrise 06/30/2019 Ilse Robausch No
Pending 611253 Mr Pepparona Twist Lil Ruf Aela 06/27/2019 Ilse Robausch No
Pending 611255 Cowboy Wr San Jo Sophie WR Pine 05/14/2019 Wr - Horses No
Pending 611256 Cowboy Wr San Jo Smokes Covergirl 05/24/2019 Wr - Horses No
Pending 611257 Cowboy Wr San Jo Selenas Classy Smoke 05/12/2019 Wr - Horses No
Pending 611258 Cowboy Wr San Jo Rainy Gold Peppylena 05/18/2019 Wr - Horses No
Pending 611259 San Jo Freckles Goldie WR Cowspook 03/30/2019 Wr - Horses No
Pending 611260 Steppin On Sparks Smokesgirl WR San Jo 06/22/2019 Wr - Horses No
Pending 611265 Genuine Lil Ruf Kr Hollywood Starlet 05/24/2019 Johan Fridberger No
Pending 611266 Genuine Lil Ruf Sparkling Lil Light 06/17/2019 Johan Fridberger No
Pending 611267 Genuine Lil Ruf Broadaniac Twist 05/04/2019 Johan Fridberger No
Pending 611272 Shine Chic Shine ARC Montana Whiz 05/01/2019 Alessandro Maioli No
Pending 611280 Gunner Dun It Again Solidly Spirited 05/23/2019 Lorenz Mueller Yes
Pending 611301 Oaks Star Gunner Bit Of A Diva 03/20/2019 Blanka Dolezalova No
Pending 611302 Oaks Star Gunner Roostaleana 05/04/2019 Blanka Dolezalova No
Pending 611303 Oaks Star Gunner HH Bigheartbytamar 02/03/2019 Blanka Dolezalova No
Pending 611305 Oaks Star Gunner HH Red Whiz 04/29/2019 Blanka Dolezalova No
Pending 611306 Oaks Star Gunner Regina War Blossom 05/08/2019 Blanka Dolezalova No
Pending 611363 Colonels Special Nite Robys Needs A Cocktail 02/23/2019 Guida Quarter Horses USA No
Pending 611364 Magnum With A Dream Shesa Cute Gun 05/24/2019 Guida Quarter Horses USA No
Pending 611365 CL Colonels Dun It ARC Turbine Ropers 06/09/2019 Guida Quarter Horses USA No
Pending 611417 Doctor In Diamonds Smartin Peppys Girl 04/21/2019 Maria Cecilia Fiorucci No
Pending 611418 Doctor In Diamonds Smile Baba Dunit 03/27/2019 Maria Cecilia Fiorucci No
Pending 611419 Spooks Gotta Sting Rs Blade Runner Lena 04/01/2019 Maria Cecilia Fiorucci No
Pending 611420 Chocolate Chic Olena HPB Senorita Steadys 05/09/2019 Maria Cecilia Fiorucci No
Pending 611421 Yellow Jersey Shine Ann 02/01/2019 Maria Cecilia Fiorucci No
Pending 611425 Late Night Stopper The Bestest 04/18/2019 Karin Meyer-Reike No
Pending 611451 Undercover Spook Remedys Golden Image 05/05/2019 Simone Quaeck No
Pending 611452 Exxcaliber ARC Commander Jimmys 06/19/2019 Kim Obenhaus No
Pending 611464 OT Taris Melody Snappin Bo Sun 04/27/2019 Monica Fassardi No
Pending 611501 Mr Electric Spark Miss Valtellina Whiz 05/01/2019 Sassa Al Sole No
Pending 611502 Gunners Special Nite Gold Frozen 06/08/2019 Sassa Al Sole No
Pending 611554 Colonels Shining Gun Wimpys Little Hotrod 04/04/2019 Mariusz Pultorak No
Pending 611577 ARC Gunna Sparkya Jacs Doceta 06/03/2019 Azienda Agricola Dalla Piccola Giuliano No
Pending 611606 Pale Face Dunnit VR Genuinely Snapper 05/29/2019 Mirko Piazzi No
Pending 611607 ARC Gunna Sparkya Whiz A Top Blondie 05/15/2019 Mirko Piazzi No
Pending 611608 In Like Flinn Easter Smoking Dream 05/29/2019 Samantha Serafini No
Pending 611653 Lil Smokeing Gun Shesa Yellow Whiz 04/05/2019 Karl Pardeller No
Pending 611662 Colonels Special Nite Robys Needs A Cocktail 02/23/2019 Guida Quarter Horses USA No
Pending 611663 ARC Gunna Sparkya Miss Topsail Girl 04/08/2019 Guida Quarter Horses USA No
Pending 611664 Magnum With A Dream Shesa Cute Gun 05/24/2019 Guida Quarter Horses USA No
Pending 611665 Walla Walla Whiz Nu Chex Donna 02/03/2019 Guida Quarter Horses USA No
Pending 611666 Pale Face Dunnit Solanos Wimpy Step 04/03/2019 Sarah Struys No
Pending 611674 Colonels Shining Gun Scarlet High Listo 04/13/2019 23 Quarter Horses SRL No
Pending 611681 Sharp Dressed Shiner No Rosyofmercedes 04/25/2019 Roy Van Der Hoeven No
Pending 611682 Badger Nu Cash Wimpys Golden Step 05/11/2019 Roy Van Der Hoeven No
Pending 611683 In Like Flinn Smart Chicstar 05/03/2019 Roy Van Der Hoeven No
Pending 611684 RS Great Jac Feona Linda Red Brown 05/22/2019 Jeremy Marani No
Pending 611685 Chic Magnetic Margaritas Dun It 01/21/2019 Jeremy Marani No
Pending 611697 Lil Smokeing Gun Miss Puro Kid 05/15/2019 Cristina Serra No
Pending 611722 Spooks Gotta Sting Break With Chex SG 05/17/2019 Fabio Cerantola No
Pending 611725 Spooks Gotta Sting Chicken Season 05/12/2019 Fabio Cerantola No
Pending 611727 Spooks Gotta Sting Mc Jak Olena 05/28/2019 Fabio Cerantola No
