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North America NRHA Futurity / Derby Foal Nominations
Foal Year: 2013    Count: 2483

Horse Sire Dam Foal Date Nominator European Option
Spooks Gotta Whiz Make It With A Twist 04/09/2013 Sandra Bentien Yes
A Boomin Good Time Boom Shernic Hannahs Poco Lena 05/16/2013 Michelle Chapman No
A Chick With Guns Gunner Dun It By Chick 05/01/2013 Mark Bradford Yes
A Custom Surprise Jerry Lees Surprise Custom Hitchhiker 04/17/2013 Talmage Smedley No
A Custom Vintage Custom Crome Barbi Gay 04/08/2013 Steven Simon Yes
A Groovy Revolution Einsteins Revolution Groovy Chexinic 04/12/2013 Green Valley Ranch No
A Horse Named Larry Einstein Shinedup Whizn Toglo 04/23/2013 Kurt Tavernier No
A Indian Princess Gunners Indian A Hollywood Princess 05/08/2013 Summerwind Farm Inc No
A Legendary Spark Custom Legend Suddenly A Spark 04/25/2013 Burt Cox No
A Lil Ruff N Spooky Smart Spook Lil Jewel 02/27/2013 Rosanne Sternberg Yes
A Little Bit Disco Doubleknotyourreeboks Little Disco Hickory 03/20/2013 Amy Peeples No
A Long Dreamin Whiz Magnum Chic Dream Lizzi Whiz 03/16/2013 Shelby Reine No
A Masters Mistress Master Snapper Shiners Mistress 03/21/2013 Green Valley Ranch No
A Nite For Champagne Gunners Special Nite JK Gold As It Gets 04/12/2013 Carrie Sweeney No
A Shiner Named Spook A Shiner Named Sioux Snap Crackle Spook 01/21/2013 Leonardo Guimaraes No
A Sioux Named Annie A Shiner Named Sioux Annies Nu Lena 03/19/2013 Mattie Lord No
A Smart Quintana Don Quintana Jacs Smart Attack 03/15/2013 Francois Gauthier Yes
A Smart Quistor Skeets Conquistador Magic Suzie Q Cody 04/09/2013 Jay Dee Anderson No
A Smokin Grasshopper A Smokin Whiz Playin Tag 03/28/2013 Sunrise Ranch, LLC No
A Spin On Einstein Einsteins Revolution A Tuf Chexer 05/09/2013 Deborah Strahman Yes
A Vintage Melody A Sparkling Vintage Brooks N Dun It 05/06/2013 Green Valley Ranch No
A Wimp A Chic Wimpys Little Step Super Olena Chic 05/08/2013 Robert Webb No
Abita Smoken Chex Colonels Smoken Chex Starlight Abita Lena 02/02/2013 Mary Jansma No
Aboomen Revolution Boomernic Urika 04/11/2013 Michelle Miola No
Aces Golden Whizchic Shiners Ace Banjo Chic 04/20/2013 Michael Blazek No
Acool Flippen Skeets Skeets Nifty Mattolenas Cool Flip 05/12/2013 Lisa Howell No
Action Jacspin Jacspin Sweet Rosey Twist 05/08/2013 Michael Jeffcoat No
Adlgamordelosdos Gunner Peps Dun Desiree 05/28/2013 Miguel Cavazos Guerrero No
Aintnoholywoodcowboy Hollywoodstinseltown West Coast Bay 04/18/2013 Linda Campbell Yes
Aldo Goes Hollywood Hollywoodstinseltown Smart Aleck Lena 03/28/2013 Sergio Elia No
All About Chrome Cromed Out Mercedes Marthas Diamond Jac 04/22/2013 Ruth Graber No
All Dee White Stuff Big Chex To Cash All Dee Wright Stuff 05/21/2013 Wayne Soderberg No
All Guns On Deck Gunner Rhonda Gray 01/19/2013 Dan Lindstrom No
All Juice Are Pretty Smart Like Juice All Dun Up Pretty 03/10/2013 Smart Like Juice Inc. No
All Knotted Up Doubleknotyourreeboks Jodies Ruf Pine 03/20/2013 Heather Servies No
All You Need Is Luv Wimpys Little Step Easys Lil Barbie 04/24/2013 Marc Gordon No
Always Shine Shiners Voodoo Dr Always Steppin Smart 02/08/2013 Kauffmann/Ribeiro No
Alwaysshineyergunsup Smart And Shiney Always Gotyer Gunsup 01/01/2013 McQuay Stables Inc. No
Amazing Me Self Shine Chics Amazing Grace 04/22/2013 Painted Desert Ranch LLC No
An Enterprising Wimp Wimpys Tinseltown A Prize Package 03/16/2013 John Fletcher No
An Old Remedy Very Smart Remedy The Old Mole 01/13/2013 Cinder Lakes Ranch Yes
Angelical Nite Gunners Special Nite Angel Eyes Wrangler 02/14/2013 Dell Hendricks No
Angels Love Whizkey Malt Whizkey Almost An Angel 03/12/2013 Suzanne De Champlain Yes
Annas Time To Shine Shine Chic Shine JD Conquista Anna 04/17/2013 Judy Box No
Annie Gota Gun Spooks Gotta Whiz Tina Gotta Gun 04/05/2013 Susan Gay Yes
Annies Lil Solano Solano Cat Annies Lil Spark 03/01/2013 Shannon & Hershel Reid No
Annies Little Steps Wimpys Little Step Oaks Little Annie 02/17/2013 Vaughn Zimmerman Yes
Anuther Gunner Gunner A Genuine Sparkle 05/09/2013 Carrie Sweeney Yes
Ara Astro Shine Big Time Chexes Girl 03/07/2013 Aldo Ramon No
ARA Centauro 007 Whizs Chic A Dee Freckles On My Hide 05/26/2013 Claudio Ramon No
ARA El Dandy Wimpys Little Step Gunners Doll Face 02/09/2013 Aldo Ramon No
ARA Harleys Natasha Custom Harley Ladonna Spin 04/09/2013 Aldo Ramon No
Ara Picasso Lil Gun Tamu Iba Nu Rey 04/21/2013 Aldo Ramon No
ARA Priscilla Master Snapper Remedys Sure Slide 01/11/2013 Green Valley Ranch No
ARA Spooka Spooks Gotta Gun A Ruf Mistress 02/22/2013 Aldo Ramon No
ARC A Step Above Walla Walla Whiz Wimpys Little Chic 02/09/2013 Arcese Quarter Horses USA Yes
ARC Cee Me Slide Smart Spook Hickorys Holly Cee 03/11/2013 Arcese Quarter Horses USA No
ARC Dun With Ya Gunnatrashya Dun With Surprizes 02/03/2013 Arcese Quarter Horses USA Yes
ARC Gunnabeontop Gunnatrashya Sparkle On Top 01/13/2013 Arcese Quarter Horses USA Yes
ARC Ms Whiz Walla Walla Whiz Ms Clara Melody 03/17/2013 Arcese Quarter Horses USA Yes
ARC Sail Past Ya Gunnatrashya Sailing Spark 03/12/2013 Arcese Quarter Horses USA Yes
Arc Sweet E Nuff Gunnatrashya Sweet Chicka Chic 05/09/2013 Arcese Quarter Horses USA No
ARC Whiz N Lena Walla Walla Whiz Custom Lena 01/09/2013 Arcese Quarter Horses USA Yes
ARC Who Do You Cee Walla Walla Whiz Hickorys Holly Cee 02/01/2013 Arcese Quarter Horses USA Yes
ARC Wimpysgottagun Gunnatrashya Wimpys Little Chic 02/04/2013 Arcese Quarter Horses USA No
B My Sweet Dream Magnum With A Dream Sweet BH 06/06/2013 Carri Visser Yes
Babystepupyourwhiz Step It Up Jak HR Foxy Okie Whiz 03/03/2013 Elizabeth Snyder No
Baileys Not Painted Gunners Special Nite Darlins Not Painted 03/10/2013 Turnabout Farm Inc No
Baileys Sidekick Gunners Special Nite A Shining Sidekick 03/18/2013 Turnabout Farm Inc No
Banjo Buckle Banjo Whiz Cowboy Mania 03/31/2013 Antler Ridge Ranch, LLC Yes
Banjolena Jolie Banjo Whiz Javochic 04/09/2013 Opheikens & Sons Farm LLC Yes
Bay Berry Shake Country Bay Berry Forever Going Steady 04/04/2013 Linda Wise No
Baygatti Spun It N Dun It Smart Bar O Lena 05/08/2013 Laura Leitner No
Bazookachic Gunnatrashya One Right Chic 04/28/2013 Double Run Farm No
BCB Major Diamond Royal Diamondnic A Major Chic 01/31/2013 Theresa Cravens No
BCR Americanwrangler Starlights Wrangler Spirits Solataire 04/06/2013 Alan Pitts No
Beanie Baby 177 Mister Dual Train Beanie Boomer 05/23/2013 Verna Benbow No
Bee A Smoken Chex Colonels Smoken Chex Bee Electric 03/25/2013 Mary Jansma No
Begnsteal Liencheat Magnum Chic Dream Miss Brim Star 03/17/2013 Clinton Anderson No
Believeme Ima Gunner RR Star Gunners Smokin Jane 04/05/2013 Wagman Ranch Inc Yes
Bellingham Belle Walla Walla Whiz Dun Its Shadow 04/05/2013 Susan Jones Yes
Berry Big Checks Big Chex To Cash One Berry Smart Chic 02/22/2013 Deborah Strahman Yes
Berry Bubblicious Wimpys Red Berry Custom Topgun 04/22/2013 J.D. Roberson No
Berry Flashy Wimpys Red Berry Annie Get Ur Pistol 05/09/2013 Brent Wright No
Berry Loaded Gun Hes A Loaded Gun Sly Da Berry Pine 05/30/2013 Mary Jansma No
Best Dun With A Gun Gunner Berry Dun It Best 03/17/2013 Sergio Elia No
Betty Big Chex Big Chex To Cash Alrighta Ida 05/04/2013 Loren Booth Yes
BH Special Pistol Gunners Special Nite Plain Jane Enterprise 05/09/2013 Fredrick Pursell No
Big Big Butterbean Shine Big Time Kids Jelly Bean 04/21/2013 Harry Prince No
Big Chex To Come Big Chex To Cash Smart Stylish Ruby 04/07/2013 Lorenzo Lotti No
Big Chunk Of Chex Big Chex To Cash Trouble Lena Whiz 03/03/2013 Doug Stroud No
Big Fortune In Chex Big Chex To Cash Gypsy Gold Chex 04/24/2013 Vision Quest Reiners, LLC No
Big John Gun Gunner Darlene Jac 05/07/2013 Julie Burkett Yes
Big Luv Shine Big Time Girls Love Chex 05/22/2013 Hilldale Farm No
Big Mamas Wright Hes Wright On Big Mama Cat 01/29/2013 Russ Mothershead No
Big Red Million Chexamillion April Olena 03/30/2013 Hilldale Farm No
Big Sky Spook Spooks Gotta Whiz Montanas Enterpriz 04/05/2013 Jim Lane No
Big Tejano Big Chex To Cash La Tigra Tejana 04/03/2013 Sergio Elia No
Big Time Gangster Gangster Chic Time To Rein 03/24/2013 Dave Belson No
Bingos Smart Chic Itsa Bingo Greyhound Rock N Roll Olena 04/02/2013 Robert Santagata No
Black Chromedrooster Gallo Del Cielo Elans Little Smokee 02/02/2013 Pete Kyle No
Black Label Whizkey Whizkey N Diamonds Lena Jac Honey 03/21/2013 Emma Holbrook No
Blank Space RC Fancy Step WR Smooth Shine 04/10/2013 Terry Wiens Yes
Blastermaster Master Snapper Lil Ruf Pine Sstar 03/16/2013 Green Valley Ranch No
Blaze Face Gunner Pale Face Dunnit Smoken Sno Chex 05/28/2013 Robert Dygert No
Blond At The Cafe Cromed Out Mercedes Blonde At The Bar 05/19/2013 Clint Haverty No
Blond N Chexy Big Chex To Cash Sunny Spotacular 04/01/2013 Garth Hystad No
Blonde Inna Mercedes Cromed Out Mercedes Whizards Maggie Mae 03/14/2013 Merry Nixon No
Blondes R Best Big Chex To Cash Jameen N Hollywood 04/15/2013 Diana Garrison No
Blue Boons Dun Good Lil Blue Boon Tinsels Pip Pop Pace 04/23/2013 Darrel Gustafson No
Blue Eyed Spook Spooks Gotta Whiz CD Cybil 05/28/2013 Bobby Lewis No
Bluegrass Banjo Whiz Banjo Whiz Miss Lil Ruf 02/18/2013 Nedpoint Quarter Horses Inc Yes
Bobbys Shining Smart Chic Olena Smart Triples Lil Ria 04/26/2013 Robert Pierce No
Bog N Spark Lena Spark Boggie Fantasy Maya 01/31/2013 Chantal Turcotte No
Boggie A Lil Rowdy Rowdy Yankee Lady Freckles Jac 04/08/2013 David Reece No
Boggie Nite Special Gunners Special Nite Winderupletherboggie 02/03/2013 Chip Stoneman No
Boggiewoggiewhiz Boggies Flashy Jac Whiz A Tuffy 03/16/2013 Nick Valentine Yes
Bonnita Morena Sugar Chics Gunnit Custom Reminic 01/24/2013 Ruben Pacheco Cuevas No
Boom Me Two Times Boom Shernic Ms Boon Boom Command 05/17/2013 Michelle Miola Yes
Boom Shine Boom Boom Shernic Shining Little Peach 02/05/2013 KC Performance Horses, LLC Yes
Boomen Gun Gunners Special Nite Divanic 04/16/2013 Patricia Anderson No
Boomer With Attitude Boom Shernic Miss Lil Addy Tude 04/04/2013 KC Performance Horses, LLC Yes
Boomerang VQR Boom Shernic Ambers Holly Chex 02/08/2013 Elisabeth Meinert No
Boomernic Customchic Custom Legend Boomernics Birdie 04/07/2013 Cynthia Joy No
Boomers Babe Boom Shernic Bonitas Latin Chic 03/08/2013 Cheryl Hadrych Yes
Boomerstar Alomar Starlights Boomernic RBS Badger Aimee 04/21/2013 Brent Marsh No
Boomin With Ivory Mr Boomerjac Holly Dun 05/12/2013 Summerwind Farm Inc No
Boomsherise Boom Shernic What A Sunrise 03/10/2013 Sam Ellis Yes
Boomsternic Boom Shernic Bills Bingo Beauty 05/01/2013 Troop Quarter Horses No
Boonylicious Smart Boons Shine Smartly 03/20/2013 Kevin Knight No
Bootiful Lil Bovine Hold That Cow Docs Tessa 05/28/2013 Julie Leonard No
Botabingbotaboom Whizkey N Diamonds The Lady Likes Crome 02/04/2013 Kurt Tavernier No
BP Veneno Big Papi Oakie Doqui 04/05/2013 Brandy Redyke No
Brianna Dual Play Dual N Play Tanquery Myst 03/28/2013 Jileen Shobe No
Brother Has A Gun Gunner Dry Scoots 05/16/2013 Sergio Elia No
Bsmart In Tinseltown Hollywoodstinseltown Smart Blue Frost 05/31/2013 Sergio Elia No
Bubba Blue Gun SDR Bubba Gun Queen Greyhound 03/21/2013 Jean Mercier No
Buckaroo Tag Whiz N Tag Chex Chics Lady Kiper 03/30/2013 Sherman Lauder No
Bud N Betty Nic It In The Bud Bombshell Betty 03/05/2013 Michelle Miola No
Bugattti Gunnatrashya Shinerette 03/28/2013 Camela Essick No
Bun Dun Won A Gun Gunner The Bun Is Dun 03/15/2013 Susan Jones Yes
Busy Being Great Busy Winin Chex Be Great Melody 03/06/2013 Eddie and Kathy Clendenon No
Busy Make N Millions Chexamillion Tuf Little Tucker 03/25/2013 Hilldale Farm No
Busy Sneak N Chex Busy Winin Chex A Heavenly Power 01/29/2013 Kim Stokes No
Caboy Wimpys Little Step Dolled Up Gunner 05/06/2013 Jordan Larson Yes
Californya Girl Gunnatrashya Shineretta 03/15/2013 Stacy Hamilton No
Call Me A Mistress Master Snapper Call Me N Hollywood 03/15/2013 Sergio Elia No
Callie Mercedes Cromed Out Mercedes Smart Collen 05/10/2013 Bob Loomis Yes
Callme Mr Awesome Drivin To Hollywood My T Rebel Socks 04/26/2013 Marie-Josee Boulet No
Candy Coded Electric Code Smartest Sister 03/20/2013 Heather Weisz No
Cant Tag This Spooks Gotta Gun Starbright Tag 03/02/2013 Mario Ghilotti No
Capital Fashion Starlight N Chic Sr High Fashion 05/11/2013 Coy Moyers No
Captain Jac Crome Cromed Out Mercedes Bea Maria Jac 04/02/2013 Ahead of the Curve Holdings No
Cash Big Chex Big Chex To Cash Classy Chic Olena 04/22/2013 Wolf Hills Farm LLC No
Cash For A Gun Gunner Chex To Cash N Spend 01/17/2013 Wolf Hills Farm LLC No
Cashin Out Chex Big Chex To Cash Mates Matrix 03/24/2013 Lorenzo Lotti No
Cat In A Dress Solano Cat Shiners Yellow Dress 04/01/2013 Shannon & Hershel Reid No
Catacrome Whiz N Crome Hotroddin Catalyst 04/30/2013 George McIvor Yes
Cats Shiney Pistols Smooth As A Cat Shiners Lil Pistol 02/09/2013 Roxanne Koepsell No
Catt Mccandles Sophisticated Catt Myo Starlight 04/24/2013 Spence Bell No
Catti Karoline Sophisticated Catt Myo Starlight 05/05/2013 Spence Bell No
CBK Hang A Wright Hang Ten Surprize HR Wright On Cash 03/11/2013 William & Corliss Kellogg No
CBK Lil Whiz N Pep Conquistador Whiz Hiadas Lil Mavis 02/13/2013 William & Corliss Kellogg No
CBK One Smart Gun Spooks Gotta Gun Skeeter Rae Lena 04/14/2013 William & Corliss Kellogg No
CC Chicinhollywood Hollywoodstinseltown Tejana Chic 01/28/2013 Brent Loseke No
CC Chicoutthischex Big Chex To Cash Tejana Chic 03/07/2013 Brent Loseke No
CC Is Sailing Smart Smart And Shiney Ms Taffeta 04/23/2013 Judith Bottger No
CC Jamaicanmefamous Hollywoodstinseltown QHR Jamaica Express 01/08/2013 Brent Loseke No
CC Straight Shooter Tinker With Guns Tejana Chic 02/24/2013 Brent Loseke No
CC Tejana Twostep Wimpys Little Step Tejana Chic 03/01/2013 Brent Loseke No
CDV Totogelic Gunn Gunnangelic GN Vernos Chic 04/05/2013 Marcos Del Valle No
Cee Another Spook Smart Spook Cee Another Masota 04/14/2013 George Bell Yes
Cee Masota Spook Smart Spook Cee Another Masota 02/21/2013 George Bell Yes
Cee My Smokin Pistol Gunner Cee Dun It Do It 04/04/2013 McQuay Stables Inc. No
Cee These Guns Gunner Dun It In The Bay 04/13/2013 Cardinal Hill Training Center LLC Yes
Cee This Wimp Wimpys Tinseltown Cee Little Star 04/30/2013 William Rinzema No
Cee Tinseltown Hollywoodstinseltown Cee Miss Hollywood 02/21/2013 George Bell Yes
CFR Ebano Einstein Einstein Leolita Step 03/06/2013 Tiago Coleto No
CFR Magestuosa 052 Whizs Chic A Dee Sucha Cowgirl Kid 05/22/2013 Claudio Ramon No
CFR Promesa 053 Whizs Chic A Dee CFR Moreda Wimpy 053 05/05/2013 Claudio Ramon No
Charlies N Hollywood Hollywood Vintage Chicory Please 04/23/2013 Cora Solum No
Chasin Surprises Jerry Lees Surprise Crown Chasin Chic 05/17/2013 Robert Zimmerman No
Checkmate Baby Spooks Gotta Whiz Smart Chicody Sue 05/06/2013 Michell Anne Kimball No
Chex Dream Magnum Chic Dream King Betsys Chex 05/17/2013 Sergio Zermeno No
Chex Dunnit All Pale Face Dunnit Gaye Bar Chex Lena 03/31/2013 Suzanne Cooper Yes
Chex N Wood Busy Winin Chex Lolly Wood 03/06/2013 David Greenwell No
Chex On Fleek Chexamillion KR Gunners Watch 04/05/2013 Diane Bonnot No
Chex Out Dolly Chex That Out Dun It Quixote 03/28/2013 Sather Family Partnership No
Chex Out My Dough Outta Dough Chexanicki 04/02/2013 Dorothy Queen No
Chex Out The Night One Night Roost Peppy Diamond Chex 05/26/2013 David Archer No
Chex This Wimpy Wimpys Little Step Chexy Lady Badger 04/07/2013 Buddy Bolt No
Chex Your Smoken Gun Colonels Smoken Chex Gunners N Roses 03/24/2013 Mary Jansma No
Chex Your Step Wimpys Little Step Miss Chexa Nic 05/29/2013 Sergio Elia No
Chexaroo Chexarkana Roosters Choice 03/13/2013 Kirks Rockin K Ranch, Inc Yes
Chexy Barbossa Gal Captain Barbossa JCS Sugar Chex 04/24/2013 Jennifer Shirreff No
Chexy In Diamonds Whizkey N Diamonds Chexy In Jewels 03/19/2013 Veronica Deans Yes
Chexy N He Knows It Big Chex To Cash Ltd Edition Melody 04/06/2013 Wendy Robinson No
Chexy Son Of A Gun Big Chex To Cash Bright Lil Gun 03/01/2013 RMJ Ranch No
Chic Flic Hollywoodstinseltown Badgers Movie Shine 04/22/2013 McQuay Stables Inc. No
Chic Lena Mifillena I Spot A Chic 03/05/2013 Gerardo Leal No
Chic My Revolution Two Sock Chic Cody Einsteins Baby Doll 03/31/2013 Danny Dalton No
Chic N Wood Hollywoodstinseltown A Chic In Wranglers 05/02/2013 Luga, LLC Yes
Chic Tinsel Town Hollywoodstinseltown Magnificent Chic 04/26/2013 Shannon & Hershel Reid No
Chicadoodledoo Mister Nicadual Silver Dandy Chic 04/15/2013 Lisa Bissell No
Chickies Playboy Playboys Pine Smart Taffy 05/14/2013 Carol Trimmer Yes
Chickodoodle One Night Roost Smart Chic O Bar 02/16/2013 Stephen Archer No
Chicks Special Nite Gunners Special Nite Dun It By Chick 02/15/2013 Mark Bradford Yes
Chico Whiz It Who Whiz It? Corrediza Chic 06/07/2013 Jose Antonio Posada Ugalde No
Chicout Myminion A Shiner Named Sioux Who Whiz That Chic 04/21/2013 Clint Haverty No
Chics And Whizkey Whizkey N Diamonds This Chicsdundreamin 04/08/2013 Rhodes River Ranch No
Chics Dig Whizkey Whizkey N Diamonds Tr This Chics Boomin 05/14/2013 Marissa De Priest No
Chics Dream Gold Magnum Chic Dream Whiz Me Gold 04/13/2013 Frank Forest Yes
Chics Got No Time Hesa Smart Chic There In A Minute 05/06/2013 April Beckley No
Chics Gunna Gig Em Gunner Smart Scooter Chic 04/17/2013 Tracy Higginbottom No
Chics Heavenly Heaven Sent Chic WSR Cassies Dual 05/18/2013 Pena Land Co Inc No
Chics Juice Box Smart Like Juice Smart Miss Berry 04/26/2013 Dean Allison No
Chics Love Affair Shine Chic Shine Memorable Affair 04/30/2013 Victoria Lambert No
Chics Magic Lena Chics Magic Potion Smart Cindy Lena 01/18/2013 Anita Horn No
Chics N Cash Magnum Chic Dream Guns Fancy Chex 03/23/2013 Antler Ridge Ranch, LLC No
Chics Rowdy Nite Gunners Special Nite Rowdy Whiz Chic 02/16/2013 Tom McCutcheon No
Chics Special Nite Gunners Special Nite This Chic Dun It 02/16/2013 Jackspar Enterprises, LLC Yes
Chics Vintage Flare Smart Chic Olena Shining Pearl 04/21/2013 Antler Ridge Ranch, LLC Yes
Chicsdreamofdiamonds Magnum Chic Dream Princess In Diamonds 05/24/2013 Clinton Anderson No
Chicsntheirdiamonds Whizkey N Diamonds Spark Chic Olena 01/29/2013 CDR Farms No
Chillnwithwhizkey Whizkey N Diamonds Roosters Redhot 02/11/2013 Rhodes River Ranch No
Chloe Torima Lena Double R Okie Yuba Torima Lena 03/12/2013 Raynald Rodrigue No
Chocolate N Crome Cromed Out Mercedes Nestle Quik Chic 05/06/2013 Kindra Rader No
Christy Gotta Gun The Big Gun Christys Image 05/06/2013 Susan Gay Yes
Chromedoutwranglers Whiz N Crome Wranglersquikstop 04/30/2013 Madeline Kimbrough Yes
Chuggin Whizkey Whizkey N Diamonds Smart Chuka Lena 04/24/2013 Rhodes River Ranch No
Cielos Gotyerjac Olena Cielo Kc Electric Cowgirl 04/13/2013 Robert (Howdy) Smith No
Cielos Hope Gallo Del Cielo Sunnys Topsail 05/12/2013 Jeanne Jackson No
Cinnabars Big Star Big Chex To Cash Cinnabars Lil Star 02/07/2013 Equine Plus No
Circles Round Sioux A Shiner Named Sioux Circle My Starlet 04/22/2013 Matthew Wilson No
Claim Your Cash Wimpys Little Step Starlite Whiz 01/16/2013 Rhodes River Ranch No
Class Executive Untouchable Class Executive Jasmin 02/12/2013 Douglas McLaren Sr No
Cleverly Spooken Smart Spook Sure Whiz Clever 04/30/2013 Marili Nielson No
Clone Me A Chic Smart Chic Olena Sannie Shine 03/22/2013 Jeanne Jackson No
Clyde The Slide Shinin Joe Hardrock Hanna 03/27/2013 Doug Toney No
Coastal Revolution Einsteins Revolution Doll Of The West 02/06/2013 Pete Kyle No
Code Name Whizard Electric Code Whizards Gem 05/04/2013 Carrie Redmond No
Codes Electric Sugar Electric Code WSR Retsinas Sugar 02/03/2013 Kimberly Rodgers No
Codes Smooth Note Electric Code Roosters Melody 04/14/2013 J Emerson No
Codys Hot Spark Electric Code JTS Pecan 04/01/2013 Terry Ranch No
Codys Lucky Chex Shining Chex Olena Freckles Cody Chex 04/29/2013 Bridgette Heighes No
Colonel At The Gate Gunner Starlights Gate 03/29/2013 Carluccio Orsi No
Colonel Chic Dream Magnum Chic Dream Princess Colonel 05/10/2013 Henry Knox Yes
Colonel Missile Hang Ten Surprize Sweet Ginger Chic 04/06/2013 Double Run Farm No
Colonel Quintana Don Quintana Triple Thumbelina 04/02/2013 Daniel Pike No
Colonels Boggie Jac Colonelsmokingpep Five Star Flash 03/26/2013 Stacey Jones No
Colonelsmokinannie Colonelsmokinpep Bob Acre Annie 04/04/2013 Robert McCulloch No
Colonelsmokingbonbon Colonelsmokinpep Bonnies Prayer 04/07/2013 Stacey Jones No
Colonelsmokingcody Colonelsmokingpep Topsails T Princess 02/23/2013 Stacey Jones No
Colonelsmokingheart Colonelsmokinpep Big Hearted Doll 03/13/2013 Stacey Jones No
Colonelsmokingmelody Colonelsmokingpep FFR Hollywood Melody 01/03/2013 Stacey Jones No
Colonelsmoknsantiago Colonelsmokinpep Carmen Santiago 01/03/2013 Stacey Jones No
Commanders Last Lady Commanders Nic Hold A Royal Lady 05/13/2013 John Wolford III No
Conquered This Town Hollywoodstinseltown Conquistadors Sandy 02/20/2013 Double Run Farm No
Cookin Lil Lena Cookin Merada Glo Lil Lena Ct 02/03/2013 Wolf Hills Farm LLC No
Cool Steppin Whiz Cool Wimp Do Wa Ditty Whiz 06/05/2013 Julie Boer No
Cool Texas Nite Gunners Special Nite Lil Bit of Pepto 04/16/2013 Bryan Ploch No
Copper Dunnit Right JK Copper Bruce JK Dunetta Dream 05/24/2013 Darcie Welsh No
Cornbread N Chex Big Chex To Cash Cornbread N Chicn 03/16/2013 Petska Trinity Equine, LLC No
Coronarita Time Shine Big Time Corona Lite Chex 03/03/2013 Hilldale Farm No
Cowboy Mercedes Cromed Out Mercedes Ms Suzie Vanderhusie 04/17/2013 Bob Loomis Yes
Cowgirl Sioux A Shiner Named Sioux Miss Montana Smarts 03/01/2013 Karen Walters No
Cowgirls Dont Spook Smart Spook A Dandy Cowgirl 03/25/2013 Bill (William) Bradley No
Cowgirls Gotta Dream Magnum Chic Dream Cinch Up Cowboy 05/02/2013 John Lloyd Yes
Cowgirls Love Crome Cromed Out Mercedes Rhapsodys Cowgirl 04/08/2013 Ronald Burdette No
CR Chex Shine N Spin CR Sit N Spin Baymont Joy 04/13/2013 Nancy Krenski No
Crome Cowgirl Cromed Out Mercedes Ghost Buster Baby 04/18/2013 Elizabeth Schellenger No
Crome Dancer Custom Crome Shining Dancer 04/30/2013 Rosanne Sternberg Yes
Crome Gone Wild Cromed Out Mercedes Wimpys Gal Gone Wild 03/30/2013 Susan Lathrom-Krieg Yes
Crome Platedslider Conquistador Whiz Custom Dun It 02/02/2013 Nancy Ingebrigtsen No
Crome Ranger Cromed Out Mercedes Calatrava 04/04/2013 Gail Klapper No
Crome Train Cromed Out Mercedes Lotsa Train 03/31/2013 Darling 888 Ranch Yes
Crome Whizard Whiz N Crome Montanas Whiz Chic 04/06/2013 Bob Loomis Yes
Cromeador Conquistador Whiz Majestic Crome 04/27/2013 Peter DeFreitas No
Cromed In Hollywood Whiz N Crome Ms Hollywood Whiz 03/13/2013 Mathieu Buton Yes
Cromed Out Coupe Cromed Out Mercedes Rush N Cat 03/21/2013 Lorenzo Lotti No
Cromed Out Ferrari Cromed Out Mercedes Wimpys Gal Gone Wild 04/15/2013 Susan Lathrom-Krieg Yes
Cromed Out Major Cromed Out Mercedes Sheza Hollywood Chic 04/01/2013 Marc Gordon No
Cromed Out Princess Cromed Out Mercedes Princess Clone Chex 05/16/2013 CDJ Performance Horses No
Cromed Out Prises Cromed Out Mercedes Prise N Shine 04/27/2013 Troop Quarter Horses No
Cromed Out Star Cromed Out Mercedes RG Miss Starlight 02/24/2013 David Hartman, DVM No
Cromed Out Sunset Cromed Out Mercedes Sunset Whiz 03/01/2013 Darling 888 Ranch Yes
Cromed Out Swagwagon Cromed Out Mercedes Gettin Er Dun 05/25/2013 Jesse Chase No
Cromed Shiny Cromed Out Mercedes Win My Shine 03/11/2013 Carluccio Orsi No
Cromed Up Whiz Cromed Out Mercedes Precious Whiz 05/26/2013 Wagman Ranch Inc Yes
Cromedup In Houston Houston Shine Custom Anna 05/21/2013 Susan Harding No
Crow About Big Chex Big Chex To Cash Crow About This 03/16/2013 Lorenzo Lotti No
Crow About Hang Ten Hang Ten Surprize Crow About This 02/25/2013 Lorenzo Lotti No
Crow About Spook Smart Spook Crow About This 02/15/2013 Lorenzo Lotti No
Crown Royal Whiz The Royal Whiz Headin For The Win 05/19/2013 Heath Jones No
Cruzin In Tinseltown Hollywoodstinseltown Spooks Spirit 03/04/2013 Alan Pitts No
Cruzn For Cash Crusin Whiz Nu Chex Miracles 05/23/2013 Vince Fevola No
Cruzn Whiz Rooster Crusin Whiz Dar Hollywood Jenny 05/27/2013 Tammy Stewart No
Cruzn Whiz Rowdy Crusin Whiz Rowdys Little Tucker 05/20/2013 Tammy Stewart No
CS A Hick With A Gun Gunners Enterprise Fancy Lady Hickory 04/10/2013 XCS Ranch LLC Yes
CS Wright In War Nimble Star Wars Jessie Wright On 04/25/2013 XCS Ranch LLC Yes
Custom Blonde Custom Crome Hollywood Lolita 03/22/2013 Steven Simon No
Custom Crome Olena Custom Crome A Darn Smart Chic 04/15/2013 Steven Simon Yes
Custom Diamond Shine Custom Crome Suddenly A Spark 03/13/2013 Burt Cox No
Custom Fairytale Smart Spook Custom Spinderella 03/03/2013 Judy Box No
Custom Legends Lady Custom Legend Sneakies Lady 04/06/2013 Steven Simon No
Custom Made Fancy RC Fancy Step Custom Dreamer 03/21/2013 Nadine Galbraith No
Custom Made Jewels Custom Crome Dawn Berry Sweet 04/07/2013 Steven Simon No
