Corporate Partner - Tom McCutcheon’s Virtual Horse Help & WorldWide Slide

At the 2016 National Reining Horse Association Futurity, Tom McCutcheon and Cheryl Magoteaux Cody met to discuss the state of the industry and of their individual media entities. McCutcheon’s Virtual Horse Help and Cody’s WorldWide Slide had both become very visible in the reining world, and together they considered possible options to grow them. The brainstorming session took wing and soon the two companies merged, and all operations moved to the Oklahoma headquarters of Cody’s Pro Management, Inc.

Virtual Horse Help is a video library that creates and distributes both news and instructional videos, while WorldWide Slide is a bi-monthly e-magazine. Both are free to the public and showcase the scope of the reining while focusing on reiners from the green as grass level to the most elite.

WorldWide Slide focuses on the exhibitors – reporting their journeys and their victories – regardless of whether it was the headline event or a rookie class. The analytics have shown that all tracking numbers – from views, email subscribers, Facebook followers, and more – have soared. Partnering with NRHA proved fruitful, garnering even more views of videos posted both on the NRHA website and on Virtual Horse Help. Creating informational videos in conjunction with the NRHA is an ongoing process, as is showcasing its staff, information and events.

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