Pending 611729 DC Masterspecialnite Mackie Whiz 03/01/2019 Jerome Janeas No
Pending 611730 DC Masterspecialnite Jasmine Whiz Jac 04/09/2019 Jerome Janeas No
Pending 611732 Lenas Drwan His Gun Viola Dun It Sugar 06/18/2019 Dario Carmignani No
Pending 611733 Gunner Frostbite Smoky Blue Boon 01/03/2019 Claudia Rizzola No
Pending 611736 Smart N Sparkin Br Wimpy Little Whiz 05/01/2019 Steven Coeckelberghs No
Pending 611738 Lil Smokeing Gun AVN Dual SMart Peppy 04/14/2019 Giuseppe Basile No
Pending 611739 Spooks Gotta Sting Okie Bar Chip 05/15/2019 Roberto Boarino No
Pending 611743 The Cocked Gun Miss Icy Cookie 04/04/2019 Emanuela Stefani No
Pending 611757 BA Superjac Prins Let It Flo 04/10/2019 Sanneke Van Kempen No
Pending 611760 BB One Miracled Gun San Giorgio Olena 02/23/2019 Mario Corteletti No
Pending 611763 Spat Split And White Fury Cal Elly 06/15/2019 Massimiliano Ruggeri No
Pending 611764 Wimpys High Bid America Frozen 04/19/2019 Andrea Napolitano No
Pending 611765 SDP Justice Is Comin Fun Money Girl 04/19/2019 Davide Di Giacinto No
Pending 611766 Lights On Mate GR Dunit Sparkle 06/24/2019 Davide Di Giacinto No
Pending 611767 Lights On Mate Starlit Huntress 04/22/2019 Davide Di Giacinto No
Pending 611768 Lights On Mate Miss Eva Kant 04/11/2019 Davide Di Giacinto No
Pending 650012 The Cocked Gun Lucky Lil Whiz 04/30/2019 Paolo Camerlingo No
Pending 650014 Kitas Spark Find Me Out 06/16/2019 David Roux No
Pending 650017 Conquistador Whiz AR Boneta Jacson Sun 03/21/2019 Gal Grahelj No
Pending 650019 Electric Code GFC Okie Doc 03/09/2019 Gal Grahelj No
Pending 650055 Hollywood Gun Dunnit Cawa Let Me Dream 03/26/2019 Francesco Arrighi No
Pending 650058 BA Superjac Prins Let It Flo 04/10/2019 Sanneke Van Kempen No
Pending 650066 GH Null Null Sieben Dynamic Olena 04/01/2019 Beate Gaab No
Pending 650095 Kitas Spark Smart Sweet Olena Sto 05/25/2019 Massimo Bellani No
Pending 650218 Dun It Up In Smoke RS Spat O Ban 04/02/2019 Il Colle Del Falco No
Pending 650219 Peppysnappy Spater Prise 05/03/2019 Il Colle Del Falco No
Pending 650220 Ricochet Rooster Supertrump Out 05/23/2019 Il Colle Del Falco No
Pending 650234 Great Little Step Finest Enya 06/04/2019 Katerina Lill No
Pending 650276 Checkpoint Whiz BG Honey Hollywood 09/26/2019 Jagoda Pardus No
Pending 650278 Late Night Stopper PC Lady Rooster 04/10/2019 Ariane-Simone Aschitsch No
Pending 650284 SDP Justice Is Comin RS Feona Mcjac 01/09/2019 Renzo Canciani No
Pending 650285 Chic N Roost Sailor Peppy Candy 05/13/2019 Moreschini Benedetta No
Pending 650290 Mister Little Uno Lady Redskin 04/12/2019 Massimiliano Ruggeri No
Pending 650291 BB One Miracled Gun NS Tori Class 05/13/2019 Massimiliano Ruggeri No
Pending 650299 Colonels Lone Gun Ceelenarshiningbee 05/18/2019 Allstar Ranch No
Pending 650300 Best Spook Lil Ruf Pebbles 04/16/2019 Allstar Ranch No
Pending 650303 HF Mobster Frozen Shania 05/26/2019 Piergiuseppe Guidetti No
Pending 650307 Colonels Shining Gun CR Tinsel Chexi 06/04/2019 Simone Pichler No
Pending 650333 Kitas Spark Date Gotta Gun 06/01/2019 Tommaso Salsi No
Pending 650334 Dunit Smoking Revolution In Crome 04/23/2019 Annamiah Silke No
Pending 650340 LMC Im Topsail Dunit Shining Star Bar 04/18/2019 Andrea Manucci No
Pending 650341 LMC Im Topsail Dunit Topolena Pride 02/08/2019 Andrea Manucci No
Pending 650342 LMC Im Topsail Dunit LS Spat Secret Blue 05/20/2019 Andrea Manucci No
Pending 650343 Great Smart Delmaso Im Topsail Exposure 01/20/2019 Andrea Manucci No
Pending 650344 Remins Remedy Miss Jolie Jac 05/19/2019 Karl Pardeller No
Pending 650347 Tricked Out Spook Like No Other Diamond 05/22/2019 Michael Bruder No
Pending 650348 Colonels Shining Gun Stepup Soft Sally BB 04/16/2019 Michael Bruder No
Pending 650384 Colonels Shining Gun Whiz N Sailor 05/02/2019 Erwin Mueller No
Pending 650412 Gunner On Ice Star Hollywood Smart 04/04/2019 Sabrina Frahmann No
Pending 650415 Yankee Gun Rooster Roohide 06/01/2019 Nicola Occleppo No
Pending 650424 Ricochet Rooster Docs Remenic 03/20/2019 J&J Comm V No
Pending 650427 Shiners Voodoo LM Topgun Mona 02/15/2019 J&J Comm V No
Pending 650430 Smartino Whiz Joy Holly Tares 04/26/2019 Marta Bravi No
Pending 650480 Great Smart Delmaso Margaritas Dun It 12/06/2019 Roberta Zacchini No
Pending 650506 Colonels Shining Gun Commanders Chic 05/06/2019 Cecilia Frediani No