Custom Moonshine Houston Shine Custom Cabernet 02/21/2013 Kelly Stanton No
Custom Paris Smart Spook Custom Sparkler 03/11/2013 Luigi Parise Yes
Custom Spook Berry Smart Spook Custom Roan Berry 04/23/2013 Steven Simon No
Custom Style Steppin Wimpys Little Step Custom Lenita 05/06/2013 Tammy Grandia No
Customized Mercedes Cromed Out Mercedes Pepper Sugarnic 05/05/2013 Robert (Bobby) Avila, Jr. No
Customized My Gun Gunner Custom Made Dunit 04/24/2013 McQuay Stables Inc. No
Customized Whizz Walla Walla Whiz Custom Barbie 04/16/2013 Marc Gordon No
CV Dream Of Me Magnum With A Dream Boogies Smart Star 05/08/2013 Carri Visser No
CW Einsteins Stardiva Great Red Mic CW Texas Star 04/17/2013 Carol Hollinger No
CW Splishsplashtrash Trashadeous CW Charlies Angel 04/02/2013 Janet Benson Yes
CZ Cash This Trash Trashadeous Gunna Cash 02/19/2013 Leigh Garber No
CZ Nifty Whiz Chics Whizdom Nifty Bee Queen 03/16/2013 Leigh Garber No
CZ Whizolena Chics Whizdom Rufolena 02/17/2013 Leigh Garber No
Da Big Kahuna Wimpys Little Step Princessontheprowl 03/09/2013 Joe & Karen Moran No
Dance Dance Revolution Einsteins Revolution Smokin Scootin Fancy 03/22/2013 Lauren Ampe No
Dancin Tonite Gunners Special Nite Hotroddin Catalyst 03/28/2013 George McIvor Yes
Dancing Tidalwave Boom Shernic Starlights Tidalwave 03/15/2013 Dick Randall No
Darlin Neat Whiz Jac Daniels Neat Whiz N Darlin 04/21/2013 Brenda Oneil No
DC Electric Slippers Wimpys Slippers Holeyelectricsparks 11/16/2012 Catemu SA No
DC Jay And Slippers Wimpys Slippers Oroite Chica Jay 11/30/2012 Catemu SA No
Dealergotgunsnrose Gun Dealer Dark Rose Del Rio 03/16/2013 Daniel Larin No
Del Cielo Shining Gallo Del Cielo Shining Little Angel 04/27/2013 Carluccio Orsi No
Delilahsdozenroses Jacs Electric Spark Graceful Guns 02/13/2013 Susan Valentine Yes
Desert Gun Gunner Desert Rosebud 05/15/2013 Sergio Elia No
Designed To Be Smart Smart Spook Taris Designer Genes 02/10/2013 Rancho Oso Rio LLC Yes
Designed To Shoot Tinker With Guns Taris Designer Genes 01/03/2013 Rancho Oso Rio LLC Yes
Desirable Whiz Conquistador Whiz Desirable Chic 04/13/2013 Sean Mayfield No
Diabolika Gunmachine Gunner Chics Luv Chocolate 05/08/2013 Domenico Lomuto Yes
Diamond Coded Joe Shine Chic Shine Hot Coded Candy 03/07/2013 Sally Ress No
Diamond Indian Graca Gunners Indian Dottie Diamond 04/23/2013 Daniela Dill Yes
Diamond Janes Dream Magnum Chic Dream Miss Diamond Jane 03/12/2013 Jack Poli No
Diamond Lovin Lass Nics Black Diamond Boonlights Lass 03/28/2013 Cowan Select Horses, LLC No
Diamond Sparks RX Like A Diamond Spark Chic Rx 05/16/2013 Peak Performance Horse LLP No
Diamonds And Lilies Whizkey N Diamonds Dunits Miss Ace 05/04/2013 Mark Bauman No
Diamonds N Big Chex Big Chex To Cash Working For Diamond 04/17/2013 Sergio Elia No
Diamonds N The Light Whizkey N Diamonds DA Tucker Light 03/31/2013 Daniel Whitney No
Diamonds Nmy Whiskey Whizkey N Diamonds Aces Shining Star 05/27/2013 Suzanne Cooper Yes
Diamonds Whiz Chex Whizkey N Diamonds Little Chex 499 02/09/2013 Rodney Westrum No
Dirty Vegas Jacs Electric Spark Docs Lil Bullet 02/01/2013 Cinder Lakes Ranch Yes
Dixie King Pine Great King Pine Wimpys Pal Omino 04/24/2013 Patricia Widener No
Django Juice Whiz N Tag Chex Dunit Lika Juice 03/25/2013 Anita Daggett No
DMR Royal Billy Whiz Who Whiz It Royal Billy Boy 04/08/2013 Diamond M Ranch & Cattle Company No
Doc Hollywimp Wimpys Little Step Holicee 02/05/2013 Ixtul Quarter Horses, LLC No
Docs Flashy Trash Gunnatrashya Does Golden Girl 04/21/2013 Chad Thomas No
Docs Platnium Chic Smart Chic Olena Super Silver Doc 04/01/2013 Ray Hatfield No
Docsaysineedahaidas Haidas Hard Copy Miss Daisy Solano 02/14/2013 Tricia Jaeger No
Doe Eyed Rita Don Quintana CF Rawhide Rita 05/05/2013 Sharon Davis No
Dog Gun Dun It Whodini Dunits Black Twister 05/01/2013 Leslie Golden No
Dolce E Empi Dun The Sweet Spot Wickedly Dun 03/21/2013 Becky Smith Yes
Dolled Up One Night One Night Roost My Custom Doll 04/18/2013 Andy Luth No
Dont Cash My Chex Big Chex To Cash West Coast Sunshine 05/09/2013 Rich Sassella No
Dont Miss This Shot Gunner Dont Miss This 01/10/2013 McQuay Stables Inc. No
Dont Nix This Code Electric Code Miss Sandal Wood 03/14/2013 Crystal Bennett No
Dont Touch My Jac Tinsel Jac Lil Ruf Whiz Qhiz 03/06/2013 Double Run Farm No
Dontbearowdywhiz Conquistador Whiz Dontbeyankinmychain 03/17/2013 Jim Hansen No
Dontrashmystage Gunnatrashya Dainty Dunit 03/05/2013 Arcese Quarter Horses USA Yes
Dotted Lights CD Lights Shine Ann 04/24/2013 Carol Rose No
Double Down Chic Play To Win Chic Dunit With A Spook 02/01/2013 Martin Muehlstaetter No
Double Smart Walla Two Sock Chic Cody Smart Little Walla 04/05/2013 Danny Dalton No
Double Whammy Smoking Whiz Double N Trouble 05/21/2013 Ashley Wilson-Hammer No
Doubleshot Of Whizky Whizkey N Diamonds Whiz A Bobbie 03/20/2013 Jose Bravo No
DP Shesgunnashine Gunnatrashya Out Shinin Wimpy 03/01/2013 Dorminy Plantation No
DP Shinin Nic Commanders Nic Out Shinin Wimpy 03/27/2013 Dorminy Plantation No
Dr Magnum Shiners Voodoo Dr Magnums Remedy 04/22/2013 Doug Milholland Yes
Dr Mojo Shiners Voodoo Dr Sugar Dot Gun 04/29/2013 Deborah Strahman Yes
Dream About Cash Magnum Chic Dream Its All About Cash 05/25/2013 Equine Plus No
Dream About U Magnum Chic Dream Custom Pebbles 02/22/2013 Casey Hinton No
Dream Dot Com Magnum Chic Dream Gwyneth 05/23/2013 Kathy Hinton No
Dreamadreamforme Magnum Chic Dream Lil Ruf Jessie 04/11/2013 Frank Forest Yes
Dreamin Dolly Magnum Chic Dream Whizanna 05/19/2013 Spence Bell No
Dreamin Of Goldchex Chex Gold Seeker OSU So Pretty 02/14/2013 Janice Thomas No
Dreamin On Line Shine On Line Maggie Chic Dream 05/12/2013 Ronald Thompson No
Dreamy Little Okie Magnum Chic Dream Wrangler Dun It 03/11/2013 Mackenzie Raether No
Dreem Machine Magnum Chic Dream Tribeca Tucker 04/24/2013 Joe Hayes No
Drs Little Boom Boom Shernic Docs Little Katcina 04/28/2013 Anndrea Fling No
Dual Action Pack Dual N Play Talk About Hope 03/10/2013 Jileen Shobe No
Dual Hotrodder Play Dual Rey BFC Hotroddin Chick 05/20/2013 Burt Cox No
Dual N Guns N Nitro Pale Face Dunnit Nitrodunnitt 04/19/2013 David Enns No
Dual Reality Mister Nicadual Snip O Chex 02/25/2013 Cinder Lakes Ranch Yes
Dual Shernic Boom Shernic Dually Jazzed 03/05/2013 Kristen Avila No
Dual Spark Dun It Dual Spark Troubles Dun It 02/24/2013 Kevin McCall Yes
Dual Surprise Mister Nicadual Jerrys Surprise 04/23/2013 Yonathan Baruch Yes
Dual Ya Smoke Dual R Smokin Dualin Gun Smoke 03/22/2013 Jenny Koerner No
Dualin Reygay Chick Play Dual Rey Chicy Has Pep 04/26/2013 Dean Spence No
Duallin For Chics Mister Nicadual Chics Marcie 03/29/2013 Monica Hicks Mathison No
Duallin Guns Mister Nicadual Always Gotyer Gunsup 01/25/2013 McQuay Stables Inc. No
Dualling For Stars Mister Nicadual Scarlet Stars 04/20/2013 Jerry Kimmel No
Duallys Footwork Mister Nicadual Footworks Yellow Jac 04/17/2013 Jerry Kimmel No
Dun Called Me A Wimp Barbies Dun It FS Wimpys Lena Jewel 05/27/2013 Lorrie & Terry Thrasher No
Dun Fillin The Tanq BM Goldun One Chex Out My Cowgirl 05/14/2013 Anne Pearse No
Dun Gotta Dazzle Dun Gotta Gun Starbucks Jewel 03/05/2013 Sherman Lauder No
Dun Gotta Dream Dun Gotta Slide Magnums Dream Doll 03/11/2013 Joseph Weber No
Dun Gotta Scarlet Dun Gotta Gun Scarlet Stars 04/02/2013 Jerry Kimmel No
Dun Gotta Spark Dun Gotta Gun Shining Sage 04/18/2013 Bobby Lewis No
Dun Gotyer Guns Up Gunner Always A Dunit 01/31/2013 John and Nancy Tague Yes
Dun It Elena Gun Gunners Peppy Oak Holly Doll Lena 05/09/2013 Lucie Houde No
Dun It For Whizkey Topsail Whiz Dun It For Chex 04/01/2013 Cardinal Hill Training Center LLC Yes
Dun It In The Red Starlights Wrangler This Chics Overdrawn 05/23/2013 Darin Showalter No
Dun It Like A Boss Hollywood Dun It The Boss Kid 04/17/2013 McQuay Stables Inc. No
Dun It Resolve Einstein Glad I Dun It 05/01/2013 Tommy Partee No
Dun It Rio Good Gunner Rio Dun Good 04/17/2013 McQuay Stables Inc. No
Dun It Smokin Bud Nic It In The Bud Oakies Smokin Dun It 02/13/2013 Gianna Hansen No
Dun It Till I Shined Hollywood Dun It Hickory Diamond Miss 05/16/2013 David Enns No
Dun It To A T Pale Face Dunnit Little Tenina 04/06/2013 Mark Griffin No
Dun It With A Wiggle Dun It With A Whiz Ima Wiggle Hocker 04/16/2013 Kimberly Raddatz No
Dun it With Crown Dun It Regally Einsteins Corona 03/25/2013 Frederick Christen No
Dun Its Shiney Penny Shiney Little Gun Dun Its Dell Rae 03/12/2013 Robert Au-France No
Dun Like A Wimp Wimpys Tinseltown The Gracious Kid 03/30/2013 William Rinzema No
Dun Spooked Fridee Smart Spook Dun It Fri Dee Nite 02/22/2013 John and Nancy Tague Yes
Dun Wallowing Walla Walla Whiz Dun Its Black Gold 05/05/2013 Rhodes River Ranch No
Dun Whiz Mercedes Cromed Out Mercedes Dun Whiz Crome 03/11/2013 Lorenzo Lotti No
Dun Whiz N Crome Whiz N Crome Topsail Dun It 05/27/2013 Barry Nesterud No
Dun Whiz Sparks Jacs Electric Spark Dun It Whiz Brandy 01/02/2013 Victoria Lambert No
Dun Whiz Stars Star Spangled Whiz Its Not All Dun 03/03/2013 Susanne Hutchins Yes
Dunit At Midnite Gunners Special Nite Chexy Dun It 01/03/2013 Turnabout Farm Inc No
Dunit At Nite Gunners Special Nite Dunit A Lil Ruf 05/04/2013 Ann Salmon Anderman No
Dunit Gunsmoke Style Rawhides Slvr Bullet Buenita Smoke 04/29/2013 Katie Mayland No
Dunit Magnum Style Magnum Chic Dream Shes Einsteins Girl 05/03/2013 Travis Rodgers No
Dunit Playin Twister Play This Shine Dun It In A Slip 04/21/2013 Painted Desert Ranch LLC No
Dunit Shiney Solano Shiners Lena Doc Miss Snippers Lana 05/03/2013 Hope 4 Reining Horses No
Dunit Showtimes Dun Gotta Gun Showtimes Tinseltown 03/25/2013 Jerry Kimmel No
Dunit Special Gunners Special Nite Dun It The Hard Way 02/26/2013 Pete Kyle Yes
Dunit Spooky Smart Spook Hollynic 04/09/2013 Mosing Performance Horses, LLC No
Dunitlikeagolddigger Pale Face Dunnit Extra Dry Dazzel 04/02/2013 Kellee Sundstrom No
Dunnatrashya Gunnatrashya Tuff As Footwork 03/05/2013 Ronald Lenhert Yes
Dunnies Luna Negra Cromed Out Mercedes Dunnies Prescription 04/10/2013 Carl Lambert No
Dunnit Easy Pale Face Dunnit Lucky Easy Street 04/22/2013 Margarat Bailey Yes
Dunnit In Pale Pale Face Dunnit Dun It Reining 05/14/2013 XCS Ranch LLC Yes
Dunnit With Attitude Pale Face Dunnit Miss Lil Addy Tude 04/08/2013 KC Performance Horses, LLC Yes
Dunnitini Pale Face Dunnit Shine Tini 01/04/2013 Hickory Creek Ranch LLC No
Dunup N Diamonds Whizkey N Diamonds Dun Bar Suzie 05/02/2013 Dave Golden No
Dynamitemakemenicker Boomernicker Soldiersdynamitechic 01/01/2013 Danielle Bolduc No
Eclectic Chic Magnum Chic Dream Eclectic Spark 06/08/2013 Carin Valcich No
Economic Boom Boom Shernic West Coast Wrangler 04/17/2013 Jenell Potucek Yes
Einsteins Be Jeweled Einstein Ima Lone Star Jewel 03/19/2013 Linda Trainor No
Einsteins Chic Einstein Ms Chic Poco Pine 03/31/2013 Wolf Hills Farm LLC No
Electrafied Jacs Electric Spark Forever Dun It 04/15/2013 Ernie Rodina No
Electria Electric Code A Famous Little Hit 04/29/2013 Todd Marler No
Electric Affair Electric Code SDP Call Me Fancy 04/01/2013 Terry Ranch No
Electric Annie Jacs Electric Spark Charisma N Chrome 03/09/2013 Marc Gordon No
Electric Boomernic Electric Code Boomernics Potranca 05/21/2013 Ann McGregor No
Electric Dexter Jacs Electric Spark Holly Jac Whiz 02/11/2013 Kindra Rader No
Electric Fire Code Electric Code Blonde At The Bar 04/17/2013 Clint Haverty No
Electric Jersey Yellow Jersey Dixeedoll 02/06/2013 B & L Holdings LLC No
Electric Sailor Jacs Electric Spark Sailors First Chic 03/27/2013 Yonathan Baruch Yes
Electric Tradition Electric Code Cowgirl Tradition 03/20/2013 John and Tamara Bronkema No
Electric Wind Jacs Electric Spark Wind Her Up Chic 03/28/2013 Cardinal Hill Training Center LLC Yes
Electric Xzibit Electric Code Ima Smart Tori 04/09/2013 Courtney Brockmueller No
Electrified Code Electric Code Parnelis Velvetsmoke 04/13/2013 Terry Pannell No
Epic Rush Big Chex To Cash Rush N Cat 04/25/2013 Lorenzo Lotti Yes
Epic Titan Gunner Princess In Diamonds 03/14/2013 McGee Farms, LLC No
Ernies Top Prize Olena Oak Ms Smart Cols Prize 03/29/2013 Jean Huxsoll Yes
Extra Lucky Seven Easy Otie Whiz Extra Smart 05/03/2013 George King No
EZ Boomin Easy Otie Whiz Boomin Dun It 03/16/2013 Steve Flaherty No
Fabulous Gunner Gunner Fabulous Footwork 02/01/2013 David Silva, Sr No
Face Dee Rumor Pale Face Dunnit Dual Dee Bay 02/05/2013 Candy Sodowsky No
Face Of A Gun Model Pale Face Dunnit Ms Maggie Whiz 04/27/2013 Hickory Creek Ranch LLC No
Face Time Pale Face Dunnit Shine On Tejon 04/24/2013 Priss Leslie Yes
Faceit N Tinseltown Hollywoodstinseltown Freckle Face Rooster 03/30/2013 Sergio Elia No
Faceit Sheza Digger Pale Face Dunnit TC West Coast Wendi 03/05/2013 David McBurney No
Fancy By Design RC Fancy Step Slide On Home 01/31/2013 Christopher Walbom No
Fancy In Diamonds Smart Spook Jacs Shining Fancy 05/13/2013 Grady Kimbrell No
Fancy Juls Julgun Commanders Cat 04/18/2013 Jon Sather No
Fancy Revolutions Einsteins Revolution Fancy Sailing Whiz 02/24/2013 Troop Quarter Horses No
Fancy Step Catristol RC Fancy Step Catristol 05/24/2013 Karl Hapcic No
Fancy Step Freckle RC Fancy Step Poco Kings Freckle 05/17/2013 Karl Hapcic No
Fancy Stepping Chic RC Fancy Step Smart Chic Delight 03/28/2013 Sherrie Langford No
Feather Oak Thirsty Oak Shesa Smart Brat 04/06/2013 Carol Metcalf No
Fired Up Chic Pg Dry Fire Chic And Boom 03/04/2013 Wolf Hills Farm LLC No
Firsttasteofwhizkey Whizkey N Diamonds Elanachics 02/08/2013 Reinbow Ridge Equestrian No
Fists Of Fury Doubleknotyourreeboks Workmans Fisty 03/24/2013 Kyle Johnson No
Flashy Joe Hollywoodstinseltown Flashy Lady Joe 04/15/2013 Claude Lindsey No
Flashys Gettin Rowdy Rowdy Yankee Flashy Torima 03/13/2013 Bartlett Reining Horses LLC No
Flip N Whiz Inwhizable Miss Royal Starbuck 03/28/2013 Scott McCutcheon No
FM Shining Spook Smart Spook Shine With Wanda 05/16/2013 Fausto Mattioli Yes
Forgetmeknot Baby Spooks Gotta Whiz Forget The Rest 05/14/2013 Michell Anne Kimball No
Fortune N Glory Shiners Black Cat Albertas Cadilac 03/26/2013 Garry Schwerdt No
Foxy In The Henhouse Gallo Del Cielo Andys Last Four 03/05/2013 Cowan Select Horses, LLC No
Foxy Lil Mercedes Cromed Out Mercedes Foxy Lil Whiz 04/08/2013 Bob Loomis Yes
Fraulein In Diamonds Chicoutmyblingbling Fraulein Goldpine 05/24/2013 Richard Sears No
Freckle Starlight Catty Starlight Jasmin Sweet Freckle 02/28/2013 Thomas Mason No
Free Sliding Listo Listo Pollito Lena Freedoms Barry Lou 04/21/2013 Barry Knox No
Fridaynite Tradition Friday Night Shiner Tradition Of Winning 04/26/2013 Steven Mehl No
From Heavens Highway Heaven Sent Chic Lois Montana 05/05/2013 Jim Babcock No
Fry Dee Nite Special Gunners Special Nite Dun It By Chick 02/06/2013 Mark Bradford Yes
Full Metal Metallic Metallic Cat Teletrona 05/20/2013 Diamond LK Cutting Horses LLC No
Fun Sized Tinker With Guns Brennas Dream 05/05/2013 Andrea Fappani No
Fun Witha Gun Gunner Dancin For Joy 05/21/2013 Sergio Elia No
Gallo Del Joe Barker Double Nic Gallo Del Shine 04/28/2013 Terry Leffew Yes
Gallos Roost N Chic Gallo De Rojo Peek A Chic Olena 05/13/2013 Ruth Jacoby No
Gallos Zan Chic Gallo De Rojo Zans Red Olena 05/01/2013 Ruth Jacoby No
Gals N Guns Gunner Dun Step N Out 03/11/2013 Rhodes River Ranch No
Game Is On Yellow Jersey Shiners Miss Diamond 02/18/2013 Otto Stanislaw, Jr. Yes
Gangster Whiz Crome Gangster Chic Cromes Whiz 02/15/2013 Dave Belson No
Gangsters Conman Gangster Chic Shesa Commander Cody 03/15/2013 Dave Belson No
Gangsters Enforcer Gangster Chic Tivios Ruf Peppy 03/27/2013 Dave Belson No
Gangsters Luckycharm Gangster Chic Lucky Bee Keilind 03/24/2013 Dave Belson No
Gata Luv Poppy Whiz N Tag Chex Lenas Sugar Dolly 04/01/2013 Denise Hopkins Santagata No
Gata Walla Whiz Walla Walla Whiz JD Milligan 03/15/2013 Denise Hopkins Santagata No
Gentlemans Whizkey Whizkey N Diamonds SS Rosa 05/21/2013 Rhodes River Ranch No
Genuine Conqueror Conquistador Whiz Genuine Glo Chic 02/27/2013 David Hanson No
Genuine Star Chex Whiz N Tag Chex Genuine Starbright 01/02/2013 John (Jack) McDaniel Yes
Genuinely Roo Gallo Del Cielo Genuinely Nu 02/07/2013 Kathryn Murphy No
Get Set Gun Gunner Miss Brim Peppy 04/07/2013 Turnabout Farm Inc No
Get The Hang Of It Hang Ten Surprize Getaway Spark 04/10/2013 Bunkey Latimer No
Gettin In Line Shine On Line Getaway Whiz Me 04/10/2013 Bunkey Latimer No
GH A Chic With Code Electric Code A Chic With Crome 04/09/2013 Lorenzo Lotti No
GH Cromed Whiz Cromed Out Mercedes Dun Whiz Crome 04/26/2013 Lorenzo Lotti No
GH Hang At The Bar Hang Ten Surprize Chic In The Bar 04/28/2013 Lorenzo Lotti No
GH Smart Donna Smart Spook Shining Donna 05/07/2013 Lorenzo Lotti Yes
Gibsons Finest Whizkey N Diamonds Moms Stylish Pepto 04/17/2013 Rhodes River Ranch No
Girl With A Magnum Magnum Chic Dream CF Spice Girl 04/11/2013 Torpey Performance Horses No
Girls Guns N Money Rooster Sugs My Gun Dun It 05/12/2013 Frank Granich No
Giv Me Mora Millions Chexamillion Giv Me Mora Freckles 04/24/2013 Hilldale Farm No
Gold Digging Dunnit Pale Face Dunnit Dun It Reining 03/22/2013 Hickory Creek Ranch LLC No
Gold Maseratti Busy Winin Chex RS She Is A Dream 04/01/2013 Andrea Lain-Danford Yes
Gold Plated Crome Custom Crome Seven S Yellow Rose 04/01/2013 Yoav Sugar Yes
Goldeerocks Custom Harley Chex Out My Tuf Sug 03/04/2013 Kelli Norwood No
Golden Gunshine Gunner Shining Survivor 04/03/2013 Cardinal Hill Training Center LLC Yes
Golden Loaded Gun Hes A Loaded Gun Spooks Golden Girl 06/04/2013 Mary Jansma No
Gone Rogue Gunner Lenas Remmi 04/03/2013 Norma Sather No
Gonna Spook Ya Spooks Gotta Gun Angierilla Boom 03/20/2013 Michelle Miola No
Good Nite Kiss Gunners Special Nite Si Hershey Bar 04/19/2013 Gina Sonaglia No
Good To Be Whizzen Mambos Whiz A Little Look See 05/28/2013 Alfred Farstad No
Got Guns A Blazin Gunner Shining N Sassy 01/21/2013 Roxanne Koepsell No
Got That Iowa Shine Smart And Shiney SLJ This Is My Juice 04/28/2013 Mark Mahaffey No
Gotta A Shiney Gun Spooks Gotta Gun Shin N In The Finals 05/21/2013 Susan Jones Yes
Gotta Be A Big Star Spooks Gotta Gun Jitterbug Banjo 05/14/2013 Loren Booth Yes
Gotta Boomin Gun Spooks Gotta Gun Rondalena Boom 04/02/2013 JRA Farms No
Gotta Custom Turbo Spooks Gotta Gun Custom Gunners BH 05/02/2013 Brenda Oneil No
Gotta Custom Whiz Spooks Gotta Whiz Custom Rythm 04/22/2013 Patrice Schreiber No
Gotta Get Trashed Gunnatrashya Got Mischief 05/07/2013 Sergio Elia No
Gotta Git My Guns Gunner Gotta Git Ya Dun 04/09/2013 Monica Hicks Mathison No
Gotta Lotta Jac Spooks Gotta Whiz Gemstone Jac 05/27/2013 Robert Dygert No
Gotta See Me Cookin Cookin Merada Listo Gotta Horse 05/08/2013 Danny Morrison No
Gotta Shiney Whiz Spooks Gotta Whiz Cee Bee Shine 04/15/2013 Bobby Lewis Yes
Gotta Smoke This Ima Smoking Mister Gotta Mark This 02/28/2013 Stefano Calcagnini No
Gotta Surprize Hang Ten Surprize Playin Dominos 04/03/2013 Dori Schwartzenberger No
Gotta Sweet Spook Spooks Gotta Whiz JS Sweet N Low 04/12/2013 Armenta Quarter Horses No
Gotta Twist It Up Spooks Gotta Whiz Make It With A Twist 04/09/2013 Sandra Bentien Yes
Gotta Whiz Gotta Run Spooks Gotta Gun Cedar Bee Whiz 04/06/2013 Devin Warren No
Gottagetchagunsup Spooks Gotta Run Black Remglo 04/19/2013 Michael Jeffcoat No
Gray Goose Juice Smart Like Juice Silk N Sable Pine 04/09/2013 Jim Irwin No
Great Martini Whodini Great N Hollywood 05/01/2013 Walter Buckley, III Yes
Great On Line Colonels Smoken Chex Berry Great Twist 05/18/2013 Mary Jansma No
Great Red Spook AC Smart Spook Ms Mello Yello 04/30/2013 Alejandro Castaneda No
Great Stars Tonite Top Gun Tonite Lil Light 03/30/2013 Tracey Tuttle Bryce No
Great Technique Great Testament Precision Technique 05/01/2013 Stefan Fuchs Yes
Great Time To Spin Einstein Checker Stich Nic 03/01/2013 Gary Hostetler No
Green Smokin Jacket Gunner The Green Jacket 04/21/2013 Carlton Dennis No
Grimm Reefer Smokin Something Peppysfirstedition 05/09/2013 Steve Schwartzenberger No
GSN Lil Buena Chex Gunners Special Nite Mrs Chexinic 01/11/2013 Laura King Yes
Guaranteed A Magnum Magnum With A Dream Guaranteed By Amos 03/19/2013 Heather Hochstatter No
Guaranteed By Walla Walla Walla Whiz Guaranteed By Amos 01/21/2013 Victoria Lambert No
Guaranteed By Whiz Walla Walla Whiz Guaranteed By Amos 02/02/2013 Victoria Lambert No
Gun For Valentin Gunners Peppy Oak MS Dunit Valentin 04/20/2013 Martin Brisebois No
Gun Goes Boom Spooks Gotta Gun Tayanita 01/21/2013 Troop Quarter Horses No
Gun Gone Commando Commanders Nic Urban Gunner 01/25/2013 Herm Sherwin No
Gun It Wimpy Dun Gotta Gun Wimpys Seductress 03/30/2013 Biffle Morris No
Gun N Whizes Gunner Shewiz Hollywood 02/16/2013 Barbi Boyle No
Gun Nite Toddy Gunners Special Nite Roosters Toddy 03/29/2013 Jackie Sorenson No
Gun Showgirl Gunner Smart Scat 02/18/2013 Sunrise Ranch, LLC No
Gun Trader Gunner ARC Martina 04/07/2013 Sergio Elia No
Gun Whizperer Gunner A Smart Whiz 03/20/2013 Barbi Boyle Yes
Gun Whizzard Gunners Special Nite Whizzin Easy 02/02/2013 Loren Booth Yes
Gunikita Gun Dealer Fem Nikita 04/16/2013 Jillane Brown No
Gunin For Dreamchics Magnum Chic Dream Queen Of Guns 04/18/2013 Don Byrne Yes
Gunna B Rowdy Rowdy In Hollywood Maggie Gun 04/30/2013 Becky Poplin No
Gunna B Special Gunners Special Nite Whiz Lady Dunit 03/27/2013 Troop Quarter Horses No
Gunna Baez Gunnatrashya Ms Title Nine 01/29/2013 Matt Lantz No
Gunna Be Chexy Big Chex To Cash Dazzling Top Gun 03/15/2013 Cheri Wallis Yes
Gunna Be Custom Gunner Custom Made Dunit 03/30/2013 McQuay Stables Inc. No
Gunna Be Great Gunners Peppy Oak Ms Lena Weinstein 03/01/2013 Denis Longpre No
Gunna Be Solid Gunner Bar S Docs Gay Bar 05/03/2013 Cheri Wallis No
Gunna Be Tight Gunnatrashya PG Tight Panties 03/30/2013 Steven Winn No
Gunna Cash Big Chex Big Chex To Cash Miss Monika Two 02/28/2013 Brugger Enterprises LLC No
Gunna Ceeya Gunnatrashya Cody Cee Cutter 03/01/2013 Barbi Boyle No
Gunna Chic Ya Out Gunnatrashya Quiet Little Chic 04/16/2013 William Newman Jr No
Gunna Crome Ya Gunner Crome Shiner 02/17/2013 Rancho Sereno LLC Yes
Gunna Flashya Gunnatrashya Very Smart Flo Jo 03/02/2013 Anne Reynolds No
Gunna Get Twisted Gunners Special Nite Chocolate N Sweet 04/11/2013 Heather Hochstatter No
Gunna Impressya Gunnatrashya Carmel Creme Command 02/04/2013 Vision Quest Reiners, LLC No
Gunna Juice You Smart Like Juice The Generals Daughter 02/11/2013 Devin Warren No
Gunna Outgun Ya Gunnatrashya Shining Queen Tinia 02/08/2013 Gray-Leigh Wilson No
Gunna Outsmartya Gunnatrashya Gigglin Whiz Chic 02/27/2013 Brandice Brown No
Gunna Ruf Ya Gunnatrashya Lil Ruf Lady 01/05/2013 Troop Quarter Horses Yes
Gunna Shakeit Gunner Shake Your Doc Olena 03/16/2013 Darling 888 Ranch Yes
Gunna Shine Gunnatrashya Shiney Miss Marker 05/06/2013 Debra Russell Yes
Gunna Sioux You A Shiner Named Sioux Shirleys A Gunner 03/26/2013 Loren East No
Gunna Smoke Em Gunnatrashya Smokin Pistolet 03/05/2013 Reinbow Ridge Equestrian No
Gunna Trash Talk Gunnatrashya Shining Sulena 03/18/2013 Pete Kyle Yes
Gunna Wreckya Gunnatrashya Machos Poco Rita 03/21/2013 Double Run Farm No
Gunnabeamelody Gunnatrashya Fair Lady Melody 04/20/2013 Rochel Furniss No
Gunnabeatya Gunnatrashya Beat This Enterprise 02/05/2013 Jeanine Jones No
Gunnachicya Gunnatrashya Millionnic Chic 02/22/2013 Joe Hayes Yes
Gunnaderailya Gunnatrashya Lotsa Train 04/08/2013 Darling 888 Ranch Yes
Gunnalishis Gunnatrashya Serena San Bar 04/20/2013 Chad Thomas No
Gunnaseeya Gunnatrashya See Chex To Cash 03/18/2013 James Johnson No
Gunnatrashtheplace Gunnatrashya All Chic N Shiny 03/08/2013 Erin Duddy No
Gunnawantme Gunnatrashya Genuine Starlight 02/20/2013 Allen Mitchels Yes
Gunnawowya Gunnatrashya Dark Pine Wheels 04/03/2013 Susanne Hutchins No
Gunnen For Moonshine Moonshine N Juice Maggies Nu Gun 03/12/2013 JoAnn Anderson No
Gunner Be A Pistol Gunners Special Nite Mi Sweet Xena 04/15/2013 Andrea Thomas No
Gunner Be Cool Colonelsmokingpep Memorial Chex 04/20/2013 Susan Dabbs No
Gunner Bleu Gunner Jacs Shining Fancy 05/13/2013 Grady Kimbrell No
Gunner Dunnit Gunner Docs Dunnit Bar 05/19/2013 Bar K2 Ranch No
Gunner Get Dirty Gunner Myskirtisinthedirt 01/03/2013 McQuay Stables Inc. No
Gunner Ina Jersey Yellow Jersey Gunners Angel Marie 04/10/2013 B & L Holdings LLC No
Gunner Special Chick Gunners Special Nite Chic From Texas 05/17/2013 Brian Braun No
Gunnerdown Kicker Ash Gunners Special Nite Docs Litl Kicker 04/18/2013 Diane Sibley No
Gunnernic AC Gunner Bopinic 04/30/2013 Alejandro Castaneda No
Gunners Classy Cat Gunners Special Nite Checca Cat 05/03/2013 Wanderin Star Ranch No
Gunners Classy Nite Gunners Special Nite JD Class Act 03/20/2013 Frank Millstid No
Gunners Especial Gunners Special Nite Doc Did A Ditto 05/21/2013 Bettina Bellini Yes
Gunners Goody Girl Gunner A Good Time To Shine 02/12/2013 Burt Cox No
