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This NRHA Breeding Contract is transferable to a mare owner who contributes 60% of the advertised breeding fee, or a minimum of $500, to the NRHA. The stallion owner/agent shall supply the appropriate documentation to facilitate the registration of the resulting foal according to the relevant breed registry. For Private Treaty fees, contact the Sire & Dam program director. Only one embryo transfer will be recognized per contract. In the case of frozen semen, the same rules apply as a live stallion breeding donation as long as semen is viable. A live foal is guaranteed only to the extent of one return breeding the following year (the same or a substitute mare) and then only by the initial owner of this contract. Any mare care charges, accidents, illness, or any mishap concerning the mare named in this contract are the mare owner's responsibility. A mare owner shall contact the stallion owner/agent and be responsible for all charges/fees related to the execution of this contract. NRHA is not responsible for any costs, expenses, or charges relative to the breeding facility's execution of the breeding contract not contained or recorded in this contract. There will be no refunds. NRHA's involvement in and responsibility for the Sire & Dam Program terminates, except as otherwise provided in this agreement, upon the transfer of breeding to the mare owner.

Donations submitted to the auction will be sold to the highest bidder. Following the auction, unsold donations will be sold at the above-listed rate of 60% of the advertised breeding fee or a minimum of $500. All other conditions of this contract apply to donations sold at auction.

All arrangements and responsibilities of the breeding are between the mare and stallion owners. The foal resulting from this breeding will be eligible for entry into the NRHA Open or Non Pro Futurity as a three-year-old by payment of applicable fees at that time. Foal is also eligible for the NRHA Open or Non Pro Derby as a four, five, and six-year-old by payment of applicable fees at that time. Nomination and/or eligibility fees, judge’s fees, and conditions are subject to change. ALL PAYMENTS MUST BE MADE IN US FUNDS.

It will be the responsibility of the owner of the Futurity and/or Derby entry to notify NRHA of their intention to enter the Futurity/Derby. This contract is not transferable to another mare owner. There will be no refunds.

The stallion owner/agent, mare owner/agent, and NRHA stipulate that all terms and conditions of this contract will be construed and interpreted according to the laws of the State of Oklahoma.