Pending 650507 Spanish Snapper No Collen Me Trashy 01/15/2019 Cecilia Frediani No
Pending 650512 Lil Smokeing Gun Arc Westcoast Sailor 06/08/2019 Cecilia Frediani No
Pending 650517 Prize Rooster ARC Copper Diamond 05/15/2019 Rinaldi Roberta No
Pending 650549 Magnum Chic Dream PC Sliderina Whiz 03/18/2019 Az Agr Cortesi Piero No
Pending 650550 Magnum Chic Dream PC Galina Rooster 03/18/2019 Az Agr Cortesi Piero No
Pending 650621 Best Spook Golden Dry Creek 04/27/2019 Josef Scheck No
Pending 650752 Walla Walla Whiz Tuffy Solana 03/01/2019 Doris Hoeflacher No
Pending 650853 Gunnatrashya Chex Miami Vice 01/18/2019 Fulvia Bonera No
Pending 651192 DC Masterspecialnite Lil Ruf Perry 05/09/2019 Karolin Zimmerer No
Pending 651193 DC Masterspecialnite Zippos Sandy Girl 09/28/2019 Karolin Zimmerer No
Pending 651372 AB Captain Badger LF Giosy Sorrel 04/18/2019 Angelucci Quarter Horses No
Pending 651376 AB Captain Badger Peppy Cross Bell 05/15/2019 Angelucci Quarter Horses No
Pending 651380 Gunnatrashya Frozen Pop Solano 04/21/2019 Angelucci Quarter Horses No
Pending 651381 Chic N Roost Customatic Sailor 04/02/2019 Angelucci Quarter Horses No
Pending 651382 Pale Face Dunnit AB Queen 01/20/2019 Angelucci Quarter Horses No
Pending 651864 SG Frozen Enterprize SG Megan Power 01/13/2019 Raffaella Montrasio No
Pending 652300 Manngun Spicy Spanish 04/09/2019 Melanie Sattelmayer No
Pending 654586 One Gun Cnsweet Mifi Bambina 04/28/2019 Emanuele Varale No
Pending 655159 Pale Face Dunnit Chic Magnetica 03/14/2019 Luga Quarter Horses No
Pending 655161 Spark N Whiz One More Whiz Girl 03/09/2019 Luga Quarter Horses No
Pending 655342 In Like Flinn Starlights Winner 04/07/2019 Vincenzo Maffucci No
Peppy Gun Tinseloak Gunners Tinseltown BW Mikas Enterprise 06/01/2019 Philippe Baudet & Catherine Ehlen No
Peppy Rufs Star USS N Dun It Rufs Little Holly 04/14/2019 Albert Derksen No
Peppy The Rooster Mr Rooster Nic AB Show Me Peppy 03/29/2019 Matese Ranch No
PF Trashyaolena Nice Gunnatrashya Dolly Jac Olena 05/10/2019 Fabio Polesel No
PH Smart Like Ice SG Frozen Enterprize The Juice Is Loose 05/13/2019 Wouter Van Opstal No
Pickin Peanuts Chex N Go Cuttin Peanuts 05/19/2019 Claudia Neuss No
PL All Dynamite Not Ruf At All Nu Dynamite Chex 01/10/2019 Luigi Parise No
PL Multispook Gunner Spook Reyns 04/17/2019 Luigi Parise No
PL New York Yankees Yankee Gun Capitana Nic 04/21/2019 Luigi Parise No
PL Six Six Six Inferno Sixty Six Little Dolly Whiz 03/21/2019 Luigi Parise No
Playgun Chic Steady Lil Smokeing Gun Miss Tarishickory 04/11/2019 Di Gregorio Dino No
Pleasevoodooyourgun Shiners Voodoo Dr ARC Pleasetogunyou 02/23/2019 Lisa Werdaner No
PM Glorious Whiz Reining Whiz ND Jazzy Step On It 05/13/2019 Piet Mestdagh No
PM Romeo Whiz Reining Whiz Lea Tivio Whiz 05/19/2019 Piet Mestdagh No
PM Sun Shining Gun Colonels Shining Gun Sheza Spook Lil Step 06/09/2019 Piet Mestdagh No
Pollypotterwoodlenas Lenas Drawin His Gun Polly Potter 04/18/2019 Matteo Ranucci No
Popsail Snapper Chex Money Trail Snapper Crackle Pop 04/11/2019 Michael Langford No
PP Gallo N Shine Shine Chic Shine Gallo N Gin 04/03/2019 AZ AG Piero Pollarini SRL No
PP Lil Spark Cash Lil Joe Cash Barbie Spark 07/06/2019 AZ AG Piero Pollarini SRL No
PP Whiz Candy Gun PP Whiz Like Franky Peppy Gotta Gun 05/20/2019 Michael Pupacher No
Prettystarwhizatwist Whizard Star Twisted Nic Kel 05/26/2019 Corine Novi No
Primerose Royal Gun The Cocked Gun RS Kir Royal Blue 04/23/2019 Giorgia Nazzicone No
PS Oskar Dun It For Whizkey Dunits Diamond 05/19/2019 Peter Simek No
Psychokiller Tinseltownsmokingun Hot Ice Surprise 05/30/2019 Daniela Fuith No
QF Ace Nite Hawk DC Masterspecialnite DL Zip Nite Hawk Lady 03/24/2019 Hubert QUAILLET No
QF Iron Gunns Gunns On The River DL Genuine Miss Jenny 03/19/2019 Hubert QUAILLET No
QM Golden Nugget HF Mobster Miss Hollywood Whiz 04/29/2019 Manuela Rix Yes
Quick Steppin Flinn In Like Flinn Wimpys Lil Diva 05/02/2019 Karin Machalek No
Ram Guns Tinselchic Gunners Tinseltown A Chic On Whiskey 01/20/2019 Roy Van Der Hoeven No
Ram Whiskeys Gun Colonels Shining Gun A Chic On Whiskey 03/12/2019 Roy Van Der Hoeven No
RB Shes A Revolution Start A Revolution GP Amelia Pocodo 04/18/2019 Kerstin Teupert No
RB Snowman Gun SG Frozen Enterprize Miss SL Gunner 04/09/2019 Savina Bosia No