Gunners High Roller Gunner Yoplait Light 03/06/2013 Marc Gordon No
Gunners Keep Sake Gunners Special Nite Ms Moonshine Cowboy 03/06/2013 Tracy Cole No
Gunners Lucky Number Gunner Hagandaz 03/04/2013 Don Green No
Gunners Money Gunner Rowdys Money 04/25/2013 Jerry Hunsucker No
Gunners Nifty Whiz Gunners Special Nite Nifty Ninety Whiz 04/13/2013 John Balko No
Gunners Nite Slider Gunners Special Nite Wind Her Up Chic 01/16/2013 Cardinal Hill Training Center LLC Yes
Gunners Not Painted Gunner Darlins Not Painted 01/25/2013 Turnabout Farm Inc No
Gunners Royal Ride Cromed Out Mercedes Gunners Royalty 03/29/2013 Garth Hystad No
Gunners Shiney Benz Gunners Special Nite Cowgirl In A Benz 02/21/2013 Craig Cooper No
Gunners Smokin Chic Gunners Special Nite Shesa Hollywood Chic 04/01/2013 Tawny Andraos No
Gunners Smokin Girl Gunner The Zacktress 05/01/2013 Marc Gordon No
Gunners Special Chic Gunners Special Nite Smart Chico Lashes 04/29/2013 Kristle Raile No
Gunners Special Lena Gunners Special Nite Archangelina 01/28/2013 Rondanina Ranch, Inc Yes
Gunners Special One Gunners Special Nite Whiz Okie Style 01/23/2013 Fred Lenertz No
Gunners Starry Nite Gunners Special Nite Starry Future 04/30/2013 Summerwind Farm Inc No
Gunners Sweetgoodbye Gunner West Coast Liz 04/12/2013 Hilairy Guerriero No
Gunnerspecialplayboy Gunners Special Nite Shameless Playgirl 05/22/2013 Zeta Warne No
Gunnersspecialsister Gunner Mifs Doll 01/13/2013 Cardinal Hill Training Center LLC Yes
Gunnersstarbucksnite Gunners Special Nite Starbucks Cocoa Bean 05/05/2013 Larry Weihing No
Gunnin For Gals Gunners Special Nite My Topsail Gal 04/27/2013 Katie Schroeder Yes
Gunnin For U Gunners Special Nite Doc Will See You Now 06/14/2013 Lisa Macauley No
Gunnin Like A Diamond Gunners Special Nite Crdiamondsngold 04/28/2013 Fredrick Pursell No
Gunnin With Chix Gunslingin Chic Kim O Lena Chex 05/20/2013 David Schlabach No
Gunninforaplusone Gunner Plus One Chex 03/16/2013 Layla Choate No
Gunning For A Shiner Smart And Shiney Emmas Smoking Gun 05/02/2013 Debra Ison No
Gunnitude Gunners Indian Katie Bright 01/05/2013 Tish La Mothe Yes
Gunnpowder Gunners Special Nite Boggies Last Flash 03/10/2013 Stacey Huska Yes
Gunrise Gunner Sunnydeous 03/20/2013 Garth Hystad No
Guns For Jewels Hes A Loaded Gun Dun It With Jewels 06/26/2013 Mary Jansma No
Guns Fortunate Son Gunner Custom Made Dunit 05/20/2013 Lee Uselton No
Guns N Ammo Gunner Miss Frosty Peppy 05/29/2013 Janet Cowles No
Guns N Laces Gunners Special Nite Starbucks N Lace 05/02/2013 Craig Cooper No
Guns N Rio Gunner Rio Dun Good 02/16/2013 McQuay Stables Inc. No
Guns N Sparks Tinker With Guns Whizin Off Sparks 04/01/2013 Rosanne Sternberg Yes
Guns N Whistles Big Gunner Hanknskycalicowhistle 04/10/2013 Antler Ridge Ranch, LLC No
Guns Of Grace Gunball Machine Moment To Shine 02/17/2013 Kim Adamic No
Guns Out Tonite Gunner Hollywood Tonite 06/12/2013 Mark Blake No
Guns Still Smokin Gunner Scoot Lil Bo 05/21/2013 McQuay Stables Inc. Yes
Gunshernic Boom Shernic A Little Gunshy 05/17/2013 Frederick Gillespie No
Gunshot N Tinseltown Gunner Tinseltown Wimpy 01/02/2013 Ron McRorie No
Gunsnwhizkey Whizkey N Diamonds Colonels Smokin Oak 04/13/2013 David Goodchild Yes
GVG Electric Spark Electric Code White Hot Sparks 05/19/2013 Cindy Garrett, DVM Yes
GVG Sonny Dee Olena Pepto Cee Lena Sonnys Silver Scarlet 05/16/2013 Cindy Garrett, DVM Yes
Gwhiz Im Smart Spooks Gotta Whiz Sweet N Smart 04/04/2013 Sergio Elia No
Gwhizimgunnabeastar Spooks Gotta Gun Gwhizitsatopsail 04/07/2013 Venessa Medina No
Gypsys Cat Smooth As A Cat Gypsys Miss Oak 03/15/2013 Michelle Miola No
Gyrolena Nic Mister Montana Nic Miss Lena Gyrator 05/09/2013 Spence Bell No
Ha Calico Joe Spooks Gotta Whiz DA Nic A Tune 04/26/2013 Hillis Akin Family Partnership No
HA Guitar Legend Custom Legend Quixote Mama 05/15/2013 Hillis Akin Family Partnership No
HA Nite With A Chic Gunners Special Nite Chick Peas 04/02/2013 Gabriele Flad No
HA Shine Tears Shine Shine Chic Shine Ha Tinsel Tears 04/01/2013 Hillis Akin Family Partnership No
Haidas Special Gun Gunners Special Nite Haidas Magic Saya 03/13/2013 Backus Quarter Horses No
Halleluya Gunnatrashya She Slides Wright 04/10/2013 Camela Essick No
Hamster To A Tee Smoking Whiz Chexy To A Tee 03/06/2013 Michelle Miola No
Hamsters Feelin It Smoking Whiz Cholena Chex 04/22/2013 Michelle Miola No
Hang N Steady Hang Ten Surprize DA Steadys Maiden 04/11/2013 William Weber Jr No
Hang Nu Surprize Hang Ten Surprize USS Nu Chex 01/06/2013 Lorenzo Lotti No
Hang Orima Hang Ten Surprize Dun It Like Torima 02/20/2013 St-Onge Reining Horses Inc Yes
Hang Ten Ebony Hang Ten Surprize Ebony Shines 04/17/2013 Rosanne Sternberg No
Hang Ten Remedy Hang Ten Surprize Pep N Remedy 04/22/2013 Rosanne Sternberg Yes
Hang Ten Spook Hang Ten Surprize Snap Crackle Spook 04/10/2013 Leonardo Guimaraes No
Hang Ten Susie Hang Ten Surprize Dn Smart Snap 02/11/2013 Greg Hall No
Hangin In Hollywood Hang Ten Surprize Hollywood Roxanne 04/14/2013 Clark Reining Horses LLC Yes
Hangin On The Beach Jacs Electric Spark Hang With Me 04/06/2013 Kindra Rader No
Hangten Irish Melody Hang Ten Surprize Irish Melody Jac 05/04/2013 Amanda Self No
Hangten Sparks Hang Ten Surprize Spooks N Sparks 04/30/2013 St-Onge Reining Horses Inc Yes
Hanna In Tinseltown Hollywoodstinseltown Miss Ruf Hollywood 03/22/2013 Nathalie McEntire Yes
Hansettas Beamer Cromed Out Mercedes TAMU Oaks Bay Etta 03/04/2013 Misty Valley Performance Horses LLC No
Hashtag Risky Biznus Whiz N Tag Chex Mizzen Shine 05/01/2013 Derek Miller No
He Smokes Luckies Gunners Special Nite A Lucky Enterprise 05/01/2013 Fredrick Pursell No
He Willie Gunna Shoot He Willie Whiza Star Gunner Be Good 03/25/2013 Joe D' Ercole No
Heartbreakin Cat Palo Duro Cat Lakers Heartbreaker 04/19/2013 Wanderin Star Ranch No
Hell Boy Rio CFR Centenario Wimpy Coronas Affair 07/02/2013 Domenico Lomuto Yes
Hellbent To Rein Scooters Pace Haidas Badger Sue 03/31/2013 Darrel Gustafson No
Hello This Is Austin Magnum With A Dream Snapps Gottagun 03/05/2013 Lin Ellis No
Helluva Big Time Shine Big Time Helluva Rendition 03/18/2013 Eddie and Kathy Clendenon No
Helluva Chexy Chic Helluva Chex April Olena 05/15/2013 Hilldale Farm No
Helluva Hollywood Helluva Chex Ambers Holly Doc 05/19/2013 Golden Glory Farm No
Hermoso Step Wimpys Little Step Hermosa Dun It 03/23/2013 Gerardo Leal No
Hes A Shining Gun Hes A Loaded Gun Lil Shining Suzana 03/09/2013 Mary Jansma No
Hes In Like Flynn Professor Smart Sheza Shot Of Shiner 05/07/2013 Cindy Jerger No
Hes So Loaded Hes A Loaded Gun So Spooky 05/12/2013 Mary Jansma No
Hesa Little Lonesome Nu Steps To Cash Shesa Topsail Olena 05/16/2013 Timothy Leahy Yes
Hesa Shiny Nickle Shiners Nickle King Bars Doc O Lena 02/24/2013 Michelle Cannon No
Hesa Smokin Edition A Smokin Whiz PG Special Edition 03/27/2013 Sunrise Ranch, LLC No
Hesa Smokin Jewel A Smokin Whiz Cats Ruby 03/03/2013 Sunrise Ranch, LLC No
Hey Joe Smart Spook Best Stop 05/07/2013 Wagman Ranch Inc Yes
Hez Fast N Furious Magnum Chic Dream Cowgirl Affair 02/28/2013 Lil Equine LLC Yes
Heza CD Spark Shady Lil Starlight Sheza Sparklin CD 02/23/2013 Holy Cow Performance Horses, Texas, LLC No
Heza Hollywood Gun Hollywoodstinseltown Shez Gun Smart 04/04/2013 Sergio Elia No
Heza Prissy Mac Rey Stylish Rey Missy Prissy Mac 04/10/2013 Gabriele Flad No
Heza Vintage Cowboy Cowboy Smarts Little Miss Vintage 05/05/2013 Gabriele Flad No
Heza Whizboombang Boom Shernic She Be A Whiz 03/17/2013 Justin Cornwell No
HF Dirtsurfer Jerry Lees Surprise Dun It With Flair 05/08/2013 Brindi Lucas No
HF Flashin My Trash Gunnatrashya Chexys Fancy Step 03/25/2013 Heritage Farms No
HF Girliegunnastep Gunner Wimpys Nu Surprise 05/19/2013 Wayne Beus No
HF Sand Bagger Jerry Lees Surprise Hung Up On The Girl 04/15/2013 Heritage Farms Yes
HH Fancy Red Step RC Fancy Step Sheza Red Pine Jac 03/21/2013 Elizabeth Schellenger No
Hi Dollar Wimpy Wimpys Red Berry Hi Dollar Boots 04/13/2013 Mike Lewiski No
Hickory Whiz Cat Hickory Chic Olena Montana Whiz Cat 03/30/2013 Burt Cox No
Hide N Spook Smart Spook Rawhides Rosy 01/25/2013 Bill (William) Bradley No
High Brow Kitty Cat Palo Duro Cat Hickorys Jac O Lena 04/20/2013 Donna Holloway No
High Cattin Chex Tomcat Chex Corona Lite Chex 02/25/2013 Hilldale Farm No
High Hopes Spot Mark This Spot Smokinguns N Tequila 02/15/2013 Elizabeth Schellenger No
High Rolling Rooster Chex Rooster Kalis Miss Peppy 05/10/2013 Jim Dudley No
High Rolling Spook Smart Spook Shining High Roller 02/23/2013 Rosanne Sternberg Yes
Highbrow Fancy Step RC Fancy Step Cats Smarty 03/02/2013 Dan Lindstrom No
Highbrows Royal Reno High Brows Blue Boon Warlena Royal 04/25/2013 Wanderin Star Ranch No
Highbrows Sonic Boon High Brows Blue Boon Baskin Merada 04/30/2013 Wanderin Star Ranch No
His Stargun Is Hot Spots Hot Amanda Stargun 03/19/2013 Sunrise Ranch, LLC No
Hit The Rode Jac Jacs Electric Spark Light Attack 02/13/2013 Devin Warren Yes
HM Big Show Cromed Out Mercedes Mydirtylittlesecret 07/12/2013 Ronald Markham No
Hokiss Pokiss Whizs Chic A Dee Shades Of Amos 04/16/2013 Claudio Ramon No
Hokuspokus Pistol Custom Pistol Smart Dickory Doll 04/15/2013 J.D. Roberson No
Holidoc Of The Bay Hold That Cow Cinco De Mayo Polka 05/07/2013 Julie Leonard No
Holly O Spook Smart Spook Holly O Jay 02/02/2013 Rosanne Sternberg Yes
Holly Tinsel Shine Hollywoodstinseltown Shesa Shining Spark 03/23/2013 Shield H Quarter Horses No
Hollynics Quiet Riot Hollywood Vintage Gypsys Nic 05/14/2013 Sheena Engelbert No
Hollys Final Spark Jacs Electric Spark Dunit N Continental 02/27/2013 John Deer No
Hollys In Town Hollywoodstinseltown Shiney O Light 03/23/2013 Shannon & Hershel Reid No
Hollywallawood Walla Walla Whiz Strike A Star 04/21/2013 Todd Albers Yes
Hollywood Annie Town Hollywoodstinseltown Lenas Nu Annie 03/01/2013 Karen Walters No
Hollywood Games Ghost of Hollywood Doc Jacks Cow Cat 04/26/2013 Chad Sutton No
Hollywood Hype Hollywoodstinseltown Shiners Miss Lena 01/15/2013 Carol Rose No
Hollywood Night Star Hollywoodstinseltown Rusty Reina 02/12/2013 Claude Lindsey No
Hollywood Nites Gunners Special Nite Dun It For Chex 01/10/2013 Cardinal Hill Training Center LLC Yes
Hollywood Pocita Hollywoodstinseltown Pocita Senorita 02/22/2013 Darling 888 Ranch Yes
Hollywood Red Jac Tinsel Jac Rufn Up Hollywood 04/29/2013 Raul Leal Yes
Hollywood Skyjacker Dunit In Boomtown Zipp N Champagne 05/09/2013 Deborah Nasby No
Hollywood Starburst Hollywood Dun It Chic Olena Starbuck 04/11/2013 Turnabout Farm Inc No
Hollywood Whizkey Topsail Whiz Dun It For Chex 04/07/2013 Cardinal Hill Training Center LLC Yes
Hollywoodannieoakley Hollywoodstinseltown The Wimpstress 02/02/2013 Randy Shepherd No
Hollywoodgossipgirl Hollywoodstinseltown Tejons Leanin Fancy 04/08/2013 Loren Booth Yes
Hollywoodmagicmike Hollywoodstinseltown Whizards Magic 02/27/2013 Loren Booth Yes
Hollywoodmizzentown Hollywoodstinseltown Mizzen Whizzen 02/21/2013 Marilyn Copland Yes
Hollywoods Footwork Hollywoodstinseltown Red Hot Footwork 02/16/2013 David Silva, Sr No
Hollywoods Money Hollywood Dun It Smart Kachina Olena 04/30/2013 Shady Grove Farm Inc No
Hollywoodspackinheat Gunner Hollywood Roxy 01/29/2013 McQuay Stables Inc. No
Hollywooood Hollywoodstinseltown Jitterbug Banjo 03/14/2013 Loren Booth Yes
Hot Coded Shine Shine Chic Shine Hot Coded Candy 02/07/2013 Sally Amabile No
Hot Hollywood Gunman Gunner Shewiz Hollywood 01/24/2013 Darling 888 Ranch Yes
Hot Hollywood Guns Gunner Hot Hollywood Jewels 04/01/2013 Turnabout Farm Inc No
Hot Hollywood Nite Gunners Special Nite Hot Hollywood Jewels 03/18/2013 Turnabout Farm Inc No
Hot N Diamonds Whizkey N Diamonds Shes Flamin Hot 02/20/2013 Dick Randall No
Hot Steppin Chic Wimpys Little Step Here Chickee Chickee 05/25/2013 George Shifrin No
Hotter Thanhollywood Hollywoodstinseltown Shiners Hot Flash 04/07/2013 Nicole Miller No
Houston Has No Limit Houston Shine No Limit Too 04/22/2013 Shane Brown No
HS Hotrodders Whiz Bar Top Sailor Ima Hotroddin Skipa 02/19/2013 Hawk Stables No
HS Topsail Catalyst Bar Top Sailor Taris Yankee Girl 03/24/2013 Hawk Stables No
Hustlin In Hollywood Roosters Wrangler Hollywood Miss Okie 01/15/2013 Don Green No
Hydriving Chick Hydrive Cat This Chick Can Smoke 05/11/2013 Burt Cox No
I Am Magnificent Magnum Chic Dream Hide N Cita 04/14/2013 David Pratt No
I Am Sugar Coded Electric Code Cravin Sugar 04/03/2013 J Emerson No
I Be Gun Smart Julgun Smart I Be 04/25/2013 Jon Sather No
I Cee Black Diamonds Big Papi Tanzanite Express 04/27/2013 Bob Maskell No
I Dunnit Pale Face Dunnit Chicks Comand It All 01/27/2013 Kelsey Price No
I Got Your Remedy Very Smart Remedy Oh Cay Leanin Lily 04/03/2013 Patricia Frerichs No
I Juana Be A Gunner Generic Gunner Miss Lena San Juan 03/26/2013 Christopher Park No
I Like Trashy Chics Gunnatrashya Inwhizable Chic 05/06/2013 Susan Jones Yes
Ibe Smoking Gunner Ibe Not For Sale 04/03/2013 Jon Sather No
Ice Cold Spook Smart Spook Ice Cold Dunit 04/25/2013 Susan Jones Yes
Ida Be A Gunner Gunner Alrighta Ida 03/11/2013 Loren Booth Yes
Ida Little Ichi Cat Ichi Chicks Little Dulces 04/18/2013 Idazona Performance Horses LLC. No
Ifwhizswereguns Spooks Gotta Gun Ifwhizsweredollars 04/06/2013 Tanya Jenkins No
Ill Be A Dunnit Pale Face Dunnit Oak Ill Be 04/16/2013 KC Performance Horses, LLC Yes
Ill Be A Super Cat Tomcat Chex Ill Be A Super Star 04/04/2013 Carol Roberts No
Ill Bet Cha Bet Hesa Cat Kiss Me A Little 04/30/2013 Laurie Richards No
Im A Gunnatrashya Gunnatrashya Im Not Blonde 03/03/2013 Doug Milholland Yes
Im A Magnum Magnum Chic Dream Im Not Blonde 04/16/2013 Doug Milholland Yes
Im A Sassy Whiz Topsail Whiz Shining N Sassy 02/07/2013 Roxanne Koepsell No
Im Cable Smart Imasmartpepto Cable Commander 05/21/2013 Robert Anderson No
Im Cashin My Chex Chex Driftinoncenter HA Chairmans Olynna 05/03/2013 Julie Baker No
Im Diggin The Chicks Scooters Pace Oaks A Smart Chic 08/20/2013 Darrel Gustafson No
Im Fritzs Folly Whiz N Tag Chex Pines BH 01/16/2013 Luis Guajardo No
Im In Your Dream Magnum With A Dream Inside Slide 02/03/2013 Carri Visser No
Ima Charmin Shiner JD Shinner Jack Boomerjacs Lil Charm 03/27/2013 Philip Lanier No
Ima Revolution Einsteins Revolution Ima Mistress 01/24/2013 Green Valley Ranch No
Ima Shine Shine Chic Shine Ima Roan Starlite 03/13/2013 Sally Amabile No
Ima Shiney Spook Smart Spook CG Ima Shining Star 03/23/2013 Shield H Quarter Horses No
Ima Smoking Bud Ima Smoking Mister Holly Cee N Nic 04/15/2013 Shannon & Hershel Reid No
Ima Smoking Lady Ima Smoking Mister Smart Shiners Lady 04/14/2013 Shannon & Hershel Reid No
Imafrostypepto Imasmartpepto Lenas Frosty Chic 04/27/2013 James Blumer, Jr. No
Imaroxstar Trashadeous Gray Gunlight 01/25/2013 Lil Equine LLC Yes
Imashaniapepto Imasmartpepto Lenas Sugar Dappled 04/25/2013 James Blumer, Jr. No
Imasweetpepto Imasmartpepto Sweet Sugar Peppy 05/11/2013 James Blumer, Jr. No
Imatrashygirl Imasmartpepto Sugars White Trash 04/12/2013 James Blumer, Jr. No
Imluckynsmart Smart Like Juice Miss Lucky Bonita 04/18/2013 R Dickey No
Imperial Renee Whiz Banjo Whiz Imperials Renee Star 02/20/2013 Gary Hostetler No
Imsugarobsessed Imasmartpepto Call Me Sugar Lady 04/01/2013 Samantha Musante No
Indian Spook Smart Spook Turtle Angel 03/01/2013 Renata Ribas Rink No
Indiana Nites Gunners Special Nite Indianas Dun It 05/17/2013 Sergio Elia No
Indians Gunalena Gunners Indian Boomin Freckalena 04/01/2013 Calvin Burger No
Inspired To Shine Smart And Shiney KR Miss Oxbow 05/09/2013 Sarah Dawe No
Instant Gunner Gunners Crome Son Instant Technicolor 01/27/2013 Stacey Jones No
Inwhizable Lil Inwhizable Twistin Lil Pepper 04/25/2013 Judith Bottger No
It Stays In Vegas Banjo Whiz Play The Lotto 03/09/2013 Frank Forest Yes
Its All About Love Rowdy Yankee Its Conquista Cash 02/14/2013 Sarah Haley No
Ittookaguntogetme Spooks Gotta Gun San Jac Nimble 04/01/2013 Michelle Miola No
Izzy Mercedes Cromed Out Mercedes Gettinsmart 04/20/2013 Bob Loomis Yes
Jacd Up Chic Marthas Mega Jac MDS Topsailin Chic 06/01/2013 Scott McCutcheon No
Jacd Up Guns Jac Daniels Neat Cant Hear Guns 05/20/2013 Kelly Devenne No
Jack N Sara Jacs Electric Spark Lil Ruf Sara 02/13/2013 Judy Box No
Jacked Up N Cromed Cromed Out Mercedes Bella Tori Jac 05/16/2013 Dana Ferguson No
Jacs Lil Tinseltown Hollywoodstinseltown Jacs Lil Ethel 05/11/2013 Tommy Partee No
Jacs Special Gunner Gunners Special Nite Joe Cat Jac 05/05/2013 John McCarroll No
Jag Gunnador Conquistador Whiz Gucci Gunner 01/28/2013 Jessica Giddens No
Jags Fancy Step Chicoutmyblingbling BHS Melody 05/01/2013 Kent Vandevrede No
Jagster Chicoutmyblingbling Shenandoah Melody 04/15/2013 Matt Lantz No
Jazzys Bar Gin Smart Gin Bobbie Jazzy Bar 05/13/2013 Debbie O'Neil No
JB Hollywood Pepper Dun It With A Twist Freckles Red Pepper 05/22/2013 Judith Bottger No
JBS Shiney Gun Smart And Shiney Spooks Whiskey Girl 01/10/2013 Mark Blake No
Jerry It Jerry Lees Surprise Hermosa Dun It 03/19/2013 Gerardo Leal No
Jerrys Cash Prize Jerry Lees Surprise Slide Me The Cash 03/12/2013 Talmage Smedley No
Jerrys Okie Chic Jerry Lees Surprise This Chics An Okie 03/19/2013 Talmage Smedley No
Jersey Couture Yellow Jersey Chocolate Lady Chic 05/06/2013 Chandler Winard Yes
Jersey James Yellow Jersey Little Annies Oak 05/02/2013 B & L Holdings LLC No
Jersey Untucked Yellow Jersey Tuckerette Command 03/01/2013 B & L Holdings LLC No
Jerseylicious Yellow Jersey Chexinics Playgirl 03/31/2013 Robin Aaker No
JES Flashy Jacs Electric Spark Shes Berry Flashy 03/15/2013 Troy Heikes Yes
Jess A Gun Smoke Gunsmokes Money One Lucky Lockett 03/22/2013 Jenny Koerner No
Jeweled Spook Smart Spook Whiz Jewels 02/14/2013 Rosanne Sternberg Yes
Jewels N Crome Cromed Out Mercedes Jewels Lil Sparkle 02/23/2013 Todd Vernon No
JJM Shiney Rolex Twice As Shiney CCC Jackies Ellcee 04/26/2013 John Murnane No
Jojo White Gunners Special Nite Jojo CD 03/07/2013 Sergio Elia No
JP Doc Martens Heza Sure Whiz FS Smart Doc Chic 01/18/2013 Jac Point QH Yes
JP Morocco Whiz Heza Sure Whiz Great Red Dun 04/04/2013 Jac Point QH Yes
JP Skyfall Shine Heza Sure Whiz Diamonds Shinin 04/20/2013 Jac Point QH Yes
JRS Little Vintage Einsteins Revolution Vintage Peach Brandy 05/06/2013 Gerald Dees No
JSE Take Me Downtown Hollywoodstinseltown Ally Gun 03/25/2013 Sergio Elia No
Juan Chocolate Kid Chocolate Chic Olena Tee Cee Ricky Sue 06/14/2013 Gary Thomasson No
Juicy Roo Smart Like Juice Ima Chexy Roo 05/25/2013 George King No
Juicyher Smart Like Juice OH Chicy 04/22/2013 Allen Mitchels Yes
Jul Jitsu Julgun On Command Smart 04/17/2013 Jon Sather No
Julie Long Legs Whizs Chic A Dee CFR Pia Einstein 055 05/14/2013 Claudio Ramon No
Just A Custom Spook Smart Spook Wimpys Little Custom 04/25/2013 Greg Hill Yes
Just Busy Winin Busy Winin Chex Just Call Me Maxine 03/12/2013 Andre Bourck No
Just Enough Spark Jacs Electric Spark Moonstone Dun It 02/27/2013 Otto Stanislaw, Jr. Yes
Justa Cool Nite Gunners Special Nite Justa Spring Freckle 02/10/2013 Tom McCutcheon No
Justanother Nite Gunners Special Nite Justanother Snapper 05/09/2013 Green Valley Ranch No
Kachina Olena Tag Whiz N Tag Chex Kachina Oak Olena 03/20/2013 Samantha Smith No
Katie Dunn Smokin Pale Face Dunnit Strange Bonny Lady 03/30/2013 Biffle Morris No
Kays Tinker Tinker With Guns Kays Freckles 02/13/2013 B & G Ranch II, LLC Yes
KD Whodini Is My Pop Whodini Hickorys Mystique 04/05/2013 Deirdre Premo No
Key To Whizdom Whizkey N Diamonds Gallo N Tivio 04/01/2013 Judy Oakerson No
Keyz To The Benz Hollywoodstinseltown Downunder Diva 03/29/2013 Clinton Anderson No
Kid Paleface Pale Face Dunnit Kid Cupcakes 04/05/2013 Harry Prince No
Kids Gun Spooks Gotta Gun Kids Pine Doll 03/14/2013 La Kuka Ranch No
Kidscruzninamercedes Cromed Out Mercedes Breanna Kid 05/03/2013 Megan Robinson No
Kind Of A Big Dual Mister Nicadual Dun It On A Star 01/24/2013 Jerry Kimmel No
Kingdom Of Diamonds Cromed Out Mercedes Claras Little Step 03/22/2013 Bob Loomis Yes
Kings Gotta Gun Dun It Gotta Gun Kings BH Fandango 03/20/2013 Gray-Leigh Wilson No
Kiss My Goose Starlight Captain Kiss My Dot 03/26/2013 Margene Mooney No
Kiss My Quista Quistador Likea Chocolate Kiss 05/02/2013 Gaynia Revenberg No
Kiss My Quistor Quistador Lenas Grace 03/19/2013 Erin Wieferich No
Kissed By Remedy Very Smart Remedy Kiss My Shiny Lips 03/30/2013 Holy Cow Performance Horses, Texas, LLC No
Knaughtybyknature Magnum Chic Dream Princess In Diamonds 02/15/2013 Clinton Anderson No
Kotyaintinseltown Hollywoodstinseltown Kotyapeekin 02/07/2013 Dolena Andrews No
KR Dually Dun Gun Mister Nicadual Gunner Git Ya Dun 04/12/2013 Pete Kyle Yes
KR Girls In Charge Einsteins Revolution KR Legacy 05/12/2013 Pete Kyle No
KR Lovett Swagger Smart And Shiney KR Smooth N Sweet 02/11/2013 Pete Kyle No
KR Lovetts Shine Smart And Shiney KR English Tee 03/21/2013 Pete Kyle No
KR Rev On Command Einsteins Revolution Command This Tucker 05/31/2013 Pete Kyle No
KR Thumbs Up Smart Chic Olena Boomernic Bewitched 04/22/2013 Pete Kyle No
Ladi With A Gun Gunner Easy Lil Lady 02/02/2013 Darling 888 Ranch Yes
Lady Guns Grab Your Guns CML Ebony Chex 04/20/2013 Alberto Sarquis No
Lapua Gunner Walla Walla Wanda 03/25/2013 Brad Giesbrecht Yes
Last Jacs Jack Jacs Electric Spark Chictastic 05/11/2013 Grant Ryan No
Late Night Chic Shine Chic Shine Major Be Aech 03/15/2013 Rex Hester No
Late Nite Show Gunners Special Nite Good Time Show Girl 01/20/2013 Turnabout Farm Inc No
Layin Down Tracks Gunnatrashya Sinfully Smart 01/02/2013 Clinton Anderson No
LC Electric Jewel Electric Code Whata Hot Jewel 04/10/2013 Perry Corder No
Leavin Smart Nshiney Smart And Shiney Lesson In Leavin 05/03/2013 Tommy Partee No
Legal N Busy Busy Winin Chex Blacks Law 04/16/2013 Samantha Tully No
Legend Berry Custom Legend RTR Melita Berry 04/25/2013 Steven Simon No
Legend In Style Custom Legend Soldiers Lil Squeeze 04/19/2013 Steven Simon No
Legend T Viper Custom Legend Tee Zana 04/05/2013 Antler Ridge Ranch, LLC No
Legendary Model Custom Legend Topnotch Melody 04/25/2013 Steven Simon No
Legends Chex Mark Custom Legend Master Card Chex 02/23/2013 Steven Simon No
Legends Live On Custom Legend Peaches Passion 04/20/2013 Steven Simon No
Legends West Custom Legend Western Whizzy 02/12/2013 Scott Loughridge No
Lenas Lil Whiz Whiz Van Winkle Lil Texas Lena 03/02/2013 Steve Bonnett No
Lenas Twist Of Sugar Dun It With A Twist Sugar Lena Hickory 03/21/2013 Gayle Makin No
Life Is Bueno Whiz It A Chic Hollynic Chex 04/08/2013 Gail Klapper No
Like Hermosa Smart Like Juice Hermosa Dun It 04/12/2013 Gerardo Leal No
Like Madd Maddox Peppys Chexy Diva 04/04/2013 Christian Rammerstorfer No
Lil Backwoods Barbie Lil Gun Skeets Ms Millie Pep 04/28/2013 Claudette Kirkwood No
Lil Choo Choo Rider Lil Ruf Rider SCF Choo Choo Train 05/16/2013 Craig Stonesifer, II No
Lil Codette Sis Electric Code Chic Lil Ruby 04/18/2013 Lorenzo Lotti No
Lil Country Whiz Country Bay Berry Overdrawn Whiz 02/04/2013 Linda Wise No
Lil Cromed Mercedes Cromed Out Mercedes Lil Sonriza 03/25/2013 Dick Randall No
Lil Daisy Rider Lil Ruf Rider Daisy Dunit Whiz 04/07/2013 Christine Brazeau Yes
Lil Gun Control Lil Gun Doc Oaks Charm 04/12/2013 Paul & Pam Rohus No
Lil Gun Shooter Lil Gun LZL Tuff Red Rasberi 04/19/2013 Paul & Pam Rohus No
Lil Gun Shot Lil Gun Sirena Lena 05/17/2013 Paul & Pam Rohus No
Lil Gun Spark Lil Gun Miss Shiney Cat 04/13/2013 Paul & Pam Rohus No
Lil Gunner Twist Gunner Miss Boo Twist 03/16/2013 Teresa Wynn Yes
Lil Lady Mercedes Cromed Out Mercedes Check Your Gun Lady 03/31/2013 Loren Booth Yes
Lil Lena On Line Shine On Line Spooky Lil Lena 04/08/2013 Mary Jansma No
Lil Light On Cash Big Chex To Cash Starlights Joyce 05/11/2013 Sergio Elia No
Lil Magnum Flower Magnum With A Dream Sassy Lil Joker 01/01/2013 Linda Griewahn No
Lil Miss Smart Spook Smart Spook Little Miss Shiney Nic 04/02/2013 Russ Mothershead No
Lil Plain Mercedes Cromed Out Mercedes Little Plain Pep 03/20/2013 Karl Hapcic No
Lil Pop Secret Lil Ruf Rider Boggies Secret 03/27/2013 Nathalie McEntire Yes
Lil Red Revolution Einsteins Revolution Lil Ruf Barbie 05/22/2013 Steve Rouse No
Lil Roxstar Gun Lil Gun Hollywood Baby Dunit 05/15/2013 Paul & Pam Rohus No
Lil Ruf Crome Custom Crome Lil Ruf Sara 04/04/2013 Judy Box No
Lil Ruff Bugatti Lil Ruf Rider Flashy Red Porche 05/15/2013 Cynthia Rubens No
Lil Ruff Spook Smart Spook Lil Jewel 02/18/2013 Rosanne Sternberg Yes
Lil Starlight Shines Shady Lil Starlight Kiss My Shiny Lips 03/25/2013 Holy Cow Performance Horses, Texas, LLC No
Lil Techno Gun Lil Gun Peppys Pretty Pet 04/12/2013 Paul & Pam Rohus No
Lil Tinsel On Top Tinsel Jac Sailin Lil Ruf 01/09/2013 Raul Leal Yes
Lil Whippersnapper Master Snapper Somethingtocrowabout 04/07/2013 Sergio Elia No
