Entry Level Program

Classic Equine Green Reiner Classes

What Is a Classic Equine Green Reiner Class?

What I Need To Show?

What Is NOT Required To Show?

How Does The Class Work?

Green Reiner Points Will Be Awarded According to the NRHA Green Point Scale:

Classic Equine Green Reiner Awards Program Rewards Point Structure

If you have previously earned these prizes at different point levels, congratulations on your achievement!

Ride & Slide Shows

What Is a Ride & Slide Show?

What Do I Need To Show?

What Is NOT Required To Show?

How Does The Show Work?

What Is The Difference Between Ride & Slide Level 1 & Level 2?

NRHA Jackpot Affiliate Level Shows

What Is An NRHA Jackpot Affiliate Level Show?

What Do You Need To Show?

How Does The Show Work?

What Else Do I Need To Know?

What are Associate Member benefits?

People wishing to compete in Green or Ride & Slide classes or shows can join NRHA and participate with an Associate membership. Associate memberships are a great way to get a taste of what NRHA has to offer at a lower cost. Associate memberships are only $40 per year, while standard NRHA memberships are $115. Associate members receive a sampling of NRHA member benefits including a free electronic subscription to the NRHA Reiner, the NRHA newsletter and access to the "Members Only" section (including $10 worth of records look ups each month), plus access to entry level opportunities like the Green Rewards Program. Associate members cannot vote in NRHA elections and cannot own horses shown in standard NRHA competition.

Can I upgrade from an Associate membership to a standard NRHA membership?

Yes. If you have a current Associate membership, you can pay the $75 difference to become a standard NRHA member. A standard NRHA membership is necessary if you wish to show in standard NRHA classes or wish for a horse you own to be shown in standard NRHA classes.

Can standard NRHA members show in Green, Ride and Slide competitions?

Yes. Standard NRHA members can show in entry level classes as long as they meet the eligibility requirements for the class.

Who will I be competing against?

You will compete against other riders who have the same or close to the same experience as you. Green and Ride & Slide shows have eligibility requirements. In a sense, this "caps" the class at a level of competitiveness based on either NRHA earning or points.

Who offers these shows and classes?

Ride & Slide shows can be hosted by anyone who is interested. Green shows must be held in conjunction with an ancillary show. NRHA Jackpot Affiliate Level shows only can be held by an official NRHA Affiliate. NRHA Affiliates are listed at nrha.com.

Is there a similar standard of judging used at these shows?

NRHA Judges are used at all of these shows. They all have gone through the same training and testing to be accredited as an NRHA Judge. Rules for judging can be found in the official NRHA Handbook.

Do I have to use a certain type of saddle or chaps?

No. The only requirement is that riders wear a long sleeve shirt, hat (or helmet), boots; and use a western saddle and bridle.

How do I find shows in my area?

All NRHA approved shows are listed at nrha.com and in the back of the NRHA Reiner . NRHA Affiliates also are a great contact for you to find Reining opportunities like shows, clinics, awards programs and more. You can find a list of NRHA Affiliates at nrha.com or by calling 405-946-7400.