RC Gun N Ariel Gunnatrashya Littlemermaids 02/07/2019 Roberto Cuoghi No
RC Honeys Last Gift SG Frozen Enterprize Miss Master Snap 03/06/2019 Roberto Cuoghi No
RC Spook In Dun Spooks Gotta Whiz Tivios Little Dun It 02/21/2019 Roberto Cuoghi No
Red Berry Twist Colonels Berry Best TI Lena Twist 03/29/2019 David Young No
Red Tinker Gun Tinker With Guns Skeetin Lupe Lou 05/18/2019 Jan Dirk Bodenstab No
Resilience Whiz Smart Whiz Delmaso Marry Smoke 05/20/2019 Costanza Biagini No
RH Just A Best Spook Best Spook Belles Miss Abby 05/01/2019 Kristel Wauters No
Ripple Top Prize Prize Rooster SQ Margot Sugar Whiz 03/15/2019 Savini Stable SNC Societa Agricola No
RL Shiners Equalizer Sharp Dressed Shiner BMS Tari Equaliza 04/25/2019 Rochus Lang No
RL Undercoverplayboy Undercover Spook HL Azteca Lena 04/09/2019 Rochus Lang No
RM Firstgun One Gun Da Nic Of Shasta 06/14/2019 Massimo Rudari No
RM Gunnastardust ARC Gunnabeabigstar Starmax Rm 05/20/2019 Massimo Rudari No
RM Lilly Gun Lil Smokeing Gun Dunnit With Cash 06/16/2019 Massimo Rudari No
RM Nu Guntastic Nu Tangy Chex Victoria Gun 04/11/2019 Gabriela Wendlinger No
RM Secret Gun Rooster Prize Rooster Honey Gun Chex 03/23/2019 Rocco Mercuri No
RM White Check One Gun Sheisthechecktocash 06/02/2019 Massimo Rudari No
Rooster In Jack Rooster Nic RS Talisker Jack 05/24/2019 Massimo Chiesa No
Roostertrashya Gunnatrashya Rooster Ata Party 05/14/2019 Werner Filler No
RQH Grays Master HA Stardust Master Calico 03/03/2019 Nikol Sauli No
RR Colt Magnum 66 Inferno Sixty Six Crome Plated Magnum 04/28/2019 Hans Raasok No
RR Majors Walla Whiz Walla Whiz Crome Starbucks Destiny 05/19/2019 Hans Raasok No
RS Adelscott Blue Spat A Blue RS Foxy Jacs 06/13/2019 Claudio Risso No
RS Baladin Jac RS Great Jac Feona RS Shadow Olena 03/28/2019 Claudio Risso No
RS Blue Corona Spat A Blue RS Linkwood Jac 01/26/2019 Claudio Risso No
RS Buweiser Jac RS Great Jac Feona RS Red Moon Olena 04/23/2019 Claudio Risso No
RS Cash Little Wimp Wimpys Little Tejano Lilis Popzicle 03/06/2019 RS Reininghorses BV No
RS Cobra Lena Spat Olena Graystarlights Whiz 01/24/2019 Claudio Risso No
RS Heineken Olena Spat Olena Bravajackieflash 04/01/2019 Claudio Risso No
RS Shinga Lena Spat Olena A Baby Boomer 06/02/2019 Claudio Risso No
Rtr This Is Sparkya ARC Gunna Sparkya Holly Conquistador 04/04/2019 Giovanna Marazzi No
Ruf Me Baby Not Ruf At All One Snippy Chex 03/09/2019 Susanne Feiertag No
Ruf Resolve Rufanicki Kaysolve 04/10/2019 Fabian Strebel No
Ruff Tuff Diamond Doctor In Diamonds Thats Ruf 05/30/2019 Joke Overbeek Fennema No
RZ SG SG Frozen Enterprize Rz Filina Whiz 06/24/2019 Luca Zeni No
Sailin Gun Dee Mr Gun Dee Fancy My Sail 03/17/2019 Richard Or Melanie Zehetbauer No
Sailing Little Stars Sailin Playboy Stars Little Wimpy 03/26/2019 Albert Derksen No
Sailing To The Win Sail Win Cody BB Sugar Snappy Lena 03/31/2019 Alessandro Perri No
Sailor Code Electric Code Monfi Sailor 05/05/2019 Ambrosini Quarter Horses ASD No
Sailor His Gun Lenas Drawin His Gun Sailor Golda 04/17/2019 Dario Carmignani No
Sailors Pearl RD Whizasunnysailor BB Wimpys Pearl 04/20/2019 Ruediger Diedenhofen No
Saturday Grey Gun Lil Smokeing Gun Saturdaynight Edge 03/23/2019 Federica Caimi No
Sb Hope Believe Love Spark N Whiz Dualina Hope 04/17/2019 Sassa Al Sole No
SB Keep Shining Gun Colonels Shining Gun Gangsters Chrome 05/24/2019 Sassa Al Sole No
SC Hotwood At Andrewood SJ Hot Rose 05/31/2019 Pamela Conforto No
Sexi Lexi Gunnatrashya Snap A Lady 05/10/2019 June Gobert No
SG Capos Golden Gun Exxcaliber SG Gunner By Mistake 03/25/2019 Steve & Gina VANNIETVELT-DE PAUW No
SG Capos Showgirl Exxcaliber Snappy Showgirl 06/04/2019 Steve & Gina VANNIETVELT-DE PAUW No
SG Capos Sidechick Exxcaliber Toosexy For Ricochet 03/28/2019 Steve & Gina VANNIETVELT-DE PAUW No
SG Choco Freeze SG Frozen Enterprize SG Dream Cioccolina 02/04/2019 Marco Franchini No
SG Gunna Stop Ya Gunnerlicious Miz Otoe Stop 05/02/2019 Steve & Gina VANNIETVELT-DE PAUW No
SG I Have A Dream Gunnerlicious Dun A Lotta Dreamin 02/19/2019 Steve & Gina VANNIETVELT-DE PAUW No
SG Miss Moneypenny HF Mobster Wave To Commandernic 03/09/2019 Sina Jung No
SG Whizalicious Gunnerlicious Nics Whiz 02/19/2019 Steve & Gina VANNIETVELT-DE PAUW No
SH First Smokeinoak Lil Smokeing Gun ARC Latest Sophie BH 01/04/2019 Staffoli Horses SNC No
