Corporate Partner - USRider

24/7 Nationwide roadside assistance for your vehicle and your horse/livestock trailer

Cross-Country Security
Locked out? Flat/blown tire? Mechanical issues? No Problem. Our nationwide network of over 60,000 dedicated service professionals are there when you need us. Travel with peace of mind knowing you are covered 24/7 across the country.

A Leg Up On The Competition
The USRider Equestrian Motor Plan is truly in a class by itself. For an annual fee comparable to that of typical motor plans, you will enjoy excusive services created specifically for equestrians. Typical motor plans can leave you stranded if you are towing a trailer - especially a loaded horse trailer. Now with two levels of Membership, choose the coverage that best suits your traveling needs!

Benefits include:
  • Towing Roadside Repair
  • Battery Assistance Flat Tire Assistance
  • Fuel, Oil Water Delivery Lockout Service
  • Emergency Taxi Transportation Emergency Veterinary ReferralM.
  • Emergency Stabling/Farrier Referral Discounts on Travel, Tack and moreā€¦