Lil Whiz Berry GR Crome Berry Whiz Taris Little Lilly 03/24/2013 Julie Boer No
Lipstick N Whizkey Gunners Special Nite Princess In Diamonds 04/15/2013 Clinton Anderson No
Lite N Lucky Cats Merada Lucky Baylite 05/01/2013 John Lloyd Yes
Lite That Spark Hollywood White Lite That Sparkle 04/11/2013 Carolyn Gipson Yes
Little Bit Risky Wimpys Little Step A Lasting Attraction 04/24/2013 Ixtul Quarter Horses, LLC No
Little Bits Of Shine Shine On Line Little Bits Acre 04/15/2013 Todd Marler No
Little Brother Gun Gunner Shesa Smart Sister 01/13/2013 Sammy Graham No
Little Cannonball Tinker With Guns Chex Out The Cowgirl 04/24/2013 Bill Coburn No
Little CD Ben CD Ben MS Shameless 05/02/2013 Marti Katerberg No
Little Donna Gunners Special Nite This Chex On Top 04/22/2013 Bob Loomis Yes
Little Miss Paleface Pale Face Dunnit Just Plain Cocky 04/24/2013 John Irish Yes
Little Ms Kitty Tomcat Chex Keyholes Heart 04/02/2013 Loren East No
Little Ms Pale Face Pale Face Dunnit Mspeppyisokiedokie 04/06/2013 Kurt Tate No
Little Prudy Pale Face Dunnit Foxy Little Squall 05/12/2013 Ann Lamb No
Little Red Step Wimpys Little Step Docs Little Gunner 03/10/2013 Claude Lindsey No
Little Revollutions Einsteins Revolution Slip A Little 03/18/2013 Green Valley Ranch No
Little Sweet Measles Docs Frosty Lena CT Little And Sweet 05/15/2013 Terry Martin No
Littleblackmercedes Cromed Out Mercedes Lucys Remedy 02/25/2013 Kelly Jacobs No
Littlelightoncash Big Chex To Cash Starlights Legacy 05/19/2013 Stephen Nelson No
Littlemissshininchex Shinin Joe RHM Miss Ebony Chex 03/04/2013 Michael Smithpeters No
Littlesteps For Cash Wimpys Little Step Ms Skeets Lil Peppy 05/06/2013 David Enns No
LK Dunit Twist Shine Dun It With A Twist Shiney China Doll 04/19/2013 Lazy K Ranch No
LK Dunit With Spark Twice As Shiney Remi DS Dunit 04/14/2013 Lazy K Ranch No
LM Jackie O Walla Walla Whiz Olena Tackie Jac 03/28/2013 Lee Mancini No
Loaded Lena Pine Colonels Smoken Chex Bingo Lena Pine 04/11/2013 Mary Jansma No
Loaded On Light Hes A Loaded Gun Janes Starlight 05/20/2013 Mary Jansma No
Loaded With Dance Hes A Loaded Gun One Dancin Diamond 05/20/2013 Mary Jansma No
Lock N Load Hangten Hang Ten Surprize Sister Spook 02/19/2013 Shannon Rafacz No
Lokota Quik Lokota Chic Chocadelic 04/13/2013 Tracy Wilkinson Yes
Lokotas Little Step Lokota Chic Gotta Step Up 05/12/2013 Bar K2 Ranch No
Lonesome Gun Big Gunner Nashonii Summerbreeze 04/05/2013 Antler Ridge Ranch, LLC No
Lotta Silver Dough Outta Dough Miss Silver Gun 01/09/2013 Dorothy Queen No
Love Potion No 10 Chics Magic Potion Ten Cats 05/14/2013 Vista Equine Colorado, LLC No
Loveable Toby Loveable Nic Shiney Pebbles 04/25/2013 Donna Strating No
Loveya Gunnatrashya Love Em N Lena 04/26/2013 Camela Essick No
Lrrcandycodedrooster Electric Code Roosters Lena Breeze 04/17/2013 Lisa Reiter No
Luckie Moonstone Spooks Gotta Gun My Lucky Moonstone 05/11/2013 Loren Booth Yes
Lucky In A Mercedes Cromed Out Mercedes My Lucky Moonstone 03/11/2013 Loren Booth Yes
Lucky Lil Moonstone Wimpys Little Step My Lucky Moonstone 02/20/2013 Loren Booth Yes
Lucky One Lena Mifillena Lucky Satin Jac 01/07/2013 Gerardo Leal No
Lucky Stone 86 Lucky Bay Lena Smoken Royal Lady 03/30/2013 Daniel Blackburn No
Lucky Was A Surprise Loveable Nic Im A Great Surprise 05/02/2013 Outrider Ranch Ltd Yes
Lynx To Haidas Haidas Peppy Lynx Panchos Wonder 03/06/2013 Wolf Hills Farm LLC No
M Four Special Agent Gunners Special Nite Muskjacwhiz 03/13/2013 Michael Monfore Yes
MAB Gunnasparkya Gunnatrashya Electric Pine 04/12/2013 Marc Bourbeau No
Magnum Cool Whiz Magnum Chic Dream Miss Whiz Biz 04/03/2013 Greg Hall No
Magnum Gloria Magnum Chic Dream Roosters Valentine 03/30/2013 La Kuka Ranch No
Magnum Of Whizkey Malt Whizkey Not Just Dreamin 05/03/2013 Suzanne De Champlain Yes
Magnum Style Magnum Chic Dream Easy Whiz My Money 03/05/2013 Kathy Hinton No
Magnums Chic Magnet Magnum Chic Dream Boot Jacs Candy 04/29/2013 Rebecca Jordan No
Magnums Patron Magnum Chic Dream Bueno Cuervo Gold 02/11/2013 Casey Hinton No
Magnums Peppy Magnum Chic Dream Mattie Pep 04/17/2013 Jeanne Jackson No
Magnums Wimpy Chic Magnum Chic Dream Wimpys Pinesail 04/07/2013 Ken Van Alstine Yes
Majestic Dun Ofa Gun Spooks Gotta Gun Little Bit Of Dun It 05/09/2013 Cyndee Hall Yes
Majestic Pistol Custom Pistol Majestic Lil Peppy 03/14/2013 Tracey Tuttle Bryce No
Major Crome Cromed Out Mercedes Major Maddie 05/21/2013 Roberta Witt No
Major Pizzazz Major Sno Chex Sailors Steady Date 04/22/2013 Vanessa Rogers No
Make It Memorable Walla Walla Whiz Memorable Affair 01/26/2013 Victoria Lambert No
Mamas Dual Smart Cat Dual Smart Rey Big Mamma Cat 01/11/2013 Russ Mothershead No
Master Desire Master Snapper Topsails Desire 05/08/2013 Sergio Elia Yes
Master Joyride Master Snapper CD Joyride 04/26/2013 Sergio Elia No
Maylectric Electric Code Chex That May West 04/13/2013 Jonathan Savard No
MB Maybe Little Boon Fourm Sansfineststep Turnkey Lil Boon 05/01/2013 Mario Brunelle No
Mcgemiliano Gunner Mi Sugar Dunit 05/10/2013 Miguel Cavazos Guerrero No
Meerly A Custom Whiz Custom Legend Lil Meericle Whiz 05/07/2013 Teresa Hickman No
Mega Chex To Cash Marthas Mega Jac Sheza Busy Chex 04/13/2013 Scott McCutcheon No
Mega Juicy Smart Like Juice Mega Dunnit 04/16/2013 Nadine Galbraith No
Mega Peppy Jac Marthas Mega Jac Janets Lil Peppy 03/29/2013 Diane Sibley No
Mega Spooktacular Smart Spook Cinco De Mega 01/06/2013 Martin Bonneson No
Megas Revolution Einsteins Revolution Megas Miss Freckles 03/07/2013 CDJ Performance Horses No
Mercedes Cromed Out Cromed Out Mercedes Pretty Pirate 04/25/2013 Ken Van Alstine Yes
Mercedes Dealer Cromed Out Mercedes Wild Card Whiz 04/17/2013 Green Valley Ranch No
Mercedes Dun It Cromed Out Mercedes Dun Its Sweet Thing 04/01/2013 Carluccio Orsi No
Mercedes Echol Cromed Out Mercedes Smokin Echol 06/01/2013 Bob Loomis Yes
Mercedes Gotta Gun Cromed Out Mercedes Gun Zandwich 03/16/2013 Jerry Davis No
Mercedes N Pearls Cromed Out Mercedes Katijac Miss 04/13/2013 Kindra Rader No
Mercedes R For Wimps Cromed Out Mercedes Wimpy Little Girl 04/15/2013 Javier Melo No
Mercedes Snap N Crav Cromed Out Mercedes Snap Crackle Whiz 01/08/2013 Bob Loomis Yes
Mif Dee Mercedes Cromed Out Mercedes Mif Dee Bay 03/19/2013 Bob Loomis Yes
Mifs Lil Gun Lil Gun Junior Mif 03/25/2013 Michael Foxx No
Mini Double Smoke Shining Smoke Tari Double Docs Mini 05/02/2013 Joey Moultrie No
Mischief N Guns Gunner SR Mischief Maker 06/07/2013 Sergio Elia No
Miss BH Einstein Einsteins Revolution Misty Eyed BH Pine 03/31/2013 Troop Quarter Horses No
Miss Callifornia Smart Spook Chexanicki 03/04/2013 Joe & Karen Moran No
Miss Chex Cashier Big Chex To Cash Miss Cherry Gin 04/24/2013 Lorenzo Lotti No
Miss Diamond Surpriz Hang Ten Surprize Shiney Cielo 04/19/2013 Shannon & Hershel Reid No
Miss Dry Tag Whiz N Tag Chex Lil Miss Lena 03/20/2013 Chris Sullivan No
Miss N Wimpy Wimpys Little Step Miss N Becky 04/13/2013 Ixtul Quarter Horses, LLC No
Miss Rey Gun Gunner Shiners Miss Rey 04/05/2013 Larry & Katharine Barker Family Trust No
Miss Snappy Spook Smart Spook Miss San Snap 04/16/2013 Rosanne Sternberg Yes
Miss Starlight Baby Spooks Gotta Gun Hanging United 05/02/2013 Carolyn Gipson Yes
Miss Top Whiz Dunit Jumping Jack Whiz Miss Bogle 012 03/23/2013 Jessica Fritzler No
Miss Van Winkle Whiz Van Winkle Miss Rascal Nic 04/06/2013 Jackie McNamara No
Miss Voodoo To You Shiners Voodoo Dr Holicee 02/20/2013 Ixtul Quarter Horses, LLC No
Miss Walla Fairytale Walla Walla Whiz Miss Kilo Star 05/04/2013 Martin Corbeil No
Miss Walla Wonka Walla Walla Whiz Ms Jab O Nic 04/11/2013 Jennifer Redmond No
Miss Whizzletown Hollywoodstinseltown Rewind N Whiz 03/19/2013 Jenny Ricotta No
Miss Yankee Whiz Rowdy Yankee Spiffy Little Whiz 04/24/2013 Seth Kenoyer No
Missedouttinseltown Hollywoodstinseltown Miss Sliding Peppy 03/15/2013 Sam Schaffhauser Yes
Missin The Whizkey Whizkey N Diamonds Lucky Lil Lynx 03/09/2013 Dale Lopp No
Missin Tinseltown Hollywoodstinseltown Dont Miss This 01/30/2013 McQuay Stables Inc. No
Missin Walla Whiz Walla Walla Whiz Missin My Friend 05/28/2013 Margaret Sanders No
Mister Dual Shine Mister Dual Pep Shiners Valentine 02/24/2013 Carlton & Khris Crowe No
Mister Dualin Cowboy Hold That Cow Misters Lena Girl 06/19/2013 Julie Leonard No
Mister Gun Flash Mister Nicadual Billie Gun Flash 06/03/2013 McQuay Stables Inc. No
Mister Jones Dunit Mister Nicadual Chexy Dun It 04/10/2013 Turnabout Farm Inc No
Mister Shining Snapp Master Snapper Miss Shining Jewel 06/09/2013 Shield H Quarter Horses No
Mister Smartypants Smart And Shiney Peppys Lady Di 03/30/2013 Ashley Wilson-Hammer No
Mister Smoking Gun Pale Face Dunnit Ellie Pep 04/23/2013 Danielle Rosia No
Mister Tinselwood Hollywoodstinseltown Cee Miss Hollywood 02/08/2013 George Bell Yes
Misters Wish Mister Dual Pep Autumns Wish 05/04/2013 Carlton & Khris Crowe No
Mistyrios Spook Smart Spook Smoke N Misty 02/16/2013 Rosanne Sternberg Yes
Mitey Shiney Whiz Spooks Gotta Whiz Miss Shiney Mite 01/18/2013 Lisa Stafford-Johnson No
Miz Whizs Out Cromed Out Mercedes Smokin Dixie Whiz 05/10/2013 Joseph Hoggard No
Mizzen Gunner Gunner Mizzen Whizzen 05/09/2013 Marilyn Copland Yes
Mizzen You Jacs Electric Spark West Coast Mizzen 03/27/2013 Cardinal Hill Training Center LLC Yes
Mizzing Gunnr Gunner West Coast Mizzen 02/16/2013 Cardinal Hill Training Center LLC Yes
Mjays Shining Whiz Son Shining Rooster Whiz Me A Dream 04/20/2013 Sheryl Williams No
MJG Guns For Abby Gunner MJG Hollywood Dry 04/12/2013 Horsebreakers Unlimited No
MJR Whizkey Business Whizkey N Diamonds Dream Angel Dun It 05/04/2013 Mikala Johnson No
ML Wimpys Super Nova Wimpys Little Step Shiney Rooster 04/04/2013 Heather Ruthven No
MM Golden Mega Jac Golden Lena Chex Mega Jacs Klass Act 05/06/2013 Faron Forsyth No
MM Golden Whiz Golden Lena Chex Eyed Be Inwhizable 05/03/2013 Faron Forsyth No
Modern Gun Gunners Special Nite Taris Modern Design 05/17/2013 Turnabout Farm Inc No
Moonshine N Zeus Moonshine N Juice Spooky Star Tari 05/10/2013 Rebekah Johnson No
Moonstone Princess Cromed Out Mercedes Shining Moonstone 02/16/2013 Equine Plus No
Motorista Custom Harley Miquitos Foxy Lady 04/02/2013 Chase McAllister Yes
Motown In Hollywood Hollywoodstinseltown Lenas Ruby Chex 03/19/2013 David Silva, Sr No
Mr Badgin Gunner Gunners Special Nite This Girls Badgin 05/03/2013 Backus Quarter Horses No
Mr Benz Cromed Out Mercedes Whiz Ms Dolly 01/30/2013 Britta Jacobson Yes
Mr Big Shine Shine Big Time Nu Shoes N Sox 03/29/2013 Carla Odetto No
Mr Custom Dually Mister Dual Train Custom Superstar 05/10/2013 B. Karen Symonds No
Mr Gun Dancer Gun Dealer Dance Like Juice 05/02/2013 Larry McDougall No
MR Mercedes Whiz Cromed Out Mercedes Ms Hollywood Whiz 03/07/2013 Mathieu Buton Yes
Mr Muffin Man Hes A Loaded Gun Blackburns Tailwind 06/12/2013 Jenny Justin No
Mr Revolution Whiz Einsteins Revolution Impunity Jane 03/22/2013 Jeffrey Tuttle No
Mr Ruf Capri Lil Ruf Rider Ms Red Capri 04/27/2013 Sondra McCoy No
Mr Whizicol Walla Walla Whiz Colonels Jazzy Jewel 02/18/2013 Eric Storey No
Ms Hangten Hang Ten Surprize Miss Jessie Jac HYD 04/12/2013 Les Woodgeard Yes
Ms Hollywood Chic Hollywood Vintage Magnums Answer 04/24/2013 Hope 4 Reining Horses No
Ms Mifilena Mifillena Wimpys Ms Tinseltown 02/01/2013 Gerardo Leal No
Ms Paparika Jac Mr Boomerjac Shes A Sweet Peppy 02/26/2013 Michael Rowland, DVM No
Ms Regina Olena Cee A Chocolate Chic Poco Tudi Tucker 02/28/2013 Tina McClenahan No
Ms Tinsel Tinsel Jac Ms Acre 04/19/2013 Michael Rowland, DVM No
Ms Whizadual Mister Nicadual Ms Great Whiz 01/08/2013 Brian Welman No
My Customized Whiz Walla Walla Whiz Custom Mahogany 03/10/2013 Michelle Miola No
My Dream Chic Magnum Chic Dream Double My Quixote 03/07/2013 Lisa Bissell No
My Dream Ride Cromed Out Mercedes Spinning Dream 04/25/2013 Devin Warren No
My Duallys Shining Mister Nicadual Shining Miss 02/26/2013 Jerry Kimmel No
My Electric Code Electric Code My Chic Dun It 01/20/2013 Tom McCutcheon No
My Electric Lady Bug Electric Code Cee Bees Lady Bug 03/08/2013 John and Tamara Bronkema No
My Gunner Girl Gunner My Hollywood Girl 01/28/2013 David Silva, Sr No
My Guns Dun It Hollywood Dun It Red Berry Guns 02/23/2013 McQuay Stables Inc. No
Nabiscos Nic Nabisco Roan Nic N Chic 05/12/2013 Holy Cow Performance Horses, Texas, LLC No
Need A Name Please Mentiras Acre Along Came Polly 05/02/2013 Lara Gosbee No
Neon Dreams Cromed Out Mercedes Miss Brim Star 02/21/2013 Clinton Anderson No
Never Miff A Step Wimpys Little Step Mifs Doll 02/15/2013 Cardinal Hill Training Center LLC Yes
Never Outta Dough Outta Dough Chex Writing Queen 03/12/2013 Ryan Appleton No
New Chic In Town Smart Chic Olena Genuine Dry Sugar 05/07/2013 Ashlyn Williams Yes
New Kinda Swagger Hollywoodstinseltown Shiny Hot Pants 03/02/2013 Clinton Anderson No
New Wrangler Girl Starlights Wrangler New Penny Cowboy 04/30/2013 Todd Marler No
Nexes Whizmatic Shes A Little Step 05/03/2013 David Zimmerman No
Nicitysplit Smart Like Juice Classy Cagey Nic 03/09/2013 Terry Leffew Yes
Nicki The Cat Shiners Nickle Sadie The Cat 04/03/2013 Michelle Cannon No
Nickita Dual Guns Mister Nicadual A Chic With A Gun 02/28/2013 Wanda-Dee Haddad No
Nics Custom Dually Mister Nicadual Custom Whizper 01/24/2013 Lee Ann Upton No
Nics Lady In Black Nics Black Diamond Houstons Lone Star 03/30/2013 Cowan Select Horses, LLC No
Nics Okie Bella Nics Black Diamond Okie Starbella 04/09/2013 Cowan Select Horses, LLC No
Nifty Shiney Chic Shine Chic Shine Custom Nifty Nic 03/13/2013 Carl Lambert No
Nikky Bud Olena Bud Creme Olena Custom Hickory 05/25/2013 Martin Corbeil No
Nita Lil Pepto Peptoboonsmal Nita Rojo Hayes 03/14/2013 Phillip Aaron No
Nite Bizness Gunners Special Nite Hollywood Biz Whiz 02/14/2013 Troop Quarter Horses No
Nite Brite Gunners Special Nite Schoen Melody 04/30/2013 Joan Erickson No
Nite Express Gunners Special Nite Play Zana Express 03/08/2013 Gary Putman No
Nite Gunnin Gunner Dun It By Chick 04/27/2013 Mark Bradford Yes
Nite Lee Special Gunners Special Nite Starlights Lee 05/27/2013 Sergio Elia No
Nite N Gail Gunners Special Nite Tari Trash 04/20/2013 Gail Klapper No
Nite With A Playmate Gunners Special Nite Playmate By Chic 05/05/2013 Lisa Stafford-Johnson No
Niteatthedixiechickn Gunners Special Nite Daydreamin Chic 04/11/2013 Tom McCutcheon No
Nitetime Deja Vu Gunners Special Nite Dun Its Deja Vu 02/08/2013 Tom McCutcheon No
No Bills To Pay Big Chex To Cash Sassy N Shiney 04/07/2013 Bahn Quarter Horses, LLC No
No Crome Carl Cromed Out Mercedes Starlight Sailor 04/23/2013 David Hanson No
No Smokin Gun Gunner Whiz Chill Factor 05/25/2013 Susan Jones Yes
No Smoking Required Gunner Icing Required 03/13/2013 Carluccio Orsi No
No Surprise Here Jerry Lees Surprise Alittlefancyfootwork 03/02/2013 Steven Tracy No
No Talking Trash Gunnatrashya Zans Hickory Girl 04/13/2013 Stoney Russell No
North Sail Solitaire Topsail Whiz Solitary Gunner 05/05/2013 Marie Whitmarsh No
Northern Nites Gunners Special Nite Princess Starbuck 04/23/2013 Charles Stinner No
Notalotacrome Cromed Out Mercedes Dual Reys Jewel 04/05/2013 Armenta Quarter Horses No
Nu Boston Pops Nu Pops Be Aech Babe 04/06/2013 Deborah Strahman Yes
Nu Chiquita Chex Heza Nu Jewel Little Fancy BH 02/17/2013 Sara Cook No
Nu Diamond Whiz Jumping Jack Whiz Chex My Royal Booty 02/27/2013 Laura Shea No
Nu Hot Chick Chicks Speed Limit Hot Chex To Cash 03/17/2013 Dana Bunch No
Nu N Fabulous Nu Pops Ms Ab Fab 03/08/2013 Deborah Strahman No
Nu Wave Cielo Nu Pops Angelico Del Cielo 06/16/2013 Deborah Strahman Yes
Nu Whiz King Whizdoms Dreamcatcher Sailn Hollywoodstyle 04/15/2013 Jerry Fowler No
NVR Another Luckyhit Pale Face Dunnit What A Lucky Hit 04/06/2013 Gary Vickrey No
NVR Moonshine Dunnit Houston Shine Tyree Dunnit 04/26/2013 Gary Vickrey No
NVR Ruf Boomshernic Boom Shernic Ruf Dixie Chic 04/01/2013 Gary Vickrey No
Oh Ya Gunnatrashya Miss Behaving Withme 04/15/2013 Camela Essick No
Oh Yes I Can Jac Marthas Mega Jac Smart Juicy Lucy 03/27/2013 Scott McCutcheon No
Olenas Little Step Wimpys Little Step Ms Collena O Lena 03/27/2013 Donna Woodruff No
One Bad Boomer Boomernic She And Chic Dunit 04/28/2013 KC Performance Horses, LLC Yes
One Chics Dream Magnum Chic Dream Lena One Gun 03/06/2013 Darling 888 Ranch Yes
One Fancy Magnum Magnum With A Dream Ms Diamonds Fancy 04/02/2013 Nichole Ingram No
One Gun Dual Dual R Smokin Guns Lockett 04/08/2013 Jenny Koerner No
One Hot Potato SRR Five Card Stud Spudjet 06/03/2013 Jaime Suing No
One Last Drink Jacs Electric Spark Snip O Chex 02/06/2013 Cinder Lakes Ranch Yes
One Last Nite Gunners Special Nite One Last Corona 05/25/2013 Turnabout Farm Inc Yes
One Last Play Peeko De Oro Playsa Little Ruf 03/21/2013 Robert Rosenfeld No
One Night Together One Night Roost Custom Harmony 05/13/2013 Andrea Archer No
One Special Gunner Gunners Special Nite Kickin It Like Chics 03/13/2013 Brent Loseke No
One Surprised Cowboy Jerry Lees Surprise Cowboyology 04/15/2013 Talmage Smedley No
One Trashy Playboy Gunnatrashya Oaks Lectric Belle 04/07/2013 JoAnn Anderson No
Onestep Over Theline Wimpys Little Step SE Scoot Over 03/11/2013 Sergio Elia No
Only Wears Prada Smart Spook Footwork Fashion 04/11/2013 Bill Coburn No
Oops Itsa Spooks Spooks Gotta Gun Tejons Finally Dunit 04/09/2013 Michelle Miola No
Orphadeous Trashadeous Collena Nicolena 04/06/2013 Lyons Legacy Performance Horses, LLC Yes
Our Special Affair Gunners Special Nite Our Major Affair 01/31/2013 Robert Stinner No
Our Special Nite Gunners Special Nite SL Lenas Chick 04/27/2013 Bur Oak, LLC No
Outlaw Dreams Magnum With A Dream Mollie Montana 04/06/2013 George Lawrence Yes
Outta Chexanicki Outta Dough Chexanicki 04/07/2013 Dorothy Queen No
Outwest Whizn Annie Out West Whiz Lil Ruf Whiz 01/23/2013 Philip Lanier No
Paintball Machine Gunball Machine Dun It In A Slip 04/01/2013 Painted Desert Ranch LLC No
Painted Lahayla Trashadeous Painted Akeelah Whiz 01/11/2013 Pamela Loomis Yes
Painted Tag Whiz N Tag Chex Kachina Oak 03/26/2013 Samantha Smith No
Pale Black Gun Pale Face Dunnit Blazing In Black 05/27/2013 Hickory Creek Ranch LLC No
Pale Conquistador Pale Face Dunnit Luz Del Conquistador 04/09/2013 Hickory Creek Ranch LLC No
Pale Face Chic Pale Face Dunnit Smart Travalin Chic 02/28/2013 Teresea Welch No
Pale Face Jose Pale Face Dunnit Diamond Debra 03/18/2013 Frederick Gillespie No
Pale Faced Dancer Pale Face Dunnit Dancer Nic 04/26/2013 Hickory Creek Ranch LLC No
Pale Faced Sailor Pale Face Dunnit Sail A Jay 03/31/2013 Barbara Scalet No
Pale Faced Sun Pale Face Dunnit Zans Sunshine 03/21/2013 Hickory Creek Ranch LLC No
Pale Feathers Pale Face Dunnit Tejon To A Tee 04/21/2013 John Butler No
Pale Lena Chic Pale Face Dunnit Sonita Lena Chick 03/16/2013 Tim Anderson Yes
Pale Of Gold Pale Face Dunnit Sailors Starbuck 04/12/2013 Carlton & Khris Crowe Yes
Paleface Gunner Pale Face Dunnit Conquistador Lena 04/26/2013 Nancy Rice No
Palesail Pale Face Dunnit Topsails Chexy Lady 05/09/2013 Paul E & Elizabeth A Jordan No
Paps Last Nite Gunners Special Nite Paps Vaquero 01/10/2013 Robert Stinner No
Partychicatrashya Gunnatrashya Lenas Party Chics 03/30/2013 Teresa Hickman No
Pasalena Pine Classy Pines Teacup Tequilla 04/24/2013 Mark Brown No
Pearl Haggard Hollywoodstinseltown Gunners Pearl 02/11/2013 David Silva, Sr No
Pearled Spook Smart Spook Solanos Pearl 04/23/2013 Sean Pulley Yes
Pearlly Pistols Gunner Pearlly Handles 02/19/2013 Darling 888 Ranch Yes
Pecas Del Cielo Chex Nu Jewel Roosters Abby 05/21/2013 Mary Knopp No
Pending 575025 A Shiner Named Sioux Spank Me Starlite 01/16/2013 Gary Martin No
Pending 575026 Gunner Ms Mello Yello 03/07/2013 Alejandro Castaneda No
Pending 575057 travelin Jonez A Spoonful O Sugar 03/25/2013 Danny Rumph No
Pending 575069 Jac Daniels Neat Chics Priority Male 04/14/2013 Colleen Gilbert No
Pending 575071 One Night Roost Jeanie Lykes Lena 03/11/2013 Stephanie Stewart Yes
Pending 575270 Banjo Whiz Musk Be Bueno 02/12/2013 Frank Forest Yes
Pending 575411 Whizkey N Diamonds Todds Stylish Leah 03/29/2013 Tim Deary Yes
Pending 575531 Paleface Joe Molly Melody 02/13/2013 Tim Edwards No
Pending 575779 Hollywoodstinseltown Dont Call Me Easy 06/06/2013 Dale Cosper No
Pending 575780 Big Chex To Cash Maggie Mae Chex 04/30/2013 Doris Oakes No
Pending 575828 Einsteins Revolution Roosters Lil Uno 05/04/2013 Stacy Neef No
Pending 575952 Magnum Chic Dream Roxana Chex 02/22/2013 Samantha Larcombe No
Pending 575991 Tinsel Jac Check Your Gun Lady 04/17/2013 Loren Booth No
Pending 575999 Mr Boomerjac Taris Little Vintage 05/24/2013 Loren Booth Yes
Pending 576135 Hickory Smoked Chex Ms Dry Kid 05/27/2013 Marti Katerberg No
Pending 576136 Hickory Smoked Chex Little Cow Hound 05/12/2013 Marti Katerberg No
Pending 576138 Sparkling Vintage Nicantuck 05/01/2013 C Conner No
Pending 576364 Wimpys Little Step Tejana Chic 05/04/2013 Gilberto Leal Yes
Pending 576365 Wimpys Little Step Wranglers Gay Bar 01/11/2013 Gilberto Leal Yes
Pending 576367 Tinsel Jac A Few Minnicks More 04/16/2013 Gilberto Leal Yes
Pending 576370 Wimpys Little Step Montanas Dual Chic 04/06/2013 Gilberto Leal Yes
Pending 576470 Colonels Smoken Chex Gallos Hancock 03/28/2013 Liggett Cattle Corp No
Pending 576494 Starlights Wrangler Play Lil Peppy 05/04/2013 Todd Martin No
Pending 576527 Shiners Q Chex Nifty Beginning 05/03/2013 Wendy Williams No
Pending 576542 Gunshy Gangster Reyn N Cups O Joe 05/21/2013 Vista Verde Guest Ranch No
Pending 576543 CTR Peptos Whiskey Mary Jane Reyn 04/07/2013 Vista Verde Guest Ranch No
Pending 576544 CTR Peptos Whiskey Whimsys Last Chic 04/10/2013 Vista Verde Guest Ranch No
Pending 576545 Gunshy Gangster Lucky Charm Dunegan 05/06/2013 Vista Verde Guest Ranch No
Pending 576622 Spooks Gotta Run Hickory Played Bingo 04/05/2013 Kristen Cantacuzene No
Pending 576633 Reminic N Dunit Custom Gold Chex 05/18/2013 Sonja Myrstol-Leithead No
Pending 576668 Walla Walla Whiz Custom Fascination 02/20/2013 Darling 888 Ranch Yes
Pending 576677 Gunners Special Nite Pocita Senorita 02/05/2013 Darling 888 Ranch Yes
Pending 576707 Hollywoodstinseltown Gunners Valentine 02/17/2013 Rondanina Ranch, Inc Yes
Pending 576717 Custom Midnight Placer Kiara Doc 11/18/2012 Catemu SA No
Pending 576718 Wimpys Slippers A New Kali Whiz 10/05/2012 Catemu SA No
Pending 576722 Wimpys Slippers Olena Chic Whiz 10/08/2012 Catemu SA No
Pending 576750 A Shiner Named Sioux Smart Stella 04/30/2013 Alan Chamberlain No
Pending 576751 Cats Merada Shiners Woman 05/05/2013 Alan Chamberlain No
Pending 576757 Dun It With A Twist Misty Lee Freckles 06/02/2013 Wade Rawlins No
Pending 576907 Electric Code Got Trashed 04/08/2013 Terry Pannell No
Pending 576916 CD Lights Suddenly Shiney 04/14/2013 Carolyn Edson No
Pending 576927 Gunnatrashya Jackie Be Ruf 04/12/2013 Nathan O Connor No
Pending 576992 Skeets Peppy Jacs Yellow Capri 04/20/2013 University Of Wisconsin No
Pending 577003 Mister Montana Nic Chic Olena Whiz 05/05/2013 Outrider Ranch Ltd Yes
Pending 577157 Electric Code Ruf And Nimble 04/19/2013 Ann Saylor No
Pending 577159 Out West Whiz Breezin Slam 03/08/2013 Jacqueline Bates No
Pending 577160 CD Lights Oakay To Be Blue 05/26/2013 Jamie Traiteur Lester No
Pending 577167 Dun It With A Twist Shugs Montana 07/01/2013 Shannon Sivongsa No
Pending 577170 Smart Spook Boomerang Whiz 02/26/2013 Juan Leon Torres No
Pending 577189 Moonshine N Juice Jacks Dunnit Sailin 05/05/2013 Shelly Withers No
Pending 577485 Big Chex To Cash I Luva Lena 04/12/2013 Ruth Wentz No
Pending 577487 Mr Midas Smart Little Wanling 07/22/2013 Alex Gryskiewicz No
Pending 577496 Rootin Tootin Dunit Rappin Halowena 04/07/2013 Donald Wolf No
Pending 577523 Smart And Shiney My Betty Boo 04/30/2013 Christine Harlan Yes
Pending 577543 Whizkey N Diamonds Custom Josie 03/10/2013 Leslie Weibel No
Pending 577642 Dunit With A Twist Juanita Chex 03/09/2013 Larry Weihing No
Pending 577663 Yellow Jersey Sir This Listosalady 03/12/2013 B & L Holdings LLC No
Pending 577674 Meradas Freckle Zips BH Connection 03/08/2013 Francis Mercier No
Pending 577688 Electric Code Shiners Melody 04/15/2013 Kimberly Winnett No
Pending 577731 Walla Walla Whiz SLJ Sweet N Juicy 03/03/2013 Lindy Longfellow No
Pending 577777 Hollywoodstinseltown Jolena Gold 04/01/2013 Andrea Anderson No
Pending 577778 Gunnatrashya Dunit Chic 05/08/2013 Andrea Anderson No
Pending 577803 Magnum Chic Dream Aces In Hollywood 05/09/2013 Connie Stoney No
Pending 577805 Wimpys Little Step Shiney Walla Wanda 05/10/2013 Terry Wiens Yes
Pending 577812 Whiz N Crome Khristina Chic Olena 04/04/2013 Carlton & Khris Crowe No
Pending 577814 Mifillena Collena Smart Chic 03/26/2013 Gerardo Leal No
Pending 577815 Hollywoodstinseltown Whata Dream 03/09/2013 Double Run Farm No