Sheezalilpeacemaker Colonels Shining Gun Sheez So Chexy 03/29/2019 Inanna Versteeg Yes
Shery little snow ph Electric Snow Little Shery Gump BB 05/02/2019 Wouter Van Opstal No
Shes On Fleek Spooks Gotta Whiz Peppergun 05/11/2019 Emma Villa No
Shesgonnabethefirst Steppin On Sparks OT Goodbye Hollywood 03/29/2019 Fabrizio Dal Cero No
Shez Sparkling Hollys Electricspark Shez Fritzs Jewel 05/03/2019 Kim Zangerle No
Shinbar Pillar Remin Remins Remedy RZ Shinbar Helle 04/17/2019 Luca Zeni No
Shine Chic Lee FC Shine Chic Shine Nikita Lee 04/24/2019 Micaela Manzi No
Shine Chica Whiz Shine Chic Shine Ms Twist Whiz 04/05/2019 Cirincione Paolo No
Shine Gun N Rose Shine Chic Shine Miss Gun N Rose 04/25/2019 Carlo Sala No
Shine On Prize Colonels Shining Gun Tuck Oak Enterprise 03/08/2019 Ambrosini Quarter Horses ASD No
Shine On Sky Shine On Line Dixie Dunit Rooster 03/23/2019 Federico Cattin No
Shinelikeadiamondgun Colonels Shining Gun Trash N Diamond BB 04/28/2019 Sabine Schmid No
Shiners Spaks Shiners Voodoo Dr Sm Spooks With Sparks 01/02/2019 Vittorio Rabboni No
Shiners Spat Dun It Shiners Voodoo Dr Spat Dun It 04/24/2019 Jurgen Wurzbacher No
Shiners Voodoo Chic Shiners Voodoo Dr BH Frosty Lena 04/21/2019 SV Quarter Horses No
Shiners Voodoo Cream Shiners Voodoo Miss Docata Jac 04/17/2019 Fritz Mittmannsgruber No
Shinersvoodoojunior Shiners Voodoo MV Miss Chocolatekid 04/23/2019 Kimberly Wegner No
Shinetastic Step Shine Chic Shine Dun Step N Out 04/28/2019 Nathalie Derua No
Shiney Enterprises Kitas Spark Plg Star Enterprises 04/14/2019 Davide Benfatti No
Shining 66 Inferno Sixty Six Shine Like A Babe 04/24/2019 Quarter Dream SRL Yes
Shining Cooper BB Colonels Shining Gun Short Rooster 05/11/2019 Eifel Gold Ranch Baeck No
Shining Gunna Girl Colonels Shining Gun Miss Peppilena 07/07/2019 Juliana Szoke No
Shining Miela BB Colonels Shining Gun Little Honey Whiz BB 05/25/2019 Eifel Gold Ranch Baeck No
Shining Orella BB Colonels Shining Gun Miss Starlight Jac 04/30/2019 Eifel Gold Ranch Baeck No
Shiny Friendly Sky Shiners Voodoo Dr Wimpys Blue Step 05/12/2019 Nathalie Hamel No
Shiny Hollywood Gun Hollywood Gun Dunnit Shining Lolita 03/23/2019 Clara Crippa No
Shya Shine Shine Chic Shine Shyawhiz 04/08/2019 Piergiuseppe Guidetti No
Silly Face Dunnit Pale Face Dunnit Im A Rusty Mercedes 05/27/2019 Jan Van Der Auwera No
Sissy Slide Sailin Ruf Sure Slidin Wimpy 04/10/2019 Giovanni Cioli No
SK Cash N Gun SK Gunshiner Sheza Ninos Chex 03/15/2019 Klara Salkova No
SK Conquistador Gun SK Gunshiner Conquistador Dun Me 05/17/2019 Brenda Lesniczakova No
SK Spangled Angel SK Sayo Shiningspark DG Emigrated Star 03/11/2019 Brenda Lesniczakova No
Skywalkers Big Star ARC Gunnabeabigstar Barena Bonds Badger 05/14/2019 Simon Bilger No
SL Cashgunner Gunner On Ice The Black Market 04/20/2019 Sandra Linnig-Foehl No
SL Customized Chic Smart Chic Olena Shes Customized 04/27/2019 Sandra Linnig-Foehl No
SL Gunnabemystar ARC Gunnabeabigstar SL Hang Ten Becky 04/13/2019 Sandra Linnig-Foehl No
SL Im A Wild One Custom Del Cielo Wild Sister 06/06/2019 Sandra Linnig-Foehl No
SL Revolution Please Einsteins Revolution This Chics Red 04/22/2019 Sandra Linnig-Foehl No
SL Shining Amy Whiz N Tag Chex Shine A Belle 05/01/2019 Sandra Linnig-Foehl No
Sliderella Colonels Shining Gun PS Hollywood Smartie 05/23/2019 Dr. Tanja Wallner No
SM Magic Iceberg ARC Magic Enterprise Iceinside 02/08/2019 Massimo Solbiati No
SM Magic Wind In Gun ARC Magic Enterprise SM Inside Gun 03/12/2019 Massimo Solbiati No
Smart B Spark Smart N Sparkin Brennas R Okie 05/07/2019 Dimitri Mathieu No
Smart Chic Whiz VVS Smart Chic Olena Gun Start Whiz 04/09/2019 Timothee Pley No
Smart Dun So Good Smart Easy Deal Wrangler Dun So Good 04/23/2019 Societa Agricola Le Fattorie Di Matilde No
Smart Flash Paleface Pale Face Dunnit RS Morgana Lena 05/10/2019 Alexandra Jaeger No
Smart Frosty Whiz SG Frozen Enterprize Sheza Topsail Olena 03/23/2019 Carlo Sala No
Smart Hancock MR Docs Tivio Hancock LCS Smarty Margie 02/26/2019 Adriano Meacci No
Smart In Crome Custom Del Cielo Smart Rosalynn 03/07/2019 Bernhard Wittlin No
Smart Little Sparkin Smart N Sparkin Gumpys Little Dunit 05/11/2019 Janne Melby No
Smart Shiners Voodoo Shiners Voodoo Smart Chic Ohoney 02/28/2019 Sylvia Maile No