Pending 577817 Mifillena Lil Ruf Remi 04/22/2013 Gerardo Leal No
Pending 577819 Mifillena Joettes Okie Paul 01/01/2013 Gerardo Leal No
Pending 577825 Smart Like Juice Hermosa Dun It 04/27/2013 Gerardo Leal No
Pending 577830 One Smart Request Blondys Genuine Spark 05/16/2013 Whitney Hoenshell No
Pending 577837 Cool Wimp Smart Tee Whiz 06/09/2013 Jeff Metcalf No
Pending 577858 Wimpys Red Berry Class Acts Easter 05/22/2013 Carole Hoffman No
Pending 577866 Gun Dealer Lean And Neat 05/22/2013 Patrick Dube No
Pending 577872 Smart Like Juice Mary Jo Starlight 05/08/2013 Smart Like Juice Inc. No
Pending 577874 Smart Like Juice Hangten Stunt Girl 03/01/2013 Smart Like Juice Inc. No
Pending 577878 Smart Like Juice Wind Her Up Shiner 02/02/2013 Smart Like Juice Inc. No
Pending 577879 Smart Like Juice Ruf Catalyst 04/02/2013 Smart Like Juice Inc. No
Pending 577880 Smart Like Juice Its A Lucky Chance 03/10/2013 Smart Like Juice Inc. No
Pending 577881 Electric Code Wimpys Dun Twistin 03/01/2013 RJP Group II LLC No
Pending 577882 Smart Like Juice Velvet Pistol 03/27/2013 Smart Like Juice Inc. No
Pending 577891 Chex Nu Jewel Eternaly Tuf N Chexy 03/23/2013 Eleanor Hamilton Yes
Pending 577894 Tinsel Jac Reminics Joy 03/28/2013 Raul Leal Yes
Pending 577903 Chicks Speed Limit Hot Slidin Chex 04/03/2013 Dana Bunch No
Pending 577910 Custom Legend Jet Set Whiz 02/20/2013 Fauntly Garrido No
Pending 577912 A Smart Enterprise Ms Gunsmokes Diamond 06/12/2013 Fauntly Garrido No
Pending 577919 Whizkey N Diamonds Whiz N Nicki 02/11/2013 Kelle Smith Yes
Pending 577925 Gunners Special Nite Luna Lynx 04/29/2013 Fredrick Pursell No
Pending 577941 Dun It With A Twist Miss Gunnerpine 04/11/2013 Marco Ramon No
Pending 577955 TR Dual Rey Custom Cruisin Time 03/18/2013 Elizabeth Schellenger No
Pending 577963 Smart Chic Olena Playboys Foxy Date 03/08/2013 Ricardo Iniguez Ortiz Yes
Pending 577969 Cromed Out Mercedes Sunset Whiz 05/08/2013 Barbi Boyle No
Pending 577974 03/01/2013 Kindra Rader No
Pending 577978 Tinsel Jac Carola Double Shine 04/17/2013 Cesar Rodriguez No
Pending 577979 High Bobcat Zacks Jazzy Lu 03/22/2013 Alberto Sarquis No
Pending 577982 Grab Your Guns Got Wimpys Mark 06/17/2013 Alberto Sarquis No
Pending 578001 Smoken Gunner SCR Double Spark 06/12/2013 Larry Stevens No
Pending 578002 Gunnatrashya Miss Ole Spanish 03/26/2013 Hope Mills No
Pending 578005 Big Chex To Cash Chics Got A Gun 04/25/2013 Hope Mills No
Pending 578026 Gunnatrashya Hollywoods Lil Star 04/26/2013 Cara Hamer No
Pending 578027 Smart And Shiney I Iza Whiz 02/25/2013 Gary Sanders No
Pending 578028 Heaven Sent Chic Ms Ruf Peppy 05/04/2013 Craig Johnson No
Pending 578035 Cashnchexnhollywood Coca Cody Classic 05/14/2013 Steven Allen No
Pending 578040 Nu Pops Juicy Couture 03/17/2013 Luiz Barros No
Pending 578041 Gunners Special Nite BL Whizabelle 05/07/2013 Danielle Hall No
Pending 578057 Electric Code Chex My Cinch 03/10/2013 Colleen Siadik No
Pending 578077 Hollywood Dun It Rollin In Lace 02/18/2013 Maurice Robinson No
Pending 578081 Whodini Genuine Chocolat Bar 04/20/2013 Juniper Trails Horse Ranch LLC No
Pending 578095 Cat T Masterson RS Lilly Starlight 01/05/2013 Clark Weaver No
Pending 578102 Whiz N Crome Hello Starshine 04/01/2013 Bob Loomis Yes
Pending 578116 One Time Pepto Momas Cats A Star 04/24/2013 Doug Carpenter No
Pending 578209 Custom Harley Mulhall 04/01/2013 Aldo Ramon No
Pending 578216 Cromed Out Mercedes One Smart Whiz 04/08/2013 Rancho El Fortin No
Pending 578258 Big Chex To Cash Lil Peppy Chick 05/20/2013 Lisa Stonesifer No
Pending 578320 Mister Nicadual Tullula Can Hula 05/20/2013 Jim Dudley No
Pending 578321 Shine On Line Cloned By Whiz 06/01/2013 Jim Dudley No
Pending 578322 Shine On Line Matt Dillions Pistol 06/04/2013 Jim Dudley No
Pending 578332 Grab Your Guns West Coast Lena 05/16/2013 Alberto Sarquis No
Pending 578333 Mister Smokin Chic Smart Lil Juice 06/09/2013 James Shepley No
Pending 578344 Shiners Diamond Zan Zan Gold Can Can 03/08/2013 Beverly King No
Pending 578350 Whizkey N Diamonds Sparklin Chic 01/02/2013 Rhodes River Ranch No
Pending 578359 Custom Legend Pines Jr Miss 04/27/2013 Cindy Tobiassen No
Pending 578360 Jac Daniels Neat Hello Weeping Willow 05/02/2013 Cindy Tobiassen No
Pending 578392 Heaven Sent Chic Almost Starlight 05/10/2013 Fathers Heart Family Ministry No
Pending 578434 Busy Winin Chex Senorita Enterprise 04/05/2013 S Parsons No
Pending 578437 Smart Like Juice Jokers Smokin Cody 03/11/2013 S Parsons No
Pending 578452 Smart Like Juice Mias Lil Oak 05/17/2013 Luis Duran No
Pending 578477 Hold That Cow Fancy Eighty Six 05/01/2013 Joshua Harman No
Pending 578486 Docs Peppy San Two Ms Badger Chex 01/25/2013 Kevin McCall No
Pending 578487 Outta Dough Cowgirl Sparkles 03/29/2013 Kristi Berg No
Pending 578502 Cromed Out Mercedes Pistols Leo Sandy 04/20/2013 Christian Rammerstorfer No
Pending 578517 Gallo Del Cielo Pretty Asa Princess 04/09/2013 Clinton Anderson No
Pending 578520 Smart Like Juice Eyed Be A Smart Chic 03/25/2013 Clinton Anderson No
Pending 578523 Chicoutmyblingbling Mark My Melody 04/21/2013 Matt Lantz No
Pending 578524 Magnum Chic Dream Shiny Hot Pants 01/22/2013 Clinton Anderson No
Pending 578526 Gunners Indian OKP Blonde N Chexy 04/01/2013 Josie Dilworth No
Pending 578534 Smart N Shiny Chic Out My Bling 03/12/2013 Clinton Anderson No
Pending 578536 Pale Face Dunnit RC Sonita Slide On 04/21/2013 Neal Agee No
Pending 578540 Jac Daniels Neat Miss Taffy Doc 04/28/2013 Jaimie Lillis No
Pending 578541 Lena Gallo Spark Command 04/16/2013 Pat Pauley No
Pending 578542 Gunners Indian Major Bootie 06/13/2013 Pat Pauley No
Pending 578563 Roo Star Genuine Cross Tie 02/06/2013 Melissa Miller No
Pending 578564 Roo Star Plain But Shiny 04/08/2013 Melissa Miller No
Pending 578566 Roo Star Probably Not Ashiner 03/01/2013 Melissa Miller No
Pending 578567 Roo Star Probably Not Ashiner 02/19/2013 Melissa Miller No
Pending 578574 Jerry Lees Surprise Kool Whip 01/17/2013 Sharon Miller No
Pending 578593 Star Spangled Whiz Taco Bout Flashy 04/11/2013 Haywood Hughes Yes
Pending 578599 Cat Man Do Pretty Poco Boots 05/11/2013 WT Waggoner Estate No
Pending 578600 Cat Man Do Smart Lassie Chick 03/29/2013 WT Waggoner Estate No
Pending 578601 Wimpys Little Step Custom Red Berry 04/27/2013 WT Waggoner Estate No
Pending 578602 Wimpys Little Step Custom Red Berry 05/27/2013 WT Waggoner Estate No
Pending 578603 Cat Man Do Studio Coleena 05/03/2013 WT Waggoner Estate No
Pending 578604 Cat Man Do Smoked Diamonds 03/26/2013 WT Waggoner Estate No
Pending 578605 Pepto Stylish Fox Lynntari 05/28/2013 Joshua Harman No
Pending 578606 Woody Be Tuf The Dream Lady 04/26/2013 WT Waggoner Estate No
Pending 578607 Purrfect Timing Ruff Tuff Stuff 04/15/2013 WT Waggoner Estate No
Pending 578609 Dommandalena Wimpy Little Lassie 04/29/2013 WT Waggoner Estate No
Pending 578611 Woody Be Tuf The Genuine Senorita 04/14/2013 WT Waggoner Estate No
Pending 578612 Cat Man Do Berry Yer Guns 04/17/2013 WT Waggoner Estate No
Pending 578614 Cat Man Do Smartest Fancy Lady 04/11/2013 WT Waggoner Estate No
Pending 578615 Wimpys Little Step Shes A Hot Chic 05/07/2013 WT Waggoner Estate No
Pending 578616 Wimpys Little Step Ruff Tuff Stuff 05/07/2013 WT Waggoner Estate No
Pending 578617 Purrfect Timing Custom Red Berry 03/24/2013 WT Waggoner Estate No
Pending 578618 Cat Man Do Miss Whiskey Lena 05/02/2013 WT Waggoner Estate No
Pending 578636 Can Cans Whiskeyman Another Lil Paddy 03/21/2013 Mary Brown Yes
Pending 578637 Gunner Dun It By Cowboy 02/15/2013 Randy Loveless Yes
Pending 578638 Boonsmal Colonel Cash The Irish Lady 04/08/2013 Mary Brown Yes
Pending 578639 Pale Face Dunnit Be Stylish With Me 03/06/2013 Mary Brown Yes
Pending 578642 Boonsmal Colonel Little Tonette Lena 04/08/2013 Mary Brown Yes
Pending 578724 Gunnatrashya Miss Greyhound Lark 05/04/2013 Shawn Flarida No
Pending 578733 Smart And Shiney Fifth Avenue Cash 05/26/2013 Lyle Lovett No
Pending 578734 Gunners Special Nite Nanny Nu Chex 04/23/2013 Judy Bristol No
Pending 578739 Smart And Shiney Mistress With A Gun 01/13/2013 Lyle Lovett No
Pending 578743 Ima Tendernic Royal Rum N Sugar 05/28/2013 Jessica Buckley No
Pending 578746 Electric Code Scarlet Joe Quick 04/15/2013 Laurie Muldrew No
Pending 578752 Whodini Traceolena 05/05/2013 Scott Buckley No
Pending 578760 Jac Daniels Neat Ima Shining Sparkle 05/01/2013 Megan Francis No
Pending 578766 Boggierima Roosters Mia 04/23/2013 Julia Cowan-Reece No
Pending 578767 Sugar Chics Gunnit Custom Estrella 02/24/2013 Ruben Pacheco Cuevas No
Pending 578773 Electric Code Flashy Jac Olena 05/26/2013 Dana Ferguson No
Pending 578778 A Shiner Named Sioux Zanas Gotta Freckle 02/20/2013 Thomas Armstrong No
Pending 578779 Hollywoodstinseltown Goldseekinenterprise 04/04/2013 Thomas Armstrong No
Pending 578781 Wimpys Red Berry Ima Hollywoodhopeful 04/17/2013 Heidi Arvidson No
Pending 578782 Hollywood Vintage Izzys Pink Chablis 05/08/2013 JoAnne Corpany No
Pending 578788 Imacockadoodledude Stylish Masterpiece 03/15/2013 Kristi Locatelli No
Pending 578789 Imacockadoodledude Grace Personified 04/01/2013 Kristi Locatelli No
Pending 578790 Imacockadoodledude Honky Tonk Judy 06/01/2013 Kristi Locatelli No
Pending 578793 Gotta Go Get It Justa Hot Chic 04/14/2013 Laurie Richards No
Pending 578796 Teddy Wyatt Shes One Famous Chic 05/13/2013 M. Besuijen-Wyatt No
Pending 578811 Wimpys Little Step Some Kind Of Dun It 03/27/2013 Ixtul Quarter Horses, LLC No
Pending 578817 Wimpys Little Step Ruf Pistol 03/21/2013 Ixtul Quarter Horses, LLC No
Pending 578833 Wimpys Little Step Tejana Chic 02/20/2013 Brent Loseke No
Pending 578855 Wimpys Red Berry Ruby Chic Olena 02/02/2013 Ixtul Quarter Horses, LLC No
Pending 578862 Wimpys Red Berry Always Sailing Smart 04/04/2013 Ixtul Quarter Horses, LLC No
Pending 578863 Very Smart Remedy Little Starling 01/26/2013 Cinder Lakes Ranch Yes
Pending 578864 Wimpys Red Berry Dora Whiz 04/02/2013 Ixtul Quarter Horses, LLC No
Pending 578880 Reminic Ringo Wendy Chex Here 05/25/2013 Travis Lemke No
Pending 578882 Reminic Ringo Jessies Got A Shiner 05/14/2013 Travis Lemke No
Pending 578883 Reminic Ringo Chics Olena Badger 05/08/2013 Travis Lemke No
Pending 578885 Reminic Ringo Trashy Riches 04/27/2013 Travis Lemke No
Pending 578886 Whizen By You Reminisince 04/16/2013 Travis Lemke No
Pending 578896 Big Chex To Cash Chics A Playgirl 05/10/2013 John (Jack) McDaniel Yes
Pending 578898 Big Chex To Cash Chics Sweet Harmony 05/03/2013 John (Jack) McDaniel Yes
Pending 578924 Gunners Special Nite Tinseltown Wimpy 01/21/2013 Ron McRorie No
Pending 578931 Marthas Mega Jac Tio Tomacina 03/18/2013 Jeri James No
Pending 578994 Inwhizable Maggies Mega Deal 05/02/2013 Scott McCutcheon No
Pending 579017 Smart Spook Ruffle Me Up 04/02/2013 Rosanne Sternberg Yes
Pending 579029 BR Spotlight Smart Sailing Balleu 05/18/2013 Catherine Cunningham No
Pending 579030 BR Spotlight Sally Duffey 05/04/2013 Catherine Cunningham No
Pending 579061 RC Fancy Step Bella Mina Whiz 03/25/2013 Sergio Zermeno No
Pending 579062 Chic Please Miss Berry Stylish 03/18/2013 Sergio Zermeno No
Pending 579067 Lil Ruf Rider No Creme No Sugar 02/13/2013 Haywood Hughes No
Pending 579068 Double Nic Kickers Foxy Anne 04/25/2013 Terry Leffew No
Pending 579069 Lil Ruf Trouble Great Prescription 03/18/2013 Steven Tracy No
Pending 579075 Lil Ruf Trouble Remys Prescription 05/28/2013 Steven Tracy No
Pending 579080 Lil Ruf Trouble Starlights Lil Lady 05/06/2013 Holly Tracy No
Pending 579131 Pale Face Dunnit Choco Tari Chic 05/12/2013 Nathan Murphy Yes
Pending 579146 Big Chex To Cash PF Ennig 05/01/2013 S&E Horses, LLC No
Pending 579156 Doubleknotyourreeboks Wheelindealindynamo 04/17/2013 Johnna Rocker No
Pending 579158 Commanders Nic Dunnit So Pretty 03/13/2013 Dorminy Plantation No
Pending 579162 Shinin Joe Sunshine Yellow Kid 01/25/2013 Dorminy Plantation No
Pending 579165 Shinin Joe Slj Smart And Pretty 02/22/2013 Dorminy Plantation No
Pending 579169 A Shiner Named Sioux Walla Walla Wanda 04/01/2013 Lorenzo Lotti No
Pending 579170 Shinin Joe A Poco Smart Chic 12/31/2013 Dorminy Plantation No
Pending 579178 Wimpys Little Step Suzana Did It 05/12/2013 Sergio Zermeno No
Pending 579181 Running Red Lights Tuck Tuck Teacup 04/03/2013 James Knight No
Pending 579186 Pal O Lena Brooks Dun Bar 03/14/2013 Juan Vazquez No
Pending 579189 Chic Please Frecklin Rooster 04/17/2013 Sergio Zermeno No
Pending 579197 Rowdy Yankee Pretty Flashy Chic 03/19/2013 Francois Gauthier Yes
Pending 579198 Rowdy Yankee Glendas Smoken Gun 03/10/2013 Francois Gauthier Yes
Pending 579201 Don Quintana Timber Frances 03/19/2013 Francois Gauthier Yes
Pending 579204 Rowdy Yankee Tori Flashy Jac 12/31/2013 Francois Gauthier Yes
Pending 579205 Bugs Valentino Tortilla Kid 05/11/2013 D. McDonnell No
Pending 579206 Rowdy Yankee Lovely Flashy 04/04/2013 Francois Gauthier Yes
Pending 579207 Bugs Valentino Sonitas Lady Hickory 05/01/2013 D. McDonnell No
Pending 579208 Rowdy Yankee Great Mega Pine 04/24/2013 Francois Gauthier Yes
Pending 579209 Rowdy Yankee Sissy Gun 04/30/2013 Francois Gauthier Yes
Pending 579210 Bugs Valentino Topsail Bar Sstar 05/14/2013 D. McDonnell No
Pending 579211 Bugs Valentino Cadamia Acre 05/20/2013 D. McDonnell No
Pending 579213 Bugs Valentino All Playgirl 05/05/2013 D. McDonnell No
Pending 579223 Jerry Lee Surprise Jane Bar Sugar 05/05/2013 Ann McGregor No
Pending 579224 Spooks Gotta Gun Smart Not Smoken 04/12/2013 Olivia Hartman No
Pending 579232 Hes A Loaded Gun Tulip Tivio 01/01/2013 Mary Jansma No
Pending 579234 Shine On Line Fancee Chex To Cash 06/01/2013 Mary Jansma No
Pending 579235 RR Star Mary Time Chic 05/01/2013 Jeffery Petska No
Pending 579238 Colonels Smoken Chex Jesses Affair 05/20/2013 Mary Jansma No
Pending 579239 Colonels Smoken Chex Wimpys Double Step 04/15/2013 Mary Jansma No
Pending 579240 Hes A Loaded Gun Shes Too Cutetomiss 03/24/2013 Mary Jansma No
Pending 579245 Colonels Smoken Chex Mss Boomerchex 06/05/2013 Mary Jansma No
Pending 579247 A Sparkling Vintage Starjac Miss 02/15/2013 Petra Zeitler Yes
Pending 579256 A Sparkling Vintage Smart Lil Whiz 02/27/2013 Petra Zeitler Yes
Pending 579259 Shine On Line Gyrating Tiramisu 03/02/2013 Mary Jansma No
Pending 579261 Shine On Line Guns R Reddy 04/29/2013 Mary Jansma No
Pending 579263 Shine On Line Cutters Sixcess 05/09/2013 Mary Jansma No
Pending 579264 Hes A Loaded Gun 01/01/2013 Mary Jansma No
Pending 579270 Shine On Line Boomernickerin 03/17/2013 Mary Jansma No
Pending 579271 Hes A Loaded Gun Shining Princess 04/22/2013 Mary Jansma No
Pending 579275 Whiz N Tag Chex Sheza Great Lil Step 02/28/2013 Susan Tullock No
Pending 579276 Gunnatrashya Peppys Little Orphan 02/26/2013 Melissa Bergen & Eleuterio Arcese No
Pending 579283 Gunner Taris Little Whiz 02/16/2013 Crews Reining Horses LLC No
Pending 579299 Spooks Gotta Whiz HA Chic A Tune 01/01/2013 Hillis Akin Family Partnership No
Pending 579300 Gunner HA Chic A Tune 01/01/2013 Hillis Akin Family Partnership No
Pending 579303 Smart Spook A Spoonful Short 01/01/2013 Hillis Akin Family Partnership No
Pending 579304 Shine Chic Shine HA Chica Chairman 01/01/2013 Hillis Akin Family Partnership No
Pending 579307 Big Chex To Cash Hancock Toy Girl 04/17/2013 Country Rose Ranch No
Pending 579308 Big Chex To Cash I Will Play These 03/28/2013 Country Rose Ranch No
Pending 579314 Walla Walla Whiz Pines Fine Point 04/15/2013 Allen Mitchels Yes
Pending 579316 Mr Boomerjac One Dumb Blonde 05/23/2013 Summerwind Farm Inc No
Pending 579331 Tinsel Jac Lenas Dynamite Chic 01/01/2013 Debbie Hubbert No
Pending 579333 Mr Dual Pep Sheza Smartest Chic 04/26/2013 Joe Cunningham No
Pending 579334 Chics Roan Ranger Holly Chex Bar 05/01/2013 Joe Cunningham No
Pending 579335 Lil Ruf Rider Strait Chex To Cash 04/05/2013 Melony Jackson No
Pending 579343 Footworks Hoss Kristi Candy 04/19/2013 Clare Angier No
Pending 579344 Colonels Smoken Chex Peg Red Dunnit 02/07/2013 Kole Price No
Pending 579353 Jerry Lees Surprise miffilberry Wine 04/01/2013 Talmage Smedley No
Pending 579356 Jerry Lees Surprise Skeets Fancy Chic 03/29/2013 Talmage Smedley No
Pending 579357 Starbucks Sidekick Wimpy Inthe Starlite 04/04/2013 4 R Performance Horses No
Pending 579358 Starbucks Sidekick Flashy Badger Chex 02/23/2013 4 R Performance Horses No
Pending 579360 Gunners Special Nite Nifty Footwork 03/02/2013 Peter Smith No
Pending 579361 Magnum Chic Dream Coastal Melody 03/27/2013 David Pratt No
Pending 579368 Wimpys Finest Step Torima Bar 04/19/2013 Marilyn Boucher No
Pending 579387 Shine The Way Dunitinadually 02/21/2013 Haaby Performance Horses No
Pending 579403 Gunners Special Nite Dunnits Pixie Whiz 04/12/2013 Tommy Mather No
Pending 579411 Starlights Wrangler Kay Solve 04/19/2013 Christy Gurney No
Pending 579429 Einstein Lil Dun It 02/01/2013 Kurt Tavernier No
Pending 579432 Very Smart Remedy DA Royal Pepto 04/30/2013 Anne Reynolds No
Pending 579434 Very Smart Remedy Reys Spark 03/22/2013 Anne Reynolds No
Pending 579435 Very Smart Remedy Shirley Shine 05/05/2013 Anne Reynolds No
Pending 579436 Very Smart Remedy Gunna Be Lucky 04/29/2013 Anne Reynolds No
Pending 579437 Very Smart Remedy Teena Cash Flo 02/18/2013 Anne Reynolds No
Pending 579438 Very Smart Remedy Magic Sparkles 02/06/2013 Anne Reynolds No
Pending 579439 Very Smart Remedy Magical Lena 02/06/2013 Anne Reynolds No
Pending 579443 Jasons Peptolena Slick Rock Hancock 03/31/2013 Phillip Aaron No
Pending 579445 Hollywoodstinseltown Shiners Playful Pet 05/04/2013 Phillip Aaron No
Pending 579447 CD Lights Shiney Tari 02/23/2013 Phillip Aaron No
Pending 579448 Jasons Peptolena Mandys Fox 04/14/2013 Phillip Aaron No
Pending 579449 Smooth As A Cat Autumn Boon 02/21/2013 Phillip Aaron No
Pending 579450 CD Lights Shiney Sushi 04/14/2013 Phillip Aaron No
Pending 579452 A Shiner Named Sioux Lottatimecash 02/04/2013 Phillip Aaron No
Pending 579453 CD Lights Shining Smartly 02/20/2013 Phillip Aaron No
Pending 579454 Shiners Lena Doc Annies Nu Lena 01/10/2013 Phillip Aaron No
Pending 579455 Gunner Shiney Sparklette 05/31/2013 Phillip Aaron No
Pending 579456 Funny B Blue Muchaman Tinky Chex Chic 05/04/2013 Phillip Aaron No
Pending 579457 Peptoboonsmal Autumn Boon 03/14/2013 Phillip Aaron No
Pending 579460 Jasons Peptolena Funny B Kali Blue 04/16/2013 Phillip Aaron No
Pending 579466 Funny B Blue Muchaman Dulces Delight 05/07/2013 Phillip Aaron No
Pending 579467 Peptoboonsmal Blues Leo Maid 02/27/2013 Phillip Aaron No
Pending 579477 Spooks Gotta Gun Stylish Tradition 05/08/2013 Robert & Robbin Thayn No
Pending 579481 Gunners Special Nite Smart Zan Bonita 04/20/2013 Robert & Robbin Thayn No
Pending 579485 Pale Face Dunnit Hangun Up The Gold 04/19/2013 Crista Morris No
Pending 579487 Cromed Out Mercedes Sail Whiz Me 03/31/2013 Roberta Witt No
Pending 579488 Gunners Special Nite Ms Flashy Lil Pine 05/26/2013 Martin Melgoza No
Pending 579498 Hollywood White Peponitas Chic 05/25/2013 Blayne Harrington No
Pending 579499 Whodini Tejons Skip Olena 03/19/2013 Stephanie Field No
Pending 579502 Pale Face Dunnit Lucky Blarney Breeze 03/12/2013 Perry Flowers No
Pending 579522 Hes Simply Smooth DR Quincy Starlit 05/26/2013 Carrie Hawkins No
Pending 579532 Big Bucks To Cash Charasmatic Shiners 05/21/2013 Lisa Stephens No
Pending 579534 Big Bucks To Cash Fairlee Magnolia Gal 03/16/2013 Lisa Stephens No
Pending 579542 Rowdy Yankee Starlight Honey 05/02/2013 Daniel Pike No
Pending 579543 Rowdy Yankee Roosters Tilly 05/11/2013 Daniel Pike No
Pending 579544 Meradas Freckle Chexys Got A Gun 04/14/2013 Mark Cain No
Pending 579545 Rowdy Yankee The Last Keepsake 04/11/2013 Daniel Pike No
Pending 579546 Don Quintana Money For Jazz 05/08/2013 Daniel Pike No
Pending 579548 Rowdy Yankee Conquistador Melody 04/05/2013 Daniel Pike No
Pending 579565 Custom Legend Missfiftykingcutter 03/18/2013 Steven Simon No
Pending 579567 Custom Legend Pistol Foundation 03/12/2013 Steven Simon No
Pending 579583 Custom Legend Glenda Jac 05/02/2013 Steven Simon No
Pending 579605 Dunnits QT Dynasty CF Hickory Chex 03/05/2013 Judi Lewis No
Pending 579609 A Shiner Named Sioux Short And Royal 04/15/2013 Chown Quarter Horses No
Pending 579610 Tisa Doc Ms Peptomint Patty 02/22/2013 Cynthia Capetillo No
Pending 579611 Tisa Doc Pretty Dry Nita 03/16/2013 Cynthia Capetillo No
Pending 579619 Sonny Zan Olena Sheza Smart Nic 05/16/2013 Merri Colvard No
Pending 579625 Gunners Indian Ima Trashy Lady 04/02/2013 Ronald Varner, Jr No
Pending 579626 Starlights Starbrite MS Strawberry Cowboy 05/30/2013 Becky Poplin No
Pending 579627 Starlights Starbrite Who Whiz Sonata Spot 04/09/2013 Becky Poplin No
Pending 579630 Chocolate Chic Olena Ladys Ruf Peppy 04/10/2013 Leigh Garber Yes
Pending 579632 Einsteins Revolution Olena Whiz Chic 03/30/2013 Leigh Garber Yes
Pending 579641 Dual Spark Miss Mallorys Rose 03/25/2013 Kevin Colston No
Pending 579642 Dual Spark Cadalliacs Jewel 05/12/2013 Kevin Colston No
Pending 579643 Sophisticated Catt Rewards Lynx 03/29/2013 Kevin Colston No
Pending 579644 Play Dual Rey Peppy Mint Sweet 03/01/2013 Dustin Herschap Yes
Pending 579647 Dommandalena Givenchys Whiz 05/18/2013 David Zimmerman No
Pending 579650 Somebodys Shinning Chex Olena Chic 04/27/2013 David Zimmerman No
Pending 579651 Dommandalena White Demin Jac 04/28/2013 David Zimmerman No
Pending 579653 Wimpys Tinseltown Smart Little Peppy Chec 04/01/2013 Fred Thynne No
Pending 579659 Wimpys Tinseltown Playin So Stylish 03/21/2013 Anderson Performance Horses No
Pending 579662 Wimpys Tinseltown SWF Mizzen 04/13/2013 Anderson Performance Horses No
Pending 579665 Listo Pollito Lena Spooks Blondie 04/24/2013 Bradley Meggison No
Pending 579668 Chics Whizdom BBR Bizness Chex 03/17/2013 Martina Morell Yes
Pending 579675 Colonels Smoken Chex Reining Hail 01/01/2013 Matthew Wilson No
Pending 579676 Barbies Dun It Little Zephyr Cielo 05/26/2013 Lorrie & Terry Thrasher No
Pending 579679 Barbies Dun It Hickorys Lena Sam 05/21/2013 Lorrie & Terry Thrasher No
Pending 579681 Barbies Dun It Cb Lil Tuff Taffy 06/01/2013 Lorrie & Terry Thrasher No
Pending 579682 Barbies Dun It Nic O Dee 05/15/2013 Lorrie & Terry Thrasher No
Pending 579684 Barbies Dun It Rooster Tunes 05/17/2013 Lorrie & Terry Thrasher No
Pending 579687 Barbies Dun It Chick Little Acorn 05/20/2013 Lorrie & Terry Thrasher No
Pending 579689 Barbies Dun It Sexy Lexi Wrangler 05/09/2013 Lorrie & Terry Thrasher No
Pending 579696 Gunner Great Red Berry 03/21/2013 McQuay Stables Inc. No
Pending 579699 Gunner Shiners Crystal 04/17/2013 McQuay Stables Inc. No
Pending 579700 Spooks Gotta Gun Jesses Money 05/13/2013 Rhea Pole No
Pending 579734 Custom Legend Snapper Crackle Pop 04/14/2013 Green Valley Ranch No
Pending 579735 Custom Legend A Lil Chantilly Lace 03/03/2013 Green Valley Ranch No
Pending 579742 Master Snapper Dun Its Enterprise 02/22/2013 Green Valley Ranch No
Pending 579744 Master Snapper Brooks N Dun It 01/15/2013 Green Valley Ranch No
Pending 579747 Master Snapper This Chic L Wimp U 01/08/2013 Green Valley Ranch No
Pending 579776 Custom Legend Jodi Pine Penny 06/01/2013 Cindy Tobiassen No
Pending 579782 Trashadeous Somebody Painted Me 03/19/2013 J/P Andersen No
Pending 579803 Gunners Special Nite Talk About Flash 04/20/2013 MJ Liggett Saddlery & Braiding LLC No
Pending 579846 Gee Whiz It Shines Scooters Pretty Pearl 01/01/2013 Darrel Gustafson No
Pending 579913 Smart Gin Christy Genuine CT 01/01/2013 Debbie O'Neil No
Pending 579956 Ten Light Chiquita Command 05/06/2013 Maynard Smith No
Pending 579959 Tinsel Jac Smart Like Teresila 06/05/2013 Miguel Baeza No
Pending 580054 Lokota Chic Rock N Roll Cd 03/01/2013 Bar K2 Ranch No
Pending 580056 Lokota Chic CF Driftin Hickory 04/04/2013 Bar K2 Ranch No
Pending 580057 Cats Moonshine Koko Morado 01/01/2013 Ryan Humphrey No
Pending 580058 Born To Be Blazing Cromeplated Cady 01/01/2013 Ryan Humphrey No
Pending 580059 Pure Whizability Rooster Rosie 01/01/2013 Ryan Humphrey No
Pending 580081 Gunners Peppy Oak Sanie Dots Jessie 06/14/2013 Denis Longpre No
Pending 580082 Uno What Time It Is Boomerilla 03/14/2013 Julie Gibbons No
Pending 580083 Uno What Time It Is Dew It Flo 04/12/2013 Julie Gibbons No
Pending 580084 Uno What Time It Is Custom Pistolena 01/20/2013 Julie Gibbons No
Pending 580149 Stylin Cat Chica Mana Solanos 05/16/2013 Dean Johnson No
Pending 580150 Chex Driftinoncenter Miss Quickinicci 04/30/2013 Lazy DJ Ranch No
Pending 580225 A Shiner Named Sioux A Genuine Zan Dandy 04/03/2013 Kent Tien No
Pending 580228 Cromed Out Mercedes Misty Evening Breeze 05/01/2013 Susan Majauskas No
Pending 580366 Kings Little Lena Chex Shania Playgirl 05/09/2013 Tally Key No
Pending 580382 Smart Chic Olena Penelope Whiz 06/07/2013 Jorge Valero No
Pending 580383 Reminic Peppys A Chic 02/18/2013 Jorge Valero No
Pending 580521 Start Chic Olena Plum Major 03/14/2013 Kyle Barrett No
Pending 581717 Tinsel Jac Miss Hida Badger 02/12/2013 Domingo Alvarado No
Pending 581946 Gunner Smart Starfish 05/24/2013 Domingo Alvarado No
Pending 582592 Hollywood White Do Its Chic 04/21/2013 Gordon Potts No
Pending 582593 Hollywood White Candys Sweet Chic 05/26/2013 Gordon Potts No
Pending 582972 Big Chex To Cash Wrangler Whiz AC 05/03/2013 Domingo Alvarado No
Pending 583002 Peptoleap Top Boggies Tag 03/21/2013 Myriam Jolin St-Laurent No
Pending 583546 Einsteins Revolution Nu Cash Box 02/07/2013 Laurie Deleu No
Pending 583796 Banjo Whiz Lil Ruf Muffin 05/01/2013 Cross C Ranch No
Pending 584455 Greyt Whiz Peppy Diversion 03/12/2013 Kati Bell No
Pending 585649 Smart Like Juice Ourchickinhollywood 04/18/2013 Kerry Fagerstrom No
Pending 591131 Dealin Dirty CD Sangria 05/15/2013 Sharon Dorociak No
Pepita Nic Mr Peppernic The Majestic Dun It 05/02/2013 Oscar Barrales Yes
Peppy Pine Dunit Peppy Lil Codie Holly Hollywood Anna 04/22/2013 Cathleen Woomert No
Peppy San Sioux A Shiner Named Sioux Peppys Final Desire 01/26/2013 Todd Vernon No
Peppymint Whiz Walla Walla Whiz Ms Peppy Mint Chic 04/07/2013 Theresa Cravens No
Peppys Got Reeboks Doubleknotyourreeboks Smart Peppy Boom 03/29/2013 Allison Yeager No
Pepto Lou Lena One Time Pepto Spark N Loulena 03/13/2013 Michelle Miola No
Pepto Pepper Pace Lil Blue Boon Angels Shining Pace 04/24/2013 Darrel Gustafson No
Peptos Dualin Pistol Peptos Rapper Minime Dualin In Texas 12/26/2013 Cynthia Adolph No
Peptos Fancy Step RC Fancy Step A Diva In Time 03/17/2013 Bobby Mouser No
Peptos Lil Gangster Sallys Little Pepto Freckled Gangster 04/26/2013 Melinda (Mimi) Frye No
Peptos Man Of Steel Peptoleap High Slit Skirt 05/06/2013 Harvey Stevens No
Peptos Midnight Hour Peptos Boon Shadow Jessie Jay Lena 05/30/2013 Joan Martin No
Peptos Shooting Star Peptos Boon Shadow Playguns Lucky Shot 04/05/2013 Joan Martin No
Peptos Spiceman Imasmartpepto Lenas Sugar Petite 04/17/2013 James Blumer, Jr. No
Perfect Stormy Nite Gunners Special Nite Miss San Electric 03/30/2013 Lil Equine LLC Yes
PFD Smokin Pale Face Dunnit Tjslastsparklenshine 04/30/2013 Regina Brown No
Phantom Face Pale Face Dunnit Gorgeous Like A Star 04/06/2013 Hickory Creek Ranch LLC Yes
Pine Roos Smart Lil Roos Great No Trouble 01/12/2013 Guenter Bosner No
Pineridge Wrangler Roosters Wrangler Smart Peppy Princess 03/23/2013 Cora Solum No
Pioneer Whoaman Magnum With A Dream Custom Ferrari 05/21/2013 Kristy Chandler No
Plain And Neat Neat Little Cat Plain Win 05/19/2013 Loren East No
Play De Banjo Banjo Whiz Codys Classic Lady 03/01/2013 Carl Lege No
Play Dual Banjos Play Dual Rey Banjoish 05/16/2013 Nedpoint Quarter Horses Inc Yes
Play In Whiz Style Walla Walla Whiz Genuinely Stylish 04/18/2013 Dale Harvey No
Play Letro Get Out And Play Little Dixie Pep 05/06/2013 Alberto Sarquis No
Play Rey Charles Play Dual Rey Skeets Red Dunit 04/09/2013 Casey Hinton No
Playgirls Smokin A Smokin Whiz Stylin Playgirl 03/20/2013 Sunrise Ranch, LLC No
Playin Shady Shady Lil Starlight Lipschic 05/02/2013 Holy Cow Performance Horses, Texas, LLC No
Playing With Rey Play Dual Rey ARC Holly Cee Lena 02/04/2013 Garth Hystad No
Playininthemoonshine Moonshine N Juice Smart Stylish Skeet 05/20/2013 Rebekah Johnson No
Poetik Justice Pretty Peppy Chec Little Chex 499 03/26/2013 Jarvis Anderson Yes
Pop Shine Shine Chic Shine MM Tootsie Pop 05/05/2013 Chad Clark No
Possumbility Spooks Gotta Run Chitari 04/17/2013 John Milchick No
Possums Lil Pixie Spooks Gotta Run Angel Jacspin 05/10/2013 Michael Jeffcoat No
PR Tommy Chex Tomcat Chex Tesigner Jeans 03/15/2013 Pat Roberts No
Pretty Big Steppin Wimpys Little Step Prettywhizprettydoes 04/21/2013 Clint Haverty No
Pretty Chex Design Pretty Peppy Chec PWT I Could Of Dunit 05/19/2013 Jeremy Pierce No
Pretty Fierce ARC Matt O Lena Take Away Pep 06/02/2013 Doree MacAlvey-Sims No
Pretty In Tinsel Hollywoodstinseltown Shiners Pretty Woman 04/10/2013 Phillip Aaron No
Pretty Kyla One Night Roost Diduca Whiz 04/05/2013 David Archer No
Pretty Little Wimp Wimpys Little Step Pretty Custom Crome 03/28/2013 Rex Hester Yes
Pretty Peppy Chexy Pretty Peppy Chec Little Chex 499 03/06/2013 Rodney Westrum No
Pretty Whiz Crome Cromed Out Mercedes Prettywhizprettydoes 03/15/2013 Alfred Neuberger No
Prettywhizrooster Gallo Del Cielo Prettywhizprettydoes 02/18/2013 Clint Haverty No
Prety Fashionable Pretty Peppy Chec Shesa Fashion Chic 06/07/2013 Vicky King Yes
Prime Minister Dunit Pale Face Dunnit Shiney Lil Miss 01/13/2013 Carlton Crowe, III Yes
Primestien Einsteins Revolution Sheza Colonel Judy 04/17/2013 Gary Ferguson, Jr. No
Princess N Mercedes Cromed Out Mercedes Wowsanic 02/13/2013 Alain Longatte No
Promoted To Colonel Colonels Smoken Chex Plenty Of Starlight 04/10/2013 Adam McAllister No
PS Chicadunnit Pale Face Dunnit A Promising Chic 04/18/2013 Patsy Shelton Schutz No
PS Gun N Chex Big Chex To Cash Katie Lone Gun 03/31/2013 Patsy Shelton Schutz No
PS Jessies Gotta Gun Dun Gotta Gun Wannab Jessies Girl 03/27/2013 Patsy Shelton Schutz No
PS Mega Shine Chic Shine Chic Shine Megas Sugar Baby 05/13/2013 Patsy Shelton Schutz No
PS Spook N Me Spooks Gotta Whiz Sevens Yellow Rose 06/01/2013 Marshall Wier No
PS Whiz Time Spooks Gotta Whiz Sevens Yellow Rose 04/13/2013 Marshall Wier No
Quintana Poco Bonita Don Quintana BSQH Bonita Puro Jaz 05/06/2013 Amy Hallinan No
Quintanas Boogieman Don Quintana Boogielicious 03/04/2013 Glynn Cobb No
Quintanas Last Buck Don Quintana Squaws Jo Olena 02/27/2013 Philip Lanier No
Quintanas Lucky Mojo Don Quintana Lenas Freckled Lily 03/31/2013 Philip Lanier No
Quistador Shines On Quistador Nu Shiny Cash 01/02/2013 Gaynia Revenberg No
R Ya Talkin Trash Gunnatrashya Double Durn Smart 02/24/2013 Jeffrey Oswood No
RA Banjo Banjo Whiz Ruffee Ann 04/30/2013 Fredrik Thomsson Yes
Radioactive Wrangler Starlights Wrangler A Shining Starlett 05/11/2013 Dell Hendricks No
Raini Day Spark Sparkin Playboy Leos Finesse 04/03/2013 Terry Morgan No
Razorback Wrangler Starlights Wrangler Taj Mahollywood 05/06/2013 Rita Harris No
Razzle Dazzle Tinsel Tinsel Jac Colonels Rare Gem 02/20/2013 Linda Trainor No
RC Whiz The Gun Spooks Gotta Gun Chex Out Whiz 04/10/2013 Bernie Paetzel No
RCY Kingsilver Enoch Kingsilver Highline Rcy Regret 01/18/2013 Robert Pearce No
RD Extra Side Gun Corona Extra Chex CR One Highbrow Gun 04/25/2013 Riverdale Farms No
RD Shine Ms Soldier Shine Big Time Ms Toy Soldier 02/25/2013 Riverdale Farms No
RD Sport Model Chex Corona Extra Chex Nu Fancee Cash 05/14/2013 Riverdale Farms No
RD Street Smart Chic Corona Extra Chex Smooth Talkin Chic 03/30/2013 Riverdale Farms No
Ready To Trashya Gunnatrashya Ready Make Cowboy 02/02/2013 Lagle & Savage LLC No
Real Deal Whiz Whizmatic Sayos Girl 04/20/2013 David Zimmerman No
Really A Spook Smart Spook Really Smart Jay 03/14/2013 Francesca Sternberg Yes
Red Face Indian Girl Gunners Indian Tiara Bout That 03/05/2013 Nancy Rice No
Red Hot Whizkey Whizkey N Diamonds Roosters Redhot 02/15/2013 Rhodes River Ranch No
Red Nic Girl Watch This Way Kitty Reminic 04/19/2013 Teresa McCarthy No
Red River Mercedes Cromed Out Mercedes Best By Tari 05/18/2013 Bob Loomis Yes
Redberrysinhollywood Wimpys Red Berry My Girl Hollywood 03/02/2013 Alvin Stone No
Reddy To Rockit Watch This Way Smart Little Lauren 03/30/2013 Teresa McCarthy No
Redeo Chex Redeo Rex Zan Tabasco Chex 02/16/2013 James Ferguson No
Redhot Magnum Magnum Chic Dream Roosters Redhot 02/12/2013 Rhodes River Ranch No
REF Harleys Galileo Custom Harley Wranglers Rein Dance 05/20/2013 Marco Ramon No
Ref Harleys Natalia Custom Harley Chics Time To Rein 05/12/2013 Aldo Ramon No
Ref Majestico Gunner Jameen Olena 05/19/2013 Rhodes River Ranch No
REF Sorpreza Hang Ten Surprize Shiners Snicker Bar 04/08/2013 Aldo Ramon No
Rein Over Me Topsails Rein Maker With Me The Moon 04/15/2013 Norma Sather No
Reinna James Chicoutmyblingbling Melodys Sweet Image 03/24/2013 Matt Lantz No
Relatively Sonny Einsteins Revolution Miss Sunny Jac 02/04/2013 Troop Quarter Horses No
Remedy On The Bay Very Smart Remedy Starlight On The Bay 04/09/2013 Rhodes River Ranch No
Reminics Fancy Gun Gunner A Fancy Reminic 01/09/2013 McQuay Stables Inc. No
Reminics Huntforgold Reminic Ringo Cut The Gold 06/30/2013 Rebecca Lee No
Reminics Whiz Chic Reminic N Dunit TR Topsail Flip 03/28/2013 David Buck No
Resolvedtobealegend Custom Legend Resolved To Be Great 03/21/2013 Richard Doucimo No
Revolutionary Jac Einsteins Revolution Kalliope Jac 01/23/2013 Rancho Sereno LLC Yes
Reychell Play Dual Rey Babes Home Advantage 03/11/2013 Casey Hinton No
Rhett Butler Dunnit Gunner Lena Dun It 04/08/2013 Story Book Stables No
Rides Like A Porsche Tinker With Guns Spookin Off Sparks 05/03/2013 Rosanne Sternberg Yes
Rideslikea Mercedes Cromed Out Mercedes Sunset Whiz 05/03/2013 Barbi Boyle Yes
Right As Rein Professor Smart Command Me Queen 05/20/2013 Cindy Jerger No
Ring My Bell Shady Shady Lil Starlight RBR Lady Belle 05/22/2013 Holy Cow Performance Horses, Texas, LLC No
Rio Del Cielo Gallo Del Cielo Wiggys Little Step 02/24/2013 Janet Williamsen No
Rio Killer Gun CFR Centenario Wimpy Snip O Gun 07/12/2013 Domenico Lomuto Yes
Rio Smart Chicalinda Smart Chic Olena Dun B Nakid 02/20/2013 Ricardo Iniguez Ortiz Yes
Rio Spokgotaprincess Spooks Gotta Gun Scat Singer 05/04/2013 Ricardo Iniguez Ortiz Yes
Rio Trashadeous Trashadeous Smart Quixote Doll 06/20/2013 Ricardo Iniguez Ortiz Yes
Rio Wimpyshininwhiz Wimpys Little Step Topsails Shining 05/23/2013 Ricardo Iniguez Ortiz Yes
Risky Whizness Jumping Jack Whiz Chexn Out My Booty 02/27/2013 Susan Dabbs No
Ritzys Cotton Candy Conquistador Whiz Ritzy Red Pine 04/30/2013 Carol Chudy No
Riveramas QT Pepper Dunnits QT Dynasty Poco Star Peppy J 04/15/2013 Richard Veraguth No
RKM Hollywood Spooks Spooks Gotta Gun Dun It Mis Muffit 02/28/2013 Morgan Stables, LLC No
RM Im Juiced Up Too Smart Like Juice Chic And Sprat 03/03/2013 Rick Ramsey No
Roan Dancer Boonlight Dancer Staring Amie 04/30/2013 Susan Geiger No
Roanys Smarty Colonels Smart Spook Ima Roan Starlite 04/03/2013 Sally Amabile No
Rock N Roll All Nite Self Shine Chexanicki 02/05/2013 Joe & Karen Moran No
Rockn Roll Baby Spooks Gotta Whiz Shiney CD 05/13/2013 Bobby Lewis No
Rojos Starlight Starlight Circle Ivanhoes Dunnit 04/08/2013 Gabriel Mora No
Roos Red Berry Wimpys Red Berry Shine O Roo 04/02/2013 Paige Gentry No
Roostalution Einsteins Revolution Hotroddin Rooster 04/23/2013 Ann Salmon Anderman No
Roosters Beau Oak Gallo Del Corazon Sweetwater Oak 04/24/2013 Sam Solomon Yes
Roosters Big Step Wimpys Little Step Roosters Rose 04/16/2013 Marc Gordon No
Roosters Dun Sittin Dun Roostin Shes Dun Sittin 04/27/2013 Leonard Weiner No
Roosters Espresso Roosters Wrangler Espressolina 02/04/2013 Roxie Bernbaum Yes
Roosters Revolution Einsteins Revolution Roosters Otoetta 04/11/2013 Susan Jones Yes
Roosters Smoken Chic Gallo Del Cielo Chikeena 03/23/2013 Janet Williamsen No
Roosters Who Gallo Del Cielo Haida Who 04/21/2013 Michael Russell No
Rootin For Whizkey Whizkey N Diamonds FCR Lena De Gallo 05/21/2013 Dale Cosper Yes
Rose Colored Whizkey Whizkey N Diamonds SS Rosa 05/19/2013 Rhodes River Ranch No
Rose Electric Step Jacs Electric Spark Cobras Little Step 02/21/2013 Manon Deschenes No
Rounding The Bases Rowdy Yankee A Sexy Pistol 04/14/2013 Stacey Huska Yes
Rowdy Bob Acre Rowdy Yankee Heartacre 04/17/2013 Daniel Pike No
Rowdy Chexinic Rowdy Yankee Chex My Footwork 04/16/2013 Judy Brooks Yes
Rowdy For A Diamond Rowdy Yankee Docs N Diamonds 05/05/2013 Lightning Bar Quarter Horses No
Rowdy Kisses Rowdy Yankee Kiss My Flash 05/04/2013 David Reece No
Rowdy Manny Chex Rowdy Yankee Just Plain Chex 05/16/2013 Francois Gauthier Yes
Rowdy Mawdsley Rowdy Yankee Just Like My Ma 04/26/2013 Brenda McFadyen-Landry No
Rowdy Playnsan Rowdy Yankee TN Playnsan 02/09/2013 Glynn Cobb No
Rowdy Yankee Melodie Rowdy Yankee One Flashy Melodie 04/05/2013 Suzanne De Champlain Yes
Rowdys Ember Rowdy Yankee Jacks Eternal Ember 03/03/2013 Leona McAtee No
Rowdys Lil Star Rowdy Yankee Cinnabars Lil Star 04/20/2013 Equine Plus No
Rox Paper Scissors Mister Nicadual Hollywood Roxy 03/14/2013 McQuay Stables Inc. No
Royal Boom Boom Shernic Minnie Doc Mouse 04/07/2013 Anndrea Fling No
Royal El Dorado The Royal Whiz Mega She Whiz 03/02/2013 Heath Jones No
Royal Skies Dun It Regally Sheza Royal Horizon 03/21/2013 Frederick Christen No
Ru Missin Your Spark Jacs Electric Spark Rt Missy Olena 06/08/2013 Robert & Robbin Thayn No
Rubys Tag Whiz N Tag Chex Boggies Major Blonde 04/13/2013 Joseph Treib No
Ruf Bit O Hollywood Hollywood Vintage Ruf Playin Chic 04/10/2013 Regan Bikman No
Ruf Chex To Cash Big Chex To Cash Ruffs Summer Wages 05/13/2013 Deborah Strahman No
Ruf Cut Jewel Lil Ruf Rider Docs Jewel Star 04/26/2013 Kelly Tyner No
Ruf Hearted Bro Ruf Hearted Jac UWRF Bros Cold Call 05/16/2013 Larry Kasten No
Ruf Life Rufanicki West Coast Bubbles 04/07/2013 Bill Coburn No
Ruf Lil Juice Smart Like Juice Miss Ruff Wrangler 04/24/2013 Regan Bikman No
Ruf Lil Twhizter Spooks Gotta Whiz Sheza Ruf Commander 04/12/2013 Vickie Holbrook No
Ruf Till The End Lil Ruf Peppy Remedys Sure Slide 03/13/2013 Green Valley Ranch No
Ruffed Up Spook Smart Spook Ruffle Me Up 02/22/2013 John and Nancy Tague Yes
Ruffycat Lil Ruf Peppy Miss Jerry Cat 03/04/2013 Green Valley Ranch No
Ruger Whiz Conquistador Whiz Horizons Diamond 04/01/2013 Double Run Farm No
Rugged Code Electric Code A Jewel Of A Lark 04/24/2013 Jillian Hamming No
Runnin And Gunnin Gunner Nics Peach 03/27/2013 Jeanne Jackson No
Rylee Grace Smart Like Juice Rollin In Pine 04/09/2013 Attila Jutasy No
SA Roo Smart Lil Roos Smart Sara 02/25/2013 Guenter Bosner No
Sail N Moonshine Moonshine N Juice Sail On Olena 04/28/2013 Heather Brooks No
Sail On Mercedes Cromed Out Mercedes Whizicle 05/03/2013 Equine Plus Yes
Sailin For Dreams Magnum Chic Dream Pennys For Sail 04/19/2013 Darling 888 Ranch Yes
Sailors Pay Chex Big Chex To Cash Smart Little Dion 05/06/2013 Joyce Borchardt No
Sarahs In Town Hollywoodstinseltown Lil Miss Shiney Chex 02/18/2013 Carol Rose No
Saras Gotta Whiz Spooks Gotta Whiz Lil Ruf Sara 03/18/2013 Judy Box No
Sassy Guns Gunner Smart Shiney Lena 03/11/2013 Pete Kyle Yes
SB Shaney Face Dunit Pale Face Dunnit Shiney O Lady 03/19/2013 South On The Border Horses LLC No
SB Smart CD Smart Like Juice Playin BBs Cds 05/05/2013 South On The Border Horses LLC No
SB Taris Shady MA Whiz Shady MA Canudo Catalyst 06/04/2013 South On The Border Horses LLC No
Scary Beth Hollywoodstinseltown Mifilady 04/30/2013 Kenneth Krebs No
Scratchmyichibud Nic It In The Bud Alittle Ichi 03/25/2013 Michelle Miola No
SCS Starshine Shine Chic Shine Whiz Upon A Star 03/24/2013 Donna Strating No
Secret Spooks Spooks Gotta Gun Boomen Hi Society 02/26/2013 Michelle Miola No
See The Magic In Me Chics Magic Potion Girls Like Peppy 04/02/2013 Kenneth Banks No
Seen With Sioux Shiners Lena Doc Starlight O Lena 03/15/2013 Shane Doan No
Seismic Reaction Hollywood Dun It Herbs Lady 02/14/2013 Dell Hendricks No
Selfs Shining Star Self Shine Im A Wright Off 04/29/2013 Ernie Rodina No
Senorita Mercedes Cromed Out Mercedes Senorita Starbuck 04/23/2013 Bob Loomis Yes
Sent Bya Black Witch Heaven Sent Chic Lenas Black Witch 05/10/2013 Pena Land Co Inc No
Setting Off Spookles Smart Spook Setting Off Sparks 03/27/2013 Rosanne Sternberg Yes
Seven Deadly Signs Ma Powersign Pines Seven Up 04/18/2013 Amber Morgan No
SH Angies Got Nuchex Skeets Conquistador Miss Margie Chex 04/14/2013 Gene Vandeberg No
SH Conquistador Chex Skeets Conquistador SH Annie Chex 04/14/2013 Gene Vandeberg No
Shady Lil Roo Shady Lil Starlight Sheza Roo 03/18/2013 Holy Cow Performance Horses, LLC No
Shady Steppin Chic Shady Lil Starlight Chics Little Step 05/14/2013 Holy Cow Performance Horses, Texas, LLC No
Shady Western Girl Shady Lil Starlight She Is Inwhizable 05/02/2013 Holy Cow Performance Horses, Texas, LLC No
Shakina Mercedes Cromed Out Mercedes Painted By Whiz 03/13/2013 Pamela Loomis Yes
She Dun It At Nite Gunners Special Nite Betsy Has Dun It 05/29/2013 Theresa Cravens No
She Got The Rest Shine Chic Shine Tidal Wave Stop 04/10/2013 Wagman Ranch Inc Yes
She Moves Like Jagger Chicoutmyblingbling Pea Shooter 05/15/2013 Matt Lantz No
She Shines So Far Gee Whiz It Shines Zany Chex Is Mine 03/09/2013 Darrel Gustafson No
Sheeza Mistress Mister Nicadual Sheeza Ed 03/20/2013 Jim Lane No
Shes A Downtown Dun Gotta Gun Downtown Tinseltown 03/14/2013 Jerry Kimmel No
Shes A Fancy Tequila RC Fancy Step Tequillas Lonsum Ace 03/04/2013 Mary LePage No
Shes A Loaded Star Hes A Loaded Gun Toodie Star 04/28/2013 Mary Jansma No
Shes All Spark Jacs Electric Spark Always A Dunit 03/12/2013 Petska Trinity Equine, LLC No
Shes All Vogue Gunner Prety Asa Princess 03/11/2013 Clinton Anderson No
Shes Got Good Guns Gunner A Bueno Poco Dunit 04/24/2013 Roxanne Koepsell No
Shes Hanginon Dreams Magnum Chic Dream Spooks Hangten 04/01/2013 Mary Jansma No
Shes Hot Trouble Lil Ruf Trouble Whizzn She Hot 03/27/2013 Gabriel Garrison No
Shes Natural Sugar Natural Enterprise Sugar Frosted Gaybar 03/18/2013 Terry Martin No
Shes Shining On Line Shine On Line Wimpys Babe 05/06/2013 Mary Jansma No
Shesa Georgia Chic Shine Chic Shine Talk About Ruf 04/29/2013 Laurie Deleu No
Shesa Sassy Gunner Gunner Dun It Sun Day 03/21/2013 Copus Performance Horses, Inc. No
Shesa Shine Shine Chic Shine Spooks Stylin 04/23/2013 Sally Amabile No
Shesa Smokin Spark Smoking Whiz Spook Off Sparks 04/17/2013 Michelle Miola No
Shesaliltrashy Gunnatrashya SLJ Sweet N Juicy 02/04/2013 Lindy Longfellow No
Shesflippinelectric Jacs Electric Spark Flip N Buckaroo 01/29/2013 Judy Box No
Shez A Brite Nite Gunners Special Nite Shez A Painted Whiz 02/22/2013 Chad Hardwick No
Shez Ashiny Benz Cromed Out Mercedes Command Her To Shine 05/23/2013 Susan Valentine Yes
Shez My Whizkey Girl Whizkey N Diamonds Lenas Tommy Girl 03/20/2013 Daniel Whitney No
Shez Raizn I Brows Peptos I Brow Whats Up Whiz 04/26/2013 Kelly Stich No
Sheza Crackin Me Up Nabisco Roan Sheza Shinette 04/25/2013 Holy Cow Performance Horses, Texas, LLC No
Sheza Gunnacostya Gunnatrashya A Freckin Buck Fever 04/25/2013 Randy Effertz Yes
Sheza Lil Rednic Nic It In The Bud Sheza Hot Chex 05/21/2013 Sheryl Williams No
Sheza Perfect Storm Stormys Fancy Twist BT Smartest Tivito 03/18/2013 Jeremy Zangl No
Shezmylilwhizkeygirl Whizkey N Diamonds Relaxin With A Bud 04/09/2013 Lisa Neiberger No
Shine Buttermilk Shine Chic Shine Ima Roan Starlite 02/06/2013 Sally Amabile No
Shine Coronado Shine Smart Spook Shine Like A Ruby 03/24/2013 Bill Doke No
Shine Ginger Shine Shine Chic Shine Play Acre 05/31/2013 Sally Amabile No
Shine It Chico Leno Dun It By Shiny Bobbie Nic Chic 04/10/2013 Gabriel Mora No
Shine Kitty Shine Shine Chic Shine Cowsmart Cat 03/24/2013 Sally Amabile No
Shine Like A Diamond Whizkey N Diamonds Designed By Gunner 05/16/2013 Lil Equine LLC Yes
Shine Man Shine Shine Chic Shine HA Olynnas Chairman 04/25/2013 Gabriele Flad No
Shine N Dixie Shine Chic Shine Nu Dixie Chex 03/16/2013 Kirsten Buffamoyer Yes
Shine N Roll Spook Smart Spook Shining High Roller 02/23/2013 Rosanne Sternberg Yes
Shine On Spook Smart Spook Shining Dancer 01/24/2013 Rosanne Sternberg Yes
Shine On Tejons Makin Moonshine Tejons Swan 05/05/2013 Donald Scott No
Shine Piney Shine Shine Chic Shine Great Lucy Lynx 05/03/2013 Sally Amabile No
Shine Sugar Shine Shine Chic Shine Stylish Sugar 05/19/2013 Frank Millstid Yes
Shine Up Shine Chic Shine Rest Up 05/10/2013 Wagman Ranch Inc Yes
Shine Whizard Shine Shine Chic Shine Whiz Out Color 02/19/2013 Sally Amabile No
Shined And Juiced Smart Like Juice Shining Anna 04/29/2013 Jean Keffeler No
Shineon Olena Shine On Line QHR Chocolena Pep 05/01/2013 Amy Liedtke No
Shiner Named Mocha A Shiner Named Sioux Who Whiz Baby Blue 02/08/2013 Clint Haverty No
Shiner Q Lena Shiners Lena Doc Quixote Lena Peppy 03/27/2013 Todd Vernon No
Shiners Best Dream Magnum Chic Dream Shiners Best Yet 02/14/2013 Laurie Deleu No
Shiners Golden Ale Hollywoodstinseltown Shiners June Bug 01/04/2013 David Silva, Sr No
Shiners Juice Card Smart Like Juice Nic A Shiner 01/12/2013 Gianna Hansen No
Shiners Little Kitty Smooth As A Cat Shiners Lil Pistol 04/20/2013 Roxanne Koepsell No
Shiners Pale Face Pale Face Dunnit Shiners Rose Lady 03/22/2013 Hickory Creek Ranch LLC No
Shiners Sioux Cielo A Shiner Named Sioux Miss Cielo 03/02/2013 Betty Frost No
Shinersprettyvoodoo Shiners Voodoo Dr Pretty Hot Slippers 02/22/2013 Perry Corder No
Shines Cat Shine Chic Shine Cowsmart Cat 04/09/2013 Sally Amabile No
Shines Sonita Shine Chic Shine RC Sonitas Shadow 03/14/2013 Sally Amabile No
Shines Superman Shine Chic Shine Spooks Stylin 03/29/2013 Sally Amabile No
Shinesuzieshine Shine Chic Shine Suzie Cielo 05/03/2013 Larry Weihing No
Shinettas Tinseltown Hollywoodstinseltown Smart Shinetta 05/27/2013 Lyle Lovett No
Shinettes Starlight Shady Lil Starlight Sheza Shinette 03/05/2013 Holy Cow Performance Horses, Texas, LLC No
Shiney Bay Gun Gunner Shiney Bay Hiney 04/05/2013 Sergio Elia No
Shiney Chexy Chic Shine Chic Shine TH Great Big Chex 05/31/2013 Robert Sutherland No
Shiney Crome Smart And Shiney Crome Starlet 04/12/2013 Ellen Cummins Yes
Shiney Electric Chic Shine Chic Shine Jacs Holey Spark 04/11/2013 Carl Lambert No
Shiney Face Dunnit Pale Face Dunnit Zans Sunshine 01/18/2013 Hickory Creek Ranch LLC No
Shiney Nifty Chic Shine Chic Shine Custom Nifty Nic 04/20/2013 Carl Lambert No
Shiney Not Ruf Smart And Shiney Ruf N Groovy 03/16/2013 Kristi Berg No
Shiney Roseann Cash Smart And Shiney Miss Catty Cash 04/07/2013 Linda Silveira No
Shiney Smart Remedy Very Smart Remedy Shirley Shine 01/10/2013 Anne Reynolds No
Shiney Tinsel Hollywoodstinseltown Shiners Playful Lena 03/21/2013 Hope Mills No
Shiney Voo Vavoom Shiners Voodoo Dr Starlites Asset 03/20/2013 Julia Downs No
Shiney Workboots Smart And Shiney Reminic At Work 04/14/2013 David Silva, Sr No
Shinin N Chic Smart And Shiney Smokin Chic 05/11/2013 McQuay Stables Inc. No
Shining Double Smoke Shining Smoke Tari Wimpy Double Doc 05/12/2013 Joey Moultrie No
Shining In Town Hollywoodstinseltown Shine Ann 01/11/2013 Sather Family Partnership No
Shining My Crome Custom Crome Shiners Mistress 03/06/2013 Green Valley Ranch No
Shining My Dually Mister Nicadual Shining Miss 05/10/2013 Jerry Kimmel No
Shining Pink Gun Gunner Shining In Style 04/09/2013 Christine Mitchell No
Shining Smokin Gun Pale Face Dunnit Sparkling Lil Wave 02/09/2013 Jeromy Lipps No
Shining Spook Dancer Smart Spook Shining Dancer 04/11/2013 Rosanne Sternberg Yes
Shining Tari Badger Presidente Shiner Misti Badger Chex 04/15/2013 Gayle Makin No
Shiny Electric Spark Jacs Electric Spark Sassy Done It 01/26/2013 Troy Heikes No
Shiny In A Tux Self Shine Chexanicki 02/11/2013 Joe & Karen Moran No
Shiny Side Up Smart And Shiney Tivito Norma 03/20/2013 Rich Sassella No
Shiny Tinsel Loveable Nic JD Shining Star 03/21/2013 Daryla Friesen No
Shinygun Shine Chic Shine Dolled Up Gunner 02/27/2013 Jordan Larson Yes
Shirley A Tag Whiz N Tag Chex Shirleys Folly 01/03/2013 Prospects Unlimited, LLC Yes
Sho Nuff Spook Smart Spook Mis Taylors Tomthumb 02/19/2013 Francesca Sternberg Yes
Show Like A Dream Magnum Chic Dream Miss Danakanic 03/30/2013 Kevin Showman Yes
Showtime Spooks Spooks Gotta Gun Showtime Jayne 04/14/2013 Michelle Miola No
Showtimes Nicadual Mister Nicadual Showtimes Tinseltown 04/27/2013 Jerry Kimmel No
SHR Twist N Shout Qtsgold Mastercard Twistin On Command 04/17/2013 Missy Benker No
Sienna Spook Smart Spook Smoking Gypsy Rose 02/27/2013 Roger Parks No
Silky Nu Guns Gunner Nu Silk Stockings 03/14/2013 Darling 888 Ranch Yes
Silver Trashya Nic Gunnatrashya Remichic 04/25/2013 Carluccio Orsi No
Silvernblue Whizz Walla Walla Whiz Silvernbluestarbuck 04/12/2013 Marc Gordon No
Sinful N Smart Wr This Cats Smart Sinful Playgirl 04/10/2013 Cowan Select Horses, LLC No
Single Barrel Select Jac Daniels Neat Bc Nu Peppy Cash 04/23/2013 Brad Sapp No
Sioux Gunner A Shiner Named Sioux Shirleys A Gunner 04/26/2013 Loren East No
Sioux J Quixote A Shiner Named Sioux JRC Quixote O Lena 03/27/2013 Todd Vernon No
Sioux New CD A Shiner Named Sioux Tinas New CD 04/03/2013 Leonardo Guimaraes No
Sioux Tarzan A Shiner Named Sioux Tarizana 02/11/2013 Phillip Aaron No
Sir Chexi Whiz Gee Whiz It Shines Lady Chexi Nick 04/18/2013 Darrel Gustafson No
Sister Spark Electric Code Playin Suede 05/11/2013 Leslie Weibel No
Sittin On A Mercedes Cromed Out Mercedes Little Baby Steps 03/29/2013 Vaughn Zimmerman Yes
Sitting Shotgun Gunner GS Shot Gun Wedding 04/10/2013 The Ryan Family No