Smart Sparkya Olena ARC Gunna Sparkya Showtime Chic Olena 05/11/2019 Vittorio Rabboni No
Smart Steppin Spark Smart N Sparkin Shes A Hollywood Doc 03/21/2019 Juergen & Ulrike Niedermeier No
Smartcopyshot Smart Spook Finest Copyshot 01/21/2019 Schlager Nestelberger Partnership No
Smoke And Spat MR Tinseltownsmokingun Cap Moonolena 03/28/2019 Matese Ranch No
Smokeing Trip Lil Smokeing Gun Dark Blue River 04/22/2019 Luca Zago Yes
Smokin Fiftys Smokin Mifillena Fifty Little Steps 04/25/2019 Sonja Lubas No
Smoking Hot Snapshot Hot Smokin Chex Snap Her Gun 05/09/2019 Lisbeth Bauer No
Smoking Pixy Whiz Smoking Whiz Pixy Bar Lena 05/13/2019 Stefano Ianiero No
Snap A Spark Smart N Sparkin Shania Snapper 04/18/2019 Janine Ketterer Yes
Solanos Great Wave What A Wave Solanos Great Star 04/02/2019 Mario Gubbels No
Sonofachicandcode Electric Code Sweet Chic Surprise 05/12/2019 Ottavio Tonon No
Sophie N Roost Rickory Rooster Tuck Oak Enterprise 01/06/2019 Ambrosini Quarter Horses ASD No
Southern Voodoo Shiners Voodoo Dr Footworks For Me 04/12/2019 Jolien Rottiers No
SP Spikemelodyshine Nu Stars Shine Emily Melody Jac 05/07/2019 Domenico D' Addetta No
Spark Escape Spark N Whiz Margarita Tag 03/05/2019 Luga Quarter Horses No
Spark Great Pride Shining Slide Rocket Call 06/24/2019 Domenico Di Biase No
Spark N Colonette Spark N Whiz Roosterina 04/14/2019 Luga Quarter Horses No
Spark N Holly Hollys Electricspark Oakendokie 04/12/2019 Susa Sauer No
Sparkling Lil Step Sharp Dressed Shiner Wimpy Tip Olena 05/02/2019 Saskia Ritter No
Sparkling Two Step A Sparkling Vintage Clio Classic Step 05/09/2019 Eyal Carmon No
Sparkya Onthe Rocks ARC Gunna Sparkya Playgirl Onthe Rocks 02/02/2019 Marco Martinelli No
Sparkya Snap ARC Gunna Sparkya Snap Shots 04/30/2019 Alessandro Maioli No
Spatolution HR Start A Revolution Spat A Splash HR 03/20/2019 Sabine Hirzel No
Special Sideeffect Gunners Special Nite Arcletic Hollyjac 06/25/2019 Julia Zimmermann-Portleroi No
Spirit Gunpep Heza Gunner A Senoritapep 04/14/2019 Adriano Pedretti No
Spook A Whiz Smart Spook A Stylish Whiz 05/07/2019 Adeline Caron No
Spook Got A Cat Spooks Gotta Whiz Cat In A Dress 02/13/2019 Francesco Groppelli No
Spook Gotta Pistol Spooks Gotta Whiz Great Dun Pistol 04/11/2019 Christian Baldelli No
Spook Whiza Whizkey Dun It For Whizkey JP Buena Whizta 03/29/2019 Denise Lutgens No
Spookly Spark Spark N Whiz PL Spooks Dunit Whiz 05/05/2019 Edoardo Bernardelli No
Spookn Whiz Smart Spook Buffy Whiz 05/15/2019 Gino Bonneure No
Spooks Got The Shine Shine Chic Shine Spooks Got The Blues 04/18/2019 Claudia Steffen No
Spooks Gun Dunnit Hollywood Gun Dunnit Enterprising Spook 04/12/2019 Melanie Peter No
Spooks In Roan MH Spooks Gotta Whiz Custom Cash In Roan 04/13/2019 Martina Hable No
Spooks Mega Cat Spooks Gotta Sting GH Megaket 05/28/2019 Fabio Cerantola No
Spooks Smart Diamond Smart Spook Arc Lil Peppy Doc 02/20/2019 Joke Overbeek Fennema No
Spooky Flash Prince Nu Spooky Chex RS Athena Jac 04/03/2019 Caracciolo/Lukacs No
Spooky Prediction Spooks Gotta Sting Gun Prediction 04/15/2019 Luca Cozzo No
Spooky Rima Show Stop N Spook Snap O Rima 06/07/2019 Josefine Pilhede No
Spooky Smoking Gun Gunnatrashya Spookody 03/15/2019 Jean Coutrot No
Spookyningun VB Colonels Shining Gun Spook a Tonic 03/04/2019 Barbonetti Valerio No
SR Hollywood Spook Best Spook Zoe Zan 04/04/2019 Saskia Ritter No
SS Pale Face Spark Pale Face Dunnit VR Great Spark 04/21/2019 Mirko Piazzi No
Starlights Sailor RD Whizasunnysailor BB Peekalight 05/01/2019 Ruediger Diedenhofen No
Stellar Roosterlena Prize Rooster SQ Spat Spinn Olena 04/05/2019 Savini Stable SNC Societa Agricola No
Step Boom Wimpy Step Surprise Jacs Sparklin Bay 04/16/2019 Ambrosini Quarter Horses ASD No
Steppin Gin Wimpys Littlecolonel Pepp In Stepp 06/12/2019 Werner Rothkopf No
Steppin On Top Steppin On Sparks Im So Pretty Ca 04/18/2019 Aurora O'Keeffe No
Steppin On Your Face Pale Face Dunnit Fm Step Olena 03/05/2019 Ambrosini Quarter Horses ASD No
Stepway Hes A Steppin Jac Broadaniac Bay 03/30/2019 Ulrich Schlosser No
Styled By Guns Shine My Gun Docs Stylish Whiz 02/18/2019 Claudia Simon No
Styx 66 Inferno Sixty Six Puro Missy Blair 06/12/2019 Tiffany Gal No
Such A Smart Sparkya ARC Gunna Sparkya Marilyn Monwhoa 03/19/2019 Vittorio Rabboni No
Sugar Like A Babe Sugar Little Step Shine Like A Babe 05/13/2019 Quarter Dream SRL No