SJR Gunna B Smart Smart Spook Shirley Ima Gunner 01/28/2013 San Juan Ranch No
SJR Karinas Lil Step Wimpys Little Step Whizs Katrina 02/04/2013 San Juan Ranch No
SJR Smart Whiz Smart Spook Sienna Whiz 03/31/2013 San Juan Ranch No
SJR Sparks Garbo Smart Spook Whiz N Spark 01/16/2013 San Juan Ranch No
SK Vintage Crome Cromed Out Mercedes Smart Frosty Dun It 04/15/2013 Scott Robertson No
Skeets Steppin Out Wimpys Little Step Smart Lady Skeet 05/12/2013 Marc Gordon No
Slide By Spook Smart Spook Slide By Shiner 01/21/2013 Lorenzo Lotti No
Slide Me A Whizkey Whizkey N Diamonds Colonels Chexy Lynx 05/26/2013 Lori Seyfried No
Slide Me To Houston Houston Shine Slide Regina Bella 03/28/2013 Tina Kirkpatrick No
Slideomatic Spook Spooks Gotta Whiz Shiney Diamond Lady 05/26/2013 Bobby Lewis Yes
Slidin Into Home Mister Nicadual Crack Of The Bat 01/02/2013 Plus One Reiners, LLC Yes
Slidin Spook Smart Spook Slidin On Sunshine 04/23/2013 David Hartman, DVM No
Sliding By Moonlite Lil Ruf Trouble Chyna Moon 04/03/2013 Steve Schwartzenberger No
Sliding Miss Crome Cromed Out Mercedes Docs Miss Abigail 05/31/2013 Roberta Witt No
Slip Away Slydun Self Shine Whizards Magic 03/30/2013 Loren Booth Yes
Slipped N Dunitgreat Play This Shine Reinie Dun It Great 04/10/2013 Painted Desert Ranch LLC No
SLJ Smart Step Wimpys Little Step SLJ Smartlikewhinny 04/06/2013 Ixtul Quarter Horses, LLC No
Slj Up And Shining Smart Like Juice Wind Her Up Shiner 01/12/2013 Smart Like Juice Inc. No
SM Big Voodoo Mama Boomboomvoodoodaddy SM Big Shanty 10/09/2012 Coguaike S.A. No
SM Elans Chex Boomboomvoodoodaddy DA Elans Rooster 09/18/2012 Coguaike S.A. No
SM Its Voodoos Canoe Boomboomvoodoodaddy SM Bingos Canoe 10/10/2012 Coguaike S.A. No
SM Steppin Daddy Boomboomvoodoodaddy Top Step Enterprise 10/29/2012 Coguaike S.A. No
SM Voodoo Beepbeep Boomboomvoodoodaddy Sm Berry Fannin 10/31/2012 Coguaike S.A. No
SM Voodoo Shyness Boomboomvoodoodaddy SM Fannins Shamu 07/31/2012 Coguaike S.A. No
Smart And Great Einstein Smart Sugar Pop 02/18/2013 Susan Jones Yes
Smart And Tuckered Smart And Shiney Tucks Miss Fritz 04/30/2013 Roxie Bernbaum Yes
Smart Blueser Smart And Shiney Lena Doc Leanna 06/15/2013 Lyle Lovett No
Smart Chic Quixote Chic Please Chicky Quixote 04/04/2013 Eldridge Mgtcorp No
Smart Chics Boomer Boomernic Miss Chicanic 04/29/2013 Eldridge Mgtcorp No
Smart Cowboy Whiz Who Whiz It Little Smart Jac 02/18/2013 Cheryl Lauder No
Smart Cromed Berry Wimpys Red Berry Great Smokin Color 04/04/2013 Jonathan Claveau No
Smart Ebony Spook Smart Spook Ebony Shines 03/16/2013 John and Nancy Tague Yes
Smart Foxy Whiz Colonels Smart Spook Bea Foxy Whiz 04/22/2013 Sally Amabile No
Smart Guns Blazin Gunslingin Chic Smart Chick With Cash 04/29/2013 David Schlabach No
Smart Guns N Roses Smoking Whiz BA Chics Luv Flowers 05/08/2013 Andrea Gade No
Smart Jac Chic Tinsel Jac FS Smart Doc Chic 03/25/2013 Raul Leal Yes
Smart Lil Lutharita Hollywood Hijacker Lutharita 05/07/2013 Cathleen Woomert No
Smart Lil Pale Face Pale Face Dunnit Smart Kid Olena 04/08/2013 Cara Hamer No
Smart Lookin Guns Gunners Special Nite Gunnin For Rey 04/11/2013 Fredrick Pursell No
Smart Matrix Smart Spook Mates Matrix 05/20/2013 Lorenzo Lotti No
Smart N Fancy Girl Colonels Smart Spook Bea With A Twist 03/02/2013 Sally Amabile No
Smart N Juicy Hesa Smart Chic Sheezoutofjuice 04/24/2013 Jesse Beckley No
Smart Norma Jean Tinsel Jac Shiner Like Juice 04/23/2013 Smart Like Juice Inc. No
Smart Reyner Smart Spook Reyn Chex 04/12/2013 Francesca Sternberg Yes
Smart Rio Sioux A Shiner Named Sioux Smart Money Talk 01/11/2013 Gary Martin No
Smart Silhouette Smart Like Juice Ebony Boonolena 03/18/2013 Marili Nielson No
Smart Spook Shines Smart Spook Ebony Shines 01/24/2013 Rosanne Sternberg Yes
Smart Twinkeltown Hollywoodstinseltown Smartys Little Jewel 05/21/2013 Catherine Wright No
Smart Ultra Spook Smart Spook Ultra Jay 04/04/2013 Cynthia Joy Yes
Smart Voodoo Chic Shiners Voodoo Dr Smart Chics Lady 03/12/2013 Jose Bravo No
Smartasblondecanbe Gunner Smart Blonde Chic 04/01/2013 Hillis Akin Family Partnership No
Smartascat Metallic Cat Smart Harriet 04/27/2013 Bruce Carter Yes
Smartchexforjunecash Big Chex To Cash Smart Bay Girl 05/04/2013 Abbe Orozco No
Smartest In Town Hollywoodstinseltown Shining Smartly 01/21/2013 Hope Mills No
Smartest Lena Dust Shiners Lena Dust Smartest Cowgirl 05/26/2013 June Verhelst No
Smartlytaggedkachina Whiz N Tag Chex Smart Kachina Olena 05/16/2013 Eric Unger No
Smartshininglena Smart Chic Olena Shining Sugalena 04/02/2013 Larry Weihing No
Smarty Lynn Smart And Shiney Stage N Lika 01/23/2013 Cheryl McGrath Yes
Smashin Dreams Magnum Chic Dream Starlights Sally 02/14/2013 Bill Coburn No
Smiley Smith Boom Shernic Chicalittle Spark 03/01/2013 Kathryn Smith No
Smoke A Lile Smoke Especial Smokey Jack Another Great Cookie 05/15/2013 Attila Jutasy No
Smoke N Shiney Whiz Smart And Shiney West Coast Kim 03/12/2013 Kylie Wasiuta No
Smoked By A Missy Colonelsmokingpep MS Serendipity Do 01/10/2013 Ronnie Fox No
Smoken Chexy Chic Colonels Smoken Chex Shesa Smart Jewel 04/01/2013 Burnin B Ranch No
Smoken Duke Colonels Smoken Chex Roosters Lil Uno 03/14/2013 Stacy Neef No
Smokin Hydrive Hydrive Cat This Chick Can Smoke 05/11/2013 Burt Cox No
Smokin Like A Sailor Smoking Whiz Jay Sailor 04/09/2013 Barbara Scalet No
Smokin Montana Baby Spooks Gotta Whiz Smokin Montana Angel 04/04/2013 Michell Anne Kimball No
Smokin Pep Freckles Colonelsmokinpep Fantasias Freckles 02/17/2013 Danny Demonbreun No
Smokin Starbuck Gunner Silvernbluestarbuck 04/01/2013 Marc Gordon No
Smoking Guns Rush Gunner Rush N Cat 05/25/2013 Lorenzo Lotti No
Smoking In A Dress Ima Smoking Mister Shiners Yellow Dress 04/13/2013 Shannon & Hershel Reid No
Smoking In Hollywood Hollywoodstinseltown Smokin On Wednesday 04/04/2013 Shannon & Hershel Reid No
Smoking Mary James Smoking Whiz Gossiping Belle 04/20/2013 Joseph (Joey) McLeod No
Smoking On Grace Ima Smoking Mister Shining Grace 03/06/2013 Shannon & Hershel Reid No
Smoking With A Twist Ima Smoking Mister Lemon Twist Sandy 04/11/2013 Shannon & Hershel Reid No
Smooth N Chexy Chex Nu Jewel Dun Its Smokin Fritz 04/30/2013 Susan Dabbs No
Snap N Dual Mister Nicadual Whiz N Snap 03/01/2013 Couture Reiners Yes
Snap To The Beat Master Snapper Playgirls Miss 02/25/2013 Norma Sather No
Snappers Mistress Master Snapper Unos Shining Jewel 04/29/2013 Shield H Quarter Horses No
Snappin Chick Master Snapper Chic In The Bar 03/23/2013 Lorenzo Lotti No
Snappin Spitfire Master Snapper Dry Bone Annie 03/31/2013 CDJ Performance Horses No
Snapplejac Juice Smart Like Juice Dolls Yellow Jacit 06/12/2013 Jessie Dorland-Marchant No
Snochex Whizard Major Sno Chex BL Ima Whiz Kid Too 06/04/2013 Laurel Wehr No
Snow Trash Gunnatrashya Nicky Whiz 04/12/2013 Performance Equine No
Some Oak N Cody Electric Code Bp Miss Docs Oak 05/08/2013 Wanderin Star Ranch No
Son Of A Del Cielo Gallo Del Cielo Sugar Babe Chick 04/19/2013 William Rivera No
Son Shining Hickory Son Shining Rooster Hickorys Dun Star 05/22/2013 Sheryl Williams No
Sonic Chic Hesa Smart Chic Tys Hotroder 04/01/2013 Jeff Beckley No
Sophie Whiz Topsail Whiz Chic In The San 04/15/2013 Bob Loomis Yes
Soula Rey Play Dual Rey Soula Jewella 04/28/2013 Casey Hinton No
Spark A Lil Fancy Jacs Electric Spark Ms Fancy Lil Nancy 01/19/2013 Cinder Lakes Ranch Yes
Spark In My Heart Wimpys Little Step Jacs Sparklin Sophia 04/13/2013 Martha Grimes No
Spark Of Elan Sparkin Playboy Elans Lil Fritzi 03/19/2013 Terry Morgan No
Spark Spook Smart Spook Glo N Sparkle 02/20/2013 Susanne Hutchins Yes
Sparkin Dun It Pale Face Dunnit Sparkin Personality 05/06/2013 Mary Brown Yes
Sparkin Fancy RC Fancy Step Sparkin Olena 03/03/2013 Bobby Mouser No
Sparkin Lil Whiz Sparks N Gunsmoke Nita Whiz 04/10/2013 Travis Miller No
Sparkin Special Gunners Special Nite One Shine Day 02/25/2013 Stan Willis Investment Inc No
Sparklelikehollywood Sparks N Gunsmoke Zans Breeze It 05/01/2013 Shelly Fuller No
Sparkletown Hollywoodstinseltown Shesa Shining Spark 04/16/2013 Shield H Quarter Horses No
Sparkling In Town Hollywoodstinseltown Diamonds Sparklette 02/15/2013 Carol Rose No
Sparkling Whiz Spook Smart Spook Whizin Off Sparks 04/12/2013 Rosanne Sternberg Yes
Sparks Please Chic Please Spark Endeavor Shine 04/25/2013 Cheryl Humphrey No
Sparks Shining Pine Friday Night Shiner Great Red Kalico 04/15/2013 Robert Santagata No
Sparksnic Reminisce Nic It In The Bud Sugar Shack Master 03/03/2013 Marili Nielson No
Sparky Tinseltown Hollywoodstinseltown Shesa Shining Spark 05/10/2013 Shield H Quarter Horses No
Special At Nite Gunners Special Nite Royal Chic Solano 04/30/2013 Teresa Putman No
Special BB Gun Gunners Special Nite A Starlet Lady 04/23/2013 Duane Whitehouse No
Special Made Whiskey Gunners Special Nite Starlight Acres 04/15/2013 Dean Latimer No
Special Mi Gunners Special Nite Mi Mega 04/02/2013 Jack (John) Covington Yes
Special Nite Glo Gunners Special Nite Paps Last Glo 02/03/2013 Robert Stinner No
Special Nite Light Gunners Special Nite Dun It For Light 02/14/2013 Dell Hendricks No
Special Nite Out Gunners Special Nite Dun It Doll 04/15/2013 Amber Slaughenhaupt No
Special Nite Time Gunners Special Nite KR Anniegityergun 05/03/2013 Darling 888 Ranch Yes
Specialivorystocking Gunners Special Nite Scats Ebony Shiner 05/14/2013 Sheryl Kaefer No
Spicy Revolution Einsteins Revolution Lenas Sugar N Spice 05/22/2013 Gary Blumer No
Spin N Whiz Spooks Gotta Whiz Custom Spinderella 03/28/2013 Steven Simon Yes
Spinderellstory Smart Spook Custom Spinderella 04/18/2013 Judy Box Yes
Spinnin Out Sparks Topsail Whiz Spinnin Sparks 02/08/2013 Judy Box No
Spinning Beauty Whiz Topsail Whiz Spinning Beauty 05/13/2013 Bob Loomis Yes
Spitfire Spook Smart Spook Miss Satin Whiz 05/09/2013 Polly Hilliard No
Spook Attack Spooks Gotta Gun Lindas Choice 03/24/2013 Michelle Miola No
Spook Bay Smart Spook Setting Off Sparks 04/16/2013 Rosanne Sternberg Yes
Spook From Shinola Smart Spook Shin N In The Finals 05/11/2013 Susan Jones Yes
Spook N Whizin Smart Spook Whizin Off Sparks 02/13/2013 Rosanne Sternberg Yes
Spook Whiz Jewels Smart Spook Whiz Jewels 04/08/2013 Rosanne Sternberg Yes
Spookamazing Smart Spook Setting Off Sparks 01/18/2013 Rosanne Sternberg Yes
Spookanickit Smart Spook Chexanicki 03/23/2013 Rosanne Sternberg Yes
Spookebility Smart Spook Ebony Shines 02/03/2013 Rosanne Sternberg Yes
Spooked N Mist Smart Spook Smoke N Misty 02/01/2013 Rosanne Sternberg Yes
Spooked Out Chex Smart Spook Nu Tuf Lil Chex 03/06/2013 Kim Muehlstaetter No
Spookin N Whizin Smart Spook Whizin Off Sparks 03/27/2013 Rosanne Sternberg Yes
Spookmon Smart Spook Brennas Red Dunit 02/13/2013 Joe Hayes Yes
Spooks Baby Blues Spooks Gotta Whiz Ms Triple Boogie 05/16/2013 Ann Pulling No
Spooks Bellarina Spooks Gotta Whiz Isabella Hollywood 05/28/2013 Diane Beckmann Yes
Spooks Custom Whiz Spooks Gotta Whiz A Smart Custom 04/04/2013 Danny Dalton No
Spooks Dont Scare Me Spooks Gotta Gun Boomen Bobbie Lee 02/25/2013 Michelle Miola No
Spooks Dun It Spooks Gotta Whiz Smokin Holly Dunnit 06/08/2013 Diane Beckmann Yes
Spooks Golden Sun Spook N Dunit Miss Boggie Cat 02/17/2013 Odette Brisebois No
Spooks Got Faith Spooks Gotta Gun Melodys Smart Chic 04/27/2013 Carrie Sweeney No
Spooks Got Go Smart Spook Leofritzs Gogo Boots 04/01/2013 Darlyne Woodward Yes
Spooks Gota Blonde Spooks Gotta Gun Top Blonde 03/01/2013 Deborah Strahman Yes
Spooks Gotta Cowboy Spooks Gotta Whiz Marq Of Cita 04/06/2013 Bernardino (Nino) Cervantes No
Spooks Gotta Honey Spooks Gotta Whiz Honey Ofa Red Buck 05/24/2013 Marshall Wier No
Spooks Gotta Lena Spooks Gotta Whiz Dolittle Lena 06/08/2013 Bobby Lewis Yes
Spooks Gotta Rose Spooks Gotta Gun Tularosa Melody 02/14/2013 John Irish Yes
Spooks Gotta Spark Spooks Gotta Whiz Dolittle Lena 05/29/2013 Bobby Lewis Yes
Spooks Gunin Dun It Spooks Gotta Gun Daisy Mae Dun It 05/06/2013 Cyndee Hall No
Spooks Hickory Berry Spooks Gotta Gun DG Hickorys Sparkle 05/17/2013 Eldridge Mgtcorp No
Spooks In Starlight Spooks Gotta Whiz Spooks Jazz Olena 01/29/2013 Peter Morgan No
Spooks Lil Pistol Spooks Gotta Gun Smoking Sana Lena 03/15/2013 Jennifer Shirreff No
Spooks Lil Superstar Smart Spook Uno Docs San Jo 05/10/2013 Laura Leitner Yes
Spooks Misty Boomer Smart Spook Boomers Mistymorning 03/04/2013 Eldridge Mgtcorp No
Spooks N Jewels Smart Spook Whiz Jewels 02/14/2013 Courtney Brockmueller No
Spooks Night Time Spooks Gotta Whiz Custom Night Time 04/07/2013 Steven Simon No
Spooks Shining Whiz Spooks Gotta Gun Sayos Shining Whiz 04/26/2013 Steve Flaherty No
Spooks Show Time Spooks Gotta Whiz Dolittle Lena 04/20/2013 Bobby Lewis No
Spooks Smart Money Smart Spook Chex Drive 04/25/2013 C Conner No
Spooks Smoken Chex Colonels Smoken Chex Spooky Lil Lena 06/06/2013 Mary Jansma No
Spooks The Hard Way Spooks Gotta Gun Im So Anson 02/18/2013 Michelle Miola No
Spooks The One Smart Spook Mifs Doll 03/09/2013 Cardinal Hill Training Center LLC Yes
Spooksbringontrouble Spooks Gotta Gun Hollywood In Trouble 04/16/2013 Lorrie & Terry Thrasher No
Spooksgottalotachics Spooks Gotta Gun Smart Lil Bueno Chic 02/20/2013 Christina Riley Yes
Spooksgottarealgun Spooks Gotta Gun Real Seven Gun 02/27/2013 Ann Perry No
Spooksnustep Spooks Gotta Gun Wimpys Big Hit 02/27/2013 Beverly Swing No
Spookswhizindiamond Spooks Gotta Whiz Shiney Diamond Lady 06/01/2013 Bobby Lewis Yes
Spooky Lil Chex Smart Spook Nu Tuf Lil Chex 03/22/2013 Kim Muehlstaetter No
Spooky Little Whiz Spooks Gotta Whiz Smart N Chexy Lena 04/16/2013 Nicholas Tkaczyk No
Spooky Rooster Smart Spook Gallo Del Cash 04/18/2013 Troop Quarter Horses No
Spooky Selection Smart Spook Select A Forty Five 01/29/2013 Kim Muehlstaetter No
Spooky White Girl Spooks Gotta Gun Jacspins Daisy 03/25/2013 Rich Sassella No
Spooky Whiz Spooks Gotta Whiz Myo Starlight 05/30/2013 Spence Bell No
Sporty Gonehollywood Hollywoodstinseltown Shiney N Sporty 02/01/2013 Karen Walters No
Spots On My Mercedes Cromed Out Mercedes Mannys Cuteasabutton 04/14/2013 Robert & Robbin Thayn No
Springtime Sunshine Shine On Line Spring Dun It 04/11/2013 Lewisville Development, LP Yes
Squeezin Da Trigger Spooks Gotta Gun Squeezin Da Juice 04/23/2013 Jennifer Couacaud No
SS Aint No Plain Jane Starlights Starbrite Jane Doe 05/05/2013 Becky Poplin No
SS Frankie Blue Eyes Spooks Gotta Gun Tuckachic 04/18/2013 Michelle Miola No
SS Jaynies Gotta Gun Spooks Gotta Gun Anytime Jayne 04/20/2013 Michelle Miola No
SS Pistols N Pearls Spooks Gotta Gun Roxie Boom 04/18/2013 Michelle Miola No
SS Shaboom Shaboom Boomernic Gunnin For The Roses 01/26/2013 Michelle Miola No
SS Smoking ZO6 Smoking Whiz Primero Chex 03/30/2013 Michelle Miola No
St Pattys Whiz Conquistador Whiz Skeets Alibi 03/17/2013 Julie Holler No
Star Spangled Bareta Star Spangled Whiz Solanos Baretta 04/01/2013 Rosanne Sternberg Yes
Star Spangled Chic Star Spangled Whiz Montanas Smart Chic 03/29/2013 Rosanne Sternberg Yes
Star Spangled Dually Star Spangled Whiz My Chics Dually 05/01/2013 Kimberly Tillman No
Star Spangled Guy Star Spangled Whiz Light Hearted Gal 03/01/2013 Francesca Sternberg Yes
Star Spangled Holly Star Spangled Whiz Holly O Jay 01/29/2013 Rosanne Sternberg Yes
Star Spangled Reyner Star Spangled Whiz Plum Reyning 01/28/2013 Rosanne Sternberg Yes
Star Spangled Solano Star Spangled Whiz Solanos Baretta 04/24/2013 Rosanne Sternberg Yes
Star Spangled Spook Star Spangled Whiz Spookanne 05/15/2013 Sean Pulley Yes
Starbucks Chicuccino Starbucks Sidekick Ima Razzy Playgirl 03/15/2013 Melissa Land No
Starlight Cash SL Big Chex To Cash LSG Daisy Starlight 05/05/2013 Sherman Lauder No
Starlight Crome Cromed Out Mercedes RG Miss Starlight 04/26/2013 David Hartman, DVM No
Starlight Cruisin Starlight Captain Missy Dual Master 03/04/2013 Kristen Staebler No
Starlight Mesaboogie Starlights Starbrite Roys Freckle 04/23/2013 Judith Williams No
Starlight N Chrome Starlights Wrangler Leave The Rest 01/17/2013 Peter Morgan No
Starlight Remedy Very Smart Remedy Katie Starlight 05/03/2013 Cinder Lakes Ranch Yes
Starlight Stepped Up Wimpys Little Step Aleena Starlight 05/10/2013 George Shifrin No
Starr Spangled Gal Star Spangled Whiz Light Hearted Gal 03/17/2013 Francesca Sternberg Yes
Starrin In Ur Dreams Magnum With A Dream Starrin As The Whiz 04/09/2013 Heidi Arvidson No
Starrin Pistol Annie Step It Up Jak Genuinely Smart Star 04/10/2013 Tricia Garrett No
Starring Sioux A Shiner Named Sioux Starlight O Lena 02/19/2013 Carly Smith No
Stars At Midnite Gunners Special Nite Chic Olena Starbuck 01/26/2013 Turnabout Farm Inc No
Stars On My Face Pale Face Dunnit Get Ya Some Stars 04/10/2013 Hickory Creek Ranch LLC No
Stars Struck Star Spangled Whiz Wimpys Rose 03/12/2013 Susanne Hutchins Yes
Starwithaprettyface Pale Face Dunnit Star CD 04/03/2013 XCS Ranch LLC Yes
Step In A Mercedes Cromed Out Mercedes Memorable Steps 03/05/2013 Gayle Samuelson No
Step In The Wave Tidal Wave Jack Kisma Little Brass 04/27/2013 Bernardino (Nino) Cervantes No
Step It Up Girl Step It Up Jak Nu Pops Genuine MC 04/12/2013 Kathleen Ray No
Step To The Light CD Lights Shinersdiamondjackie 03/12/2013 Kelly Gowing No
Stepn Up In A Pinch Wimpys Little Step Tranquilla Nevada 02/25/2013 Heather Dahl DVM No
Steppin Into Royalty Wimpys Little Step Whattaroyalprincess 04/06/2013 Carolyn Edson No
Stop Like A Wimpy Wimpys Little Step Stop Like A Dream 04/01/2013 Gilberto Leal Yes
Stop Van Winkle Whiz Van Winkle The Last Stop 04/11/2013 Margaret McNamara No
Strawberry Hi Lights CD Lights Shiners Missy Jay 03/12/2013 Carol Rose No
Struck By Spook Smart Spook Hollywoods Striker 05/21/2013 Lorenzo Lotti No
Strumminonmyolbanjo Banjo Whiz Sheza Winning Ticket 05/04/2013 DeeAnn Balch-Gengler No
Style Me Smart Very Smart Remedy Meradas Style 05/07/2013 Cinder Lakes Ranch Yes
Styling On Line Shine On Line Stylish Solano 04/14/2013 Gary Putman No
Stylish Lil Sister Playin Stylish Gold Cloud Miss 04/02/2013 Linda Silveira No
Stylish Mercedes Cromed Out Mercedes Stylish N Spooky 04/15/2013 Marc Gordon No
Such A Smart Spark Smart Like Juice Vons Sparky 03/10/2013 Loren Booth Yes
Sudden Sign Ma Powersign Veronicavalentine 03/23/2013 Amber Morgan No
Sugars Magic Memory Chics Magic Potion Jays Sugarplum 04/16/2013 Debbie Manley No
Sugarwhizngun Gunner Starlights Sugarwhiz 05/06/2013 Dana Case Yes
Sumac Flare Gun Gunner Chics Graceful Whiz 02/24/2013 Sumac Farms No
Sumac Golden Dream Magnum Chic Dream The Golden Surprise 05/11/2013 Sumac Farms No
Sumac Ocean Dream Magnum Chic Dream Queen Of The Jac 05/08/2013 Sumac Farms No
Sumac Surfs Up Hang Ten Surprize Sumac Juiced Up 04/05/2013 Sumac Farms No
Sun Of Pale Face Pale Face Dunnit Jokers Sunny Jac 02/17/2013 Sunset Maple Farm LLC No
Suns Up Guns Up Gunner Always A Dunit 02/28/2013 Petska Trinity Equine, LLC No
Sunshine And Whizkey Whizkey N Diamonds Sheza Dun Dry 04/05/2013 Shawn Flarida No
Sure Slidin Smart Smart Like Juice Bingos Sure Slide 04/05/2013 Matthew Wilson No
Surprise N Angel Jerry Lees Surprise Angel Oak 03/27/2013 Talmage Smedley No
Surprise N Starlight Whiz N Starlight SE Homemaid Looker 04/28/2013 Elizabeth Laycraft No
Surpriz Me Whiz Chex Inwhizable Dun Its Little Angel 05/20/2013 Scott McCutcheon Yes
Surprizingly Smart Hang Ten Surprize Juice Plus 04/17/2013 Todd Sherrer Yes
SV Cromed Sugar Chic Cromed Out Mercedes SV Roselena Chic 04/03/2013 James Fanello No
Sweattin Bullets Tinker With Guns Dance For The Gold 05/03/2013 Rancho Oso Rio LLC Yes
Sweet Daisy Surprise Hang Ten Surprize Sweet Ginger Chic 04/13/2013 Double Run Farm No
Sweet Electric Okie Jacs Electric Spark Sweet Double Fancy 03/16/2013 Jean Boucher No
Sweet Hollywood Chic The Sweet Spot LS Hollywood Chic 04/16/2013 Susan Gay No
Sweet Like Juice Smart Like Juice Dun Its Sweet Dream 04/13/2013 Double Run Farm No
Sweet Spot Of Mine The Sweet Spot Lenas Snow Chex 03/29/2013 Susan Gay Yes
Tackie Conquistador Conquistador Whiz Smart Like Tackie 04/19/2013 Jillane Brown No
Tag Her Special Gunners Special Nite Chic Olena Tag 01/04/2013 John (Jack) McDaniel Yes
Tagg Up Whiz N Tag Chex This Chic N Whiz 02/22/2013 Tom McCutcheon No
Takin Home Chex Chexarkana Definitely Snappy 03/26/2013 Kirks Rockin K Ranch, Inc Yes
Talking Dirty Hollywoodstinseltown Myskirtisinthedirt 02/20/2013 David Silva, Sr No
Tari Tinseltown Girl Hollywoodstinseltown Taris Little Whiz 02/24/2013 Crews Reining Horses LLC No
Taris Classic Jac Jac Daniels Neat A La Mode Tari 04/24/2013 Colleen Gilbert No
Taris Lucky Magnum Magnum Chic Dream Catalizador Rapido 03/17/2013 Dee Dee Boeckman Yes
Taris Pepto Cat Mr Tari Ashwood Light Dashin Cat 03/25/2013 Kathy Ferguson No
TCR Rumored She Dunit Shiner Dun It Red Nectar 04/13/2013 Sayda Canizares No
Tebow Mercedes Cromed Out Mercedes Chic A Dee Hickory 05/07/2013 Bob Loomis Yes
Ten More Reasons Hang Ten Surprize Hotroddin Catalyst 04/18/2013 George McIvor Yes
Texas By Starlight Shady Lil Starlight Nic N Chic 04/11/2013 Holy Cow Performance Horses, Texas, LLC No
TH Hannas Image Smarter Image ARQ Billie Jo Drift 04/22/2013 Ted Hamilton No
That Kind Of Nite Gunners Special Nite Doc Santa Belle 04/13/2013 Craig Johnson No
Thats My Boomer Chic Boomernic She And Chic Dunit 03/15/2013 KC Performance Horses, LLC Yes
The Best Gunner Gunner Pearlly Handles 01/28/2013 Darling 888 Ranch Yes
The Blue Tag Whiz N Tag Chex Kachina Oak Olena 01/05/2013 Prospects Unlimited, LLC Yes
The Chics A Princess Hickory Chic Olena Ruf To Be A Princess 04/19/2013 Layla Choate No
The Disaster Master Master Snapper Miss Jerry Cat 01/30/2013 Green Valley Ranch No
The Green Gun Gunner The Green Jacket 04/29/2013 Carlton Dennis No
The Hollywood Hijac Hollywood Hijacker Smart Jalena Jac 05/18/2013 Lorie Shaw No
The Metallic Ruby Metallic Cat Ms Foxies Dually 05/16/2013 Diamond LK Cutting Horses LLC No
The Milkmans Gun Lil Gun Peppys Lightning Jac 04/21/2013 Alicia Knowles No
The Moonstone Town Hollywoodstinseltown My Lucky Moonstone 06/14/2013 Loren Booth Yes
The Prima Ballerina Topsail Whiz Dancer Nic 03/10/2013 Hickory Creek Ranch LLC No
The Shiniest Twice As Shiney Boogies Angel 04/16/2013 Michell Anne Kimball No
The Spook Next Door Spooks Gotta Gun Sisika 02/25/2013 Michelle Miola No
The Whizgun Gunners Peppy Oak Little Miss Whizzer 01/28/2013 Prospects Unlimited, LLC No
Thejuiceisontheloose Smart Like Juice Come On And Dance 04/15/2013 Smart Like Juice Inc. No
Thesegunsareoutlawed Gunner A Smart Whiz 01/29/2013 Darling 888 Ranch Yes
They Call Me Ducky Smartest Chic Olena Sheza Nuther Chic 02/28/2013 Claudivan Ribeiro No
They Call Me Sioux A Shiner Named Sioux Haidas Suzy 03/28/2013 Katherine Joos No
Thinkin Pure Cash Pure Whizability Thinkin Cash 03/11/2013 Curran Farm Yes
This Cats Stoppin Wr This Cats Smart Carino Del Cielo 04/25/2013 Thomas Moffit No
This Chic Digs Guns Pale Face Dunnit Barnyard Chic 05/07/2013 Buckshot Farms No
This Chic Is Fancy Magnum Chic Dream Mollie Montana 02/03/2013 Lawrence Equine Yes
This Chic Is Special Gunners Special Nite Chicout Conquistador 04/02/2013 Joanne Lorillard No
This Chics A Gunner Gunners Special Nite This Chics On Top 04/21/2013 Outrider Ranch Ltd Yes
This Chics A Smokin Smoking Whiz Heidi Fritz 2003 02/25/2013 Michelle Miola No
This Chics Genuine Lokota Chic A Genuine Story 04/29/2013 Jonathan Green No
This Guns For Spook Gunners Special Nite High Society Spook 04/28/2013 Matt Mills No
This Jacs Electric Jacs Electric Spark Lil Ruf Startime 03/12/2013 Jill Sater No
This Kido Shines Brennas Red Pine Jac Greatdiamondssparkle 03/23/2013 Ross Failor, Sr. No
This Miss Is Twisted Dun It With A Twist Crosshairs Poco Sara 05/11/2013 Susan Dabbs No
This Stars A Dually Mister Nicadual Dun It On A Star 04/18/2013 Jerry Kimmel No
This Wimpy Can Shine Wimpys Little Step Smart Shiney Lena 02/20/2013 Pete Kyle Yes
Thischickspackinheat Gunner Jameen Chick 05/26/2013 Mark Blake No
Thischicsnowimp Wimpys Tinseltown Excessive Lena 03/30/2013 John Fletcher No
Thisgunnersastunner Gunners Special Nite Annabelle Starlight 04/12/2013 Bill Coburn No
Thoar Peppy Jay Lena Buenos Dry Doc 04/28/2013 Elijah McQuerry No
Tickle My Tinsel Hollywoodstinseltown Chic To A Hen 04/23/2013 McQuay Stables Inc. No
Tin Cup Hollywoodstinseltown Call Me Marlena 03/01/2013 Brad Giesbrecht Yes
Tina Tinseltown Hollywoodstinseltown Gunner Getcha 01/12/2013 Thierry Willigsecker Yes
Tinker With Sangria Tinker With Guns Sangria Shine 04/24/2013 David Hartman, DVM No
Tinker With Sparks Tinker With Guns Spooks N Sparks 05/02/2013 Veronica Deans Yes
Tinker With Spooks Tinker With Guns Sugarplum Chic 04/20/2013 Rosanne Sternberg Yes
Tinkers Hollywood Tinker With Guns Sara Goes Hollywood 06/05/2013 Mark Bradford Yes
Tinkers Paint Gun Gunner Tinker Nic 05/05/2013 Rancho Oso Rio LLC Yes