Sugar N Whiz Spark N Whiz Dunit Sugar Quixote 06/05/2019 Claudia Scheunemann No
Sugar Shining Step Sugar Little Step Shine Like A Babe 04/23/2019 Quarter Dream SRL Yes
Sugar Vintage Sugar Little Step Venus Vintage 06/29/2019 Erika Milani No
SUGARITA IGLOO Sugar Little Step Sandy Sailor 03/12/2019 Quarter Dream SRL No
Sugarlittlemajestic Sugar Little Step Gunna Be Spook 01/04/2019 Quarter Dream SRL Yes
Sunfire Big Diamond Like A Diamond Big Nemo Play Doll BB 05/06/2019 Anna Meulman No
Sunshintinseltown Tinseltownsmokingun Mi Bossys Cat Attack 04/05/2019 Sandra Stangel-Sapergia No
Super Little Step Wimpys Little Step Tuck Oak Enterprise 04/03/2019 Ambrosini Quarter Horses ASD No
Superwimpylittlewhiz Wimpy Step Surprise Super Lady Whiz 03/02/2019 Claudia Rizzola No
Surprise Blue Gun GFC Quixote Gun Tari Surprise 04/15/2019 Stefano Ianiero No
Susystep Lil Smokeing Gun Limpy Little Step 04/04/2019 Cecini Cristian No
Suzi Spark Spark N Whiz Great Eva 02/26/2019 Silvia Elisa Boccedi No
Sweet Lil Trashya Gunnatrashya Sweet Saturdaynight 04/08/2019 Chris Keable No
SZ Ladygun Pale Face Dunnit Ses Lady Crome 03/21/2019 Stefanie Zotti No
Tag Twice Spark N Whiz Smart Kachina Tag 04/25/2019 Melanie Sattelmayer No
Tarisixtysix Inferno Sixty Six San Taris Solanos 04/03/2019 Enea Giacomelli No
Tarys Blue Devil Tarysmart Sprat Rattle N Roll 04/19/2019 Christine Pausweg No
Tarys Golden Girl Tarysmart Palona Jac O Rima 03/14/2019 Katharina Schweitzer No
Tarystar Tarysmart Little Spanish Devil 02/28/2019 Tamara Kroselj No
Tastemysugarplease Sugar Little Step Arc Pleasedtoceeu 01/06/2019 Andrea Parolari No
TD Magnetika Revolut Chic Magnetic TdTallulahrevolution 03/25/2019 Erika Costamagna No
The Chosen Gun The Cocked Gun Holly Major Whiz 05/20/2019 Gildo Mercuri No
The Double Gun The Cocked Gun Sweet Lil Gun 05/12/2019 Andrea Guzzo No
The End Game Shiners Voodoo Dr Nu Sugar Pep 05/20/2019 Michaela Kogler No
The Gunmighty Gotta Nifty Gun What Elze 04/22/2019 Claudia Hahn No
The Hell Creature Inferno Sixty Six Mifilinda Spat 05/16/2019 Filippo Masi No
The Midnight Hancock Docs Tivio Hancock Ed Playng Olena 05/16/2019 Domenico Giannitti No
The Pale Face Joker Pale Face Dunnit Solanos Wimpy Step 04/30/2019 Sarah Struys No
The Smoker Walla Walla Walla Whiz Gunna B Dee One 04/29/2019 23 Quarter Horses SRL No
The Spook Is Dun Spooks Gotta Whiz The Bun Is Dun 04/04/2019 Sabine Ehrenreich No
The Voodoo Master MH Shiners Voodoo Dr Miss Rosey Step 03/23/2019 Martina Hable No
Think You Are Frozen AB Captain Badger Hoo Doo U Think I Am 05/11/2019 Angelucci Quarter Horses No
Thinker Calwhiz Tinker With Guns Valentina Cal Whiz 04/13/2019 Giorgia Buccini No
This Chic L Ignite U Inferno Sixty Six This Chic L Whimp U 05/02/2019 Joke Overbeek Fennema No
Thislightisaspooksam Spooks Gotta Sting This Light Is Jac MR 06/02/2019 Achille Marotta No
Timetospookforaboo Winnie the Boo Leos Olena Jac 04/13/2019 Dominik Bernard No
Tinseldream Magnum Chic Dream Tinseltown Surprise 04/11/2019 Stefano Badioli No
Tinselgun Whizkey Whizkey N Diamonds Tina Tinseltown 06/05/2019 Thierry Willigsecker No
Tinseltowndungun Tinseltownsmokingun Brennas Kitty Kid 04/24/2019 Pia Borgwald No
To Frozen Showtime SG Frozen Enterprize My Own Time 05/26/2019 Erika Costamagna No
Topnoch Face Pale Face Dunnit MS Topnotch Nic 03/20/2019 Misel Gungl No
TP Doc Major Redwood At Ale Wood MRH Bonni In Diamond 02/27/2019 Lara Maiocchi No
Tron Rooster Chic Prize Rooster Keteer Sugar Chic 03/28/2019 Savini Stable SNC Societa Agricola No
USS Ruf Gun Colonels Shining Gun Miss Tuff Enterprise 01/18/2019 Sandra Friesenbiller No
VB Rooster Crowing Ricochet Rooster Bretts Snaperette 06/10/2019 Pietro Belelli No
VD Colonelinwrangler Colonels Shining Gun Star Light And Coke 04/13/2019 Roel Van Dijk No
VD Snarling Miracle BB One Miracled Gun San River Clara Cay 04/23/2019 Mario Corteletti No
Vegas Royal Flash High Roller Whiz Ace Got It Dun 04/27/2019 Alina Janousch No
Venom Lenas Diamond Lenas Drawin His Gun San Diamond Raw 06/15/2019 TIZIANO DI MARZIO No
Vicky Vintage Platinum Vintage Best Of Wimpy 04/23/2019 Minou Geurts No
Vintage Nu Chex Nu Tangy Chex Sugar Bar Vintage 05/14/2019 Sylvia or Gernot Kulmer No
Vodoojolie Shiners Voodoo Dr Pistol Angelina 04/24/2019 GRC Horses No
Voila Voila Whiz Walla Walla Whiz Honeys Melody Jac 04/24/2019 La Maqueline No
Voodoo Shining Sugar Shiners Voodoo Dr Scarlet Sugar Jac 03/08/2019 Sonja Lubas No
Voodoo Yankee Shiners Voodoo Chic Rowdy Yankee 01/03/2019 Kerstin Schulz No
Voodoostimetoshine Shiners Voodoo Dr Smart Topas Lena 04/12/2019 Linda Karner No
VQH Captain Bueno AB Captain Badger Bueno San Lucy 05/21/2019 Angelucci Quarter Horses No
VR Miss Frozen 66 Inferno Sixty Six Baby Frozen Tari 06/01/2019 MARCO ARESTIA Yes
Wake Me Up Rooster Ricochet Rooster Madeon Sunburst 02/13/2019 23 Quarter Horses SRL No
Walhalla Whiz MS Walla Walla Whiz Delilahsdozenroses 04/17/2019 Markus Suechting No
Walla Of Fame Walla Walla Whiz Big Micky Chic 05/21/2019 Schlager Nestelberger Partnership No
Walla Whiz Smart Walla Walla Whiz Woody Smart Emotion 04/23/2019 Sybille Jeske No
Wallas Best Edition Walla Walla Whiz Hollywoods Lena Lady 04/16/2019 Ingrid Den Engelsman No
Wave At The Bar What A Wave Diamond At The Bar 05/02/2019 Edith Zenouda No
Wawallaby Walla Walla Whiz Boomax RM 02/28/2019 Filippo Masi No
West Coast Step Sugar Little Step Westcoast Mizzen 06/16/2019 Jose Gutierrez Yes
Westdigger Spanish Snapper Arc Westcoast Sailor 02/22/2019 Cecilia Frediani No
Westrashya Gunnatrashya West Coast Chic 05/05/2019 Ambrosini Quarter Horses ASD No
WF Tarys Chic Lady Tarysmart Key Tari Baby 05/27/2019 Laetitia Do Nascimento No
WH Okies Hollywood Lean With Hollywood Jcd Okies Angel 02/17/2019 Sybille Baier-Huemmer Yes
What A Trash Gunnatrashya CR Sunrise 04/23/2019 Bastien Bourgeois No
Whatabody What A Wave My Body Is My Gun 01/02/2019 Isabeau Rohde No
Whatwhizwant Smart Whiz Delmaso Snowy River Gunner 03/18/2019 Costanza Biagini No
Wheeling Spook Undercover Spook Wheeling Doll 05/05/2019 Susanna Oczko No
Whenharrymetsugar Sugar Little Step Harry Little Quarry 01/09/2019 Angela Reppenthien No
White Lips Pale Face Dunnit Okeo Electric Spark 05/20/2019 Davide Brighenti No
White Voodoo Shiners Voodoo Dr Lil White Gun 05/20/2019 Luga Quarter Horses No
Whiz A Snap Tari Whizin Major Snapper 05/01/2019 Sabine Lisec No
Whiz Iwas Shiny Santa Cruz Whiz Shiny Watchlana 04/30/2019 Lita Pocock No
Whiz Of Sun Star Spangled Whiz Vanessa Bo Sun 04/19/2019 Franco Rosso No
Whizadoo Shiners Voodoo Dr Whiz N Feet 05/21/2019 David Matteo No
Whizerella Spooks Gotta Whiz Spinderellas Dream 01/18/2019 Isabeau Rohde No
Whizkey Solo Dun It For Whizkey Chic Olena Shine 04/25/2019 Quarter Dream SRL Yes
Whizkeyforgun Dun It For Whizkey Dont Trash This Gun 01/30/2019 Katarzyna Roleska No
Whizkeymadeinitaly Dun It For Whizkey MTK Cloerima 05/09/2019 Massimiliano Ruggeri No
Whizout Gun Gunner Superstar Miss Topsail Whiz 04/02/2019 Corine Novi No
Whizpering Gun One Gun Banjos Little Rose 03/28/2019 Karsten Broeders No
Whizzle Time Out Whizzle N Smoke Smoke My Time 03/19/2019 GRC Horses No
Whizzy Gun One Gun Star Dunit Whiz 03/08/2019 Alice Marinoni No
Why Not Smart Tarysmart Smart Leota 04/14/2019 Fabi Cestari No
Wimpy Blue Dun It Pale Face Dunnit Ruff And Tuff Wimpy 03/19/2019 Carlo Sala No
Wimpy Crashed Gun Wimpy Crashed Ice Katies Sweetest Gun 06/09/2019 Simon Bilger No
Wimpy Ruf Sailin Ruf Wimpy Little Hawks 02/27/2019 Giovanni Cioli No
Wimpys Gun N Deck Wimpys Topgun Jacks Rainbow N Deck 05/04/2019 Brigitte Janisch No
Wimpys Magnetic Step Wimpy Margarita Princess Sand 03/28/2019 Massimiliano Ruggeri No
Wimpys Smart Pistol Wimpower Dunit Juice Gotta Pistol 05/10/2019 Thomas Engel No
Wimpys Vintage Gun Wimpys Topgun Smart Kyra 05/07/2019 Denise Lutgens No
Wimpyswithgun Wimpys Topgun Brighteyes Babe 05/08/2019 Tamara Kroselj No
Windstorm Gun One Gun Benedicta Stylishlite 03/14/2019 Alice Gatti No
WK Taris Melody Smart N Sparkin Be My Vintage 04/10/2019 Kerstin Zilles No
WR Sinas Pale Face Pale Face Dunnit Elans Beauty 04/04/2019 Marion Lang No
Wyatt Step On Wizard Steppin On Sparks Bet Ya Im A Topgirl 05/02/2019 Laura Peultier No
X Flashing A Wave What A Wave Spanish Eita 03/15/2019 Karl Pardeller No
X Ice In Hollywood Hollywood Gun Dunnit Son Ofa Kid 03/30/2019 Sabrina Seeber No
X Remedys Sweetheart Remins Remedy Aynils Honey Av 05/05/2019 Karl Pardeller No
Yes I Can For You Oaks Star Gunner Baschiul Rooster 05/20/2019 Nikol Sauli No
Youreallygotmenow Gunners Enterprise Miss Flower Pride 06/26/2019 AGATHE CLAUS No