Tinkin Of Jewels Tinker With Guns Whiz Jewels 03/29/2013 Andrea Fappani No
Tinsel Classy Chic Tinsel Jac Chics Classy Chic 05/13/2013 Domingo Alvarado No
Tinsel In My Town Hollywoodstinseltown My Lucky Moonstone 06/12/2013 Loren Booth Yes
Tinsel Jac Kid Tinsel Jac Miss N Chics 03/30/2013 Raul Leal Yes
Tinsel Marino Tinsel Jac Whiz Del Reb 05/30/2013 Gilberto Leal Yes
Tinsel Nu Cash Tinsel Jac Nu Cashandra 02/25/2013 Domingo Alvarado No
Tinsel Oak Chiclets Tinsel Jac Smart Oak Chiclet 02/22/2013 Gilberto Leal Yes
Tinsel Peppermint Hollywoodstinseltown Spooks Peppermint 03/31/2013 Shannon & Hershel Reid No
Tinsel Twist Tinsel Jac Make It With A Twist 02/03/2013 Raul Leal Yes
Tinselrufshine Hollywoodstinseltown Ruf O Holic 03/02/2013 Andrea Stillo No
Tinseltown Angel Hollywoodstinseltown Outlaw And Angel 03/03/2013 Alan Pitts No
Tinseltown Baybedoll Hollywoodstinseltown Magnums Bay Be 03/20/2013 RMJ Ranch No
Tinseltown Boomer Hollywoodstinseltown Rowdy Boomernicer 05/14/2013 Patricia Anderson No
Tinseltown Tag Hollywoodstinseltown Ollie Tag 04/17/2013 Joe Verser No
Tinseltown Whiz Ice Hollywoodstinseltown Whiz Or Whizout 04/10/2013 Susanne Friberg Cappetta No
Tinseltowns New Gun Gunner Dun It In Tinseltown 04/18/2013 David Silva, Sr No
Tinseltownssmartest Hollywoodstinseltown Smart Chic Badger 04/05/2013 Wolf Hills Farm LLC No
Tinseltrash Hollywoodstinseltown Fatal Attrashion 02/10/2013 McQuay Stables Inc. No
Tonite Is Great Top Gun Tonite Great Cherry Pal 03/20/2013 Tracey Tuttle Bryce No
Tonite Pep Is Classy Top Gun Tonite Ms Tangy Peppy 04/14/2013 Tracey Tuttle Bryce No
Top Soul Tonite Top Gun Tonite Sol Of Anson 03/23/2013 Tracey Tuttle Bryce No
Top Ten Dream Hang Ten Surprize Dream It Magnum 04/14/2013 Larry & Katharine Barker Family Trust No
Topgunbypoco Gunners Special Nite Diamond Lil 03/22/2013 Larry Wolfe No
Topsail Merada Meradas Freckle Topsail Maggie 04/07/2013 Janet Escoe No
Topsail Revolution Einsteins Revolution Bh Whizpering Lady 02/25/2013 Shanda Guard No
Topshelf Twist Dun It With A Twist The Great Whiztress 03/07/2013 Jessica Sorenson No
Trash N For Chex Trashadeous Chex N Roses 04/16/2013 Judith Bottger No
Trash N Forcash Gunnatrashya Nu Bar Miz Chexers 04/26/2013 Rodney Wolf No
Trash N Guns Trashadeous Miss Gladstone 05/06/2013 Golden Glory Farm No
Trash Talkin Chic Trashadeous Khristina Chic Olena 03/21/2013 Carlton & Khris Crowe No
Trashadeous Al Shama Trashadeous Ellys Rag Doll Whiz 02/03/2013 Pamela Loomis Yes
Trashadually Mister Nicadual Glendas Smoken Trash 04/18/2013 Lisa Bissell No
Trashed Again Trashadeous LR Jos Little Lady 04/27/2013 Julie Baker No
Trashed Rockstar Im Sugar Not Trash Freckles Starrey 05/27/2013 James Blumer, Jr. No
Trashy Playboy Trashadeous Elans Smokee Lu 03/07/2013 Lyons Legacy Performance Horses, LLC Yes
Travado Mifillena QR Travelen Babe 05/28/2013 Alberto Moreira No
Travelinwhizbygun Gunners Special Nite Whizzin Jenny 04/07/2013 Larry Wolfe No
Tread Litely Wimpys Little Step Shinaka 05/11/2013 Joe Hayes Yes
Trells Dunit Hollywood White Janie Mae Gossip 03/27/2013 Gordon Potts No
Tristenintinseltown Hollywoodstinseltown Braz Us 05/01/2013 Reinbow Ridge Equestrian No
Trump One Heaven Sent Chic Colonel Pepinic 04/06/2013 Jim Babcock No
TS Executivedecision TS Ceo Missys Lace 05/02/2013 Karin Troendle No
Tsunami Warning Tidal Wave Jack Gotta Be Kiddin Me 01/14/2013 Ronnie Fox No
Tuckinmyblingbling Chicoutmyblingbling Tuck In My Cash 03/29/2013 Bill Shaffner No
Tucks Special Gunner Gunners Special Nite Tuckalnite 03/14/2013 Suzanne Marlowe No
Tuff Enuff Mercedes Cromed Out Mercedes Judy Came Smart 05/01/2013 Bob Loomis Yes
Tunes In Hollywood Hollywoodstinseltown Shiney Tari 02/25/2013 Phillip Aaron No
Turnpike Troubador Hollywoodstinseltown Walla Walla Starshine 04/08/2013 Dawn Joyce Yes
Tustepit Keyara Chic Nu Steps To Cash One Smart Dunit 05/03/2013 Pamela Sabo No
Twentyfourkaratshine Smart Like Juice Shiney Crystal 03/31/2013 Pamela Rosi No
Twist And Surprize Hang Ten Surprize Lemon Twist Sandy 03/12/2013 Shannon & Hershel Reid No
Twist Ann Slyde Jerry Lees Surprise Trista Twist 05/10/2013 John Conely, Sr. No
Twist Of Whizkey Whizkey N Diamonds Moms Stylish Pepto 05/04/2013 Rhodes River Ranch No
Twistaroo My Darlin Dun It With A Twist Suzie Cielo 02/11/2013 Debra Spannuth-Gouker No
Twistin Starlight Dun It With A Twist Crimson Starlight 04/06/2013 Debra Spannuth-Gouker No
Two Mil Magnum Magnum Chic Dream Lil Ruf Jessie 04/02/2013 Viola Scott No
Two Time Shine Shiners Lena Doc Shiners Glory 02/17/2013 Stacey Kirgan No
Two Timin At Midnite Gunners Special Nite Timed To Shine 03/01/2013 Kindra Rader No
Two Timing Nic Nic It In The Bud Lady Sox Nic 04/29/2013 Jose Bravo No
Undeniably A Magnum Magnum Chic Dream Undeniably Dun It 04/15/2013 John Lloyd Yes
Up All Nite Gunners Special Nite Ima Sailors Gal 02/08/2013 Green Valley Ranch No
Uptown Brother Hollywoodstinseltown Shesa Smart Sister 03/05/2013 Sammy Graham No
Uss Checkmate Smart Spook USS Nu Chex 02/16/2013 Giada Camparsi Yes
USS Hamster Smoking Whiz Aledo Boom 2001 02/14/2013 Michelle Miola No
Uss Nu Mercedes Cromed Out Mercedes USS Nu Chex 04/09/2013 Lorenzo Lotti No
UWRF Cashin Chex Skeets Peppy Sb Boomerchex 04/16/2013 University Of Wisconsin No
UWRF Indian Outlaw Skeets Peppy Okie Dokie Wrangler 03/30/2013 University Of Wisconsin No
UWRF Peppyallnite Skeets Peppy UWRF Chexthruthenite 03/28/2013 University Of Wisconsin No
UWRF Rufniteandatown Tinseltowns Bro Lil Ruf Sissy 04/11/2013 University Of Wisconsin No
UWRF Rufrockintinsel Tinseltowns Bro Lil Ruf Girl 04/26/2013 University Of Wisconsin No
UWRF Skeetle Juice Skeets Peppy Gone With The Whizit 05/03/2013 University Of Wisconsin No
UWRF Starrinmspeppy Skeets Peppy Watch Lil Star 04/02/2013 University Of Wisconsin No
V Rod Custom Harley Covergirl 04/15/2013 Nadine Isler No
Velvets Custom Whiz Custom Legend Dude Lady Whiz 03/14/2013 Misty Valley Performance Horses LLC No
Vera Vintage A Sparkling Vintage Snappy N Smart Chic 06/04/2013 Petra Zeitler Yes
Vintage Formula A Sparkling Vintage Smartin On Top 03/13/2013 Petra Zeitler Yes
Vintage Raven A Sparkling Vintage All Ruffed Up 03/08/2013 Petra Zeitler Yes
Vintage Vibe A Sparkling Vintage LF Remelynx 03/28/2013 Petra Zeitler Yes
Visas Diamond Whizkey N Diamonds Master Visa 05/17/2013 Rhodes River Ranch No
Von Derful Sunset Von Reminic Sunsets Miss Como 03/29/2013 Josh Armstrong No
Von Do Montana Once A Von A Time Ms Melody Montana 05/13/2013 Holy Cow Performance Horses, Texas, LLC No
Von Gus Von Reminic CJ Gussie 02/13/2013 Josh Armstrong No
Von Miss Sugar Von Reminic Red Wall 2x Sugar 02/03/2013 Josh Armstrong No
Von Special Nite Gunners Special Nite Vons Sparky 01/16/2013 Loren Booth Yes
Voodoo Footwork Shiners Voodoo Dr Texas Finest 03/12/2013 Kurt Tate No
Voodoo Sioux A Shiner Named Sioux Slide A Whey 02/28/2013 Rich Sassella No
Voodoo Smokin Annie Shiners Voodoo Dr Caleys Smokin Peppy 02/16/2013 Karyl Eikleberry No
Voodoos Notfor Wimps Wimpys Little Step Voodoo Chic 05/22/2013 Rogers Heaven Sent Ranch, LLC No
Walla Chic Walla Walla Whiz Sanger Chic 05/08/2013 Ashley Sutton No
Walla Walla Barbie Walla Walla Whiz Hollywood Barbie 04/05/2013 Marc Gordon No
Walla Walla Cowgirl Walla Walla Whiz Slide Me Cowboy 04/10/2013 Beverly Leffler No
Walla Walla Doll Walla Walla Whiz Chics Baby Doll 04/08/2013 Marc Gordon No
Walla Walla Lil Pep Walla Walla Whiz Juanita Chic Olena 03/20/2013 Steve Flaherty No
Walla Walla Melodie Walla Walla Whiz Spooks Melody 04/20/2013 Marc Gordon No
Walla Walla White Walla Walla Whiz Sophia White 03/27/2013 Marc Gordon No
Walla Whiza Jewel Walla Walla Whiz Jewels Lil Sparkle 04/25/2013 Connie LeHocky Yes
Walla Wullaby Walla Walla Whiz Hollywood Shasta 04/06/2013 Marsha Halcrow Yes
Wallabea Starlight Walla Walla Whiz Strike A Star 04/09/2013 Todd Albers Yes
Wallabewhiz Walla Walla Whiz Ole Sporty Girl 03/24/2013 Sam Ellis Yes
Wallas Cashin Out Walla Walla Whiz Easters Little Star 03/26/2013 Marc Gordon Yes
Wallas Corona Walla Walla Whiz Coronas Major 03/07/2013 Jackspar Enterprises, LLC Yes
Wallys Enterprise Walla Walla Whiz Dun Its Enterprise 02/01/2013 Green Valley Ranch No
Wanna Play Tag Pale Face Dunnit Lindy Tag 02/27/2013 Samantha Allen No
Wanted Chex To Cash Big Chex To Cash Rush N Cat 05/12/2013 Lorenzo Lotti No
Wap Bam Boom Boom Shernic Miss Chenny Watch 03/30/2013 Jenell Potucek Yes
Watch Ur Step Wimpys Little Step PDR Miss Lacy Lena 05/09/2013 Royce Alford No
Watchemsmokenow Colonels Smoken Chex Elans Bay Watch 05/16/2013 Darling 888 Ranch Yes
Watt A Yankee Electric Code Rowdy In Black 03/19/2013 Delaina Rhodes No
Way Cool Conquista Cool Wimp Cinna Conquista 03/28/2013 Jeff Metcalf No
Wearing Lace Smart Spook A Lil Chantilly Lace 03/19/2013 Green Valley Ranch No
West Coast Quixote Quixote Light Leo Fritz Whiz 03/01/2013 Matthew Hagee No
West Coast Rider Lil Ruf Rider West Coast Sandy 03/13/2013 Gene Minton No
West Jessie Whiz San Jessie Boy West Coast Maggie 02/25/2013 Jocelyn Lamarche No
Westcoast Dunkachino Einsteins Revolution She Be A Whizn 05/29/2013 Robert Dygert No
WF Electric Star Electric Code WF Talk About Stars 05/05/2013 Joe Wolfe No
What A Cheeky Face Pale Face Dunnit Cheeky Boom 02/17/2013 XCS Ranch LLC Yes
What A Lucky Nite Gunners Special Nite My Lucky Moonstone 04/19/2013 Loren Booth Yes
Whatasweetaddiction Tuckers Lil Playboy Miss Tivio Silver 03/07/2013 Michelle Tidmore No
Whatwud Johnnycashdo Whiz N Tag Chex JDS Shining Image 01/08/2013 Samantha Smith No
Whey Loaded Gun Hes A Loaded Gun Shining A Whey 06/04/2013 Mary Jansma No
Whiskey Sueno Paddys Irish Whiskey Mi Poco Sueno 05/05/2013 Kevin Castle No
Whiskeynikki Whizkey N Diamonds Commanders Wishbone 03/18/2013 Sam Ellis Yes
Whiz Classic Topsail Whiz Sassys Classy Chic 05/19/2013 Bob Loomis Yes
Whiz Coded Candy Electric Code Ms Catalina Whiz 03/14/2013 Brugger Enterprises LLC No
Whiz Eli Codie Electric Code Whizanna 04/18/2013 Spence Bell No
Whiz Gata Prize Topsail Whiz Smart Little Prize 03/05/2013 Robert Santagata No
Whiz Guns Ablazin Gunner Valentine Whiz 01/26/2013 Rhodes River Ranch No
Whiz Kid Surprize Hang Ten Surprize North East Whiz 05/14/2013 Rene Laquerre No
Whiz Little Star Topsail Whiz Seven S Belle Starr 04/05/2013 Bob Loomis Yes
Whiz My Freckles Spooks Gotta Whiz Dun Lost My Freckles 04/11/2013 Lewisville Development, LP Yes
Whiz N Delta Whiz N Crome Senors Delta Rose 05/19/2013 Dean Latimer No
Whiz N Okie Whiz N Crome Meerly Chic Olena 02/17/2013 Bob Loomis Yes
Whiz N Shiners Angel Shiners Diamond Zan Miz Whiz A Nic 04/29/2013 Beverly King No
Whiz N Spook Smart Spook Whizicle 05/16/2013 Equine Plus Yes
Whiz N Whizkey Whizkey N Diamonds Whiz N Nicki 03/09/2013 CDR Farms No
Whiz Off Sparks Conquistador Whiz Spook Off Sparks 04/27/2013 Michelle Miola No
Whiz Shining Style Topsail Whiz Shining Bubbles 02/15/2013 Bob Loomis Yes
Whiz Strikes Ten Inwhizable Ima Tenstrike 04/17/2013 Kimberly Raddatz No
Whiz Style Cromed Out Mercedes Okie Dokie Whiz 01/19/2013 Bob Loomis Yes
Whiza Royal Chic Lil Savage Whiz Royal Parr Money 04/24/2013 Christopher Sowards No
Whizkey At Dawn Whizkey N Diamonds Dualin At Dawn 05/14/2013 Marinda Lane No
Whizkey Bar Whizkey N Diamonds CD Bars Jo 04/16/2013 Rhodes River Ranch No
Whizkey Chaser Whizkey N Diamonds Sparklin Chic 01/09/2013 Matthew Armenta No
Whizkey Counts Whizkey N Diamonds Count The Numbers 04/30/2013 Billi Heigh No
Whizkey Do My Talkin Whizkey N Diamonds Soulas CD 03/21/2013 Lawrence Equine Yes
Whizkey N Brownsugar Whizkey N Diamonds Ima Lenas Sugarlady 04/15/2013 Misty Yelton No
Whizkey N Chics Whizkey N Diamonds Lenas Sugar Lee 05/08/2013 Erin Duddy No
Whizkey N Honey Whizkey N Diamonds Todays Lucky Lena 04/14/2013 Lee Redding Yes
Whizkey N Melodies Whizkey N Diamonds Maggie Mae Melody 04/01/2013 Jeanine Jones Yes
Whizkey N Roses Whizkey N Diamonds Rawhides Rosy 03/20/2013 Bill (William) Bradley No
Whizkey N Smoke Whizkey N Diamonds Smokys Lightning Hot 06/15/2013 Ruth Bishop No
Whizkey N Sugar Whizkey N Diamonds Sugar Pop Gun 02/11/2013 Deborah Strahman Yes
Whizkey N Sunshine Whizkey N Diamonds Sugared Sunshine 03/24/2013 James Blumer, Jr. No
Whizkey N The Sky Whizkey N Diamonds CR Fancy Chex 05/05/2013 Brian Huber No
Whizkey N Wallawalla Whizkey N Diamonds Walla Walla Wanda 05/07/2013 Lorenzo Lotti No
Whizkey On Ice Whizkey N Diamonds Chic Dunit Shiney 03/10/2013 Todd Sherrer Yes
Whizkey Rock N Roll Whizkey N Diamonds Snip O Chex 03/11/2013 Cinder Lakes Ranch Yes
Whizkey Rocks Whizkey N Diamonds Sisters Twisted 05/08/2013 Christine Mitchell No
Whizkey Shots Whizkey N Diamonds Gunners Sureshot 04/28/2013 Rhodes River Ranch No
Whizkeys Smart Chic Whizkey N Diamonds Miss Moonlight Chic 03/01/2013 Buzz Achey No
Whizky Frosted Frank Whizkey N Diamonds Frostys Little Diva 04/26/2013 Terry Martin No
Whiznmercedes Cromed Out Mercedes Covergirl Whiz 05/08/2013 Timothy McCay Yes
Whiznshiney Smart And Shiney Whizmatized 03/12/2013 Jerry Hunsucker No
Whizpering Blues Whiz N Tag Chex Kachina Oak Olena 02/23/2013 Prospects Unlimited, LLC No
Whizs Shining Spark Whiz N Tag Chex Mizzen Shine 03/16/2013 Debra Gann No
Whiztful Dreams Magnum Chic Dream Whiz Out Chex 04/05/2013 Cady Shaw No
Whizzen I Was Famous Jumping Jack Whiz Miss Go On King 03/07/2013 Susan Dabbs No
Whizzen In The Wind Whizkey N Diamonds Very Smart Flo Jo 04/01/2013 Anne Reynolds No
Whizzin Blue Sparks Spooks Gotta Whiz Blues Electric Spark 04/01/2013 John Deer No
Whizzin R Cash Away Easy Otie Whiz JC Roses For Cash 03/17/2013 Justin Cornwell No
Who Iz Dry Whodini Primos Dry Lena 05/18/2013 Julie Swenson No
Who Knew It Who Whiz It? Bueno Soxy Nic 03/28/2013 Jeff Buckley Yes
Who Whiz Cappacino Who Whiz It HA Nic A Chic 03/29/2013 Clint Haverty No
Who Whiz Crome Cocoa Who Whiz It Crome Shiner 01/28/2013 Clint Haverty No
Who Whiz Einstein Einsteins Revolution Whiz Me Luck 11/14/2012 Yves Cousinard No
Who Whiz Hot Choclat Who Whiz It Chocolat Almond Chic 04/07/2013 Clint Haverty No
Who Whiz Wrangler Starlights Wrangler Gona Get Whiz It 05/09/2013 Alan Pitts No
Whoa Sparkazanna Jacs Electric Spark Miss Whoa Jac 03/08/2013 Susan Palmer No
Whos Your Grandaddy Chexarkana Red 02/13/2013 Kirks Rockin K Ranch, Inc Yes
Whosa Cute Boss Whodini Skip N Ladys Nugget 03/31/2013 Regina Brown No
Whowhizsonatalatte Who Whiz It Sonata Sorrel 04/14/2013 Clint Haverty No
Whoze That Girl Gunner Shiney Enterprise 01/12/2013 McQuay Stables Inc. No
Wicked Loaded Gun Hes A Loaded Gun Chics Wicked Witch 03/31/2013 Mary Jansma No
Will Leave U Dreamin Betsy Skunk Face Dal Jewell Oakstar 05/20/2013 Gilles Bergeron No
Will Lee B Smart Spooks Gotta Gun Jules Peppy Please 04/27/2013 Michael or Charlotte Rhoades No
Willie B Trash Trashadeous Willies Easter Lilly 03/31/2013 Jo Ann Lyons No
Wimp Commander Wimpys Little Step Chicks And Chex 05/06/2013 Tami Nelson No
Wimpa Doodle Do Wimpys Little Step Chics N Roosters 03/16/2013 Yonathan Baruch Yes
Wimpar Chic Step Wimpys Little Step Not Just Some Chic 10/03/2012 Demetrius Kotrozinis No
Wimpelena Wimpys Little Step Wound By Juice 02/13/2013 Allen Mitchels Yes
Wimps Sweet Diamond Whizkey N Diamonds Wimps Stylin Maggie 04/18/2013 John Balko No
Wimpy Della Reno Wimpys Little Step Bella Della 06/18/2013 Spence Bell No
Wimpy Done Dunit Wimpys Little Step Miss Whiz Done Dunit 02/27/2013 JCM Ranch Operating LLC Yes
Wimpy Margarita Wimpys Little Step Custom Margarita 02/14/2013 Judy Box Yes
Wimpy McClain Wimpys Little Step Shirleys A Gunner 02/18/2013 Loren East No
Wimpy N Chex N Jac Wimpys Little Step Whiz N Chex N Jac 03/15/2013 Domingo Alvarado No
Wimpy Paul Quixote Nu Steps To Cash My Tucker Surprize 05/28/2013 Mary Kaplan No
Wimpydocsnotjoke Wimpys Little Step Jokes Smartime 02/25/2013 Ixtul Quarter Horses, LLC No
Wimpys Cadberry Wimpys Red Berry SR Santee Starlite 03/31/2013 Gene Vandeberg No
Wimpys Chico Wimpys Little Step Chics Miss Snap 05/06/2013 Bradford Hattig No
Wimpys Chromed Kid Wimpys Little Step Funny Face Colonel 03/04/2013 Terri Droessler No
Wimpys Classy Badger Nu Steps To Cash WH Bat An I Brow Cat 04/30/2013 Troy Hendricks No
Wimpys Dixi Chick Wimpys Little Step Dream About Magic 04/01/2013 Megan Lindberg No
Wimpys Dot Tari Wimpys Little Step Jessie Dot Tari 01/13/2013 Vaughn Zimmerman Yes
Wimpys Gata Shiner Wimpys Little Step Shinin In Hollywood 04/28/2013 Robert Santagata No
Wimpys Gay Pricess Wimpys Little Step Wranglers Gay Bar 04/22/2013 Gilberto Leal Yes
Wimpys Hi Roller Wimpys Little Step Spooks Melody 04/08/2013 Marc Gordon No
Wimpys Lil Commander Wimpys Little Step Miss Bam Bam Command 02/19/2013 Vaughn Zimmerman Yes
Wimpys Lil Melodie Wimpys Little Step Peptos Lil Melody 02/21/2013 Marc Gordon Yes
Wimpys Lil Spook Spooks Gotta Gun Wimpys Lil Doll 03/22/2013 Tim Anderson Yes
Wimpys Little Doce Wimpys Little Step Sugar Pop Gun 01/11/2013 Deborah Strahman Yes
Wimpys Little Jessie Wimpys Little Step Jessie Dot Tari 03/11/2013 Vaughn Zimmerman Yes
Wimpys Little Lyla Wimpys Little Step Faded Lace 04/29/2013 Shady Grove Farm Inc No
Wimpys Little Slider Wimpys Little Step Tejana Whiz 03/06/2013 Darlyne Woodward Yes
Wimpys Little Theory Wimpys Finest Step Miss Peppy Jess 04/26/2013 Marc Bourbeau No
Wimpys Little Winder Wimpys Little Step Wind Her Up Doc 05/24/2013 Vaughn Zimmerman Yes
Wimpys Slidewinder Wimpys Little Step Wind Her Up Chic 02/06/2013 Cardinal Hill Training Center LLC Yes
Wimpys Smokin Girl Wimpys Little Step Please Dont Spook 03/15/2013 Marc Gordon No
Wimpys Star Berry Wimpys Red Berry Lucky Cee Star 03/28/2013 Jason Layfield No
Wimpys Stepped Up Wimpys Little Step Shes Wound Up 02/18/2013 Vaughn Zimmerman Yes
Wimpys Winenshine Wimpys Little Step Winenshineme 04/03/2013 Russ Mothershead No
Wimpyslittlemercedes Cromed Out Mercedes Steps Cool Heat 03/29/2013 Leon Hostetler Yes
Wimpyswhirlindurvish Wimpys Little Step KR Mistee 02/04/2013 Julie Rodgers No
Wind Her Up Spook Smart Spook Wind Her Up Doc 06/07/2013 Vaughn Zimmerman Yes
Wind Up My Mercedes Cromed Out Mercedes Wind Her Up Skeets 02/06/2013 Tonia Rogers No
Wing N Aprayer Trashadeous Shining Little Peach 03/12/2013 Carlton & Khris Crowe No
Wish Me Chex Chexarkana Bubbles Boonsmal 04/12/2013 Kirks Rockin K Ranch, Inc Yes
Wishin For Guns Spooks Gotta Gun Smartys Little Ace 03/16/2013 Michael or Charlotte Rhoades No
Wizkey N Water Whizkey N Diamonds My Baby Shiner 03/10/2013 Doug Carpenter No
Woman In Lights CD Lights Shiners Woman 03/09/2013 Mattie Lord No
Wont Get Spooked Spooks Gotta Gun Win Dixie Boom 04/10/2013 Michelle Miola No
Wound Her Up Doc Wimpys Little Step Wind Her Up Doc 02/18/2013 Vaughn Zimmerman Yes
Wow Ima Smart Spook Smart Spook Custom Wow 05/23/2013 Judith Bottger No
Wrangle Some Money Starlights Wrangler Jesses Major Money 01/23/2013 Dell Hendricks No
Wrangle The Stars Starlights Wrangler Hangten Spanish Lady 04/22/2013 Dell Hendricks No
Wrangler Gravitation Starlights Wrangler Taris Attraction 02/12/2013 Dell Hendricks No
Wranglers Chic Starlights Wrangler Hollywood China Chic 01/17/2013 Dell Hendricks No
Wranglers N Whiskey Starlights Wrangler Okie Lil Dokie 04/24/2013 Kim Diercks No
Wright On Tinseltown Hollywoodstinseltown Shinettas Wright On 04/30/2013 Lyle Lovett No
Xtra Adorable Step Wimpys Little Step Dora Whiz 03/02/2013 Ixtul Quarter Horses, LLC No
Xtra Allthats Berry Wimpys Red Berry All Thats Dun 05/08/2013 Ixtul Quarter Horses, LLC No
Xtra Babalou Step Wimpys Little Step Lil Chic Balou 03/06/2013 Ixtul Quarter Horses, LLC No
Xtra Bamstep Wimpys Little Step Miss Bam Bam Command 01/30/2013 Ixtul Quarter Horses, LLC No
Xtra Berrycat Wimpys Red Berry Ms Whiz Cat 05/04/2013 Ixtul Quarter Horses, LLC No
Xtra Blackee Step Wimpys Little Step Here Chickee Chickee 04/17/2013 Ixtul Quarter Horses, LLC No
Xtra Chuka Berry Wimpys Red Berry Chuka Chic 06/01/2013 Ixtul Quarter Horses, LLC No
Xtra Chuka Chic Shiners Voodoo Dr Chuka Chic 06/18/2013 Ixtul Quarter Horses, LLC No
Xtra Dun Right Wimpys Little Step SLJ Dun Juice 05/02/2013 Ixtul Quarter Horses, LLC No
Xtra Goodstep Wimpys Little Step Miss N Becky 01/23/2013 Ixtul Quarter Horses, LLC No
Xtra Grayt Step Wimpys Little Step Play For Chic 03/17/2013 Ixtul Quarter Horses, LLC Yes
Xtra Greatstep Wimpys Little Step Metermaid To Order 03/05/2013 Ixtul Quarter Horses, LLC No
Xtra Hickory Doc Shiners Voodoo Dr Call Me Miss Hickory 06/01/2013 Ixtul Quarter Horses, LLC No
Xtra Holy Voodoo Shiners Voodoo Dr Holicee 03/23/2013 Ixtul Quarter Horses, LLC No
Xtra How Its Dun Wimpys Little Step All Thats Dun 03/19/2013 Ixtul Quarter Horses, LLC No
Xtra Jacked Voodoo Shiners Voodoo Dr Wimpys All Jacked Up 06/08/2013 Ixtul Quarter Horses, LLC No
Xtra Just Maid It Wimpys Red Berry Metermaid To Order 05/18/2013 Ixtul Quarter Horses, LLC No
Xtra Little Balou Wimpys Little Step Lil Chic Balou 04/06/2013 Ixtul Quarter Horses, LLC No
Xtra Little Chic Wimpys Little Step Play For Chic 03/20/2013 Ixtul Quarter Horses, LLC No
Xtra Little Chuka Wimpys Little Step Chuka Chic 04/24/2013 Ixtul Quarter Horses, LLC No
Xtra Little Loui Wimpys Little Step Lois Chic 05/24/2013 Ixtul Quarter Horses, LLC No
Xtra Little Pistol Wimpys Little Step Ruf Pistol 04/18/2013 Ixtul Quarter Horses, LLC No
Xtra Little Star Wimpys Little Step Aleena Starlight 05/18/2013 Ixtul Quarter Horses, LLC No
Xtra New Pal Voodoo Shiners Voodoo Dr Wimpys New Pal 02/18/2013 Ixtul Quarter Horses, LLC No
Xtra Play Berry Wimpys Red Berry Play For Chic 05/27/2013 Ixtul Quarter Horses, LLC No
Xtra Playing Voodoo Shiners Voodoo Dr Play For Chic 06/11/2013 Ixtul Quarter Horses, LLC No
Xtra Radiant Step Wimpys Little Step Sparkling Radiance 02/11/2013 Ixtul Quarter Horses, LLC No
Xtra Red Oak Wimpys Red Berry Pcr Starlights Oak 02/16/2013 Ixtul Quarter Horses, LLC No
Xtra Red Pine Wimpys Red Berry Melrose Pine 01/29/2013 Ixtul Quarter Horses, LLC No
Xtra Red Ruby Wimpys Red Berry HA Ruby N Diamonds 03/23/2013 Ixtul Quarter Horses, LLC No
Xtra Shiners Sinbar Shiners Voodoo Dr Wimpy Little Sinbar 03/14/2013 Ixtul Quarter Horses, LLC No
Xtra Shiney Crome Shiners Voodoo Dr Crystal Crome 05/29/2013 Ixtul Quarter Horses, LLC No
Xtra Shiney Footwork Smart And Shiney Footworks Fantasy 04/02/2013 Ixtul Quarter Horses, LLC No
Xtra Shinyattraction Shiners Voodoo Dr A Lasting Attraction 05/31/2013 Ixtul Quarter Horses, LLC No
Xtra Spark Berry Wimpys Red Berry Sparkling Radiance 02/27/2013 Ixtul Quarter Horses, LLC No
Xtra Step N Diamonds Wimpys Little Step HA Ruby N Diamonds 04/04/2013 Ixtul Quarter Horses, LLC Yes
Xtra Stepinthesunset Wimpys Little Step Sunset Whiz 04/01/2013 Ixtul Quarter Horses, LLC No
Xtra Steppucino Wimpys Little Step Custom Cappuccino 03/28/2013 Ixtul Quarter Horses, LLC No
Xtra Suzies Step Wimpys Little Step Suzana Did It 04/09/2013 Ixtul Quarter Horses, LLC No
Xtra Tejana Step Wimpys Little Step Tejana Chic 02/20/2013 Ixtul Quarter Horses, LLC No
Xtra Voodoo Creme Shiners Voodoo Dr Wimpys New Pal 04/06/2013 Ixtul Quarter Horses, LLC Yes
Xtra Voodoo LTD Shiners Voodoo Dr Chicks Ltd 02/20/2013 Ixtul Quarter Horses, LLC No
Xtra Walla Wimpy Wimpys Little Step Walla Walla Wanda 04/08/2013 Ixtul Quarter Horses, LLC No
Xtra Whinny Berry Wimpys Red Berry SLJ Smartlikewhinny 04/14/2013 Ixtul Quarter Horses, LLC No
Xtra Wimp N Annie Wimpys Little Step Oaks Little Annie 04/13/2013 Ixtul Quarter Horses, LLC No
Xtra Wimpuccino Wimpys Little Step Custom Cappuccino 04/09/2013 Ixtul Quarter Horses, LLC No
Xtra Wimpy Gun Wimpys Little Step Dolled Up Gunner 04/08/2013 Ixtul Quarter Horses, LLC No
Xtra Wimpy Juice Wimpys Little Step SLJ Dun Juice 03/18/2013 Ixtul Quarter Horses, LLC No
Xtra Wimpy Sailor Wimpys Little Step Always Sailing Smart 03/08/2013 Ixtul Quarter Horses, LLC No
Xtra Wimpys Diamond Wimpys Little Step HA Ruby N Diamonds 02/19/2013 Ixtul Quarter Horses, LLC No
Xtra Wimpys Dunit Wimpys Little Step All Thats Dun 04/02/2013 Ixtul Quarter Horses, LLC No
Xtra Wimpystep Wimpys Little Step Chuka Chic 03/26/2013 Ixtul Quarter Horses, LLC No
Yankee Truckin Chex NMSU Truckin Chex Bueno Rowdy Rosie 03/30/2013 Kevin Stallings No
Yankeegambler Rowdy Yankee TN Jacs And Aces 04/12/2013 Kristy Chandler No
Yankees N Lilies Rowdy Yankee Gunners Moll 03/09/2013 Midori Fujimoto No
Yankees N Roses Rowdy Yankee Dualin With Gunners 05/12/2013 Midori Fujimoto No
Yellow Bug Yellow Jersey Czars Fire Bug 05/03/2013 B & L Holdings LLC No
You Are My Princess ARC Matt O Lena Hollywood N Whiz 03/31/2013 Doree MacAlvey-Sims No
Your Lying Eyes Jacs Electric Spark Best Stop 01/25/2013 Wagman Ranch Inc Yes
Yurs N Mine Gunner Docs Sulena 05/31/2013 Carol Rose No
Zip Your Knickers Nic It In The Bud Patsy Sayso Zippo 03/20/2013 Nancy Miller No
ZZ Pops Nu Pops Gangster Mistress 04/16/2013 Luiz Barros No